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									                                                                      FLOOD AWARENESS

                                                                          A CITIZENS GUIDE

     Volume 1, Issue 1         FLOOD SAFETY
                                If a hurricane warning is issued,   outdoor furniture                            ways. Watch for falling
Flood Safety             1
                                citizens could be asked to evacu-   and potted plants.                           trees. Evacuations may be
                                ate. Before leaving, windows        Dangerous chemicals, insecti-            altered by weather conditions in
Flood Warning Sys-       1      and doors should be locked and      cides, herbicides or gasoline            surrounding counties as well.
tem                             taped or boarded up. Turn off       should be put in water tight             Listen to the news for updates
                                the electricity at the main         containers and in a high spot.           and instructions. Public Safety
Improvements             1      breaker terminal and the gas        If you can not take pets with            services will be suspended im-
                                system at the outside source——      you, put out food and water.             mediately prior to and during
                                only if you know how to do it—      Watch for animals, including             hurricane conditions. Emer-
Property Protection      2
                                - Be alert for gas leaks. Use a     snakes. Small animals that have          gency Medical Services will be
                                flashlight to inspect for damage.   been flooded out of their homes          suspended once winds reach
Flood Insurance          2      Do not smoke or use candles,        may seek shelter in yours. Have          GALE force speed.
                                lanterns, or open flames unless     an Emergency Kit packed with
                                you know that the gas has been      the following items: portable
Floodplain Develop-      2      turned off and the area has         radio, flashlight, batteries, blan-      ONCE A MANDATORY
ment Permitting                 been ventilated. Small appli-       kets, extra food and water that          EVACUATION HAS BEEN
                                ances should be unplugged.          will last for several days, manual       ORDERED PLEASE LEAVE.
Odds and Ends            3
                                Towels or rugs should be put        can opener, medicines, toilet
                                                                    articles, important papers and           IF YOU CHOOSE TO STAY
                                around openings to reduce
                                                                    valuables. Keep children away            YOU ARE SOLELY RESPON-
                                seepage. Lightweight or easily
                                                                    from flood waters, ditches, cul-         SIBLE FOR ANYTHING
                                damaged items should be
                                moved to the highest location       verts and drains. Watch for              THAT HAPPENS TO
IMPROVEMENTS                                                        dangling electrical lines and            YOU…….
                                possible, secured and covered
                                with plastic. Be sure to secure     flooded low spots on the road-
Any reconstruction, reha-
bilitation, addition or
other improvement of a
structure before the start
of the structure, the cost                                  FLOOD WARNING SYSTEMS
of which equals or exceeds
50% of the market value        Should an evacuation be              UPDATES WILL BE ON:
of the structure before the    advised, the Emergency
                                                                    WITN-TV 7                         WRSF 105.7
start of the construction of   Management Office will
the improvement , over a       notify you through radio,            WNCT-TV 9                         WCXL 104.1
five(5) year period, must      TV and the automated call-           WCTI-TV 12                            WMGV 103.3
conform to current build-      ing service.
                                                                    WHYC 88.5                             WYND 97.1
ing and flood regulations
which might involve eleva-                                          WERO 93.3                             NOAA WEATHER RADIO
tion the entire structure                                           WWOC 94.5
above the BASE FLOOD
Page 2                                                                                      FLOOD AWARENESS

          Various alternatives are avail-        tion. If a flood is imminent,         written in advance to make sure
          able to help minimize flood-           some last minute emergency            you don’t forget anything after
          ing. If the floor level of your        measures can always help. Prop-       you hear the flood warning. To
          property is lower than the             erty can be protected by sand-        increase the safety of your prop-
          BASE FLOOD ELEVA-                      bagging areas where water might       erty and reduce building premi-
                                                 enter living spaces. Valuables        ums, you should consider build-
          TION (BFE), consider elevat-
                                                 and furniture may be moved to         ing to higher standards. Of
          ing your structure, if possible.
                                                 higher areas of the dwelling to       course, the most effective and
          Brochures discussing flood
                                                 minimize damages. Attaching           permanent means of protecting
          proofing and other mitigation
                                                 plywood or other approved             your structure is to locate it out
          measures are available at the
                                                 protection systems over the           of the floodplain. If you are
          Hyde County Inspections Of-
                                                 windows and patio doors will          unable to relocate your struc-
          fice. The Hyde County Inspec-
                                                 help protect against high wind        ture, the next most effective
          tions Office can help you with
                                                 damages associated with hurri-        means is to elevate your struc-
          someone who is knowledgeable
                                                 canes. Whatever emergency             ture above the BASE FLOOD
          about flood proofing or retrofit-
                                                 protection measures you use, it       ELEVATION.
          ting techniques and construc-
                                                 is always best to have a plan

