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                                                           The Professional
Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation             Laser is light of a single wavelength. When this light
was originally described as a theoretical concept in 1917 by            comes into contact with a target of a particular colour, the
Albert Einstein. LASERS are an exact science based on a number          light is converted into heat. Certain wavelengths are
of physiological factors.                                               absorbed by certain chromophores (substances with
                                                                        colour). A laser has an exact target i.e. for the removal of
Considering Buying a Laser?                                             melanin = 755nm (hair), haemoglobin = 810, 1064nm
If so, it is very important for you to understand the Absorption        (vascular) and water = 2940 & 10600nm.
Coefficient Graph and how different wavelengths react to the            When we are targeting the hair follicle, we need to choose
skin. In order to achieve a particular result you need to choose a      the correct wavelength that will best be absorbed by the
wavelength which is capable of accurately targeting a precise           target.      The 755nm Alexandrite Laser is highly
point with the correct energy, heat, and depth this will achieve        absorbed by the melanin (colour) in the follicle (without
optimum results. Hair follicles, veins, pigmentation, vascular          being highly absorbed by blood or Water). FDA
lesions, etc. occur at different depths in the skin - each requires a   Approved, it is undoubtedly the Gold Standard when it
particular wavelength to destroy it.                                    comes to removing hair on skin types I-IV. If the top
It is also extremely important to know how to interpret laser           South African & International Dermatologists
specifications so that you can be sure you are buying the best          recommend it, so do we! As long as the hair has pigment in
possible equipment for your salon or clinic.                            it, the laser will destroy the hair follicle on impact once
                                                                        destroyed this follicle will never grow back. Hair grows
The efficacy of several of the light treatments that are on offer       in cycles therefore each growth cycle will need to be
should be thoroughly researched before purchasing them. Do not          treated with the laser in order to obtain Permanent Hair
think that because the equipment has a light it's a laser! Some         Reduction.
manufacturers make outrageous claims. Don't just believe what
sales people tell you…do your own homework.                             Typically hair removal can be achieved with the
                                                                        Alexandrite Laser Technology after 4-8 treatments. In
When it comes to choosing the right laser for your salon - follow       many cases it has been reported after just 3 treatments!
the industry leaders! Make an educated decision. Don't be
persuaded by smooth talking salesmen. The wrong decision can
ruin your business and your reputation!                                 The reason why the phrase 'Permanent Hair Removal'
                                                                        should not be used, is that we all have many follicles that
                                                                        lie dormant for most of our lives (these were never
LASER VS IPL                                                            targeted by the laser). Old age and hormonal changes can
                                                                        (although very rarely) send the follicles out of dormancy.
 Pulsed Light is not of a specific wavelength and thus very
                                                                        Stay clear of people or companies that guarantee and
 difficult to predict what will happen to the mix of
                                                                        claim Permanent Hair Removal. FDA Approval has only
 wavelengths when they hit the body. Lasers are a much
 safer option as they are capable of accurately hitting a               ever been granted for Permanent Hair Reduction !!
                                                                        Stern Laser distributes the FDA approved Cynosure
 Not True !                                                             Apogee (Alexandrite Laser) which offers a safer more
 There is a misconception in the industry that Lasers can               gentle way of removing hair and transmits therapeutic
 only be used to perform Hair Removal. Not True! The 4th                energy from large spot size (15mm) and long pulse
 Generation Lasers from Cynosure have variable pulse                    durations which results in a far superior and effective
 durations and spot sizes that come standard in each laser.             treatment. The Apogee treats a variety of skin types and is
 These specifications enable the lasers to offer many                   ideal for skin types I-IV. It also rejuvenates the skin -
 applications including the treatment of:                               treating fine line and wrinkles and removes Pigmented
                                                                        Lesions (age spots, sun spots & freckles)!
    Vascular Lesions                 Photo Rejuvenation
    Sun Damaged Skin                 Wrinkle Reduction                  Another great Laser Technology you may have heard of is
    Freckles                         Pigmentation                       the 1064nm Nd:YAG Laser which is best suited for hair
    Sun Spots                        Acne                               removal on darker/Asian skins (types IV-VI). Even if a
    Age Spots                        Warts                              unit has this technology, in order for it to be most effective
                                                                        it needs to have a variable pulse duration from at least 0,4
 The Pain Factor?                                                       to 300 milli-seconds and variable spot sizes (3mm, 5mm,
 All Cynosure Lasers come standard with a separate Crio                 7mm, 10mm, 12mm to 15mm diameter), with sufficient
 Cooling Device. This can cool the skin with air that reaches           power around 300 Joules per cm2. Be sure to check all of
 -30 degrees Celsius! This allows treatments to be done at              these features when choosing a Nd:YAG Laser and that
 higher fluences leading to far superior results, without               results do take longer and it is more painful than with the
 damaging the skin. The treatments are also far less painful            Alexandrite Technology. (Remember - the absorption by
 due to the intense cooling.                                            the follicle of the Alexandrite Laser is almost ten times
                                                                        higher than that of the Nd:YAG Laser!)
                                                                         Cynosure's Hair Removal System Wins
                                                                               Coveted Industry Award!

Choice...                                                                Aesthetic Trends & Technologies Magazine, the
                                                                         leading physician journal for aesthetics and

                                                                         Cynosure’s Apogee Elite laser system won the
 Stern Laser distributes the FDA approved Cynosure Acclaim               award for the “Most Diverse Hair Removal System
(Nd:YAG Laser) which offers multiple applications with a
                                                                         for All Skin Types” product category. The Apogee
single laser and selectable parameters for customizing the
                                                                         Elite was recognized for the unique ability to treat all
treatment based on skin and hair type. TheAcclaim Nd:YAG laser
                                                                         skin types – including dark skin – given a combined
has the best specifications for available and allows you to expand
                                                                         wavelengths within the same system to position it as
your salon by offering cosmetic procedures such as Hair Removal
                                                                         a, “no compromise laser for hair removal”, according
on dark skins (IV-VI), Non-invasive Rejuvenation, Treatment of
                                                                         to ATnT’s contributing editor, David Cauger.
Rosacea, Blue Leg Veins and Red Facial Veins!
We also distribute the Asclepion MeDioStar (a high powered               Stern Laser South Africa has been around for the last
Diode Laser 810nm and FDA Approved) is another excellent,                decade and we take great pride in offering our clients the
safe, and reasonably priced laser for hair removal on darker skin        most comprehensive on-site Laser training and technical
types 1V-V1, Vascular treatments, Skin Rejuvenation andAcne.             service department available. Our Lasers come standard
                                                                         with a separate Crio Cooling Unit which provides
The most advanced Laser currently available in the world                 optimum cooling for Laser treatments. We also offer a one
(distributed by Stern Laser) is a Two-in-One laser called the            year warranty and an optional maintenance plan.
ELITE Laser from Cynosure. FDA approved, this unit houses
both the latest Alexandrite and Nd:YAG Laser Technologies with           If you're serious about buying a laser or if you would just
all the optimal specifications and features. Not only is this Unit       like good honest information about some of the current
used for hair removal on light and dark skins but it also                systems in the market place please give us a call, we will
successfully removes blue leg veins, red facial veins,                   gladly advise you.
pigmentation (on light and dark skins), warts, sun spots, fine lines     For more info contact Ian Ziervogel on 082 551 5938
and wrinkles.


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