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                                 2010 SYMPOSIUM
                Globalization for
                   In-house and
                Outside Counsel
              Practical Answers and Solutions
                                                        June 15-16, 2010

    Join in-house lawyers
for a practical discussion,
                                  47TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM
 including hot topics and
       optional programs.
                                  ON GLOBAL MARKETS

       The Center for American and International Law | Plano, Texas, USA

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                                                  2010 SYMPOSIUM
The New Danger
International Civil Liability and Criminal        Globalization for In-house
Responsibility for Directors, O cers,
In-House and Outside Counsel for
                                                  and Outside Counsel
Violating Corporate Governance Rules              June 15-16, 2010
and Compliance
                                             CO CHAIRS
Law Practice Management                      DR. ANTON G. MAURER                              KERRY TASSOPOULOS
                                             IICL Chair, CMS Hasche Sigle                     (Symposium Co-Chair)
How to form and run high-
                                             Stuttgart, Germany                               Vice President, Government
performance teams that combine                                                                Relations & Compliance
in-house and outside counsel                 RICHARD G. GOETZ                                 Mary Kay Inc.
                                             (Symposium Co-Chair)                             Dallas, Texas
Corruption and Commercial Bribery            Leader: International Practice Group
                                             Dykema, Detroit, Michigan                        CARLOS VELAZQUEZ DE LEON
                                                                                                          `         `
How di erent are the rules and their                                                          (Symposium Co-Chair)
enforcement abroad?                          TODD MARTIN                                      Basham Ringe & Correa
                                             (Symposium Co-Chair)                             Monterrey, Mexico
General Counsel Roundtable                   Assistant General Counsel
                                             Bank of America                                  RICHARD C. MOSHER
                                             Dallas, Texas                                    C.L.O., Locktronix Corporation
Legal Ethics                                                                                  Dallas, Texas
                                             PATRICIA MENENDEZ CAMBO
Insolvency at Home and Abroad                (Symposium Co-Chair)                             BOB ROBINSON
                                             Chair, Global Practice Group                     Vice President and General Counsel
How Can You Protect Your Company’s
                                             Greenberg Traurig                                Banc Tec, Inc.
Interests?                                   Miami, Florida                                   Irving, Texas

