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HMS Vivid


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									DRC Partnership
wishes everyone a
Happy New Year

                                 w w w . d r c p a r t n e r s h i p . c o . u k

HMS Vivid
DRC Partnership Community
Volunteer of the Year 2008

issue 81          january 2009
DrC Partnership

                                                     C o n t e n t s
                                                     3      HMS Vivid DRC Partnership Community Volunteer of the
                                                            year 2008 – the volunteers from HMs vivid are presented with
                                                     	      their	certificate.
                                                     4      Investors in People – Pembroke estate Management Board has
                                                            achieved the Investor in People standard.
                                                     4      Free Legal Advice for NDC residents – see a solicitor for free at
                                                            the DrC Partnership shop
                                                     5      The Society Players – reduced priced theatre tickets for
                                                            Devonport residents
                                                     5      On the move – the Family Information service has moved to
                                                            Chapel street
                                                            Get Into is back!!!!!	–	find	out	about	the	courses	on	offer	with	the	
                                                            Prince’s trust
                                                     6      Devonport House says Thank You – the salvation army are
                                                            thankful for their donated gifts by local companies
                                                     7      New Devonport Runaways Worker – meet the new runaways
                                                            worker based at Hamoaze House
                                                     7      Unpaid work projects needed for Devonport – do you have
                                                            any projects you would like the probation service to do for you?
Your newsletter                                      8 & 9 Devonport Celebrates Christmas – the Christmas event was a
                                                           huge success!
– helping to keep                                    10    Kim Potter is leaving Welcome Hall – best wishes to Kim who
Devonport informed!                                  11
                                                           will be missed by many!
                                                           Black and Minority Ethnic Women’s Health Day – a fun and
                                                           interactive health day at Plymouth Guildhall
We want to hear from you!                            11     New employment advice clinic for Devonport residents – a4e
your news is our news so if you have a                      comes to Devonport
community event or a news story, get in              11     Devonport attracts a new business – anne starts her own
touch with us, and you could see it in print!               business with help from the Devonport Business support service
                                                     12     New Year New Course	–	would	you	like	financial	help	to	further		 	
Call Lynda Harris on (01752) 562518 or                      your education or career prospects?
email                   12     A message from Paul – some money saving tips for 2009
                                                     13     Green Ark Children’s Centre Grand Opening – the Children’s
the newsletter is available in other                 	      centre	is	officially	open	
                                                     13     Feeling Good – john feels much healthier after joining the active
languages, braille and large print,                         Devonport Programme
please call (01752) 562518                           14     Park Avenue Road Crossing – a message from Plymouth City
            DrC Partnership is funded as part        14     Want to learn more about reducing your carbon footprint?
            of the Department for Communities        	      –	find	out	how	to	become	a	Devonport	Energy	Champion	
            and Local Government’s ten
                                                     15     Mount Wise and Music Making – a match made in Heaven
            year £2 billion new Deal for
                                                            – Mount Wise Primary school enjoy music sessions at PMZ
            Communities (nDC) programme.
                                                     15     Christmas Festivities at Devonport Primary Schools – the
            DrC Partnership’s priorities
                                                            local primary schools enjoy their Christmas festivities with the help
            have been determined by an
                                                            of DrC Partnership funding
            elected Board with community
            representatives in the majority.         16     Diary dates
                                                     16     Job Vacancy
DrC Partnership Inclusivity: Diversity for DrC
Partnership means valuing the differences and
similarities amongst individuals and groups that
enrich the fabric of Devonport’s community.
this can be seen and experienced through   
the visible and invisible characteristics of our
area that include, but is not restricted to, race,   DRC Partnership Website
gender, religion, ability, sexuality and age.
                                                     For information on Devonport’s regeneration, job news,
Disclaimer: as with any newspaper or                 events, local business numbers and an opportunity to ask
                                                     your questions about the regeneration programme – visit
magazine, content will be printed at the
discretion of the editorial panel, however DrC
Partnership does not accept responsibility           take a look and let us know what you think – email your
for the accuracy of any community supplied           questions and comments to
articles. DrC Partnership reserves the right to
edit content without prejudice.
DrC Partnership Community news

