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May - Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds by jizhen1947


									May 2008   Chapter 50 – Classic Thunderbird Club International   Volume 36 Number 05
                            THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

The Early Bird Fan is the monthly newsletter of the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds, SCVT. SCVT is
dedicated the enjoyment of the classic 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford Thunderbirds.

Address    Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds
           P.O. Box 26116
           San Jose, CA 95159

Web Sites

Meetings   Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at West Valley College 14000 Fruitvale
           Ave. Saratoga, CA. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. in the school board room.

Events     SCVT members participate in parades, displays, homecomings, regional and national
           meets, local cars shows, and driving events.

Membership Dues are $25.00 per year per family and are due by January 31 of each year. SCVT is
chapter 50 of the Classic Thunderbird Club International, CTCI. Membership in CTCI is mandatory to
participate in parades and displays sponsored by SCVT. See for CTCI membership

2008 SCVT Board Members                                    SCVT Items for sale
                                                           Contact Bernie Epolite -
 President        Joe Ryan         650-344-3038                Magnetic signs         $5.00
 Vice President   Dennis Kay                                   Visors                 $8.00
 Secretary        Don Reisinger                                Baseball mesh caps     $8.00
 Treasurer        Ray Delgado                                  Baseball Cotton Hats   $15.00
 Editor           Larry Maness                                 Summer Jacket          $21.00
 Parades          Jerry Dance                                  Winter Jacket          $39.50
 Displays         Montgomery Roach                             Large Patch            $10.00
 Activities       Gene Cox                                     Name Badge             $8.50
 Fundraising      Al Thomas                                    License plate frame    $12.00
 Historian        Joan Peterson                                Personalized tote      $10.00
 CTCI Rep         Jerry Schwab                                 Logo T-Shirts          $15.00
                                                               SCVT Chairs            $15.00
                                                               3-Piece Luggage Set    $25.00

Caravan tips                                               Parts Boxes
    Maintain your car.                                     Box 1            Delgado
    Gas up and check fluids/tires.                         Box 2            Charlie
    Know who your leader is and follow.                    Box 3            Reisinger
    Turn CB to channel 11.                                 6-Volt           Williams
    Turn FRS to channel 7-11.                              Tents            Kirk
    Leave enough space for merging traffic.
    Gas up at scheduled pit stops.
    Generic cars at the end of the caravan.

News Letter
Deadline:   25th of each month.
Send to:    Larry Maness
            3822 Whinney Place Way
            San Jose, CA 95121

                           THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                     Presidents Page
                                    Ryan’s Ramblings

May is a month of remembrance. Mother‟s Day is May 11th and we should say a prayer for our
mom for those that have passed on, or thank them in person or on the phone for all they have
done for us. (Don‟t forget your wife, as Father‟s Day is only as good as Mother‟s Day)
Memorial Day is May 26th and while we usually celebrate with a BBQ, we should take a moment
to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can live in a free country.

Our condolences to Don Hamblin and his family on the passing of his father. We also want to
wish Nell Richmond a speedy recovery on her broken ankle.

Everyone is back from „down under‟ except the Millers. They rented a camper and are driving all
over the East Coast of Australia. I‟m sure they will have some great stories to tell. We met some
great TBirders and saw some great sites. I have a couple of copies of a cd the Australian Club
produced of their events and if you would like to borrow a copy let me know at the meetings.

Russ puts on a great tour and if you have never toured with Russ, you don‟t know what you are
missing. I‟m sure he is already thinking about the next great adventure.

The TBird season is starting to heat up. „Dream Machines in Half Moon Bay is April 27th and if
you want to go, contact Jerry Schwab as soon as possible. We have Gil‟s Tech session as well as
our first overnighter of the season in May. Gil Baumgartner is the guru of the little Bird and his
tech sessions are very informative. You will also meet TBirders from other clubs at his annual
session. Give Bill Croxton a call if you want to attend. There will be a special treat as his
grandson, James, will be putting together the goodie bags! They should be interesting. Carl
Epolite & Ray Delgado are still looking for some cars for the Gilroy Memorial Day Parade. This
is a paid event and there will be a BBQ after the parade.

