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									                              Foreigner Guidance

1. Shenzhen - the Garden City at a glance
Shenzhen, a vigorous city only 20 years old, won the first prize of the
Fourth International Garden City Contest in 2000, among large cities
with populations over 1 million.

The contest, dubbed the "Green Oscar," is organized by the
British-based International Federation of Park and Recreation
Administration. The annual event aims to enhance environmental
management, promote exemplary city planning and improve people's
living conditions.

As its tradition, the contest inspects five environmental management aspects such as beautification of
the landscape, heritage management, environment protection, community involvement and landscape
planning. It divides the contestants into five groups according to their populations and awards them

Applications are open globally and the contest is expected to attract more than 40 cities and 200
representatives around the world. In the year 2000, 43 cities in 23 countries took part in the competition.

Shenzhen is the first Chinese city to earn such an honour, thanks to its strenuous efforts to build a
picturesque city since its establishment.

It now takes a lead in afforestation construction in the country, boasting such accomplishments as per
capita green belt areas of 14 square metres and 37 parks covering 3,175 hectares.

A batch of rules on city management will be revised to meet international standards and high technology
will also be applied in areas like planning, plantation and supervision.

           Night view                   Shen Nan Main Street(1)              Shen Nan Main Street(2)

    Shen Nan Main Street(3)                   Lotus Garden                        Skyscraper(1)

         Skyscraper(2)                         Garden city (1)                       Garden city (2)

                        Bar(1)                                                  Bar(2)

                        Bar(3)                                                  Bar(4)

                        Bar(5)                                                  Bar(6)

                                           Attractions in Shenzhen

There are numerous different places worth a visit whilst staying in Shenzhen. Though it is impossible to name
                                    them all, try calling in to one of them.

                      Window of the World                                      Splendid China

                      China Folk Culture Villages                              Happy Valley Theme Park

                      Honey Lake Country Club                                  Xiaomeisha Beach Resort

                                                                           Wild Animal Zoo - Safari Park
                     Silver Lake Tourist Center

                     Fairy Lake Botanic Garden                             Evergreen Park

                     Minsk Aircraft Carrier World                          Dameisha Seashore Park

2. Telephone
Emergency Number:
110  Police    119        Fire           122      accident       114    information

         General     Consulate      of   White Swan Hotel, 1, Sha Mian Nan Jie,
         U.S.A.                          Guangzhou

The Municipal government (operator)                                                82100000
The Municipal Public Security Bureau (directory inquiry)                           84463999
Traffic Police Bureau. (operator)                                                  84469000
The Municipal Bus Company (Operator)                                               83333222
Shenzhen Railway Station inquiry office                                            82328647
Shenzhen water Supply Group Co (for consultation)                                  82137777
Booking office of Shenzhen Airlines                                                96737
Booking office of Southern Airlines                                                99778
Shenzhen branch of China International Airlines                                    83241441
Booking office at Shekou Port for Hong Kong and Macao routes                       26691213
Booking office at Shekou Port for Zhuhai routes                                    26695600
Passenger transport station in Baoan District                                      2778540

Shenzhen Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
Add: 4/F-8/F, 8 Hongbao Road, Shenzhen, P.R.C
PC: 518008
Tel: 0086-755-25561528 25894802 25575540

Shenzhen Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office
Add:1/F, 2nd City Government Office Building, Central Shang Bu Road
Tel:0086-755-82105180 82105172 82099251
Fax: 0086-755-82101445

European Office of Shenzhen Municipal Government in Nuremberg
Add: Ostendstr, 100 D-0334, Nuremberg, Germany
Tel: 0049-11-25339143 (O) 25065025 (H)
Fax: 0049-11-25339142(O) 25065026 (H)

North American Representative Office of Shenzhen, P.R. China (NAROS) Address:
Los Angeles World Trade Center, 350 South Figueroa Street, Suite 288Los Angeles, California 90071, USA
Tel: 001-213-628-9888  Fax: 001-213-628-8383
Email:        Website:

Emergency Guide
Fire 119
Police 110
Traffic Accident 122

Municipal Traffic Police 84469000
Luohu District 82235197
Futian District 83360178
Nanshan District 26610880
Baoan District 27513122
Longgang District 28917122
Toll report of traffic accident 83162900

First Aid
Emergency Room at the outpatient department of Shenzhen Municipal Central Hospital 83909933
Emergency Room at the outpatient department of Shenzhen Children's Hospital 83936101
Emergency Room at the 1st outpatient department of People's Hospital 82238441
Emergency Room at the 2nd outpatient department of People's Hospital 25531387
Emergency Room at the 1st outpatient department of the 2nd People's Hospital 83360833
Emergency Room at the 1st outpatient department of Chinese Medicine Hospital 25572745
Emergency Room at the 2nd outpatient department of the Chinese medicine Hospital 83334055

Water Supply Repair
Luohu District 25402807 25414658
Futian District 83401574 83408954
Longgang District 28831999
Baoan District 27492661
Shangbu 82439877
Nanshan District 26660585
Shatoujiao 25552445
Shekou 26882835

Power Supply Repair
Luohu District 25506612
Futian District 83350974
Nanshan District 26088390
Baoan District 27788407
Longgang District 28832555
Shekou 26691775

Gas Pipeline Repair 25199999 (in urban area)

