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Garage Sale Code Enforcement Prohibited Sign Locations Mission


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									                                             Code Enforcement
    Prohibited Sign Locations
                                             Mission Statement                     Garage
                                         To maintain excellence in cus-         Information
                                       tomer service, by performing du-
Garage sale signs must stand            ties in a professional, courteous
alone. Signs are not permitted                and efficient manner.
on utility poles, trees or City sign
All improperly placed signs will
be removed by Code Enforce-
ment.                                  Call Code Enforcement at 410-
         Sign Decoration                           4600.

Balloons and streamers are only
                                                     City of Dublin
permitted on the garage sale
sign at the physical location of
                                             Land Use and Long Range Planning
the garage sale. All decorations                  5800 Shier-Rings Road
                                                    Dublin, OH 43016
found on off-site signs will be
removed.                                          Phone: 614-410-4600
                                                   Fax: 614-410-4747
                                                E-mail: gjones@dublin.oh.us      It’s Greener In Dublin!
        Permit Costs             Community Garage Sale
 The cost for a garage sale
permit is $5 per resident,
and $1 per sign.
     Garage Sale Hours                                           Each participating resident is
                                                                 allowed three signs, which are
                                                                 issued by the City of Dublin.
                               Each resident involved in the
                              sale must pay a $5 permit fee.     Garage sale signs may be set
                              The participants may choose        up one day prior to the sale
                              one representative to obtain the   and should be promptly
                              garage sale permits. The           removed at the end of the sale.
Garage sales are permitted
between the hours of 8 a.m.   selected individual must provide   The signs announcing the sale
to 8 p.m.                     each address involved in the       should be limited to one on
                              garage sale along with the         premise sign and two off
                              intended dates.                    premise signs.
   Garage Sales Per Year
                              Each participating resident is     Only City issued signs are
 A resident is allowed to     allowed to purchase three          allowed to announce an
obtain two permits in a 12    garage sale signs for $1 each      upcoming garage sale within
month span.                   sign.                              the respective community.
                                                                 Homemade signs are only
                                                                 allowed at the physical
      Permit Duration
                                                                 location of the garage sale.
A permit is valid for three                                      All other signs will be removed
consecutive days.                                                by Code Enforcement.

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