HMS Vivid
DRC Partnership Community Volunteer of the Year 2008
Volunteers from HMS Vivid were presented with the DRC Partnership
‘Volunteer of the Year’ award for all their hard work at community
events over the last two years.
The DRC Partnership
events committee
voted that HMS
Vivid should receive
the award for their
enthusiasm and
wiliness to carry
out a variety of
tasks to ensure our
community events
are a success.
DrC Partnership Board
Vice Chair Will Blagdon
presented the award,
saying “there has been a
measurable difference in
our events over the last
couple of years particularly
for the organising team
by having the presence of
HMs Vivid. their support
of Devonport events has
been a major positive
boost for what can be
achieved and maximised
the potential of the

If you would like to join
the royal navy reserves
please contact HMs Vivid
on (01752) 552679.

    DrC Partnership Board
     Member Will Blagdon
     presents Fran stoffel,
           tommy Cooper,
         robert smith and
     sally armstrong with
          their	certificate.

    DrC Partnership Community news

                                                                                           Free Legal
                                                                                           for NDC
                                                                                           Goldbergs is a long
                                                                                           established and highly
                                                                                           respected firm of
                                                                                           solicitors based at
                                                                                           Ford Park Road in
                                                                                           The	firm	was	established	in	
                                                                                           the 1930’s and undertakes
                                                                                           private funded and legal aid
                                                                                           work and will often work on
                                                                                           a “no win no fee” basis. It
                                                                                           has extensive experience
                                                                                           and expertise in the areas
                                                                                           of Housing, Family, Welfare
                                                                                           Benefits,	Debt,	Consumer	
                                                                                           Issues, Personal Injury and
                                                                                           Solicitors’	negligence.	The	firm	
                                                                                           has been a long term supporter

Investors in People
                                                                                           of the free legal advice sessions
                                                                                           that operate from the DrC
                                                                                           Partnership shop in Marlborough
    Pembroke Estate Management Board an organisation which
                                                                                           street every Monday morning
    has benefited from DRC Partnerhip funding has achieved
    the Investor in People Standard. They now join over 48,000                             between 9.30am – 12.30pm.
    organisations in the UK, that have committed to setting a                              nDC residents can receive
    level of good practice for improving performance through                               free advice from a Goldberg’s
    their people.                                                                          adviser at these sessions.
    the eMB achieved the standard by            high profile successes. The                If you would like an
    working alongside Clare Mcnamara from       management have successfully               appointment to see
    Move ahead, funded in partnership with      balanced the need to maintain              an adviser at the DRC
    CItB Construction skills. Daffyd thorne,    commitment to local people with the
                                                                                           Partnership shop please
    who assessed the eMB on behalf of           need to professionalise the organisation
    Quality south West, commented: “I           and to achieve financial sustainability”
                                                                                           phone (01752) 562518.
    am delighted that Pembroke EMB
                                                Investors in People’s aim is to help
    has achieved the Investor in People
                                                employers across the uK to develop
    Standard. Possibly the greatest strength
                                                their businesses by making the most
    of Pembroke Street EMB lies in the
                                                of their most valuable asset and their
    consistent ethos that binds the staff
    together into a truly strong team. This
    ethos stems from the community roots        jane tope and Will Watts are pictured
    of the project and is regularly nourished   above accepting the award on behalf of
    by the organisation’s continuing and        Pembroke estate Management Board.

DrC Partnership Community news

The Society Players
Following approval for an Acorn II grant, The Society Players, a local amateur dramatics group based
at Welcome Hall in Devonport, are able to offer reduced priced theatre tickets for Devonport residents.
First up was the Christmas Pantomime          group. tickets are priced at £2 for      to become involved in the performing
on saturday 13th December………………               adults and £1 for children/over 60’s.    arts.
oh yes it was………………..and a great              non-nDC residents’ prices are £7 for     the next show 'Don't stop the Beat'
time was had by all. Including when           adults and £5 for children/over 60’s.
                                                                                       will take place in june this year.
the turkey got stuck and the Dame lost        the society Players are grateful to
her wig.                                      DrC Partnership for the funding which    If you’re over the age of 15 and you
                                              provides for future shows to be more     would like to join a local amateur
the acorn II grant has enabled
                                              affordable to families and residents     dramatics group, then please call
local residents to access subsidised
                                              within the local community and will      theresa on (01752) 228127.
affordable tickets for shows by the
                                              give further opportunity for residents