                             Government Offices and Departments of the City
         OFFICES                            ADDRESS                   PHONE
General Office, Municipal Building One, 2F, City Hall             82097046       Office Hour
Bureau of Public Security    174 Jie Fang Road, Luofu District    84464046       Office Hour
Bureau of Supervision        2nd City Government Office Building, 82099316       Office Hour
                             Central Shang Bu Road
Bureau of Civil Affairs      Zhongming Times Square, 12 east 82485950            Office Hour
                             Sungang Road
Local Taxation Bureau        28 South Fu Tian Road                83337626       Office Hour
Justice Bureau               1040 Central Hong Ling Road          25597303       Office Hour
Personnel Bureau             Building One, 1F, City Hall          82103237       Office Hour

Bureau of Labor               1025 Central Shen Nan Road               9600188    Office Hour

Construction Bureau           She Ji Tower, 8 Zhen Hua Road            83788144   Office Hour
Education Bureau              37 Xin Yuan Road, Luohu District         82353770   Office Hour
Bureau of Public Health       21 Tian Bei Road One, Luohu District     25531454   Office Hour
Bureau of Legal Affairs       2nd City Government Office Building, 82099510       Office Hour
                              Central Shang Bu Road
Audit Bureau                  East Building One, Tong Jian Complex, 83658818      Office Hour
                              Central Shen Nan Road                 83653751
Port Office                   10 South Fu Tian Road, Futian District   83394325   Office Hour
Office    of        Overseas 8 Hong Bao Road, Luohu District           25567450   Office Hour
Chinese Affairs
Office of Family Planning     3009 Xin Zhou Road, Futian District      83573742   Office Hour
Culture Bureau                1043 Central Shen Nan Road               25986454   Office Hour
Office of Foreign Affairs     Building Two, 2F, City Hall              82099346   Office Hour
Bureau of Land Planning Jian Yi Tower, 6 Zhen Xing Road                83788126   Office Hour
and Administration
Statistics Bureau             Information Center, 1 Tong Xin Road      82101079   Office Hour
Bureau  of          Municipal 4 Lian Hua Subroad, Futian District      83915815   Office Hour
Housing Bureau                Lotus Tower, West Hong Li Road           83255815   Office Hour
Bureau of Industry and 7068, Central Shennan Road                      12315      Office Hour
Bureau of Quality and 2nd City Government Office Building, 82099772               Office Hour
Technology Administration Central Shang Bu Road            12365
Bureau of      Environment Haian Center, 229, Binhai Road, Futian 83797257        Office Hour
Protection                 District                               83594452

Bureau of Economy and 2nd City Government Office Building, 82099700               Office Hour
Trade                 Central Shang Bu Road
Bureau of Agriculture and 2nd City Government Office Building, 82099374           Office Hour
Forestry                  Central Shang Bu Road
Bureau of Development 2nd City Government Office Building, 82104428               Office Hour
and Planning          Central Shang Bu Road
Finance Bureau                9 East Jing Tian Road                    83938862   Office Hour
Tourism Bureau                3006 Central Shennan Road, Futian 83221397          Office Hour
                              District                          83794896

Bureau of Water Services      Hong Tao Tower, 3079 South Bao An 25596447          Office Hour
Informatization Office        1 Tong Xin Road                          82098089   Office Hour
Bureau of Foreign Trade Building Two, 4F, City Hall                    82099972            Office Hour
and Economic Cooperation
Office of State      Assets Tou Zi Tower, 4009 Shen Nan Road           82912234            Office Hour
Office of Economic System Auxiliary Building to Building Two, City 82098232                Office Hour
Reform                    Hall
Transportation Bureau        Highway Administration Center, Zhu Zi 83228000                Office Hour
Bureau of Archives           1033 Central Shen Nan Road                82274434            Office Hour

Highway Bureau               Tai Yi Center, 1006 North Dong Men 25191022                   24 hours
Weather Bureau               13 North Guang Chang Street, Jie Fang 25573889                Office Hour
Bureau of Social Security Hai Tian Complex, 10-13F, South Cai 82720501                     Office Hour
Administration            Tian Road
Administrative Bureau of 5 Central Shen Nan Road                       82100000            Office Hour
Agency Affairs
Sports Bureau                Zhong Cheng Building, West Sun Gang 83228560                  Office Hour
    Office Hour: 9:00 - 12:00 a.m., 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. on any given working day

                                     Consultation Departments

Shenzhen Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation
Function: In charge of foreign trade and economic cooperation
Add.: 7/F, No. 2 Office of Municipal Government,
No. 1023, Shangbu Rd. C., Futian Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 8210 4117, (86 755) 8209 9312
Fax: (86 755) 8209 9365

Shenzhen Foreign Economy & Trade Service Center
Add.: West of 6/F, Design Mansion, No. 8,
Zhenhua Rd.
Tel: (86-755) 8378 6035

Shenzhen WTO Affairs Center
Add.: 4/F, No. 2 Office of Municipal Government,
No. 1023, Shangbu Rd. Central., Futian Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 8210 4401

Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Investment Complaint and Coordination Center
Function: To hear complaints and suggestions and
address concerns from foreign investors,Hong Kong and Macao enterprises, and various investment
parties, to handle the complaints as per the laws and regulations, to protect the legal rights and interests
of foreign investment enterprises, and to further promote the improvement of the city's

investment environment.
Add.: Room 225, 4/F, Municipal Museum Court,
Tongxin Rd., Shennan Rd. Central., Futian Dist.
Tel:   86 755 8210 0977

Shenzhen Foreign Investment Joint Office
Function: Agencies set by foreign investment
Add.: Municipal Museum, Tongxin Rd., Shennan
Rd. Central., Futian Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 8210 1421