Resolving International
Disputes if you cannot do so in
                                                TUESDAY • June 15, 2010
U.S. Federal Court
Problems and Solutions
                                                  8:30 REGISTRATION
What Went Wrong with the Idea of                  9:00 THE NEW DANGER: INTERNATIONAL CIVIL LIABILITY AND
                                                       CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, IN HOUSE
Inexpensive and Speedy Dispute                         AND OUTSIDE COUNSEL FOR VIOLATING CORPORATE
                                                       GOVERNANCE RULES AND COMPLIANCE
Resolution by Arbitration?                             Will there be an international harmonization in corporate governance
Ways and Means to Fix it                               and compliance? New developments in the US and abroad - corporate
                                                       governance, compensation issues, bonus structures, board composition,
                                                       board responsibilities and compliance issues. How to avoid civil liability or
                                                       criminal responsibility of directors, o cers, in-house and outside counsel.
Plus the opportunity to choose                         What every in-house counsel and outside lawyer needs to know in order
                                                       to protect the corporation, its o cers and directors, and himself/herself.
among optional programs
                                                        Patricia Menendez Cambo, Greenberg Traurig, Miami, Florida
                                                         Jorge Acedo, Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque, Caracas, Venezuela
         “High Quality. Useful to                        Almudena Arpon de Mendivil, Gomez-Acebo & Pombo, Madrid, Spain
                                                         Isil Baytok, Baytok Law Firm, Istanbul, Turkey
                                                         Elias Bestani, Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal, Buenos Aires, Argentina
                   me as a lawyer.”                      Esteban Burt, Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Harvaja, Asuncion, Paraguay
                                                         Alvaro Cala, Brigard & Urrutia, Bogota, Columbia
                                                         Gerardo Diaz Elizondo, Basham Ringe y Correa,
           — former participant                          Monterrey, Mexico (invited)
                                                         Mary-Olga Lovett, Greenberg Traurig, Houston, Texas
                                                         Susan Ning, King & Wood, Beijing, China
                                                         Priti Suri, PSA Legal Counsellors, New Delhi, India
                                                         Henk ten Voorde, Lustrous Law B. V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10:30 BREAK                                                                           5:00 GENERAL COUNSEL ROUNDTABLE
10:45 THE GLOBALIZATION OF NATIONAL LAW                                                      Moderator:
      EXTRATERRITORIAL IMPLICATIONS OF FOREIGN LAWS                                          Kerry Tassopoulos, VP, Government Relations and Compliance,
      AFFECTING BUSINESS, EVEN IN THE U.S.                                                    Mary Kay Inc., Dallas, Texas
      Global companies are most e cient when they are able to sell the
      same products and follow the same procedures everywhere they                           Panelists:
                                                                                             Ann J. Bruder, VP, GC & Corp. Secretary, Commercial Metals Company,
      operate. Variation for a particular market adds cost and reduces
                                                                                               Irving, Texas
      e ciencies. Multinational businesses are increasingly nding that
                                                                                             Nathan P. Moore, Chief Legal O cer, Mary Kay Inc., Dallas, Texas
      their global procedures and practices must be tailored to comply
                                                                                             Richard L. Thurston, VP and General Counsel, Taiwan Semiconductors
      not only with the law of the country in which their headquarters
                                                                                              Mfg. Co. Ltd., Hsin Chu, Taiwan
      are domiciled, but also that of many other countries in which they
                                                                                             Elaine Whitbeck, Sr. VP, Chief Legal O cer, GC & Corp Secretary, Alcon
      do business as more countries seek to protect their interests and
                                                                                              Laboratories Inc., Fort Worth, Texas
      those of their citizens from behavior beyond their own borders.
      This panel will discuss some of the issues that multinational com-              6:15 RECEPTION AND DINNER
      panies are facing and how they are coping with the extraterritorial
      application of national law. Are foreign laws limiting U.S. standard
      practices? Where and how is your company a ected? Topics cov-
      ered will include privacy and data protection, whistle blowing,
      labor laws, and antitrust laws, etc.                                           WEDNESDAY • June 16, 2010
        Richard G. Goetz, Leader: International Practice Group, Dykema,
         Detroit, Michigan
        Panelists:                                                                    8:00 SESSION ON LEGAL ETHICS
        Ann J. Bruder, VP, GC & Corp. Secretary, Commercial Metals                         Attorney-client privilege, especially in dealing with auditors -
         Company, Irving, Texas                                                            What does it mean? Is there risk?
        John P. Cogan, Jr., Cogan & Partners, LLP, Houston, Texas
        William D. Manson, Deputy General Counsel, The Lubrizol
                                                                                      9:00 INSOLVENCY AT HOME AND ABROAD HOW CAN YOU
         Corporation, Wickli e, Ohio
                                                                                           PROTECT YOUR COMPANY’S INTERESTS?
        Dr. Anton G. Maurer, CMS Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart, Germany                            Moderator:
        John M. Vernon, Dallas, Texas                                                        Carlos Velazquez de Leon, Basham, Ringe e Correa, Monterrey, Mexico
12:30 LUNCH                                                                                  Panelists:
                                                                                             Juan Alcala, Fulbright Jaworski, LLP, Austin, Texas
                                                                                             Francesco Gianni, Gianni, Origoni, Grippo & Partners, Rome, Italy
                                                                                             Sanjay Gogia, Solicitor and Notary Public, Nottingham, England