On the move
The Family Information service in
Marlborough Street has now moved to
the Routeways Centre in Chapel Street
near Cumberland Gardens.
the service offers free, friendly impartial guidance on;

•    Childcare and out of school activities
•    Childcare careers
•    Tax credits and benefit calculations
•    Family support services
•    Free early education sessions

Please phone 0800 783 4259 for more information
or to book an appointment

    DrC Partnership Community safety

    Get Into is                                  Get into Sports Coaching
                                                 Taster Day:
    Back!!!!!                                    18th February 2009 to be held at Plymouth argyle Football Club

    After a successful Get into Boats            Course Dates:
    project, The Prince’s Trust are              23rd February – 13th March 2009
    once again teaming up with DRC               this is an amazing opportunity to work with some of Plymouths major sporting
    Partnership to offer young people            clubs, the albion, argyle and the raiders! Participants will have the opportunity
    who live in the NDC area exciting
                                                 to	gain	Coaching	qualifications	such	as	the	FA	Level	One	and	Level	One	Basket	
    opportunities and experiences
                                                 Ball	and	Rugby	Coaching	Certificate.	No	previous	experience	is	needed,	just	
    through the Get Into program.
                                                 motivation and a love for sport!
    Each	Get	Into	focuses	on	a	specific	
    industry, offering training and industry     Who can apply?
    recognised	qualifications.	Get	Into’s	for	   Devonport nDC residents aged between 16-25 years who are not in full time
    nDC residents running in 2009 and            employment	or	education.	No	previous	experience	or	qualifications	are	needed,	
    2010 will be:                                just enthusiasm and motivation!
                                                 some Quotations from young People from
    • Get into Sports Coaching                   last years Get into Boats
                                                                                                 “It was great because it boosted
    • Get into Boats
                                                                                                 my	confidence	up!	It	has	been	the	
    • Get into Fashion & Beauty                   “It was an amazing week. someone
                                                                                                 best 3 week experience EVER!!!”
    • Get into Cookery                            was always there to talk to and get
                                                  advice from. now I’m gonna try                                                     James
    there are 12 places available on each         and get a job in the industry!”
    programme. Before each course there
    will be a taster Day for interested young
    people	to	come	along	and	find	out	more	                                                      “Now	I	have	finished	the	course	I	
    about the programme and register                                                             plan to do some voluntary work to
    their	interest.	The	first	two	projects	                                                      gain	skills	and	qualifications	and	
                                                  “I am determined to get my yacht
    the Prince’s trust will run with DrC                                                         then go into full time work.”
    Partnership are focusing on the sports        Masters now.”
                                                                                  Nicolas                                             Maria
    Coaching and the Maritime Industry.

          For more information or to book a place call Liz at the Princes trust on (01752) 251051

                                                                                            House says
                                                                                            Thank You
                                                                                            The residents of the Salvation Army's
                                                                                            Devonport House were surprised and
                                                                                            delighted this Christmas to receive
                                                                                            gifts from local companies.
                                                                                            The Bobbies on the Beat team funded by
                                                                                            DRC Partnership contacted several Plymouth
                                                                                            companies who kindly donated gifts for residents
                                                                                            to enjoy over Christmas. These included tickets
                                                                                            to Plymouth Argyle and Plymouth Raiders, ten
                                                                                            pin bowling and to the pantomime at the Theatre
                                                                                            Royal. A big thank you to the security department
                                                                                            at Iceland, Plymco, Cherrybuys, Wicks, Primark,
                                                                                            Kings Express, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Ten Pin
                                                                                            Bowling, Plymouth Argyle and Plymouth Raiders
                                                                                            for their generous donations.