The Cox‟s are putting together the overnighter to Petaluma to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of
„American Graffiti‟, May 16-18th. You do not have to have your car registered to join in the fun
as there a lot of different events happening around town that weekend. You can see the
weekend‟s happenings at

Look forward to seeing you at this months events.

Your Prez,


                                    SEE YOU FRIDAY, May 9th

                             THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                              Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds
                               Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2008
President: President Joe Ryan called the meeting to order at 7:36 PM. A card was passed around to be sent to the
Hamblin‟s following the death of Don‟s father.
Vice President: VP, Dennis Kay welcomed Julia Mann, daughter of Billy & Heather. The Reisinger‟s and Kay‟s
were thanked for providing the refreshments for the evening. Anniversaries were read for the month of April.
Bernie discussed the club logo items that are for sale. The buy/sell board was passed around. Of note, the Lynch‟s
with 30 years, the Land‟s with 31 years. The most recent version of the club directory was passed around to allow
for changes. Rosters are available for anyone that has not picked them up at previous meetings.
Secretary: Don Reisinger thanked Rick Deutsch for filling in last month. Minutes from the March meeting were
published in the Fan & there is a spelling correction to be made. Questions / corrections will be discussed at the
break & any other changes made before final acceptance.
Treasurer: Treasurer Ray Delgado read the treasurer‟s report.
Activities: Activities Chair Gene Cox discussed the reports of prior events and the events scheduled for the
upcoming months. The Texas Hold „em tour was described. This event hosted by the Delgado‟s & Epolite‟s and
was held on March 15th. There was a visit to a car collection and aircraft tour in San Martin along with an eating
opportunity. The big winners were the Hendrickson‟s-$100 in $1 bills. Russ Chin discussed the Australia trip
along with input from Paul Lynch & others who made the trip. Of special note was the get together with the
Australian T-Bird Club. April brings the Dream Machines Show in Half Moon Bay on April 27th. BATOC will
be joining SCVT with 10 cars & there will be a BBQ afterward. The Baumgartner Tech Session is on May 10 th
with Bill Croxton leading. May 16-18 is American Graffiti in Petaluma. The Coxes are hosting this overnighter
event. A few additional members were accepted due to some additional spaces being opened. May 18 th is T-Bird
Migration. More information at the May meeting. Capitola Show is scheduled for June 7 th & 8th. The SCVT Kirk
Family Picnic is set for July. Doc Docktor told the attendees that the 48 in ‟08 tour that he and Lucy Clark have put
together which head to Sacramento then on to Carson City and Salem before heading into Portland for the Birds in
Roses International convention in Portland that is scheduled for July 28 th through August 3rd. The annual SCVT to
the Giants game is scheduled for late August either the 23rd. The tickets will be purchased and the sign up was
passed around one final time. Additional events planned for subsequent months were mentioned. If you have any
rooms for HAN let Sandie Kay know before you cancel them.
Displays: Mont Roach was not present.
Parades: Jerry Dance discussed the most recent parade, the Asian Unity Parade in Cupertino on March 29 th. Three
cars are needed for a parade in Mountain View on April 26th. More cars are needed for the Gilroy Parade on May
26th. Another new parade to take place on June 21st was discussed. 10-15 cars will be needed for this parade. The
Campbell Easter parade was discussed.
Editor: Larry & Georgette ask that members continue to send in articles and other items in for the FAN.
Additional input is needed.
CTCI: CTCI rep Jerry Schwab indicated that there will be a write-up in the next Early Bird covering our most
recent events.
Historian: Joan Peterson advised that the most recent historical information was at the back of the room for
inspection during the break. Joe announced that any pictures that members would like to have added to the web
page should be sent to him.
Fund Raising: Fundraising chairs Jenny Jump & Al Thomas reminded members that tonight was the annual white
elephant raffle.
The March minutes were approved as amended with the spelling error corrected.
Old Business: New business cards will be produced for club member‟s use in promoting the club to prospective
new members and others. 500 will be made.
New Business: A discussion about the new hand‟s free law and how it might affect our CB use.
Announcements: The after meeting group will be meeting at Carrows on Saratoga.
Tech Session: Nothing to discuss
Buy/Sell: The Buy/Sell information was read.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned upon the completion of business.

