Diaper Service Service Agreement by xiuliliaofz


									                   Diaper Service Service Agreement
                   Customer: __________________________________________

                   Phone/email: _______________________________________

                   Address: ___________________________________________

                   Best way for Clean Bee Laundry to contact _____________________

Rental Items:       whole shebang        prefolds      doublers       wipes       covers

Monthly Fee: _________               Start Up Kit:      purchase        rental

Customer acknowledges receipt of diapers as invoiced. All diapers remain the property of Clean Bee
Laundry. They are to be returned in good, usable condition (excluding normal wear and tear). Customer will
pay replacement cost of $2/prefold, wipe or doubler, $15/cover for any rental items damaged or not
returned upon termination of service. Customer may not soak, home launder, use fish-based oil diaper
creams (e.g. Desatin), or make alterations to the diapers in any way.

Customer agrees to pay all invoices on the due date. Standard billing is monthly, paid in advance. If payment
is not received by the first delivery day of the month, a fee of $5 per week will be added. Any checks
returned by customer’s bank are subject to a $20 insufficient funds fee. If other billing terms are
negotiated, indicate here: _______________________________________________________________

When ending service, Customer must give 5 days notice to Clean Bee Laundry. Paid service and gift
certificates for service are not refundable, unless specified.

Customer acknowledges that any payments made toward diaper service can only be used toward diaper
service and not exchanged for other products or services offered by Clean Bee Laundry.

In the event that Customer fails to comply with all the terms and conditions contained herein, the Customer
agrees to pay all costs of collections including but not limited to a reasonable attorney’s fee, court fees,
and/or collection agency fees.

Clean Bee Laundry makes no warranties, express or implied, pertaining to the products we provide and shall
not be liable for any consequential damages, loss or injury resulting directly or indirectly from their use.

In circumstance under which someone other than the customer has agreed to act as a Responsible Party for
purposes of paying Clean Bee Laundry for service provided to Customer, all parties understand that final
responsibility for any balances that remain unpaid can fall on either the Responsible Party or Customer.
Such balances will be subject to all the fees outlined above.

If Customer has received Clean Bee Laundry’s diaper service as a gift, Customer understands that service
shall continue until Customer gives Clean Bee Laundry notice of intent to terminate service. Customer
accepts responsibility for all service fees Customer incurs above and beyond original gift amount.

It is understood that all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement as well as in the Procedures are
binding on all parties involved once initial delivery has been made, regardless of whether this agreement
has been returned to Clean Bee Laundry.

Customer’s signature ___________________________________________________                   Date ____________
Diaper Service Procedures
To Start Service:
  Pay one month of service in advance. Personal checks and cash are accepted.
  Purchase or rent the Start Up Kit (diaper hamper, 3 nylon diaper hamper liners,
and 4 citrus circles) from Clean Bee Laundry. If purchased, the Start Up Kit become
your property. Payment for Start Up Kit is due at or before the Pre-Arrival Delivery.
   Schedule Pre-Arrival Delivery (free of charge). At this time, we will drop off
diapers and start up kit, show you how to diaper a baby, and answer any questions
you might have.
  Once the baby arrives, notify Clean Bee Laundry by phone or email to start regular delivery.

To Continue Service:
Week 1: At first delivery, leave soiled Pre-Arrival Delivery diapers in nylon diaper hamper liner either outside
your door or other predetermined drop off spot. Soiled items should be left outside the night before the first
delivery. It’s okay if they get wet. We’ll drop off a full set of clean diapers in a clean nylon diaper hamper
liner and pick up the soiled diapers you’ve left out for us.
Week 2: Leave the soiled diapers in the nylon diaper hamper liner in the same spot as last week. We will
deliver the second full set of clean diapers in the nylon hamper liner we picked up in Week 1.
Week 3: Leave the soiled diapers in the nylon diaper hamper liner in the same spot as last week. We will
return the diapers and nylon bag from Week 2, freshly laundered.
and so on... We will check in with you periodically to see how things are going. We want cloth diapering to
be a success for you and your child!

Special Notes:
How many diapers will I get? Standard delivery            Vacation Credits are available - If you will not be
amounts are 80 newborn, 70 infant, 50 toddler.            using Clean Bee Laundry’s rental stock while you
                                                          are away, we will credit you for the week (up to
Not using as many diapers as we’re leaving? Ideally       three weeks) that you are out of town. Vacation
you should have 7-12 spare diapers at the end of          credits require 5 days notice.
the week. You may return extra (unused) diapers or
other rental items at any time by leaving them in a       Holiday Policy: We reserve the right to modify
separate bag next to the dirty diapers.                   delivery schedules around major holidays. We will
                                                          notify you in advance of any such changes.
Changing sizes: Is your baby ready for the next
size? Unsure? Request a sample. Certain? Notify us        Will Clean Bee Laundry wash items other than
at least 5 days prior to your next delivery to            rental stock? For example, if a baby outfit or
change sizes. Prefolds: newborn 4-8 lb., infant 7-15      washcloth happens to be in with the soiled diapers,
lb., toddler 15-30 lb. Covers: newborn 7-10 lb.,          we will launder your items using the commercial
small 8.5-15 lb., medium 15-30 lb., large 30 + lb.        wash/dry program for diapers. We’ll do our best to
                                                          get the item back to you but we make no
Maine Weather Policy: Depending on road                   guarantees.
conditions on your day of service, we may make
the decision to postpone your delivery until the           If you have additional items that you’d like us to
roads are safely passable. If you do not think you        wash for you, please leave them out in a separate
can get by for up to 1-2 days on your existing            bag with specific washing instructions. Wash, dry,
supply, please call us and we will try to put you         fold service is available at our standard rate.
into our abbreviated Emergency Only Route. Please
understand this is for EMERGENCY cases only and           Forgot to leave the diapers or payment out? This
unless you fall into that category, please wait for       probably won’t happen very often. A subsequent
us to get out to you safely. Also, please keep in         trip to pick up items can be arranged for a $10
mind that even if it is not snowing on your               transportation fee plus any applicable fuel
particular day of service or specific area, you may       surcharge. You may occasionally drop the items off
still be effected by the weather. Deliveries MAY be       at Clean Bee Laundry’s Camden location. Repeat
postponed by a day or two while we catch up, but          forgetters may be terminated from the delivery
please rest assured that we will do everything            service.
possible to stay on schedule and effect as few
people as possible.
To End Service:         Clean Bee Laundry requires five days notice to end service. Please call or email
Clean Bee Laundry at 236-2530 to indicate your wish to end service. For final pick up, leave out all diapers
and rental items (soiled and clean).

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