DrC Partnership Community safety

                                                              Unpaid work
                                                              projects needed
                                                              for Devonport

New Devonport
Runaways Worker
Fatoumata Nelson is the new Devonport
                                                              Over 3000 hours of Community Service
Drug/Alcohol worker at Hamoaze House
                                                              have been awarded to Devonport and
who sits within the multi-agency Missing
                                                              Stonehouse offenders in the past 18
Persons Team based at Midland House.                          months by the Community Court.
Fatoumata is very familiar with the various challenges our    the Bobbies on the Beat have been working with
young people deal with and has a wealth of professional       Probation, the Community advice support service
experience and expertise in working with children, young      and court Magistrates to ensure offenders receive
people and their families.                                    an appropriate community sentence. the team has
Continuing the work of the NDC funded project, Fatoumata      recently won an award for the Best joint Partnership
will work directly with young people and their families on    Working in Devon and Cornwall. a community
parenting and communication, alcohol and drug misuse,         sentence is supervised by the Probation service.
sexual health, and safety of young people out and about the
                                                              there is an urgent need for more unpaid work
community to reduce the number of reported missing persons
                                                              opportunities in Devonport. unpaid work projects
and keep our children and young people safe. So, if YOU are
                                                              can include minor building work, groundwork and
regularly thinking about RUNNING AWAY from home, or if you
                                                              gardening, refurbishments, woodwork and removal
care for a young person you think might be at risk of GOING
                                                              of	graffiti.	Unpaid	work	is	available	to	help	charitable	
MISSING, please contact Fatoumata on 01752-566100. If a
                                                              groups, the elderly and those who do not have
young person in your care does go missing please contact
                                                              dependants to help them.
the Police to report them missing as soon as you become
concerned about their whereabouts.                             If you have a project in Devonport that you
                                                               would like the Probation Service to do for you,
 If you would like to have Fatoumata come to
                                                               please visit Welcome Hall and write your project
 speak to your group about the Prevention of
                                                               on the whiteboard or call PC Warren Marks on
 Missing Persons call (01752) 566100.
                                                               (01752) 568254.

    DrC Partnership Community news

                         Despite the heavy                rain over 800 people attende
                         Santa made an unusual entrance this year as
                         he abseiled down the Eric Johns Stand for the
                         Christmas festivities.
                         Plymouth sound’s thunder crew opened the event and kept the
                         crowds informed and announced the arrival of Father Christmas.
                         Volunteers in fancy dress handed out lots of free giveaways to the
                         children and Buster Bear came along to join in the fun too! Free
                         mulled wine and mince pies were on offer and there was music for
                         everyone – the Mount Wise Primary school Choir, Music Zone Choir
                         and salvation army Band played Christmas music and sung carols.
                         Wishy Washy kept the children entertained with magic tricks and
                         balloons and ali oops and stilt skin delighted everyone with their stilt
                         walking. santa’s Grotto was a huge hit with many children queuing to
                         see Father Christmas and his elves!

     DrC Partnership Community news

ed the Christmas celebrations at Plymouth Albion.

              the sports stars from Plymouth argyle, Plymouth       Plymouth albion and Plymouth raiders kindly donated
              raiders and Plymouth albion were busy signing         prizes	for	the	raffle	and	the	lucky	winners	were;	
              autographs and DrC Partnership t-shirts. at 5.15pm    Aliesha who won a signed basket ball, Jordan who
              DrC Partnership Board member rev. David nixon         won a Plymouth raiders Family ticket and Malcolm
              along with Plymouth sound started the countdown       who won a signed rugby ball.
              for the Christmas tree light switch on and as if by
                                                                    The event was a huge success and a big
              magic the tree lit up with sparkling lights and it
                                                                    thank you to everyone who took part,
              even started snowing!
                                                                    especially the support from the local
                                                                    community organisations.