Respectfully submitted, Don Reisinger, Secretary

                         THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                     Lifetime Members

                                 Pete and Marge Gray
                                 Bill and Diana Mann
                               Charlie and Isabell Vincent

                     2008 SCVT Snacks and Beverage Signup
Date     Snacks        Beverages              Date     Snacks         Beverages
Jan 11   Pedone        Peterson               Jul 11   Hamblin        Affrunti
Feb 08   Kay           Lynch                  Aug 15   Maness         Roach
Mar 14   Hill          Epolite                Sep 12   Hernandez      Mann
Apr 11   Reisinger     Reisinger              Oct 10   Kelley         Lerma
May 09   Cox           Dockter                Nov 14   Dye            Miller
Jun 13   Schwab        Perry

                 2008 Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird Events
                                By Gene Cox
Date                   Event                                  Host
Jan 26                 Awards Dinner                          Reisinger
Feb 24                 Canepa Design Tour                     Deutsch
Mar 15                 South County Hold Um                   Epolite/Delgado
Mar 24                 Australia Trip                         Chinn
Apr 27                 Dream Machines                         Schwab
May 10                 Gil‟s Tech Session                     Croxton
May 16-18              American Graffiti - Petaluma           Cox
May 18                 Tbird Migration
Jun 8-9                Capitola Rod & Custom Show             Affrunti/Mann
Jun 21-22              BATOC‟s 50th Anniversary               Hickey
July 19                SCVT Annual Picnic                     Reisinger
July 23                48 in 08                               Doc
July 25                CTCI Convention – Portland             Doc
Aug 7                  Hot August Nights                      Kay
Aug 16                 San Mateo BBQ & Car Show               Ryan
Aug 23 or 24           Giants Game                            Reisinger
Sep 26-27              Ironstone                              Pierson
Sep 27                 Birds on the Wharf                     Perry
Dec 13                 Holiday Party                          Eichenbaum

                        THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                       May 2008 Membership Anniversaries
                            Member                       Years
                      Pete & Marge Gray                    35
                      Fred & Alice Meyer                   27
                      Ray & Judy Delgado                   24
                      Bob & Barbara Kiehl                  21
                      John Holland                         15
                      Andy & Birgit Myles                  03

                           Parades Chairman Message
                                  Jerry Dance
Mountain View on the Move Saturday, April 26, 2008 This is a new event possibly
needing about 3 cars. Waiting on details so more at the April meeting.

Gilroy Memorial Day Parade and Display at Christmas Hill Park Monday, May 26,
2008. Fourteen members signed up at the March meeting and we still need 11 cars. Next
chance to sign-up will be at the April meeting. Carl Epolite and Ray Delgado are working
on details.

To sign up for a parade, please contact: Jerry Dance 408-314-1632 (cell) 408-268-4355

                                  Editor’s Message
                                   Larry Maness
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who has provided
information, especially pictures, for the FAN.

I am interested in publishing membership profiles for those who would like to share their
Thunderbird experience. How did you get your Thunderbird; when did you get your
Thunderbird; what have you done to the Thunderbird; anything of special interest with
the Thunderbird. Please provide a picture of your Thunderbird, a picture of yourself, and
about a half to full page write up. If you don‟t have a digital camera send me a regular
picture and I can scan it in.

                         THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                  Contest, Contest!
Want to have a say in the ‘Participants gift for this year and win $50?

