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					                             Schedule of Films to be screened

                                               1st August, Friday
                                                 6 – 9 pm (180 min)

1.     Manjha                                            (40 min)
                                                         P/G: Abusive language and smoking scenes
2.     Door kinare (Shores far away)                     (53 min)
                                                         P/G: Smoking scenes
3.     Once there was a purple butterfly                 (15 min)
4.     Morality TV and Loving Jehad                      (29 min)
5.     Girl Star – Bhanwari                              (7:30 min)

10 min address before screening + Total screen time: 145 min + 5 min break time after each film = 20 min (175 min)

                                            2nd August, Saturday
                                                 6 – 9 pm (180 min)

6.     Thousand days and a dream                         (60 min)
7.     Our family                                        (56 min)
8.     A light Burns                                     (15 min)
9.     Girl star: Laxmi – The archer                     (8 min)
10.    The Mudcake                                       (2 min)

5 min address before screening + Total screen time: 125 min + 5 min break time after each film = 20 min (150 min)

                                              3rd August, Sunday
                                       4 - 6 pm & 6 :30 - 9 pm (270 min)

11.    Rehana - a quest for freedom                      (39 min)
12.    Freedom at the edge                               (27 min)
13.    Sira (Ink)                                        (28 min)
14.    India untouched                                   (110 min)
                                                          (P/G) Abusive language
15.    The diminishing resources                         (15 min)
16.    Girl star: Madhuri – The village leader           (8 min)

Total screen time: 227 min + 5 min break time after each film (20 min)+5 min start address,10 min closing+30 min break
                             Details of films to be screened

(40 min /SP/Marathi-Hindi/B&W /Fiction/ 2007) *

Director : Rahi Anil Barve
Producer : Animaa Films
Camera : Pankaj Kumar
Sound : Ganesh

Ranka is a hot tempered orphan street kid. He
makes manjha for living. He has a little mentally
retarded sister Chimi. She is 3, he is 10.One night
after the hard day's work, when both kids are having
their supper in some dark alley, one cop appears, a
very strange conversation starts between that
shrewd , but kind hearted lonely cop and Ranka.
When the conversation ends, he takes Chimi away
to give her some candy, when she goes alone with
him; he sexually abuses her, almost rapes her, throws her in some construction site and moves on. Its
almost dawn, and Chimi will never be that same girl again.Ranka is too poor to take a revenge and too
weak to fight the cop. even the cop assures him to forget the whole event, and that he will never do it
again.,but Ranka is well aware of the possibility that this incident may repeat again. Next morning,
Ranka ends up killing the cop under silent sun. In the process, he himself lost all the remaining
innocence he had in him-but Chimi is protected.

About the Director
Rahi Anil Barve, 27, has specialized in advanced computer graphics. He owns a firm, 'Just render'.
Worked on more than 30 films and 200 advertisements in past 12 years .Manjha is his first film.

* Has some abusive language; Parental Guidance recommended
Door Kinare
(53 Min/DV Cam/Hindi -Eng-

Producer and Director : Savyasaachi Jain
Camera : Vijay Kutty
Editor : Ashish Sah & Anand Rao
Music : Sameer and Pankaj Awasthi

This is the story of those Indians who have
experienced the shadowy and dangerous
world of Human smuggling in their attempt to migrate to Europe. Some die on the way or disappear
without trace, others face torture and imprisonment in far -off places such as Moscow or Minsk. Many
want to give up on their nightmare, but they find they can't. The camera meets them in refugee camps
and detention centers, in jail, at home, or just living on streets. Back home, parents wait news of their
sons. Some know in their hearts that they will probably wait forever. The prime focus of the film is on
human condition of irregular migrants, and the effect it has on their relationship with their families for
whom they undertake this dangerous journey. The film has been shot in India, Australia and the UK.

About the Director
An IIT , Kanpur alumni,Savyasaachi Jain holds a diploma in Social Journalism from Times Research
foundation and Mid-career course in Television at Thomas Foundation,UK.Independent
producer,IntegriTV and directed more than 110 films, winning a number of awards and honours. Media
Consultant and trainer and also a Producer of 'Eyewitness', a current affairs programme.