Shenzhen Representative Office for Economy and Trade in Europe
Add.: Ostendstr.100 D-90334 Nürnberg Germany
Tel: 0049-911-9533 9143 (O) 5065 025 (H)

Shenzhen Representative Office for Economy and Trade in North America
Add.: 445 South Figueroa Street Suite 2530 Los
Angeles, California 90071
Tel: (86 755) 213-2369 463

Shenzhen Administration of Industry & Commerce
Function: In charge of market supervision and
management, administrative enforcement, and
price control.
Add.: Commercial & Industrial Price Mansion,
No. 7068, Shennan Blvd., Shenzhen
Tel: 12315 (Industry and commerce); 12358

Shenzhen Municipal Economy & Trade Bureau
Function: In charge of the macro adjustment on
economic running recently of the whole city
Add.: No. 2 Office of Municipal Government,
Shangbu Rd. Central., Futian Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 8209 9700

Shenzhen Municipal Development & Planning Bureau
Function: Study and proposal of development
strategies, development planning, total balance,
and structural adjustment of national economy and society.
Add.: No. 2 Office of Municipal Government,
Shangbu Rd. Central., Futian Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 8210 4431

Shenzhen Tourism Bureau
Function: In charge of tourism
Add.: 14/F, Block B, Jiahehuaqiang Mansion,
No. 3006, Shennan Rd. Central., Shenzhen City
Tel: (86 755) 8379 4910

Shenzhen Transportation Bureau
(Harbor Affair Administration)
Function: In charge of transportation and harbor management.
Add.: Highway Hub Management and Control
Center, Zhuzilin, Futian Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 8316 8199

Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau
Function: In charge of local taxation.
Add.: No. 28, Futian South Rd., Futian Dist.
Tel: 123662

Shenzhen National Tax Administration
Function: In charge of national taxation.
Add.: National Tax Mansion, No. 38, Shazui Rd.,
Futian Dist.
Tel: 123661

Shenzhen Customs
Function: To supervise the cargos, transportation tools, luggage and mailed articles passing through
Shenzhen ports; to levy duties and other taxes and fees lawfully to be collected by customs offices; to
crack down on smuggling, to develop trade statistics and other customs affairs.
Add.: Shenzhen Customs Building, No. 1087,
Heping Rd., Luohu Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 8439 8110

Shenzhen Municipal Chamber of Commerce
Function: To assist the government in managing
economy, and providing services such as
investigation, exhibition, financing, information, law, training, etc.
Tel: (86 755) 2559 1851 Fax: (86 755) 2559 2408
Add.: No. 8, Hongbao Rd., Shenzhen

Shenzhen Council for International Investment
Function: Providing services of investment
consultation and counseling, commissioning
investment projects, and developing all types of
agency services for offices in Shenzhen.
Add.: Rm. 301 and 225, Foreign Investment
Service Center, No. 6, Tongxin Rd., Futian Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 8210 1281

Shenzhen Foreign Investment Enterprises Association
Function: To provide membership enterprises with comprehensive policy services, act as a bridge for
communication between membership enterprises and the government, protect the legal interests and
rights of foreign investment enterprises.
Add.: A-F, 20/F, Shangbu Mansion, Nanyuan Rd.,
Tel: (86 755) 8366 0129 Fax: (86 755) 8366 0095

Shenzhen Foreign Investment Service Center
Function: It is a joint office to improve investment environment, efficiency and facilitate foreign
Add.: Municipal Museum Court, Tongxin Rd., Shennan Rd. Cntrl., Futian Dist.

3. Health
Medical Care and Public Health
The city has 723 medical and health care institutions, among which 80 are hospitals. The city has
complete medical care insurance networks, creating a two-level disease control and prevention system
and hygiene supervision system. There are a total 21,300 medical practitioners, among which 17,135
are medical technicians. Many breakthroughs in medical research have been made, and much of that
research has gained domestic and world recognition.

·Shenzhen People's Hospital
Located in the northwest to Yayuan Interchange, it is the largest comprehensive hospital in Shenzhen
with advanced equipment, medical talents and first-grade technology, focusing on medical, preventive,
recreational and recovering treatments.

It has a total area of 90,400 square meters and construction area of 130,00 square meters with 930

·2nd Shenzhen People's Hospital
Located at the foot of Mount Bijia and the northwest of Huaqiangbei Interchange, the hospital (originally
called Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital) has become a comprehensive one with advanced equipment,
medical talents and first-grade technology. It is the center of Shenzhen's blood research and
Chinese-Western medical research.

·Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital
Invested by the Shenzhen Municipal Government with 430 million yuan, the hospital is located in the
north of Mount Lianhua Park and east of Xinzhou Road with a total floor space of 56,000 square meters
and construction area of 78,000 square meters. It was put into use in December 1999 and had the name
from the original Shenzhen Central Hospital on September 26, 2001. Subject to the management of
Beijing University. It has first-grade medical equipment and specified in various medical fields such as
blood, heart and brain disease and reproduction medical research.

·Futian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Located in Fuhua Road in Futian District, it was established in 1975 and became a model Chinese
medicine hospital at a provincial and national level with medical, teaching, preventive, recreational and
recovery functions. It has a total medical area of 30,000 square meters with 266 beds.