It is time that SCVT had our own grill badge to show our support and the pride we have
in our club. This will be how the contest will work. All designs must be submitted by
the July meeting. This can be done by mail, in person or email. You will need to keep
the design to around 3” and no more then 4 colors. (A few examples are below.) The
August Fan will have the designs and all members will be able to vote thru the Fan or at
the August meeting to narrow the choices down to 2. The 2 finalists will be in the
September Fan and voting can be done by mail, email or at the September meeting. The
winning design then will be selected based on the popular vote. There is a catch; you
won’t know the winning design until the Awards Banquet on January 24th, 2009!

To be eligible for this great gift you will need to participate in a Club sponsored display,
parade, homecoming, meeting snacks or put on an event.

Let’s show the creative side of our members. The design does not have to be perfect.
We will have the badge company finish the design. Hope to see a couple of examples at
the May meeting.

Your Prez,


                        GILROY GARDENS GROUP OFFER

Anyone interested in booking groups of 15 or more people will get a discount price of
$19.99 per person until July 6, 2008. If interested contact Gilroy Gardens at
WWW.GILROYGARDENS.ORG for more information.

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                         Gil’s Tech Session
                                          By Bill Croxton
Date: May 10th 2008
Time: 10 A.M.
Place: 5200 Gordon Valley Rd
       Fairfield Ca 94534

Subjects: Keeping your 1955/56/57 Thunderbird road worthy.
Engine oil
Misc subjects

Gil's house is located in the country with a large restoration shop on the property. Thunderbird Clubs from
all of Northern California attend this yearly tech session/picnic hosted by Gil.

We will plan to leave from the parking lot of FLAMES Restaurant, 1191 Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas at 8
AM. Flames is right next to the NB onramp to Hiway 680, on the North side of the Calaveras Blvd. There
is also a Starbucks next door.

For those coming from the North, we can meet you anywhere you decide on Hiway 680, after 8 AM.

Bring your lunch, a CB radio, and drive your Tbird. Any questions call or email.

Bill Croxton 408 249-9736 home & 408 472-5053 cell

                                       MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH
                                         CLAIRE AFFRUNTI

While the guys are kicking tires at Gil's tech session Claire is having a mother's day brunch with fashions
by Cabi.

Date: May 10th

Time: 11 am

Place: 1026 Blandford Blvd, Redwood City

RSVP by May 5th to Claire
(650) 365-1672 –home or (650) 207-0417 -cell

                         THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                  American Graffiti
                                  May 15 – 18, 2008
American Graffiti: Salute 2008 is held in Petaluma, CA where the movie American
Graffiti was filmed. This year is a special year because Petaluma is celebrating its 150
birthday and it is the 35th anniversary of the movie American Graffiti. We are planning
on going up Friday, May 16 and returning on Sunday, May 18. The car show and cruise
is Saturday, May 17. There are festivities on Thursday if anyone wants to go early. Their
website for information and forms is A lot of the proceeds also
go to local charities through It should be a great event.
They are going to have the four remaining classic cars featured in the film at this event
this year- 55 Chevy, 32 Ford, 56 T Bird, and the 58 Impala. This is the first time since the
movie was filmed in 1972 that the cars have been reunited.

We have arranged a block of rooms at the Best Western Petaluma Inn. They have a 30
day cancellation policy so if you need to cancel you must do so 30 days ahead or you will
be charged for one night.

We are planning on leaving Father Serra around 10 a.m. on Friday and taking a leisurely
drive into Petaluma. We may set up a meeting place for the southern group to meet and
proceed to Father Serra. We will stop on the other side of the Golden Gate at Vista point
for a potty stop and regrouping and head into Petaluma. We are planning on an early
lunch at McNear‟s and then on to the hotel to check in and take part in the opening night
festivities. We will leave Sunday morning and head back with a stop at Adobe Road
Winery, owned by race car driver, Kevin Buckler and his wife and possible late lunch in
Novato before crossing back across the Golden Gate!
We will finalize plans and inform everyone of exact meeting place and time on Friday via
email. It should be a great weekend!