      How to build and form relationships with outside lawyers and
                                                                                             Richard Yang, The Law O ces of Jiahe, Beijing China
      manage e ective legal (in-house/outside) teams - for litigation
      or transactions purposes. Billing systems and alternative billings:            10:00 BREAK
      is there a way which will make both sides happy? Does it make
      a di erence if it is a domestic or an international team? Best                 10:15 RESOLVING INTERNATIONAL DISPUTES IF YOU CANNOT
      practices. Managing outside attorneys and forming a great team.                      DO IT IN U. S. FEDERAL COURT A NIGHTMARE? PROBLEMS
      The in-house legal team as risk manager.                                             AND SOLUTIONS
                                                                                           Pros and cons of litigating at home and abroad. Will it be more or
        Moderator:                                                                         less expensive, quicker or slower? And how and where to enforce
        Richard C. Mosher, C.L.O., Locktronix Corporation, Dallas Texas                    a judgment obtained abroad? Is arbitration the better alterna-
        Panelists:                                                                         tive? How to resolve your disputes without an enforceable title?
        Jose Hernandez, Associate General Counsel, Latin America &
                                                                                           What to consider when negotiating an international agreement?
         Caribbean, Sabre Holdings, Southlake, Texas                                         Moderator:
        Francesco Gianni, Gianni, Origini, Grippo & Partners, Rome, Italy                    Dr. Anton G. Maurer, CMS Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart, Germany
        Derrick J. Lisk, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Houston, Texas
        P. J. Putnam, VP & GC, Gearbox Software LLC, Plano, Texas (invited)                  Panelists:
                                                                                             C. Mark Baker, Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP, Houston, Texas
 3:15 BREAK                                                                                  Mary Holohan, Corporate Claims Mgmt Group, FLUOR, Irving, Texas
                                                                                             Daniela Karollus-Bruner, CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, Vienna, Austria
                                                                                             Prof. Ergun Ozsunay, Istanbul, Turkey
                                                                                             Fernando Eduardo Serec, Tozzini Freire Advogados, Sao Paulo, Brazil
      What in-house counsel can and must do to guard against it. How to              11:15 WHAT WENT WRONG WITH THE IDEA OF
      structure, educate and control a compliance program. Risk Analysis.                  INEXPENSIVE AND SPEEDY DISPUTE RESOLUTION
        Moderator:                                                                         BY ARBITRATION? WAYS AND MEANS TO FIX IT
        Carlos Velazquez de Leon, Basham Ringe y Correa, Monterrey, Mexico
                                                                                           Many corporate counsel complain that arbitration has become
                                                                                           expensive and time consuming. Many examples may prove that.
        Panelists:                                                                         But, is this result necessarily related to the method of dispute
        Juan M. Arocena, Rattagan, Macchiavello, Arocena & Pena Robirosa                   resolution by arbitration or is it only the result of the arbitration
         Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                 clause agreed upon, the behavior of the parties and their coun-
        Ann J. Bruder, VP, GC & Corp. Secretary, Commercial Metals Company,                sel, and a poor selection of arbitrators?
         Irving, Texas
        Sheana Chen, Senior Counsel, Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas
                                                                                             Dr. Anton G. Maurer, CMS Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart, Germany
        Javier Gutierrez, Latin America Legal Advisors, Marina del Rey, California
        Allen Lineberry, Siemens, Plano, Texas
        Susan Ning, King & Wood, Beijing, China
                                                                                             Carla Powers Herron, Group Counsel - Litigation, The Shell Group,
        Daniel Pickelner, Commercial Metals Company, Dallas, Texas
                                                                                              Houston, Texas
        Scott Sullivan, VP, Group Counsel, Global Trade and Strategic
                                                                                             Lucy F. Reed, Fresh elds, Bruckhaus Deringer, New York, New York
         Transactions, Flowserve Corp., Irving, Texas
                                                                                             Prof. Jack J. Coe, Jr., Pepperdine University Law School,
        Priti Suri, PSA Legal Counsellors, New Delhi, India
                                                                                              Malibu, California
                                                                                             Dr. Georg von Segesser, Schellenberg & Wittmer, Zurich, Switzerland
                                                                                             Arione Johnson, Duke Energy, Plain eld, Indiana (invited)
 12:30 LuNCh                                                                       3:15 rouNd TWo — ChooSE AmoNG:
TWo rouNdS of opTioNAL proGrAmS                                                        panel 1. SouTh AmEriCAN dEvELopmENTS -
(The sessions receiving the most interest will be offered.)                            poLiTiCAL ANd CommErCiAL riSKS
                                                                                       Major trends in Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela.
  1:45 rouNd oNE — ChooSE AmoNG:                                                       Moderators:
        panel 1. WhAT do you NEEd To KNoW AbouT ThE Eu?                                patricia menendez Cambo, Greenberg Traurig, Miami, Florida
                                                                                       Carlos velazquez de Leon, Basham, Ringe y Correa, Monterrey, Mexico
        Kerry Tassopoulos, VP, Government Relations and Compliance,                    Panelists:
         Mary Kay Inc., Dallas, Texas                                                  Juan m. Arocena, Rattagan, Macchiavello, Arocena & Pena Robirosa
                                                                                        Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Panelists:                                                                     Jorge Carey, CAREY y CIA, Santiago, Chili
