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                                                       Section 05120
2003-08-22                                            Structural Steel

This Master Specification Section contains:

.1     This Cover Page

.2     Specification Section Text:

       1.      General
       1.1     Related Sections
       1.2     Reference Standards
       1.3     Design Criteria
       1.4     Submittals
       1.5     Fabricator and Erector Requirements
       1.6     Testing and Inspection
       1.7     Coordination

       2.      Products
       2.1     Materials
       2.2     Fabrication
       2.3     Surface Preparation and Shop Priming

       3.      Execution
       3.1     Erection

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                                                                                    Section 05120
Plan No:                                                                          Structural Steel
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1.            General

1.1           RELATED SECTIONS

       .1     Grout under [column base plates] [and] [beam bearing plates]:        Section 03300.
       .2     Installation of anchor bolts for column base plates:                 Section 03300.
       .3     Installation of steel anchors in masonry:                            Section 04200.
       .4     Steel joists, bearing plates, bridging and bracing:                  Section 05215.
       .5     Reinforcing openings in metal deck:                                  Section 05301.
       .6     Custom Steel Fabrications                                            Section 05501.
       .7     Finish painting of structural steel:                                Section [099 ].


SPEC NOTE: Edit this article to include only standards referenced within the edited version of this

       .1     ASTM A108-99, Standard Specification for Steel Bars, Carbon, Cold-Finished, Standard

       .2     ASTM A307-02, Standard Specification for Carbon Steel Bolts and Studs, 60 000 PSI
              Tensile Strength.

       .3     ASTM A325M-00, Standard Specification for High-Strength Bolts for Structural Steel
              Joints (Metric)

       .4     ASTM A490M-00, Standard Specification for High Strength Steel Bolts, Classes 10.9
              and 10.9.3 for Structural Steel Joints (Metric)

       .5     CAN/CGSB-1.105-M91, Quick-Drying Primer

       .6     CAN/CSA-G40.20/ G40.21-98, General Requirements for Rolled or Welded Structural
              Quality Steel / Structural Quality Steels

       .7     CAN/CSA-G164-M92 (R1998), Hot Dip Galvanizing of Irregularly Shaped Articles

       .8     CAN/CSA-S16.1-94, Limit States Design of Steel Structures

       .9     CISC/CPMA 2-75, A Quick Drying Primer for use on Structural Steel

       .10    CSA S136-01, North American Standard for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural

       .11    CSA W47.1-92 (R2001), Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel

       .12    CSA W59-M1989 (R2001), Welded Steel Construction (Metal Arc Welding)
                                                                                             Section 05120
Plan No:                                                                                   Structural Steel
Project ID:                                                                                         Page 2

       .13    Steel Structures Painting Council, Surface Preparation Standards, latest editions.

1.3           DESIGN CRITERIA

       .1     Design connections and other work not detailed on drawings, but necessary for
              completion of the Work, in accordance with requirements of Alberta Building Code,
              CAN/CSA-S16.1 and CSA S136.

1.4           SUBMITTALS

       .1     Comply with requirements of Division 1.

       .2     Submit shop drawings and product data prior to commencement of fabrication.

       .3     Shop Drawings shall include shop details and erection diagrams and shall indicate
              framing and grid lines, bearing and anchorage details, framed openings, accessories,
              schedule of materials, camber and loadings, fasteners, method of torquing bolts, and
              welds using American Welding Society basic weld symbols.

       .4     Shop drawings for work designed by fabricator shall bear the stamp and signature of a
              professional engineer registered in the Province of Alberta.

       .5     Submit shop paint primer manufacturer's product data.

       .6     Submit three copies of certified mill test reports for the materials used.


       .1     Comply with applicable requirements of CAN/CSA-S16.1 and CAN/CSA-S136.

       .2     Do welding in accordance with CSA W59.

       .3     Welding shall be undertaken only by a company approved by the Canadian Welding
              Bureau to the requirements of CSA W47.1, Certification of Companies for Fusion
              Welding of Steel Structures.


       .1     Minister may appoint and pay for services of testing agency to perform testing and
              inspection of work of this Section.

       .2     Notify Minister prior to commencement of fabrication work so that testing and inspection
              may be properly scheduled.

       .3     When defects are revealed, Minister may request additional testing and inspection at
              Contractor's expense.
                                                                                        Section 05120
Plan No:                                                                              Structural Steel
Project ID:                                                                                    Page 3

1.7           COORDINATION

       .1     Where structural steel is scheduled to be finish painted, ensure that shop paint primer is
              compatible with painting coats specified in Division 9, Painting and Finishing Schedules.

2.            Products

2.1           MATERIALS

       .1     Steel: Structural quality, to CAN/CSA-G40.20.

       .2     Rolled Structural Steel Sections: to CAN/CSA-G40.21, Type [G] [W], grade [                 ]
              [indicated on drawings], [unprimed] [galvanized] [shop primed] [and finish painted].

       .3     Hollow Structural Steel Sections: to CAN/CSA-G40.21, Type[W], grade [ ] [indicated
              on drawings], Class C [H], [unprimed] [galvanized] [shop primed] [and finish painted].

       .4     Cold Rolled Sections: Conforming to CAN/CSA S136 with yield strength of 380 Mpa.

       .5     Bolts: to ASTM [A307] [A325M] [A490M].

       .6     Anchor Bolts: Conforming to CAN/CSA G40.21, Type W, yield strength [250] [ ] Mpa.

       .7     Welding Materials: Conforming to CSA W59.

       .8     Shear Stud Connectors: to ASTM A108.

       .9     Galvanizing: Conforming to CSA G164; minimum [600] [            ] grams per square metre

       .10    Shop Paint Primer: [to CISC/CPMA 2-75 or CAN/CGSB-1.105] [as specified in Division
              09, Painting and Finishing Schedules].

2.2           FABRICATION

       .1     Fabricate structural steel in accordance with CAN/CSA-S16.1 and CSA-S136.

       .2     Camber steel members as indicated on drawings.

       .3     Shop weld shear stud connectors with automatic stud welding equipment. Thoroughly
              clean surface to which studs are to be welded. Ensure stud stem is perpendicular to
              surface to which it is attached.
                                                                                            Section 05120
Plan No:                                                                                  Structural Steel
Project ID:                                                                                        Page 4


Spec Note: Specify the appropriate surface preparation as listed below. Refer to paint manufacturers
literature and Master Painters Institute Manuals. Cost of surface preparation is not related to the
numbering sequence.

       .1     Where structural steel is scheduled to be finish painted, prepare surfaces in accordance
              with Steel Structures Painting Council, [SP-2 – Hand Tool Cleaning] [SP-3 – Power Tool
              Cleaning] [SP-5 – White Metal Blast Cleaning] [SP-6 - Commercial Blast Cleaning]
              [SP-7 – Brush-Off Blast Cleaning] [SP-10 – Near-White Blast Cleaning].

       .2     Apply shop paint primer in accordance with [CAN/CSA-S16.1] [manufacturer’s
              instructions] to a dry film thickness of 50 to 75 micrometers.

3.            Execution

3.1           ERECTION

       .1     Erect structural steel in accordance with CAN/CSA-S16.1, CSA W59, and CSA-S136.

       .2     Obtain Minister's approval prior to field cutting or altering of members.

       .3     Field touch up shop paint primer at bolts, welds and burned or scratched surfaces. Use
              same primer as applied in shop.

              END OF SECTION

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