Event will be hosted by the Cox‟s. Please call Gene or Eddi at 408-262-8389!

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                           Capitola Rod & Custom Classic Show
                                     June 7 & 8, 2008
                                     Mann & Affrunti
The Mann's and Affrunti's will be leading the group to the Capitola Rod & Custom Classic to be held
Saturday June 7th and Sunday June 8th. We will be leaving as a group early in the morning on Saturday
June 7th. We will be going straight to the car show which goes from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday. We
will then get together for dinner as a group on Saturday night in Capitola. It is a 2-day car show but on
Sunday morning we are planning on not doing the car show but instead having breakfast and then driving
down the coast to beautiful Half Moon Bay and enjoy shopping and a late lunch / early dinner before we
head home. For those of you who would like to stay overnight in Capitola on Saturday or for those that
want to go early and also stay Friday night, we have reserved rooms under Santa Clara Valley
Thunderbirds for $65.00 out the door for the night. We have reserved rooms all with kings / double queens
and all non smoking. Please call Carol and book your rooms @ (800) 660-2713. For those of you that
signed up at the last meeting and did not take the application off the clip board you can go on line to
www.capitolacarshow and print your application. The early bird entry fee is $60.00 if you register before
May 1, and after May 1 it will be $75.00. At the last meeting we had 14 signups and we will cover more of
the details at the next meeting. We should have a lot of fun and great weather so just let me know if you
would like to be added to our list of signups.

                                That‟s about it for now see you soon, Charlie

                               BATOC 50TH ANNIVERSARY
Dear CTCI Chapter Leaders,

I would like to take this opportunity to invite your club to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bay Area
Thunderbird Owners Club, America's original T-Bird club, June 21 & 22, 2008.

We have planned a full weekend of automotive history at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum in Danville,
Ca. It will include historical automotive displays, a complete history of BATOC and CTCI, a people's
choice car show, touring activities, a drive-in movie outing, shopping and food all centered around our
favorite car. We will have a couple of very special Thunderbird concept cars on display, including George
Watts' number one T-Bird and we will also have Larry Kooiman, author of "Caring For A legend - The
George Watts Story" in attendance for book signings.

We are expecting approximately 75 Birds from all over the west coast and would love to have you and your
members be a part of this very special anniversary.

I have attached a complete registration package and event outline that you can share with your members
and I am happy to answer any of your questions. You may contact me at (925) 855-1491.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime.
Happy T-Birding

Dave Adams
Bay Area Thunderbird Owners Club

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

Car Participants:

The 2009 Car Participant Application will be mailed this Thursday, April 10th. You will have until May
5th to return the application to the Hot August Nights office.

If you have changed your address and have not notified the office, please call (775) 356-1956x1 or email with the information.

If you plan on paying for your application at the Hot August Nights office, the office hours during pre-
registration are from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday beginning April 14th through May 5th. If you are
mailing your application into the office, we recommend you ship your application via Fed X, UPS or USPS
certified/registered mail in order to track your registration should it not arrive at the Hot August Nights

Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, cashier‟s check or credit card (Visa and MasterCard

Please make sure to fill out the application in its entirety. Applications that are not signed, or do not
include the contact and/or car information will not be processed. If you need hotel information for 2009,
please make sure to check the appropriate box. Also, please make sure to send all three application pages
(white, yellow & pink) with the payment. Once we have assigned you a car participant number, we will
mail you the pink copy with your car participant number for 2009.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (775) 356-1956x1 or email

                                         SF Giants Game
                                       August 23 or 24, 2008
                                          Don Reisinger
It is that time again. In order to secure the quantity of seats we usually need all in the same area we need to
commit early. The dates are either the 23rd or 24th of August (Saturday/Sunday) and the game times are
scheduled now for early afternoon.