        benno van der Laan, Senior VP, Internet Consulting, Inc.,                      ramon Estrada, Grupo Desc., Mexico City, Mexico
         Washington, DC                                                                oscar martinez, Xignux, Monterrey, Mexico
        henk ten voorde, Lustrous Law B. V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands
                                                                                       panel 2. dAWN rAidS - hoW To bE prEpArEd
        panel 2. NEW mArKETS                                                           To cooperate or not to cooperate? Dos and don’ts in regulatory
        Preparing for Entry into New Markets - doing the homework,                     investigations. Differences between the U.S. and foreign coun-
        identifying resources and avoiding the pitfalls (Iraq, Emirates,               tries. How to prepare your subsidiaries abroad? (forms, checklists).
        Russia, etc.). Financing growth in new markets - Identifying fund-             Is there an attorney-client privilege for in-house lawyers’ docu-
        ing sources for international transactions in the fastest growing              ments abroad?
        economies (ASEAN, Brazil, China, and India) - IPOs for foreign af-
        filiates, listing parent company stock on foreign exchanges, le-               Moderator:
        veraging investment through shared facilities, JVs, supplier credit            dr. Anton G. maurer, CMS Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart, Germany
        and other financing arrangements.                                              Panelist:
        Moderator:                                                                     Jim mcClain, Vice President & General Counsel, Tetra Pak Inc.,
        richard G. Goetz, Leader: International Practice Group, Dykema,                  Denton, Texas
         Detroit, Michigan                                                             panel 3. muLTiJuriSdiCTioNAL TASKS - bEST prACTiCES
        Panelists:                                                                     Will a one-stop service serve your company best? Or, are you
        fabrizio Sasdelli, Machado, Meyer, Sao Paulo, Brazil (invited)                 better off selecting champions in the different markets? How to
        Gerardo diaz Elizondo, Basham Ringe y Correa, Monterrey,                       select foreign counsel.
         Mexico (invited)                                                              Moderator:
        priti Suri, PSA Legal Counsellors, New Delhi, India                            richard mosher, C.L.O., Locktronix Corporation, Dallas Texas
        Larry b. pascal, Haynes and Boone, Dallas, Texas
        richard yang, The Law Offices of Jiahe, Beijing, China                         Panelist:
                                                                                       richard G. Goetz, Dykema, Detroit, Michigan
        panel 3. EmpLoyEE bENEfiTS                                                     Thomas meyding, CMS Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart, Germany
        How to bring foreign employees efficiently into the U.S. system.               francesco Gianni, Gianni, Origini, Grippo & Partners, Rome, Italy
        Moderator:                                                                     panel 4. STATE-iNvESTor diSpuTES
        patricia menendez Cambo, Greenberg Traurig, Miami, Florida                     How to resolve investment disputes if your company does not
        Panelists:                                                                     have deep pockets.
        ryan L. brown, General Counsel, The American Education Corporation,            Panelists:
         Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                                       Nelson Akinrinade, GC & VP for Human Resources, Crown Relocations,
        raffaella betti berutto, Gianni, Origoni, Grippo & Partners, Rome, Italy        Plano, Texas
        patricia L. Gannon, Greenberg Traurig, New York, New York                      Nathan W. fay, Corporate Counsel - Litigation, Blockbuster Inc.,
        dr. Tobias polloczek, CMS, Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart, Germany                     Dallas, Texas (invited)
        florentino ramirez, Ramirez & Associates, Dallas, Texas                        Clay Scheitzach, VP and Senior Corporate Litigation Counsel, Affiliated
        panel 4. TrENdS iN iNTErNATioNAL buSiNESS                                       Computer Services, Inc., Dallas, Texas
        TrANSACTioNS - A CompAriSoN of STANdArdS iN ThE                            4:45 AdJourNmENT
        u.S., ASiA, LATiN AmEriCA ANd iN EuropE
        There are significant differences between standard structures in
        merger & acquisition agreements in the U.S. and in Europe. Obvi-
        ously, there are cultural and regulatory differences. What does it
        mean? What will be the trend in 2010?
        patricia menendez Cambo, Greenberg Traurig, Miami, Florida
        Soren Lindstrom, K & L GATES, Dallas, Texas
        priti Suri, PSA Legal Counsellors, New Delhi, India
        Thomas meyding, CMS Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart, Germany
        Carlos velazquez de Leon, Basham, Ringe y Correa, Monterrey, Mexico
  3:00 brEAK
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credit card only                                                              2010 Symposium: Globalization for                                                                  in-house and outside Counsel
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                                                                                                Optional Programs
        GENErAL iNformATioN                                           (Please indicate your preferred choice for Round One and Round two)

                                                               round one – 1:45 pm, June 16                   round Two – 3:15 pm, June 16
opTioNAL proGrAmS: We are scheduling several                   o		Panel 1 – eU                                o		Panel 1 – South American Developments
possible optional programs for the afternoon of June           o		Panel 2 – new markets                       o		Panel 2 – Dawn raids
16. We reserve the right to cancel any sessions for which      o		Panel 3 – employee benefits                 o		Panel 2 – multi-jurisdictional organization
there is insufficient advanced interest.                       o		Panel 4 – International business Trends     o		Panel 2 – State Investor Dispute resolution

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                                                                            2010 SYMPOSIUM
                                                  Globalization for
HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:                                  In-house and
                                                  Outside Counsel
•     General Counsel Roundtable
•     The New Danger -
      International Civil and
      Criminal Liability
•     Resolving International
                                               Practical Answers and Solutions
•     Corruption and Commercial

      Forming and Running High
                                                                                  June 15-16, 2010
      Performance Teams

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