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					Pillsbury Company
     early 1900’s
                Founded In 1872

• C.A. Pillsbury and Company
• By Charles Alfred Pillsbury & John Sargent Pillsbury
• First in US to use steam rollers for processing grain.
• Finished product required transportation so the
  Pillsbury’s assisted in funding railroad development in
• Famous Pillsbury Doughboy
    – 1st appearance 1965
      Original Rivals with General Mills

• Pillsbury was once the       • General Mills kept the
  largest producer of grains     rights to refrigerated and
  and other foodstuffs until     frozen Pillsbury products,
  it was bought out by           while dry baking products
  General Mills in 2001.         and frosting are now sold
• Cost of purchase: $10.4        by Smucker’s under
  Billion                        license.
                   New Owners
              General Mills the new Pillsbury

They invest in the community in which they
 $390 million awarded to communities since General
              Mills Foundation was created
               Employee Gift-Matching
            Volunteering in the community
               Youth nutrition & fitness
     Pay and Health Insurance
• Competitive Salary and             • Total Rewards program
  Annual Bonus                         covers all the basics,
   – Determined by performance,        including medical and dental
     units performance, and            insurance, stock options
     external market value of each     and a 401(k) retirement plan.
     employees position.                – Includes same sex domestic
                                        – Eligible first day on the job
                                        – Coverage is available to
                                          employees in all locations

Average employee salary is $42,000
• Retirement and Savings            • Insurance
  Benefits                            – Life Insurance
  – 401(k)                            – Long-term care
  – May invest 1-30% of pay into      – Legal
                                      – Auto
  – General Mills will make a
    match on that portion plus a      – Homeowners at
    potential additional match          competitive rates
    based on annual performance       – Company-paid short and
    of the company.                     long-term disability
  – Able to choose from a variety       insurance
    of management funds, stocks,
    bonds, mutual funds, offered
    by the company.
• Reimbursement of job related educational
• Educational loans and scholarships
  available for employees and families
• Possible eligibility for unpaid leave of
  absence to further an education
          Target Audience
• Cheerios: everyone’s favorite, baby to 100

• Salty snacks: males 18-34
• Yoplait and Betty Crocker: weightloss
      Employer of Choice
General Mills takes pride in the recognition
and awards we have received for our
outstanding business performance and
dedication to the community, making us an
employer of choice.

      Ranked 98 for places to work

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