Once there was a purple butterfly

Producer : UK environment film
fellowships, British Council
Director : Sonya V Kapoor

The film focuses on crimes against
butterflies. This small species is quietly
becoming extinct .The film travels from
remote regions of India to outbound
destinations investigating the reasons for this
wildlife crime.
Morality TV and loving Jehad
(29 min/ DVC Pro / Hindi- English / documentary/ 2007)

Writer director : Paromita Vohra
Producer : Rajiv Mehrotra , PSBT
Camera : Avijit Mukul Kishore
Editor : Sankalp meshram
Sound : Samina mishra
Music : Chirantan Bhatt

The film looks outside the frames that weave the
frantic tapestry of Breaking news on India's news
channel to uncover a town's complex dynamics-
the fear of love , the constant scrutiny and control
of women's mobility and sexuality, a history of
communal violence , caste brutalization and feudal mindsets.

About the Director
Paromita Vohra is a filmmaker, writer and media activist whose work has focused on issues of gender,
politics, urban life and popular media. Her 15 years in filmmaking have included works in
documentary, television drama and music shows, feature film and short fiction.

Girl Star - Bhanwari
(7:30 min / DG Beta /Hindi / Documentary /2007)

Director : Pallavi Arora
Producer : Going to school
Editor : Gagandeep singh
Camera : Somak Mukherjee
Music : Gaurav Raina

Bhanwari Maavat is a Police constable in Bikaner district in Rajasthan.Bhanwari was married when she
was a child,but she still went to school .Although Bhanwari failed and had to repeat one school year, she
persisted , and one day at school she heard about famous policewoman called Kiran Bedi .Bhanwari
decided she would be a police officer too- she thought this way she could begin to change the world.
Bhanwari was married at the age of two and a half years buts she did complete her education. Because
she completed her education she was able to train and apply for the Police Force. Today she is a police
constable and she works at the women's desk where she tries to help women with their problems.

About the Director
A graduate diploma holder in Video and film communication from NID, Ahmedabad , Pallavi Arora has
directed a number of specialized documentaries on various subjects of clients like , The crossing
project, Xerox Parc, HP Labs, UNICEF and Ranjit Makkuni. Girl Stars is a UNICEF supported
multimedia project of which Pallavi Arora has researched and directed three stories from the state of
Thousand days and a dream
(60 min / DVC Pro / Malayalam /Docu /2006)

Director : P. Baburaj & C. Saratchandran
Producer : Third eye communications &
Vikas Adhyayan Kendra
Camera : Ajithkumar B. & C.Saratchandran
Music : Chandran V.
Sound : N Harikumar

Thousand days and a dream documents the poignant moments of the four and a half years of Coca cola
struggle in Plachimada, Kerala. It also shares the dreams and sorrows of some of the active participants
in the struggle.

About the Directors
P Baburaj has been associated since 1982 with Alternative communications Forum (ALCOM) , a
filmmakers' collective involved in producing videos and films on various issues. He scripted Ilayam
Mullum (Leaves and Thorns), a Malayalam feature film directed by KP Sasi, which was screened at
fourteen International Film Festivals. His 'Chaliyar.. The Final Struggle' co -directed with C Sarat
Chandran, received a special Mention in MIFF 2000 and Bronze Tree Award in Vatavaran 2002

C. Saratchandran holds a bachelor's Degree in Commerce. Apprenticeship in filmmaking from late Sri.
G. Aravindan , and late John Abraham. He is known to most documentary filmmakers as an instructor of
programs on social issues .Yet, he is best known to social activists and to people who fight for the
environment as the conductor of video screenings and debates on issue- based documentaries.
Our Family
(56 Min /DVC Pro /Tamil /Docu/2007)

Director : K.P. Jayasankar & Dr. Anjali
Producer : Centre for Media and Cultural

What does it mean to cross that line which
sharply divides us on the basis of gender? To
free oneself of the socially constructed onus of being male?Is therel life beyond a hetro-normative
family? Set in Tamil Nadu, Our Family brings together excerpts from Nirvanam, a one person
performance, by Pritham K Chakravarthy and a family of three generations of trans-gendered female
subjects, Asha, Seetha and Dhana, who are bound together by ties of adoption. They all belong to trans-
gendered community called Aravanis ( Aka Hijras, in some part of India)

About the Directors
Anjali Monteiro is professor and K.P. Jayasankar Professor and Chair, Centre for media and cultural
studies, TISS, Mumbai. Monteiro has MASTERS Degree in Economics and a Ph.D in Sociology
.Jayasankar has an M.A. IN German language and a Ph.D in Humanities and Social sciences. Both them
are involved in media production, teaching and research. Both have won many National and
International awards and fellowships.

