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Anti Internet Piracy Campaign


									                         Anti-Internet Piracy Campaign
                                   Fact Sheet

Intellectual Property Department (IPD) is committed to promoting awareness of
intellectual property rights (IPR) to individuals, and a respect for the rights of others. To
this end, it organizes school visits and educational programmes for school children as
well as publicity campaigns (e.g. television and poster advertisements) for the general
public. It also conducts annual benchmark survey to evaluate the change in public
awareness level and the effectiveness of its publicity work.

As a further step to educate the public, especially the youth, to support creativity and
respect for intellectual property rights on the Internet environment, IPD has collaborated
with the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C&ED), major stakeholder groups
and a number of youth organizations in launching the Anti-Internet Piracy Campaign
from May to August 2006, with a series of educational and publicity activities to promote
respect for IPR in the digital environment. A launching ceremony was staged on 29 May
2006 in which the programmes under the Campaign were announced. (An episode of the
launching       ceremony       was        put      on          IPD’s        website       at

“Anti-Internet Piracy Campaign” Launching Ceremony on 29 May 2006

The Anti-Internet Piracy Campaign includes a series of programmes:

 Announcement of Public Interest (APIs)
Two brand new TV and radio APIs featuring local singers and actors, Jacky Cheung and
Simon Yam, were produced and gone out on air from 29 May 2006 onwards. The APIs
aimed to remind the public that unlawful activities on the Internet can be tracked down
and parents should not give up responsibility for their children when the latter were using
the Internet. IPD also joined hands with various TV and radio stations in launching of
radio partnership programmes and producing an education TV programme on
anti-internet piracy.      (The two APIs were put on IPD’s website at

Parents version featured by Jacky Cheung         Teens version featured by Simon Yam

 Youth Ambassador Against Internet Piracy Scheme
IPD and C&ED rolled out the “Youth Ambassador against Internet Piracy” on 19 July
2006 to enlist the support of young people in protecting IPRs. Under the Scheme, over
200,000 members from 11 local youth uniformed organizations were invited to
participate as Youth Ambassadors. C&ED have set up a purpose-built website for them
to report suspected copyright infringement activities on the discussion forums and
forward the information to the appropriate participating IPR body for follow-up action,
who will then ascertain the validity of the information and notify the corresponding
webmasters of the discussion forums to take appropriate actions, such as deleting the
messages concerned.

“Youth Ambassador” Scheme Launching Ceremony on 19 July 2006

 School Tour Programme
To instill a sense of respect for IPRs among youngsters, IPD has worked with a local radio
station to carry out a School Tour Programme from May 2007 onwards. With the slogan
“Respect Originality”, the messages “respect IP” and “say no to illegal downloading”
were delivered through performances by young pop singers and experience sharing
between song writers and students. Celebrities, artistes and professionals from different
creative industries were also invited to share their views on anti-Internet piracy with
students through various interactive activities.

A snap shot of “School Tour Programme”

 Promotional on Search Engine
IPD promoted legal downloading over the Google Search Engine during February 2006
to March 2007. Internet users would read a message which reminds them not to engage in
Internet piracy activities whenever they type certain keywords related to downloading
activities through search engine provider. This message was also hyperlinked to IPD’s

                Promotion on Search Engines
                           Users search on “online games”

                                                                 IPD Ad will be shown.
                                                                Hyperlink to Comic Series

Promotion at Google Search Engine
 Teaching Kit for Fostering Proper Use of Copyright Works on the Internet
To further the present public education efforts in schools, the Education Bureau, in
consultation with IPD, is preparing a teaching kit aimed at encouraging students to adopt
a proper attitude and manner of handling copyright works on the Internet. The teaching
kit consists of a teacher’s manual, videos and presentation materials and will be released
in October 2007.

On-going activities
In addition to the above programmes, a number of activities were also being organized as
part of our on-going efforts to combat Internet piracy. These activities include:

 “I Pledge” Campaign
To cultivate an awareness of anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting among the public, IPD
launched the “I Pledge” Campaign in 1999. Newsletter will be issued to “I Pledge”
members to update the latest promotion activities organized by IPD. To encore the
Anti-Internet Piracy Campaign, IPD revised the Charter of “I Pledge” Campaign in April
2006 to include the message against copyright infringement on the Internet. Apart from
“I pledge never to purchase or use pirated and counterfeit goods” and “I pledge to respect
the intellectual property rights (IPR) of others”, new obligations, namely “I pledge never
to get involved in Internet piracy activities” and “I pledge to support and participate in
anti-Internet piracy, anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting activities”, were added since then.
(Details of the “I Pledge” Campaign can be found at IPD’s website at

 Guide for Parents
A guidebook on P2P, file-sharing and downloading has been produced for parents to help
them understand how their family can enjoy digital music and stay safe and legal. The
guidebook has been jointly produced by IPD and IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited.

Guide for Parents

 Participation in Related Exhibition
IPD has sponsored the Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society, a
non-profit student organization, in organizing the Hong Kong Joint School Electronics
and Computer Exhibition in 2006 and 2007. The Exhibition aims at promoting the
unique IT culture in Hong Kong and to arouse public awareness on the importance of
creativity and IPRs in the digital environment. The Exhibition includes a wide range of
activities such as IT Debate, IT Culture Short Film Contest, Hong Kong Outstanding IT
Student Award.

Intellectual Property Department
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
August 2007


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