4. Transportation
·Ports and Customs
Regarded as the most important port city in China, Shenzhen first set up a customs house by the
Shenzhen River in 1900. It now boasts the latest number of border checkpoint sand the heaviest
exit-entry flow of people and vehicles in the country In 2001 shenzhen ports handled a total of 117
million passengers and 11.37 million vehicles making it the busiest border crossing in China Imports
and exports amounted to 58.1 million tons and total container throughput was 5.07 minion TEUs, second
only to shanghai. Shenzhen serves as a major gateway to world markets. Eighty percent of the container
traffic between Shenzhen and Hong Kong provide services business in the Pearl River Delta and
hinterland provinces, while 60 percent of the cargo crossing the border inward and outward through
Shenzhen is from the rest of the country.

Shenzhen is the only city on the Chinese mainland that has air sea and land ports

The city now has 12 first category ports including four land ports. These include Luohu Wenjindu,
Huanggang and shatoujiao The seaports are at Shekou Chiwan, Dongjiaotou Meisha Yantian and
Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant Accommodation Port Air transport through Baoan international Airport.

24-hour border crossing between Huanggang and Lok Ma Chau checkpoints was timed to start Jan. 27,
2003, shortly before the Chinese Spring Festival.

·Port Transport
Shenzhen has spent 20 billion yuan to build nine ports in the city, among which 39 berths can
accommodate vessels above 10,000 tons. There are 33 shipping companies registered in the city with
more than 190 vessels. Shipping lines ply from Shenzhen to North America, Europe, Australia, Japan
and other countries.

·Civil Aviation
Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is one of the busiest airports in China. With 105 domestic airlines
and five international airlines, passenger traffic through the airport was totaled 7.75 million last year.

·Railway Transport
In 2001, there were 72 express trains shuttling between Shenzhen and Guangzhou every day. In terms
of long-distance transportation, Shenzhen has regular trains to Beijing, hefei, Jiujiang, Wuhan,
Changsha, Yueyang, Shaoguan, Hong Kong and other major cities in China.

·Ferry Transport
The train from Hong Kong to the Shenzhen border checkpoint costs just 36 Hong Kong dollars ($4.60)
and takes less than 40 minutes, but a far more pleasurable way to travel between the two cities is by the
one-hour high-speed ferry between Shenzhen's Shekou harbor and Hong Kong. The ferry leaves eight
times per day and costs about 189 Hong Kong dollars, depending on the class of ticket and exact
destination in Hong Kong.

·Road Transport
Shenzhen has 44 bus stations with 95 transportation companies registered. There are more than 150
buses traveling between Shenzhen and Guangzhou each while up to 300 a day shuttle between
Shenzhen and Hong Kong. According to the latest statistics, Shenzhen has 62,614 cargo transport
vehicles totaling 180 thousand tons.

5. Shenzhen City
General Information

Geographical Position
Shenzhen is located between 113.46 and 114.37 east longitude and between 22.27and 22.52 north
latitude. It is in the South of Guangdong Province and to the south of the Tropic of Cancer.

Sherzhen is demarcated from Hong Kong by the Shenzhen River in the South, and is bordered by
Dongguan and Huizhou to the north. Its sea is part of the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is a
natural port city with Daya Bay in the east and the Lingding Sea to the west.

Shenzhen has a subtropical maritime climate with plenty of rain and sunshine. It is never blazingly hot in
the summer and the season can last for as long as six months. It is mild in spring, autumn and winter. It
is not very cold in winter. The annual average temperature is 22.4, with the highest temperature being
36.6 and the lowest 1.4. The year's frost-free period can be as long as 355 days. The rainy season lasts
from May to September. Annual average rainfall is 1,933.3 mm. Typhoons usually occur in summer and
autumn, luckily most typhoons are obstructed by mountains. Only about once in every two years, on
average, is the urban area hit directly by a typhoon.

The total area of Shenzhen is 1948.69 square kilometers. The size of the Special Economic Zone is
391.71 square kilometers. Shenzhen is mainly undulating with an occasional plain tableland, declining
from the southeast to the northwest. The western part of Shenzhen comprises coastal plains. Mount
Wutong, with an altitude of 943.7m, is the city's highest peak.

Shenzhen started to receive immigrants at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1179). when
Shenzhen City was established, there were only 31.41 natives, most of them Hakkas.

By the end of 2003, permanent resident population in Shenzhen totaled 7 million, including some 4
million living within the Special Economic Zone, average age was less than 30. the "New Immigrants"are
from throughout the country and account for 90 percent of Shenzhen's population.

Administration Division

6 Districts and 19 Townships
The Shenzhen Municipal Government governs six districts, 18 townships, 31 sub-district offices, 353
residents' committees.

Luohu Futian NanShan and Yantian districts are inside the special Economic Zone while Baoan and
Longgang districts are outside.

Luohu District
Luohu District is in the eastern part of the Special Economic Zone It is shenzhen's financial and trade
center and base for network services It is located between Liantang and Hongling Road from the east to
the west It is bordered by Futian District in the west and by Hong Kong in the South Buji Township and
Shawan Village of Longgang District lie to the north of Luohu District separated from Luohu by the
special Economic Zone demarcation highway. The district is 78.89 square kilometers in area and it
governs eight sub-district offices with 131 residents' committees

Futian district
Situated in the heart of the shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the location for the shenzhen
Municipal Government, Futian District is the city's center of administration culture information
exhibition and commerce.
With a total area of 78.04 square kilometers, Futian borders Luohu District along Hongling Road in the
east, Nanshan District at Overseas Chinese Town in the west, Baoan District beyond Mount Bijia and
Mount Lianhua in the north and Hong Kong's Yuen Long district across the Shenzhen River and
Shenzhen Bay in the south. It boasts seven sub-district offices with 116 residents' committees.