We passed around a signup sheet at the meeting last Friday and have 44
already indication their interest. Please get back to me as soon as possible with your interest in attending
and if you have a preference on the dates. The location would be in the same area we were in last year
either one section closer to the plate or the same.

With the pitching the Giants have in place, we might see a 1-0 gem, even
a no hitter.

Don & Laurie Reisinger

                         THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                         July 28 – August 3, 2008
The CTCI convention is being held in Portland Oregon by the Rose City Thunderbirds.
If you are planning on attending you need to obtain your registration form in the CTCI
JAN/FEB Early Bird Magazine.

There are several people from SCVT joining the 48 in 08 group for the first leg of their
trip and ending at the Convention in Portland. If you are interested in this trip check out
the website, WWW.HOME.EARTHLINK.NET/~48IN08 to help plan your trip. You can
also contact Doc Dockter at 650-591-5939.

                               Ironstone Concourse
                             September 26 & 27, 2008
                             Larry & Maryann Pierson
9/26 Friday - Larry and Maryann will meet you at the Murphys Inn Motel when
The Bay Area Contingent arrives. (This is a “no pet motel) Then on to “The Growler
Craft Brewery” and “Figaro‟s Pizza” (many other choices if you don‟t eat pizza)for
dinner. We can walk or drive there.

9/27 - Saturday There is a restaurant for breakfast across the parking lot from the motel.
Then on to Ironstone (time to be announced later). After the Car Show, we will be
having dinner at “Noto‟s” One block from the motel. There will a production of “Big
Bang” at the Fallon House Theater in Columbia at
8:00pm. If anyone would like to see this performance, please let us know by June 1.

9/28 - Breakfast and then we can drive to Moaning Cavern where a new “ZIP LINE” has
been installed. So far four hearty souls have come forward and want to try it. Others
can visit the cave. Then on to the new town of Copperopolis for lunch and shopping
before heading back to the bay area.

For reservations, call or email Larry Pierson or Rick Deutch and they will make your
reservations for you. We are holding only 10 rooms so call as soon as you can.

Larry 209-984-2436 or email

                        THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

1957 full wheel covers in good condition. Will buy 1 or set of 4.
Bill Croxton 408 249 9736

1957 Thunderbird trunk floor, headlight bezels, hard top, manual transmission, bronze
steering wheel. Harry O. 650-637-1760.

1956 Thunderbird Windwings and lower rocker shield. Eric Jensen 925-240-0543.

Really nice T-Bird Pins. Members only. Al Thomas 650-493-4344

1955 Thunderbird Radio 6 volt still works $20.00. Jim H. 510-381-4600

1963 Cadillac Convertible all replaced $39, 950. Harry O. 650-637-1760.

'57 Tail Light Lens with Back-up Lights and FoMoCo script - List $49.95 each - Will sell
$35.00 Larry Pierson. 209-984-2436

Lawn Crypt for two at SKYLAWN MEMORIAL PARK for $6000. Larry Pierson 209-

Cannon Copy Machine PC25 – Black & White, plus new print cartridge. $50 Works
Great! Larry Maness 408-274-7756.

No-Mar Deck Protector. Your Choice Black Or White. $9.99
Parade Rest 2-Pad Set. Your Choice Black Or White. $19.99
Ding Bats Dent Protectors. Your Choice Black Or White $9.99
Don Reisinger (888) 206-0148. Don@Be-Ntouch.Com

                         THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

Photos Supplied by Ray Delgado – thank you Ray!

                             THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

Russ deserves a round of applause for handling the Aus/NZ tour -- it was my first trip with him and he did
a great job herding us around and putting up with my two shopper - daughters, Jennifer and Mimi.
The harbor tour in Sidney, dinner with the Melbourne T-Birders and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef
were all outstanding. Now I can't wait to see what he comes up with for next year.

Cliff Underwood, Jennie and Mimi

                           THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

Photos supplied by Jerry & Gail Dance – Thank you so much.


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