Hoot Mascara by liaoqinmei


                              Chapter Questions/Activities

1. Analysis of Cover Design (10 points)

           The focal point; what catches your attention when you first look at the
            visual? How does the designer do this?
           Describe the visual. What information does it communicate about the
            novel? (Consider the use of color, line, shape, and form)
           What information do you learn from written text on the novel’s cover?
            (front and back)
           List three questions that come to mind when after you’ve read the back
            cover “blurb”.
           If you were to change the cover in any way to make it more effective,
            what would you do?

Chapters 1-7

   2. What type of narration is being used in the story? Whose point of view is being
   used? Why do you think the author chose this? (5 points)

   3. Mother Paula’s construction site is the setting for a great deal of conflict. Discuss
      some of the strange incidents that are happening on site (there are three so far).
      Who do you think is causing all the problems and why? (5 points)

   4. Using the graphic organizer provided for characterization, keep track of one of the
      following: (10 points)

          a. Roy Eberhardt                   Officer Delinko
          b. Beatrice the Bear               Leroy Branitt
          c. Mullet Fingers                  Dana Matherson

       Fill in the characterization chart throughout the novel; one set of examples per

                                                          CHARACTER TRAITS

                             Character's Name

                           How the character's traits
                           are revealed
Narrator's Description
                                                        Dialogue - what others say
                                                        about the character

   5. Figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification) is used frequently in the
      novel Hoot as the author, Hiaasen, paints vivid pictures for his readers to enjoy.
      Find 5 examples of figures of speech from chapters 1-7, and record them in the
      chart below. An example is provided for you. (10 points)

      Example             Type of figurative         Comparison            Effectiveness
                             Language             Item 1     Item 2
 The soles of his bare                                                 Through this image, the
feet looked as black as         simile         Color of      Black     reader can picture how
    barbecue coals.                            dirty feet   color of     grimy and dirty the
                                                             coals          boy’s feet are.

                                  Chapter Questions 8-14

6. Number the events in order that they occur in the novel ( 5 points):

  Beatrice strips Dana to his undies and ties him to the school flagpole

  Mullet Fingers gets bitten by Rottweilers

  Mullet shows Roy the Molly Bell and catches a mullet fish in his bare hands

  Dana traps Roy in the broom closet and chokes him

  Mullet Fingers escapes from the hospital
Journal Entry

7. In the novel Hoot, Roy’s mother says, “Sometimes you’re going to be faced with
situations where the line isn’t clear between what’s right and what’s wrong.”

In a well-developed journal entry of 10-12 sentences, tell about a time when you were
torn between right and wrong. Be sure to explain the following (10 points):

   o Describe the circumstances surrounding the experience
   o Explain how you felt about the decision
   o What did you learn from the experience?

8. Media Awareness Activity

“Although the make-up artists had done a darn good job, Curly could still tell that the old
lady in the commercials was actually a much younger woman, and that she was pretty.”

Often the media relies on certain stereotypes (a fixed idea that people have
about what someone or something is like) in order to create a certain image
for its audience. In the case of Mother Paula’s, for instance, Kimberley Lou Dixon is
made up to look like a sweet, little old lady who is in the kitchen looking after her family.
She is nurturing and caring-a far more appealing image than the giant corporation that is,
in reality, the true face of Mother Paula’s All-American Pancake House.

Watch TV for several evenings, and take note of the stereotypes that are portrayed in the
ads. Fill-in the chart provided below (10 points).

        Commercial                   Stereotype portrayed          How is it effective?
   ex: Covergirl mascara             A very narrow version     On seeing how beautiful the
commercial using professional        of females-beautiful,        women in the ads are,
  models to advertise their             thin and young            females are lured into
          product                                               believing that, if they use
                                                                this product, they will be
                                                                      beautiful too.
DDSC Style Paragraph on Theme

9. In a well-developed DDSC style paragraph, discuss one of the themes of the novel
Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. Be sure to support your response with at least three examples
(10 points).

D-read the directions carefully to ensure that you are answering all parts of the question
D-demonstrate any knowledge of literary terms
S-support your response with examples or details from the selection
C-connect/conclude-if possible, connect these ideas to another piece of literature or a
personal experience. Conclude.

Format for paragraph – style answer on theme:
Frame for Theme

        The theme of a piece of literature is the main message that the author is trying to
send. In the novel                                                    written by
                              , the theme is
                                                                      .First of all, when

                                        , this supports the author’s message because

. Secondly, the theme is revealed when

Again, the message is clear:

The final example occurs when
                                                                 . This also supports the main
idea being                                                       because

. In fact , the idea that the writer is trying to share here is similar to

In conclusion, therefore, Hiaasen is showing us that
                                Hoot Crossword (10 points)

6. Mother Paula’s icon
7. “Delinko is not the sharpest knife in the drawer” (literary term)
10. Escapee from hospital
11. Roy’s rescuer
12. Former pro basket ball player
15. the construction site on East Oriole (literary term)
16. Where Dana tries to strangle Roy after school
17. show their sparkly personalities
18. Beatrice's evil step mom

1. Athene cunicularia
2. “for a science experiment”
3. Dana’s favorite nickname for Roy
4. Dana wants to beat Roy to a pulp (literary term)
5. Mullet Fingers ends up with an infection from this
7. An abandoned crab boat
8. “Sometimes the line isn’t clear between right and wrong (literary term)
9. Mother Paula’s P.R. guy
13. Mullet is trying to save these.
14. Dog trainer
Part 3 Chapters 15-21

11. Sequencing (5 points)

Put the following events in the order in which they occur in the novel.

____ Dana is arrested

____ Officer Delinko meets Kimberly Lou Dixon

____ Roy and Dana fight

____ Roy watches Beatrice play a soccer game

____ Roy discovers the seats are missing from the bulldozer

12. Representing (10 points)

Create a one page advertisement to announce the opening of the Mother Paula’s Pancake
house in Coconut Cove

       Make sure that your ad has a catchy slogan

       It must include an eye catching colorful visual

       Be sure to include important details such as grand opening date, special guests,
        prize giveaways and any other important information for the big day


   Create a one page Advertisement designed to make people aware of the
   Environmental Impact of constructing a Mother Paula’s Pancake House on the site of
   a Species of Special Concern ( the burrowing, mating owls )

           Make sure your ad has an attention grabbing headline

           An appropriate colorful visual must be used

           State any factual information to support your cause

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