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					Have Fun At Your Wedding On The Fun Wedding Venue

There is a trend in weddings these days to get away from the expected and the traditional and instead to

have more fun and be creative. A great way to achieve this is by having your wedding at a unique and fun

venue, rather than the usual ballroom, club, or hall. These are some great ideas on the festive public places

that you can consider for your wedding venue.

A lot of people want to include things in their wedding that pay homage to their happiest childhood

memories. Think back: what did you love to do as a child? Are your fondest memories of summer afternoons

spent at the zoo with your dad? Did you wait eagerly every year for the arrival of the state fair or local

carnival? Maybe you love the winter months and ice skating in an outdoor rink. These are the types of

places that you could consider as unique and memorable wedding sites.

Once you have made a list of a few top choices, you will want to mull over the type of wedding that would

work at that place, and see if it fits in with your idea of a dream wedding. It is also important to research the

practicalities early on in the decision making process so that you do not get your heart set on having a

wedding at a place that is not possible. When using an atypical location for your wedding, you should also

think hard about hiring a wedding planner to oversee the details and ensure that everything goes as

smoothly as possible.

When you are having your wedding at a fun and unique place, you should definitely embrace the spirit of

your site. For instance, there is no point trying to have a formal reception at a carnival or fair. Instead, get

into the swing of it, by offering your guests cotton candy, candy apples, funnel cake, blooming onions, and

other fair favorites. You can use your invitations to give your lucky guests a preview of your wedding. Design

them to look like the admission ticket for a carnival by substituting your wedding details for the fair

information, and blowing them up to a standard invitation size.

The wedding party attire should also fit in with the special venue. The bride can certainly still wear a white

wedding gown (expect a massive dry cleaning bill afterwards!), but it should be lighthearted and whimsical,

not serious or very traditional. Handcrafted bridal jewelry in pretty colors would make a nice alternative to the

classic strand of pearls. You can have your bridal jewelry handcrafted to match the color of your bridesmaid

dresses, or even go for a fun tutti-fruity mixture of colored crystals, would which suit a carnival or fair


This is the type of wedding where hiring a really talented photographer is key, because you will have the

opportunity to get some fantastic shots. Forget about posed group photos, and make your wedding album
be all about capturing the enjoyable moments of your wedding reception. Take advantage of the special

features of your reception site. For example, a Coney Island wedding would not be complete without some
photos of the newlyweds on a wooden rollercoaster. The carnival offers many wonderful photographic

backdrops, such as the Ferris wheel, carousel, and even the strong man contest (maybe the groom can ring

the bell and win a prize for his new bride!)

Your wedding is a time to have fun and celebrate. Choosing a unique and fun public place for your venue is

one great idea to make your wedding a memorable and enjoyable time for your guests. As they say, let the

good times roll!

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