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									Mobile Phone Recycling from Envirofone Can Make You Money

Macclesfield, United Kingdom - Most people swap their mobile phones every couple
of years. There may be nothing wrong with their previous phone but it is surprising how
many people just throw these phones away or leave them unused at the back of a
cupboard. You could actually make money from old phones with mobile phone
recycling from Envirofone.

Envirofone makes it easy for you to recycle mobile phones and make some extra cash.
Don’t waste phones that you do not need anymore and instead see how much you
could get for them from Envirofone.

Why Recycle Phones?

Envirofone can recycle any mobile phone regardless of the age or condition. If a phone
is badly damaged it can be stripped for parts or smelted to extract any precious metals.
Phones that are still in good working condition can be refurbished and then sold on
again to new customers second hand.

Mobile phone recycling provides consumers with an effective way to make the most of
old phones and earn money. This also helps to reduce landfill and conserve the planet’s
precious resources.

Fast and easy Mobile Phone Recycling

At Envirofone we are committed to mobile phone recycling. We have over 1.5 million
customers in the UK and Ireland alone and have so far paid out in excess of £85 million
for old, broken and used mobile phones. Here are just a few compelling reasons why
you should consider mobile phone recycling from Envirofone.

      Envirofone are a trusted recycling company and will offer you a fair price for
       your old mobile phone.
      You could get up to 85% of the full value of your mobile phone when you recycle
       with Envirofone.
      We can offer a number of payment options for you including PayPal and direct
       bank transfers (BACs).
      Our user-friendly websites makes it easy for you to recycle your mobile phones.
       You can use the online database to quickly search for your old mobile phone
       model and see how much it is worth for recycling.
      We cover the postage charges by providing you with a padded envelope and
       freepost label. This means it costs you nothing to send your phone in for
       recycling (special delivery is recommended for top value phones).
      All you need to do then is sit back and wait for your phone to be received and
       the payment released.
Envirofone offers you a way to make money from mobile phone recycling and help the

Author Bio:
Mobile phone recycling is fast and easy with Envirofone. Our trusted service ensures
you get the best deal for your mobile phone so you can make the most of your money.

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