NanShan District
Located in the western part of the shenzhen special Economic Zone, Nanshan District is shenzhen's
hi-tech higher learning and western logistics center.

With a total area of 164.29 square kilometers NanShan borders shenzhen Bay and Futian District in the
east, the Pearl River estuary and Bao'an District in the west shiyan Township of Baoan District at Mount
Yangtai in the north and Hong Kong's Yuen Long district beyond Shekou Bay the Dachan and Xiaochan
islands and the Lingding Sea area in the south It comprises seven sub-district offices and China
Merchant Shekou industrial Zone with 111 residents' committees.

Baoan District
Located in the western part of shenzhen and to the north of the shenzhen Special Economic Zone
demarcation line Baoan is the city's hi-tech sector processing trade and modern agriculture and
bio-tourism base with its district seat located in Xinan Township Covering a total of 712.92 square
kilometers Baoan stretches towards the north to the Luotian Reservoir borders with Dongguan City
along the Dongbao River in the west meets the Special Economic zone at the Nantou Frontier
Inspection Station in the east and looks out over the pearl River Estuary and the Jiaoyi Bay Oyster
cultivation Reserve in the southwest. Shenzhen's Baoan International Airport is situated in Baoan District
which has eight townships sub-district offices at Xin'an and Guangming 38 residents' committees and
127 villagers' committees

Longgang District
Situated in the east of Shenzhen and to the north of the shenzhen special Economic Zone demarcation
line, Longgang is well known for high-tech export processing, logistics distribution and seaside resorts.
With Daya Bay in the east and Dapeng Bay in the south Longgang is bordered by Bao'an District in the
west and Dongguan and Huizhou cities in the north. Longgang, home to the Daya Bay and Ling'ao
nuclear power plants, occupies 844.07 square kilometers. With its district seat in Longgang Township,
Longgang comprises 10 townships with 25 residents' committees and 91 villagers' committees.

Yantian District
Situated in the east of shenzhen and to the north of the Special Economic zone Demarcation Line at
Beizajiao, Yantian is best known by its logistics and tourism. With Mount Wutong in the west and
Dapeng Bay in the east, Yantian occupies a total area of 75.68 square kilometers and has its district seat
in shatoujiao Township. Yantian port area has the second-largest deep water container terminals in
China Yantian comprises shatoujiao Township and two sub-district office with 21 residents committees.

The Special Economic Zone
Covering an area of 391.71 square kilometers, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is situated in the
south of Shenzhen city between Beizajiao by Dapeng Bay in the east and Anle Village by the Pearl River
estuary in the west. It is to the south of Mount Wutong and Mount Yangtai, and borders on the "the New
Territories" of Hong Kong in the south. A demarcation line of 129.7 kilometers separates the Special
Economic Zone from the rest of the city and there are eight land checkpoints, which run between the
Special Economic Zone and the rest of the city

6. Accommodation
..Recommendation of Hotels
:::::::5 stars
             Hotel                                 Add                                  Tel
            Nan Hai Hotel                SheKou Industrial Zone                      26692888
           Sunshine Hotel                   No.1 Jiabin Road                         82233888
          Shangri-La Hotel              East Side , Railway Station                  82330888
        The Landmark Hotel                  No.2 Nanhu Road                          82172288
             Forum Hotel                   No.67 Heping Road                         25586333
            Mission Hotel                 GuanLan inGolf Club                        28020888
:::::::4 stars
                Hotel                            Add                                    Tel
    Hotel oriental regent forum            HongLing Road.S.                          82247000
         Century plaza hotel                Renmin Road.S.                           82320888
         Shenzhen bay hotel             Overseas Chinese Town                        26600111
         Capital plaza hotel          Ninth Zone of Baoan District                   27783888
      East China holiday hotel               Nanyou Road                             26416688
         New Century hotel          No.4014 North of Huaqiang Road                   83220088
    Lushan International Hotel           No.66 Chunfeng Road                         82338888
:::::::3 stars
                Hotel                              Tel                                 Fax
              City Hotel                        82399000                             82399765
           East Lake Hotel                      25400088                             25529158
         Guang Dong Hotel                       82228339                             82234560
       Bamboo Garden Hotel                      25533138                             25534835
          Gold Lustre Hotel                     82252888                             82255639
          Internation Hotel                     25505111                             25400702
       Universal Hotel                          25595024                            25595138
            Xili Hotel                          83622222                            83653988
     Xiao Mei Sha Hotel                         25060000                            25061142
     Ambassador Hotel                           25118388                            25119580
         Luohu Hotel                            82252938                            22254184
         Sanjiu Hotel                           25128888                            25123849
    Grand Sky Light Hotel                       83689999                            83688380
 Honey Lake Country Resort                      83708988                            83705045
       Xili Lake Resort                         26626888                            26626123
   Shiyan Lake Hot Resort                       27760106                            27760360
     New Garden Hotel                           82226333                            82229943
         Huadu Hotel                            27780888                            27785361
    Far East Grand Hotel                        82205369                            82200239
       Jing Peng Hotel                          82227190                            82227191
        Seaview Hotel                           26602222                            26600628
         Petrel Hotel                           82232828                            82221398
    The Great Wall Hotel                        25583369                            25580424
  Heng Feng Server Centre                       27752888                            27758228
    China Regency Hotel                         82260888                            82264495
      Sliver Lake Hotel                         82431111                            82406295
      Feng Yuan Hotel                           82253988                            82284349
         Dragon Hotel                           82329228                            82334585
      Friendship Hotel                          82238286                            82238008
       Changan Hotel                            25112500                            25112504
           Lidu Hotel                           82259988                            82206963
        Kai Yue Hotel                           82328188                            82337860
        Yongan Hotel                            25594999                            25593390
      Jingdu City Hotel                         28851888                            28852833
        Kindlion Hotel                          28289999                            28282377
        Shatian Hotel                           83300888                            83402221
        Hongbo Hotel                            26949448                            26904923
    Emperor Grand Hotel                         27700888                            27700384
        Fu Rong Hotel                           82235966                            82234695
       Jiang Nan Hotel                          82228182                            82202557
       Shanghai Hotel                           83365288                            83365277
Goodcrop Happy Graden Hotel                     25850688                            25850324
        Sunway Hotel                            27300888                             27301111
      Minlianyan Hotel                          26811888                            26816804
          Kai Li Hotel                          82376188                            82202984
     Shang Yuan Hotel                           27282222                         86-755-27282111