                                                                                                           A special thanks goes
                                                                                                              to our guests from
                                                                                                               Plymouth Albion,
                                                                                                          Plymouth Raiders and
                                                                                                         Plymouth Argyle and to
                                                                                                          all the volunteers who
                                                                                                         helped make the event
                                                                                                        a success. Also to Mecca
                                                                                                       Bingo, Prime Time News,
                                                                                                         Signature Hairdressers,
                                                                                                           Liquid Boards and the
                                                                                                           Co-op in Marlborough
                                                                                                       Street for their generous

     DrC Partnership Community news

     Kim Potter is leaving Welcome Hall
                               Its seven years since Kim came to
                               Devonport as Manager of Welcome Hall
                               and in that time has become a friend to
                               both young and old in Devonport.
                               Kim has always been willing to help others and has
                               worked hard to support all the organisations and clubs
                               using Welcome Hall. If some of the members of the over
                               50’s Club or Friday Luncheon Club missed meetings
                               Kim was always on hand to check they were ok. she
                               has organised concerts, bazaars and started a very
                               successful Christmas Day lunch for those on their own at
                               Christmas. she will also be missed as a talented singer
                               and entertainer, another skill she used to great effect
                               when she held entertainment evenings in Devonport. Kim,
                               originally from London, is moving away to Cambridge to
                               be near her family and new granddaughter amy. Many
                               in Devonport will miss her including the Welcome Hall
                               Directors. Meanwhile the work and activities of Welcome
                               Hall will continue under a new Manager.

                               all our best wishes Kim we wish you well in your new life.

                               Eric Johns, Welcome Hall Director

                                      A goodbye from Kim

                                      I am looking forward to being
                                      near my family and first
                                     granddaughter; it will be like
                                     a new adventure. I am sad at
                                     leaving everyone yet am taking
                                     away happy memories of my
                                    time in Devonport at Welcome
                                    Hall. I would like to thank DR
                                    Partnership for the super suppo
                                    and assistance during my spe
                                    as Manager at Welcome Hall.
                                    Best wishes to you all
                                    Kim Potter

Community news                               employment

Black and Minority
Ethnic Women’s
Health Day
Plymouth and District Racial
Equality Council, in conjunction
with health and social care
organisations are hosting a
Women’s Health Day specifically for
black and minority ethnic women.
The event will take place on 28th
January between 9.00am and 4.00pm at
the Plymouth Guildhall. The health day
will be educational, fun and interactive
reaching women who traditionally have
not been reached by health and social
care providers. Workshops will include
breast awareness, cholesterol and blood
pressure checks, as well as information
about diabetes and osteoporosis. You
will also have the opportunity to keep fit
through dance and enjoy free alternative
therapies and pampering. Free lunch
and crèche facilities will be provided on
the day.

 For more information please phone
 Julie Paget on (01752) 224555

New Employment
Advice Clinic for
                                             Devonport Attracts
Devonport residents
A new service is being launched
                                             a New Business
at the DRC Partnership shop                  Devonport now has its own “Signature” with the
in Marlborough Street for any                opening of a new hairdressing salon in Fore Street.
residents seeking employment and             Owner, Anne Willis, will be setting her own style and cutting edge design with the
training initiatives.                        help of 1 stylist and 2 trainees.
Advisors from A4E Plymouth Works
                                             Anne was quick to identify the changes taking place in Devonport and said “After
Plus will be on hand between 9.30am
                                             four years of teaching hairdressing I felt it was time to open my own salon. After
– 12.30pm on Monday 26th January to
offer one-to-one support and advice.         looking at various locations in Plymouth I felt it was an exciting opportunity to open
A4E can help you to produce a CV,            a business and be part of the regeneration of Devonport, I saw a gap in the market
complete job applications, interview         to open a salon with an in town look with out of town prices. It is great that one
techniques and many other services.          of my trainees is from the Devonport area and we are looking forward to training
DRC Partnership welcomes this new            nights on Thursdays. Why not pop in meet the staff and have a free consultation”.
service which will work alongside the        With the aid of a DRC Partnership Business Start Up grant and the support of the
existing advice and guidance available       Devonport Business Support Service “Signature” is adding a wave of colour to the
at the shop.
                                             growing layer of businesses in Devonport.
 For more information contact                If you too have dreams of starting your own business then contact Jane Tope at
 Eddy Roles at DRC Partnership               the Devonport Business Support Service, Welcome Hall (01752) 500360.
 on (01752) 562518.

