Steps to follow to get complete online privacy protection

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					         Steps to follow to get complete online privacy protection

On the internet things can get old fast, but unlike people, the internet never forgets. These
days it is a challenge to navigate the internet without leaving a digital footprint. Regular
users of the internet should understand the types of actions that leave a trace, can ruin
their reputation online, and how providing too much personal can be harmful. Getting
complete online privacy protection doesn’t have to be a chore though. All you have to do
is take some simple steps.

Basic ways to protect your privacy:

If you are not concerned about your online privacy being invaded, you should be. Anybody
can use your personal information for their benefit and in the process ruin your reputation.
Be sure to check out you Facebook privacy settings from time to time and take control of
what you share. Protecting personal information such as photos, phone numbers, maiden
names, complete address and full name from strangers is required if you are to protect
yourself from online identity thieves.  If you want social network privacy make sure to
follow these steps.

      Keep your personal information and photos private on social networking sites
      Do not be friends with strangers on social networking sites
      Do not provide your phone number or address on e-commerce sites you do not trust
      Fill out forms only on secure encrypted websites

Stop Spamming to protect your privacy
A spam mail is an unwanted commercial mail that can be used to hack your private
information or to promote unwanted products. Such emails can make it more complicated
for you to get legitimate e-mail messages in your in-box, and are very difficult to stop. Stop
or ignore spam mails by following these steps mentioned below.

      Block the source from where you get unwanted mails
      Do not share your email address on blogs or anywhere on the web
      Consult your internet service provider and ask him to block incoming mails from
       unknown resources
      Reply back with a "remove" message to the sender of the spam mail.

Use online privacy protection services

One of the best and most trusted ways to get complete privacy protection is to sign up for
an online privacy protection services. These services provide instant privacy alerts if too
much of your personal information is out on the web. Additionally, such services also help in
building your online reputation.

Enroll with MyID and get instant privacy alerts whenever your privacy on the internet is at
risk. Enjoy real time online privacy protection and protect your privacy on social
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Description: Online privacy is important to be safe on internet, get protected from identity theft, and manage reputation online, Learn what steps you should follow to get complete privacy protection on internet.