7. Restaurant
Eating is one of the living themes of Shenzhen people . Not only all the visitors from home and abroad;
do not hesitate to dash into the various-styled restaurants of amazing attraction; but also those who have
been in Shenzhen for some years or setting down in this city still can not resist the temptation of these
various-styled restaurants.

Yue dishes is one of the famous Chinese dishes with more characteristics . The saying "The soul of
foods lies in Guangdong "spreads for a long time which is always supported with delicious dishes of
Chaozhou dishes and kejia dishes. And moreover, a lot of renowned dishes such as Chuan dishes , Jing
dishes, Su dishes , Hui dishes, Xiang dishes and DongBei dishes, ect . have still have their own styles
and traditions.

                                    Restaurants (1)

Name                                Address                                       Style
Bashufeng Restaurant                Yan Nan Road                       Sichuan
Chaozhou Court                      Landmark Hotel, 2 Nanhu Road       Chaozhou
Guan Guan Wang                      Hongling Building, 1F              Shanxi
Shantian Fish Head & Wild
                                    Hongling Road                      Sichuan
Jingdu Jianingna Chaozhou           Jingdu Hotel, 2F, South Hong
Restaurant                          Ling Road
Huanxi Restaurant                   33 Jian She Road                   Cantonese
Xinan Restaurant                    145 Jie Fang Road                  Cantonese
Xiangjiang Restaurant               Guoshang Building, Jia Bin Road Zhejiang
Xinhuacun Restaurant                2 Central Shen Nan Road            Shanxi
Jinchuan Restaurant                 15 Le Yuan Road                    Szechwan
Chaojian Restaurant                 2F, Sunshine Hotel, Jia Bin Road Chaozhou
Chendu Restaurant                   144 Jiefang Road                   Sichuan
                                    Jingdo Hotel, South Hon Ling
Jingdu Seafood Restaurant                                              Cantonese food
                                    Guomao Building, South Ren Min
Guomao Revolving Restaurant                                        Cantonese
                                    New Century Hotel, Hua Qiang
Furong Hot Pot World                                                   Hot pot
                                    Zhongjian Building, East Shen
Green Poplar Village                                                   Shanghai
                                    Nan Road
Yanjing Restaurant                  Hong Bao Road                      Northern cuisine
Pengmen Restaurant                  Zheng Hua Road                     Northeastern cuisine
Jinqilin Kejia Restaurant           Nan Yuan, Jia Bin Road             Kejia
                                    Restaurants (2)

Name                                 Address                                     Style
Banxi Restaurant                     33 Jian She Road                  Guangdong
Xin'An Restaurant                    38 Yong Xin Street, Luohu         Guangdong
Fuchen Seafood Restaurant            Friendship Town 5F, You Yi        Guangdong dishes and
                                     Road                              seafood
Pacific Harbor Restaurant            Xili Grand Hotel 2F, 81 Central   Seafood and
                                     Shen Nan Road,                    southeastern Asia flavor
Shuipinshanzhuang Game And           Donghu (East Lake) Park           Sichuan Dishes And
Seafood Restaurant                                                     Seafood
Guomao Building, Revolving Dining    International Trade Tower,        Guangdong dishes
Hall                                 South Ren Min Road
Shazui Fishery Village Restaurant    Within Shajiu Village In Futian   Seafood
Manyumeng Seafood Restaurant         1 East Shen Nan Road              Seafood
  Sijimei Restaurant                     1st Floor, 96 East Shen Nan      Seafood
  Sunny Town Restaurant                  2nd Floor, 52 South Dong Men     Guangdong dishes
  Luohu Restaurant                       Luohu Building 2F, Jian She      A set of dishes of Mang
                                         Road                             and Han ethnic
  Haiyan Restaurant                      Seagull Building 29th Floor, Jia Aulic dishes
                                         Bin Road
  Shenzhen Tongjufu Medicine Meal        Fareast Grand Hotel, 2nd         Chinese Medicine cuisine
  Restaurant                             Floor, 104 East Shen Nan

8. Consulates in Guangzhou
                Name                                 Add
                                     White Swan Hotel, 1, Sha Mian Nan
  General Consulate of U.S.A.                                               81888911
                                     Jie, Guangzhou
                                     Garden Hotel, 368 Huan Shi Dong
  General Consulate of Japan                                                83343009
                                     Road, Guangzhou
                                     Third Floor, White Swan Hotel, 1,
  General Consulate of Thailand                                             81886968-3303
                                     Sha Mian Nan Jie, Guangzhou
                                     Room 1401,GITIC Plaza,339 Huan
  General Consulate of Poland                                               83350909
                                     Shi Dong Road,Guangzhou