A light Burns
(15 min.)
Producer : UK environment film
fellowships, British Council
Director : Mariam Chandy

More than half of India's 138 million rural
households are beyond the reach of grid
electricity. Deep within the coal belt of India, in a remote village in Jharkhand, torn by naxal violence,
two enterprising youngsters struggle to generate electricity for their village using oil of an indigenous
plant . 'A light burns' follows the ups and downs of a community determined to improve their lives
.Armed with knowledge of how to manufacture bio diesel from locally grown oil seeds and barely any
other resources.. They set out on their quest.
Girl Stars - Laxmi - the archer
(8 min .)

Producer : Going to school
Director : Kalpana Subramanium
Editor : Hitesh Kumar
Camera : Anshuman Mahalay

Laxmirani Majhi is an archer who competes
in international-level competitions for India. Laxmi grew up in Bagula village, Ghatshila district,
Jharkhand. When she was young, her family knew the most important thing for Laxmi was to go to
school; many girls in Laxmi's village did not go to school. In school, Laxmi learned archery and went on
to win many archery competitions. Today, at 17 years of age, she is a cadet at the prestigious Tata Sports
Academy of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.
Laxmi is an impressive story of how a young girl, who like other girls in her village, only grew up
watching boys play with bows and arrows, becomes an international level archery champion. Her story
begins in a small village in Jharkhand where a young girl decides to pick up a bow and arrow and then,
how things begin to change.

( 2 min /Mini DV/ Doc/2007)

Director, camera, editing, producer : Dr Gaurav Chhabra

Mudcake is a candid peek into the lives of three kids in
Chandigarh slums.The camera follows the candid action that
the filmmaker came across as a matter of chance.The film
explores the close relationship between social factors affecting
the health of urban poor.

About the Director
Dr Gaurav Chhabra is a Chandigarh based Social Activist. Through his non-profit initiative, Humlog,
an NGO, he has been forwarding his efforts in the field of health and environment.
Humlog also promotes the culture of Independent films as a powerful media for social change.
Rehana - a quest for freedom
(39 Min/ SP Beta / English/ Doc. 2007)

Director : Gargi Sen/Priyanka Mukherjee
Producer : PSBT
Script : Priyanka Mukherjee
Camera and editing : Ranjan De
Music : Arjun Sena

This film is about aspirations and freedom .It presents the life and work of Rehana Adib who works with
women from marginalized communities in Mujaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. this geographical area
has the highest crime rate in the country of which the crimes against women are nearly 70 % .through an
intimate foray into her life and work - as a woman from a minority community , a mother of six , a
challenger of traditions, a crusader for social change - the film is a saga of overcoming many barriers -
social , cultural, political, of celebrating resistance and willingness to change , of many struggles and a
few victories too, a story of compassion and collective action for change.

About the Directors
Gargi Sen studied design at NID, Ahmedabad and later completed her Masters in Mass comm from
Leicester Univ. In the mid- eighties she began to work with media with marginalised communities and
took to making documentaries on social issues while showing films to a cross- section of society. She is
one of the founders of Magic lantern foundation and teaches film and mass communications.
Priyanka Mukherjee is a masters in Political science from Delhi Univ . She has studied Mass comm.. in
Gargi College conducted by IIMC, Delhi. Presently she is working with Magic lantern foundation, a
NGO based in Delhi as a director to their independent production. Earlier Priyanka had worked on
various documentaries as an assistant director to well known film makers .This is her directorial debut.
Freedom at the edge
(27 min/DG Beta /English

Director and Producer : Aneisha Sharma
Camera : Sibanan Boruah & Suman

Freedom at the edge is a short, heart
rendering documentary of a true story about
an innocent tribal youth of Assam, Machang
Lalung, who was sentenced to prison for an unknown offence in 1951 and later after a bout of epilepsy
shifted to Tezpur Mental Hospital, where he was left to his fate for 54 long years as an illegal under trial
prisoner without any records .After 54 years this old lost soul drew the attention of the Indian Human
Rights Commission which was an eye opener for the authorities .He was granted bail by the chief
Judicial Magistrate of Guwahati .Later Supreme Court of India took a sou-moto case and ordered the
Govt. to pay for compensation.
A compensation for those valuable bygone years of youth…
Mental trauma..lost loved ones….?