     DrC Partnership employment

     New Year New Course
     •	Do	you	need	financial	help	to	start	a	new	training	course?
     • Would you like help to get the right job?
     • Do you want to stay on in full time education?
     If the answer is yes to any of the above then you may be entitled to a
     DrC Partnership Bursary to further your education or career prospects.
     to be eligible, residents MUST live in the nDC area of Devonport.
                                                                                     A message
      Employment Training Grant                Bursary to Higher Education
                                                                                     from Paul
      (£400 maximum)                           (£1000 per year)                      Specialist Moneywise Adviser,
      available to residents requiring         available to residents who have       Paul Deacon would like to
      financial	help	towards	a	course	         lived within the nDC postcode         thank all those residents who
      or training, which will increase         area for 2 years or more and who      contacted him in reply to the
      their chances of securing work           are	undertaking	their	first	degree	   various articles that he put in the
      or improving their employment            course and are attending college/     newsletter over the past year.
      prospects.                               university on a full time basis.      Here are some of Paul’s tips for 2009:
                                                                                     • If you have savings check the interest
      GCSE Revision Bursary                                                            rate after all the recent falls and see if
                                               Pathway to your Future                  you can do better elsewhere.
      a one off payment in the form of
                                               Bursary                               • If you owe money try and pay off
      a £50 Waterstones Gift Card is
      available to local residents who are     available to residents undertaking      extra sums where you can. If you
      currently in years 10/11 studying        either the access to Higher             pay the minimum payment each
      for their GCses. applicants will         education course or open Door           month on many credit cards it will
      need	their	tutor	to	confirm	they	are	    course (20 week preparation for         take you over twenty years to clear
      studying for their GCses.                access to He course within the          the balance in full!
                                               community)                            • Look at your budget and see if you
                                                                                       can 'spend a bit and save a bit.’ rainy
      16-18yrs Full Time Education                                                     days do come around!
      Bursary (£400 per year)                  Access to Higher Education
                                                                                     and don't forget there are many ways
      available to residents aged between                                            we can help you at the DrC Partnership
      16-18 years old who are staying          Open Door                             shop in Marlborough street so do drop
      on in full time education to support     £150                                  in if you want a friendly word!
      them with their education costs.                                               to book an appointment to see Paul call
      applicants will need their tutor to     If you are interested in any of the    (01752) 562518
      confirm	they	are	staying	on	in	post	    above please contact orla Fox, small
      compulsory education.                   Grants	Officer	on	(01752) 562518       Paul wishes you all a happy
                                              or email       and prosperous New Year.

DrC Partnership Health

Green Ark Children’s
Centre Grand Opening
Friday 21st November was the official
opening of the Green Ark Children’s
Centre in Devonport.
the event was a huge success with many families
attending to see the fantastic new facilities. there
were giant animals, storytelling, tea cup rides, a
magician, art and messy play and face painting. Many
children old and new to the centre attended and the
honour of 'cutting' the ribbon was given to the eldest
and youngest children who attend the new nursery.
the centre was supported with £1.5 million from DrC
Partnership which has been invested as long lasting
legacy for Devonport. the centre keeps attracting
more families, offering more services and is thriving
within the community.

 Feeling good
                                                                                 Local resident John Washbrook is feeling
                                                                                 much fitter after joining the Devonport
                                                                                 Healthy Hearts Active Devonport Programme.

John says “If you live in Devonport and have       includes rowing, biceps curls, cycling, and        statins and the arthritis and myalgia that
health issues that could benefit from more         trampoline, plus various other activities to       first prompted me to sign up has almost
exercise it’s worth visiting the Brickfields       encourage you to build and stretch muscles.        disappeared!
Sports Centre to find out about the ‘Active        It’s not too difficult, as everyone goes only to   At present the take-up seems to be about
Devonport Programme’.                              the level of fitness they feel comfortable with.   95% women, so it would be good to have a
I started about 6 months ago and find it           On Wednesday we have dance with another            little more male support on the programme.
excellent. There is a superbly equipped            trainer Jenny. Don’t laugh, this is not exactly    It really is a great way to keep fit and is a lot
gym you can use anytime, plus a range of           ‘Strictly’ more like exercise to music, but it     of fun.”
group activities that include indoor cycling,      really gets you moving around and having a
exercise circuits, dance, and badmington.          full body workout, and on Fridays it’s circuits
                                                   again, this time with another trainer Emma.        If you would like more information
I go for an hour 3 times a week and feel a
                                                                                                      about the DRC Partnership funded
whole lot better for it. Starting Monday I do      After 6 months I have found this training is
                                                                                                      Active Devonport Programme contact
an hour of ‘circuits’ with our trainer Sarah. We   producing very positive health benefits. My
                                                                                                      (01752) 434623.
do 2 minutes exercise at each station which        cholesterol is down to 2.8 without taking