                                     Suite B, HuaXia Hotel,No.8,            83305910
  General Consulate of
                                     Qiaoguang Road                         83305911
                                     CITIC Plaza, 233, Tian He Bei          87395660
  General Consulate of Malaysia
                                     Road, Guangzhou                        87395661
                                     GITIC Plaza,339 Huan Shi Dong
  General Consulate of Germany                                              8330653
  General Consulate of United        2nd Floor,GITIC Plaza,339 Huan
  Kingdom                            Shi Dong Road,Guangzhou
                                     Room 803,GITIC Plaza,339 Huan
  General Consulate of France                                               83303405
                                     Shi Dong Road,Guangzhou
  General        Consulate      of   GITIC Plaza,339 Huan Shi Dong          83311461
  Philippines                        Road,Guangzhou                         83310996
                                     Room 5304,GITIC Plaza,339 Huan         83302067
  General Consulate of Holland
                                     Shi Dong Road,Guangzhou                83302824
                                     Room 801,China Hotel, 120 Liuhua
  General Consulate of Canada                                               86660569
                                     Road, Guangzhou
  General              Consulate     Garden Hotel, 368 Huan Shi Dong
  of Kampuchea                       Road, Guangzhou
                                     Room 1578,China Hotel, 120             86660353
  General Consulate of Denmark
                                     Liuhua Road, Guangzhou                 86660795
                                     CITIC Plaza, 233, Tian He Bei
  General Consulate of Italy                                                38770556
                                     Road, Guangzhou

9. International School
Many Foreign businessmen have ever hesitated to come to China for further development in China
because they do not want to live so far from their family and can only go back to visit them in holidays.
However since the establishment of Shenzhen, many schools have been set up or opened for foreign
children and students, the following are the international schools in Shenzhen from which your children
could receive the best education in Chinese/world culture, Natural Science in English or Chinese.
International or private schools are available to offer your children English/other language courses,
check out the following list of the schools.

Shekou International School
Add: Jingshan Villa, No. 2 Industrial Rd., Shekou, Shenzhen
Tel: (86 755) 2669 3669

International School of Sino-Canada, Nanshan, Shenzhen
Add: No. 166, Nanguang Rd., Nanshan Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 2656 8886, (86 755) 2656 8889
Fax: (86 755) 2657 8889

Daya Bay French School
Add: Expert Village, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station
Tel: (86 755) 8447 9156

Add: Block 5, Guishan Villa, Shekou, Nanshan Dist.
Tel: (86 755) 2667 6031

Shenzhen Oriental English College
Add: North of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport
Tel: (86 755) 2751 3739

Shenzhen Huamao Experimental School
Add: Gongming Town, Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC
Tel: (86 755) 2773 3606, (86 755) 2773 3468,
(86 755) 2773 1062
Fax: (86 755) 2773 3603

Luohu School for Hong Kong Children
Add: No. 201, Yijing Rd., Shenzhen
Tel: 2542 7638

Fangfang Funful School Bilingual
Add: Within Jinhai Garden, Xinzhou South Rd.
Tel: (86 755) 8340 0830

10. Economy in Shenzhen
     Economic Growth
     Shenzhen boasts one of the most robust and fastest-growing economies since China adopted
     a policy of opening-up and reform. By the end of 2002, the gross domestic product (GDP) of
     Shenzhen reached 225.682 billion yuan, with a year on year increase of 15 percent. The city's
     GDP per capita reached US$5604.60 in 2002..

     The primary industry and the secondary industry report an added value of 1.906 billion yuan
     (9 percent increase) and 123.469 billion yuan (17.6 percent increase) respectively, and the
     tertiary industry output was 10.0380 billion yuan (11.9 percent increase). structure of the three
     industries is 0.8:54.7:44.5.

     The city has more than 120,000 enterprises. High and new technologies, logistics, information
     and finance serve as pillars in the city's economic development. Commerce, tourism, real
     estate also play important role in the city. The overall productive rate is 65,219 yuan per
     capita, 6.5 percent increase over the year before.

Economic strength
GDP per capita was only 606 yuan in Shenzhen in 1979. The overall economic strength of Shenzhen is
equivalent to that of a medium-sized province in China, making the city the most vigorous economy in
the country. In 2002, the average per-capita GDP in Shenzhen reached 46,388 yuan (US$5604.60), the
highest in China, up 6.5 percent over the year 2001.

                           1. Shanghai 2. Beijing 3.Guangzhou 4.Shenzhen      5.Suzhou
(China Mainland ranking)

National Economic Status
Once a small border town, Shenzhen is fast becoming an international premier city characterized by
hi-tech, export and shipping industries. The city is ranked fourth in GDP, third in revenue among China's
large and medium-sized cities, second in container handling capacity, and first for seven consecutive
years in import and export volumes which account for one-seventh of the whole of china. Shenzhen
Bao'an international Airport is one of the four largest airports in china and an air cargo hub for the South

China region.

Economic Scale Advantage

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is the first special economic zone whose establishment was initiated
and promoted by Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of Chinese reform and opening. As an experiment
for promoting the development of economic and social development of China, Shenzhen has obtained
great success.Shenzhen has formed a characteristic economy featuring high-tech industry, logistics,
finance and information services. Various social causes have enjoyed simultaneous development and a
market economy system has been increasingly perfected. Shenzhen has set an example to the whole
country and played a role of example and promotion. In 2002, its GDP reached 223.941 billion. Its total
import and export amount was USD 87.1 billion, including an export value of USD 46.52 billion. Its total
industrial output value was RMB 422.1 billion. The output value of high-tech industry accounted for 46%
of the total industrial output value. By the end of 2002, the accumulated amount of foreign capital
actually utilized reached USD 31.519 billion.