About the Director
Aneisha Sharma started her career in film industry as a child actor and her debut film won a national
award in 1982.Since then, all her four movies won national awards and the last film,Baivabh received
the Jury Award in the Dhaka IFF,2000. She has produced and directed 30 documentaries on wild life and
her short film, Freedom at the edge has won Indie Spec Best doc award in Bostan IFF, 2007
Sira (Ink)
(28 min/HD/Fiction/2006)

Director & Writer : Bharani Tanikella
Producer : Sreenivas Tanikella
Cinematographer : R.P. Tanikella
Music : Veenapani

This is the story of a poet who loves life in all forms and naturally he is anguished by the Global
terrorism .He has a wife who is deeply worried about their plight for which the poet is not at all
concerned. However they have love for each other in spite of their condition. Finally the poet is
confronted by the terrorist himself who doesn't like the effort of the poet to unite the World .Despite his
effort, the poet is killed in the fight with the terrorist .His wife takes on the mantle.

About the Director
Bahrani Tanikella started his career as a playwright and has written 1o playlets and one play among
which the playlet 'Gograhanam' had received 'Sahitya Academy' Award. Entered Telugu Cinema field
as a screen play writer and worked for 46 films.Turned to acting and his acting career has been still
going strong with 400 films in his account including Tamil , Kannada and Hindi films .He has won 2
Andhra Pardesh State Govt's 'Nandi' awards.
SIRA has won 'the best anti-terrorist message award' at 'Idhao Panhandle IFF', USA and Jury award at
Hydrabad IFF.

India Untouched
(108 min / DV Cam/Various Indian

Director : Stalin K.
Producer : Drishti - Media , Arts & Human rights

INDIA UNTOUCHED -Stories of people apart will
make it impossible for anyone to deny that
untouchability continues to be practiced in India .In
an age where the media projects only one image of
'rising' or 'poised' India, this film reminds us how far the country is from being an equal society
.Traveling through eight states and four religions , this film is perhaps the deepest exploration of caste
oppression ever undertaken on film.

About the Director
Stalin K. is a Human rights activist and award winning documentary filmmaker. In recent years, he has
become known for his pioneering 'participatory media' work with urban and rural communities, in
which local people produce their own videos and radio programmes as an empowerment tool. He is co-
founder of Drishti-Media, Arts and Human rights, Convener of the Community Radio Forum-India and
the Indian Director of Video Volunteers .He is renowned public speaker and has lectured or taught over
20 institutions in India and abroad.
Diminishing resources
(15 min.)

Producer : UK environment film
fellowships, British Council
Director : Himanshu Malhotra and Sabina

The Coral Reefs are under threat from an
endless string of assaults - souvenir markets, aquariums, coral Constructions… Diminishing Resources
seeks to sensitize the audience to these invisible crimes.

Girl Stars - Madhuri - the village leader
(8 min )

Prodcuer : Going to school
Director : Ayesha Sood
Editor : Anil Kalia
Cinematgrapher : Arvind Singh

Madhuri Kumari is an elected village leader in Fakirpuri village, Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh. When
Madhuri was young, she used to walk six kilometres to school, through a thick forest - and she walked
barefoot because she did not have any shoes. As Madhuri grew up, she knew she wanted to stay on in
school, so she did odd jobs for her neighbours to be able to pay for her school supplies. After completing
her studies, Madhuri continued with her helpful ways and soon the people of her village asked her to be
their leader. Madhuri stood for the village elections and won - she was only 21 years old at the time.
Now 27 years old, Madhuri has been busy building roads, installing a drainage system in the village,
and adding new classrooms to her local Government school

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