     DrC Partnership Liveability

                                                                            Want to learn more
                                                                            about reducing your
                                                                            carbon footprint?
                                                                            At a time when energy bills have been rising and
                                                                            concern expressed over the impact onto our
                                                                            environment, DRC Partnership has approved
                                                                            funding for the Environmental Sustainability project.
                                                                            This project has a number of themes, including working with

 Park Avenue                                                                interested local residents to reduce their carbon footprint and
                                                                            aim to save up to £300 per year off their energy bills. These
                                                                            residents will be known as Devonport Energy Champions.

 Road Crossing                                                              So, what’s in it for local residents?
                                                                            What are we looking for? Why?
     Residents will recall that Plymouth City Council                       DRC Partnership are looking for 10 local residents to
     was developing two new toucan crossings for                            participate. These 10 residents will be asked to participate
     both pedestrians and cyclists at Fore Street and                       in an energy assessment with a member of the team within
     Park Avenue as part of the restoration plans for                       their own home.
     Devonport Park funded by DRC Partnership.                              The project team will then look at how and where savings
     Regrettably, after careful consideration of transport priorities,      can be made on energy bills. There are the usual answers of
     it will not be possible to deliver the proposed new toucan             low energy light bulbs, water saving devices in toilet cisterns
     crossing on Park Avenue. Park Avenue is one of the city’s              and power down sockets for computers etc. But there are
     busiest bus routes and the city’s most important transport             other considerations as well. The project team can look at
     priority is to provide a swift, efficient and attractive bus service   all areas where energy savings can be made; for example,
     that encourages people to use public transport as opposed to           white goods being upgraded for energy efficiency levels,
     the private car. This will in turn reduce congestion on the city’s
                                                                            which reduces the impact on the carbon foot print as well as
                                                                            using less electricity. Ongoing support will be provided. The
     roads and help improve air quality and contribute towards
                                                                            team will also aim to avoid any cost to the resident.
     reduced emissions of greenhouse gases.
     After further and final consideration of the issue, the Park           Once all advice has been followed, residents will then have
                                                                            a further visit to reassess the energy consumption within the
                Avenue crossing, whilst it will support the increased
                   use of Devonport Park, will further add to delays
                   on the city’s western bus routes. Plymouth City          What else do you have to do?
                   Council Transport & Highways recognise that              Talk to your friends, your neighbours, your family members.
                    local residents have had their expectations raised      Tell them all about your energy savings and what was done
                    over this crossing, but we feel that residents will     to achieve these savings. That’s all we ask.
                     understand the wider benefits to bus passengers        How do I sign up for this?
                     and the environment.
                                                                            So how can you take part? It’s easy and simple. A quick
                    An alternative crossing is located a few hundred        phone call to Bill or Dave at DRC Partnership on (01752)
                    metres away at the junction of Park Avenue with         562518 to express your interest.
                    Ferry Road, although it is recognised that this
                    entrance does not provide satisfactory access
                    for people with mobility difficulties along with
                   those who have small children. The Fore Street
                   crossing is expected to pass final safety checks
     early in the New Year.
     Chris Coldwell, Plymouth City Council

     For more information contact Chris Coldwell at Plymouth City
     Council Transport & Highways department on (01752) 305598