·Geographical Advantage

Shenzhen is located at the forefront of the Pearl River Delta and borders on the New Territories of Hong
Kong in the south, Daya Bay in the east, the outlet of Pearl River and Dongguan and Huizhou in the
north, being an important coastal communication hub in South China. Shenzhen is the only city that
owns seaports, airport and land ports in China. Its seaports are especially developed. The Shenzhen
Port ranks sixth among world container ports. Shenzhen owns Luohu Port, the largest land passenger
port in China and Huanggang Port, the largest land freight port. At the same time, Guangshen,
Shenshan, Jingjiu and Guangshen expressways link Hong Kong, Shenzhen and inland cities. 24-hour
customs clearance practiced by Shenzhen and Hong Kong ports, electronic inspection and release and
the commencement of construction of the West Bridge will make Shenzhen and Hong Kong connected
more closely. The regional advantages of Shenzhen will be further highlighted and the economy of both
Shenzhen and Hong Kong can further thrive. Besides, Shenzhen is a bridge linking Hong Kong with
inland area and linking inland area with the world.

·Supporting Industry Advantage

Shenzhen is a production base, R&D base and transaction base of high-tech products including
computer and parts, communication equipment, audio visual products, optical and electromechanical
products, biological engineering products, etc. Shenzhen has over 1500 factories producing supporting
parts of computer, which produce almost all computer parts except chips. Their annual supporting ability
is over 30 million sets. There are over 30 million lines for communication and exchange. Shenzhen has
become an electronic supporting center in mainland China. China International High-tech Result Fair is
held in Shenzhen once every year.

·Immigrant Culture Advantage

There is a saying in China that the world is won with culture. Shenzhen is a newly emerging immigrant
city. Its culture is different from the traditional culture of other cities. It is the transformation and activation
of inland culture and the absorption and fusion of foreign culture oriented toward Hong Kong. Unique
geological and cultural environment of Shenzhen has created Shenzhen culture featuring openness,
tolerance and innovation.

Cost of Investment

The planned water supply is 412 tons daily, with average water consumption of 2.96 million tons per day.

                        Domestic Water                             1.5 yuan/m3
                        Industry Water                             1.9 yuan/m3
                        Water for commerce, service indusry and
                                                                2.4 yuan/m3
                        construction industry


                                                              Large amount of
                                                          consumption 101 to3000 k       Over 3001k VA
Domestic and agricultural electricity        0.73
Electricity for commerce and service
                                             0.89                   0.77                     0.72
Industry electricity                         0.75                   0.65                      0.6


Domestic gas                 10.37 yuan/m3
Commercial gas               13.48 yuan/m3

4. Communications
1) Fixed network communication fees

 Basic monthly rental for non-residential users 35 yuan per month
 Local call      Within operation area            0.22 yuan for the first 3 minutes,and 0.11 yuan for
                                                  each minute since the fourth minute
                 Operation Segments               0.2 yuan/once
 Toll fees       Domestic                   0.07 yuan/6 seconds
                 International              0.8 yuan/6 seconds
                 Hong Kong,Macao,and Taiwan 0.2yuan/6 seconds

2)Mobil communications fees

                                                                     Basic monthly rental 50 yuan per
                                                                     user per month
Basic mobil conversation fees (local call fees)                      0.4 yuan per minute
Toll call fees                                                       Basic       mobil       conversation

                                                                         fees+corresponding toll call fees

5. Price on assignment of land use right

                                                               Unit:yuan per square meter for building area
 Commercial land                                                      1260-2579
 Office area                                                          1225-1968
 Residential land                                                     679-1983
 Industrial land                                                       316-644

The prices on the assignment of land use right listed above are for reference, and the prices shall
subject to negotiation with property owners or through bidding and tender.

                        Longgang Grand Industrial Area      Hi-Tech Industrial Park     Futian Bonded Area
 Price of Land          145-200                             130-170                     800-2800

6. Rent of office building/workshop/warehouse

                                                                       Unit:yuan per meter per month
Dist                  Nanshan     Futian        Luohu       Yantian         Longgang         Baoan
Office building       13-48       30-70         35-130      25-65           6-55             8-60
Workshop              12-28       15-40         8-15        13-22           4-13             5-14
Warehouse            10-17                      6-10        10-25           4-8              4-14

7.Industrial and commercial registration charge
0.08% of the total registered capital below 10 million yuan (including 10 million yuan); additional 0.04%
for the sum exceeding 10 million yuan; and no more will be collected for the part exceeding 100 million

8.Cost of capital construction
The cost of construction for industrial workshops is about 500-1000 yuan per square meter.

11. Useful Words
       a. Please take me back to Ren Ren Le Super Market at Xuefu Roa

       b. Please take me to the Airport Terminal

       c.   Please take me to Shenzhen Airlines office at Airport

       d. Please take me to Shekou Ferry Terminal

e. Please take me to Shekou Wal-Mart Super Martket

f.   Please take me to HSBC in Century Plaza Hotel at Chun Feng Road

g. I want rice.                      I want fried beef
    I want Coco Cola                  I want beer
    I want ice                      I want chopsticks
    I want fork                     I want spoon
   I want 7 up                      How much


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