         The National Flood Insur-            do not have to live in the flood-     ing was constructed (or permitted
         ance Program (NIFP) was              plain to qualify for flood insur-     and under construction) before
         created by Congress in 1968 to       ance. Flood insurance is required     the CBRS area’s effective date.
         provide homeowners flood             by law for federally financed loans   The county’s participation in the
         insurance at a reasonable cost.      when buying, improving or build-      CRS program includes the avail-
         Since homeowners policies do         ing structures, but you must act in   ability of CERTIFIED FLOOD-
         not cover flooding, separate         advance. There is a thirty day        PLAIN MANAGER in the Hyde
         policies are available on almost     waiting period on new policies.       County Building Inspection Office
         any enclosed building and its        Check with your local insurance       to answer questions about flood-
         contents including single family     agents for specific coverage and      ing, building requirements that are
         homes, condominiums, mobile          rates. Federal flood insurance is     more stringent than federal mini-
         homes on foundations and             available in a COASTAL BAR-           mum standards, regulations for
         commercial buildings. Policies       RIER RESOURCE SYSTEM                  storm water management in a new
         are written for one year. You        (CBRS) area if the subject build-     construction.

                   All developments in           and other development within          ported to the Hyde County
         Hyde County need local or               the floodplains. Without              Building Inspections at 252-
         state permits. Contact the              those provisions, flood insur-        926-4372. Copies of the Hyde
         Hyde County Department of               ance through the NATIONAL             County Flood Damage Pre-
         Inspections for advice before           FLOOD INSURANCE PRO-                  vention Ordinance, Ocracoke
         you build, fill place a manufac-        GRAM (NFIP) would not be              Development Ordinance and
         tured home, or otherwise                available to property owners          the Hyde County Subdivision
         develop. The flood ordinance            in Hyde County. Any devel-            Ordinance are available at the
         and the International Build-            opment in the floodplain              Hyde County Building Inspec-
         ing Codes have special provi-           without a permit is illegal;          tions Office and can be copied
         sions regulating construction           such activity should be re-           for a nominal fee.
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                            Page 3

 Tideland EMC provides all of       The Engelhard and Swan              home or business, in accor-
 Hyde County’s electrical ser-      Quarter areas have sewer ser-       dance with the NC Building
 vice. Hyde County citizens         vices. During power outages,        Code, and elevation above the
 should use generators properly     both systems will cease to          BASE FLOOD LINE will
 and lawfully during power          operate. The Engelhard area         substantially reduce your risk
 outages. The installation of       sewer will function for a pe-       of damage from hurricanes
 approved power transfer            riod of 1 to 3 days depending       and other disasters. Although
 switches should be used to         on usage. The Swan Quarter          disaster relief is often available
 connect generators to struc-       system will not function al-        after a storm, it should not be
 tures, or appliances should be     most immediately. After any         expected to supplant the need
 connected directly to the gen-     disaster that will cause the        for proper planning, prepara-
                    erator.         electricity to be unavailable for   tion and insurance. Persons
                    Potential       more than 48 hours port a           should not remain in mobile
                    for back        johns should be brought in          homes, campers, or other
                    feeding of      and strategically placed.           structures, incapable of sus-
                    utility cir-    Proper construction of your         taining hurricane force winds.
                    cuits must

   Due to limited access, the County of Hyde and particularly Ocracoke Island is subject to extended
   isolation. Following a major disaster, the mainland’s few access points may be incapable of travel
   due to flooding, numerous trees down, bridges washed away or damaged, etc. Flooding in Hyde and
   Dare Counties, bridge damage, ferry terminal damage, road over wash, inlet creation and other
   situations may isolate Ocracoke Island. Hyde County recommends all citizens prepare and maintain
   constant awareness of possible disasters. County residents should keep a three day supply of all
   items previously mentioned in this flyer on hand at all times. In advance of predictable disasters,
   supplies should be increased and obtained to sustain themselves for five or more days. Keep all fire
   extinguishers in date and have them always available. During a period of isolation or State of Emer-
   gency, disaster assistance will often be available at specific locations through out the county. The
   county will coordinate with the departments responsible for opening public roadways and the NC
   Ferry System to accommodate the needs of the public as soon as possible. Fuel delivery trucks, gro-
   ceries, building supplies, emergency workers and other needs may take priority over commuters
   during these times. Use of the Engelhard and Ocracoke Airports may provide the best alternative
   means of transportation during significant isolation.

Hyde County is a beautiful          and impurities from runoff          land to create a swampy
place to live. The undisturbed      and process organic wastes.         EDEN. Hyde County is one
marshes and wetlands provide        The local marshes and wet-          of the homes of the Tar-
a wide range of benefits to the     lands provide breeding and          Pamlico Basin. The flood-
human and natural systems.          feeding grounds for fish and        plains are an important asset.
They provide flood storage          wildlife, create and enhance        They provide open space,
and conveyance, reduce flood        waterfowl habitat and protect       aesthetic pleasure, and areas
velocities, and flood peaks.        habitats for rare and endan-        for active and passive uses.
Water quality is improved           gered species. Hyde County is
through the marshes and wet-        a place where waters, fresh
lands ability to filter nutrients   and salt, conspire with the
                Post Office Box 95
             Swan Quarter, N. C. 27885


                               Jerry Hardison
                           Chief Building Inspector
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                             Building Inspector

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