DrC Partnership education

 Mount Wise and Music Making
 – a Match Made in Heaven
 Plymouth Music Zone (PMZ) has been singing the
 praises of Mount Wise Primary School after their
 music sessions at PMZ showed just how supportive
 the children were with each other.
 PMZ Music Leader, Karl Meyer,         burst into spontaneous applause.
 and Devonport Music and Youth         It was so wonderful to see how
 Worker, Matt Spry, spent a day        much they tried to bring out the
 exploring lyrics and melody with      best in each other.”
 Year 6. Karl Meyer says, “Music       10 year old Kimberley McGonigle
 is a great tool for teaching boys     and McCauley Connick both said
 and girls to work together but this   how much they enjoyed the day.
 class really proved they’re in a      “Because it meant we didn’t have
 class of their own. Each person       to do any school work!”
 had a chance to experiment
                                       But we’re sure they didn’t mean
 with playing the drums in front
                                       that! If you would like to find out
 of everyone and some people
                                       more about Plymouth Music
 were understandably nervous
                                       Zone then check out the website
 about performing. But without
                                       at www.plymouthmusiczone.
 exception, everyone in the class
                              or call (01752) 213690.
 listened attentively and then

                                                                                                                Kimberley & McCauley

Christmas Festivities at Devonport Primary Schools
Pupils of the three local primary schools,                              as Christmas is all about children, this year DrC
                                                                        Partnership funded the three local primary schools’
Mount Wise, Marlborough Street and St
                                                                        Christmas parties, to ensure that as many local school
Josephs had a fantastic Christmas at school                             children as possible were included in the festivities
this year, thanks to funding from DRC                                   Here’s a selection of pictures from the children’s
Partnership.                                                            Christmas festivities.

DrC Partnership education

Diary dates                           Job Vacancy: Community Support Team
AE Information
Day                                      are you ready for a challenge?                                             ✓
Monday 26th January
9.30am – 12.30pm
                                         Would you like to work with young people?                                  ✓
DRC Partnership shop                     Would you like to support the local community?                             ✓
Black and Minority                       Would you like to work as part of a dedicated team?                        ✓
Women’s Health Day                    If the answer is Yes, then this could be for you.
Wednesday 28th January
9.00am – 4.00pm
                                      A training post is available at Stoke Damerel Community College to
Plymouth Guildhall                    join the Community Support Team.

DRC Partnership                       Main duties of the post include:                   • Help to supervise students
Board Meeting                                                                              leaving College
Thursday 26th Febuary                 • Undertaking various out
4.30pm – 7.00pm                         of lesson time supervision                       • Offer support to members
Welcome Hall                            of students at the College.                        of the local community
                                        This includes lunch and
                                                                                         • Supporting the care and
Religious Services                      break times
Judaism                                                                                    management of pupils
Every Saturday 10.30am                • Supporting individual or
                                                                                         • Helping in communications
Synagogue Chambers,                     small groups of students
                                                                                           with parents over attendance
Catherine Street,                       in lessons or alternative
Plymouth, PL1 2AD                                                                          of students at College
Tel: (01752) 263162

Baptist Church                        this dedicated team of people, working alongside teaching and other support staff at
Every Sunday 11am – 1pm               the College provide a vital support role for students, parents/carers and members of
Welcome Hall                          the wider community.
Fore Street
                                      applicants must be prepared to undertake job related training including a course at

                                                                                                                             Created by CoDe
St Josephs R.C Church                 nVQ Level 2.
Every Thursday 10am                   Closing date for applications is Friday 30th January 2009.
Every Sunday 11am
Raglan Road                           Interviews will be held in February.
                                      applicants MUST live in the new Deal for Communities area.
St Aubyn’s Church
Every Sunday 9.30am                   For more information about the post please contact Ian Tweedie at
This service will take place at the   stoke Damerel Community College on (01752) 556065 or call in to
Green Ark Children’s Centre until     the DrC Partnership shop in Marlborough street to see Eddy Roles
further notice.
                                      this post is funded by DrC Partnership.

                                                 Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership
                                                 38 - 40 Marlborough st, Devonport, Plymouth, PL1 4aP.
                                                 tel: (01752) 562518       Fax: (01752) 566040
                                                 email:       Web:

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