The kindergarten challenge by ProQuest


"I have to put a lot of stock in my kids," [Monica Hamilton] says. "Fm not going to worry about what the parents are going to do. I've got to help the children help themselves. You just cannot tell them (once), and think they're going to get it. They need a lot.""Transitioning from high-quality early childhood into high-quality K- 3 really makes a differenee," [Reyna Hernandez] says. "If that's not happening, we're losing the effects we got earlier on.""Every parent isn't on top of things like they're supposed to be," says [Parent Paul Norman], who initially planned to enroll Kahniyah at another school. "Her mom registered her late. I should have taken full responsibility, but I'm a full-time working father, and I've got two other kids."

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									transitioning to Kindergarten

full-day kindergarten offers unequivocal benefits, especially for
low-income students who often come to school already behind.
But in most cases, cPs only pays for half-day kindergarten, forcing
schools to reach into their own already-stretched pockets to provide
full-day programs that many work
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