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					COMM 109

Day 2 Lecture

   Personnel in COMM 109
   Room Layout
   Grading Criteria
   Details on Quizzes
   Details on Tests
   Details on Speeches
   Assignment for Friday
COMM 109 Personnel

 These are the people that
   you will interact with
throughout the semester in
       COMM 109.
     Comm 109 Personnel

   Director - Dr. Bill Seiler
    • Makes final decisions on course
   Associate Director - Jack
    • Handles administrative duties and
      assigns COMM 109 staff
    COMM 109 Personnel

   Assistant Director - Scott
    • Trains IA’s on grading and record
    • Recruits IA’s for next semester
   Supervisory Instructors (SI)
    • Responsible for all issues in
      individual sections.
    COMM 109 Personnel

   Assistant Supervisory
    Instructors (ASI’s)
    • Helps SI supervise and manage
      the classroom
    • Assists students with problems
      and concerns
    • Approves Study Guide for retake
    COMM 109 Personnel

   Instructor Assistants (IA’s)
    • Each IA is assigned 5-10 students
    • Grades quizzes, tests, and
    • Assists in learning course content
    • Keeps track of student grades
  Room Layout

Please take note of this
layout and adhere to it
   each class period!
    Room Layout

Study Area      Testing Area

  IA Stations
          Room Layout

   IA Stations are along the side
    wall by the file cabinets
   Study area is across from IA
   Testing area is opposite from
    Study area.
   You may not sit in the testing
    area unless you are testing!
  Grading Criteria

These are the assignments
 that you will complete in
      PSI COMM 109

   8 Unit Quizzes
   3 Review tests
   Final Exam
   3 speeches with corresponding
    outlines and paperwork.
   Attendance
    Assignment Point

Review Tests   185
Quizzes        170
Speeches       60
Final Exam     48
Attendance     45
Paperwork      15
Total          523
Point Breakdown

            Review Tests
Details About Quizzes

Quizzes account for 33% of
your grade. You are given
 20 points for mastering
        each quiz.
        Quiz Makeup and
   12 multiple          16/16 =
    choice                mastered
    questions worth      15/16 - 13/16
    1 point each          means that you
   2 short answer        may justify
    questions worth      12/16 or less
    2 points each         means that you
   Total of 16           must retake the
    points possible       quiz
       Justifying A Quiz

   You must justify if you score
    between 13 and 15 on the quiz
   The IA tells you what topics you
    missed and gives page numbers
    from the book
   You re-study those topics and
    re-do those questions with the
        Retaking a Quiz

   You must re-take a quiz if you
    score less than 13
   The IA tells you the topics and
    page numbers of questions that
    you missed
   You re-take the quiz during the
    next class period
Details on Review Tests

   There are three review
     tests. Review tests
   account for 35% of your
     Schedule for Review

   Review Test 1 (R1) comes after
    you master units 1-3
   R2 comes after you master
    units 4-6
   R3 comes after you master
    units 7 & 8
     Review Test Makeup
         and Scoring

   30 multiple choice questions
    worth 2 points each
   Total of 60 points on each test
   Students must provide a blank
    sheet of paper to record
    answers on
   May retake the test ONCE
Review Test 1 Deadline

   There is a
    deadline for
    taking review
    test 1. If you do
    not attempt R1
    by that deadline,
    you lose 5
      Final Exam

You will take the Final after
    all other tests are
completed. The final is 9%
      of your grade.
      Final Exam Makeup

   The final is Comprehensive
   You take the final after you are
    done with R3
   The final had 48 multiple choice
    questions worth 1 pt. Each
   You may retake the final ONCE
   You must provide paper to
    record answers on
Details on Speeches

 You give three speeches.
      Speeches and
 corresponding paperwork
  account for 14% of your
         Speech Types

   Speech 1: Informative
   Speech 2: Informative
   Speech 3: Persuasive
  Points for Speeches

Exceptional    16-20

Acceptable     11-15

Unacceptable   0-10
      Notes on Speeches

   You must re-give the speech if
    you receive an unacceptable
   You are encouraged to re-give
    the speech if you score less
    than 20
   All speeches may be re-done

   3 outlines
   2 topic approval forms
   You receive 5 points if you
    present all 3 speeches, have all
    3 outlines approved on time,
    and have 2 topic approvals
    approved on time
          Bonus Points

   You can receive 3 bonus points
    • You retake every review test,
      speech and the final (assuming
      that you did not get a perfect
      score the first time)
   These bonus points are the
    ONLY way to increase
    borderline grades
    Assignments for Friday

   Read course           Complete study
    syllabus & Study       guide pp 117-
    Guide pp 1-24          118
   Read Text pp 2-       Complete
    35 and 168-202         course policy
                           quiz in study

Bring Study Guide and Text to class Friday!

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