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					                           Health Service Officer (HSO) PAC
                            Communications Subcommittee

         Updating Your Subcommittee/PAG Site on the HSO PAC Website
Dear HSO PAC and PAG Members,

The following is a guide for the HSO PAC subcommittees and PAG members when
requesting/needing to update their respective section of the HSO PAC website or general areas of
the website.

What to Update

Please keep in mind that updating your section of the HSO PAC website is the
Subcommittee/PAG’s responsibility. At the minimum, your group should be reviewing your
respective site on a quarterly basis. The Communications Subcommittee will assist you in
making the updates, but it is the Subcommittee/PAG’s responsibility to assure that the
information on the site remains relevant and up-to-date.

When to Update

Updates should be submitted to the Communications Subcommittee as soon as possible. To
ensure adequate time for review and posting; requests will be completed within two weeks of the
submission date.

Submitting Updates

   1. All updates should be approved by your appropriate PAC/PAG Chain of Command.
   2. The following individuals should be copied in your email request
          a. HSO Subcommittee/PAG Chair
          b. The appropriate PAC/PAG Content manager*

Requesting/Submitting Website Updates

In order to expedite the review and posting of your update, please use the format listed below
(Page 2) when submitting your request. This will also help us track and make sure that your
request is completed.

Please send updates/questions to:

CDR Kimberly McIntosh-Little kimberly.mcintosh@fda.hhs.gov
(PAC/Subcommittee Content Manager)

 OR CDR Rhondalyn Cox, rhondalyn.cox@fda.hhs.gov
(PAG Content Manager)

Please note: It is the intention of the Communications Subcommittee to ensure information is
posted in a timely manner. Adherence to these guidelines will assist the Subcommittee in a
timely review and posting of your content. The Subcommittee reserves the right to return
requests that may be inappropriate or insufficient due to lack of information.
                                  HSO Website Revision Request Form

Name of Group: (e.g. PAPAG, Communications Subcommittee) Communications Subcommittee
Name of Requestor: (Name of individual submitting the request) LCDR Morrisa Rice
Name of Chair: (Name of Subcommittee/PAG Chair) LCDR Morrisa Rice

Date: 3-Sep-10

** If submitting multiple updates in one email request, the following information will need to be included for each
separate request using a separate form.

Email Subject Line/Title: In your email subject line, please include the title of your request in
the following format:

         -   HSO Website Update Request: [Name of Subcommittee/PAG] – [Brief description
             e.g. Jan Minutes]
URL: http://usphs-hso.org/index.shtml

Description: Be as detailed and clear as possible of where the update/revision is to take place.
    Please update the HS PAC Communications Subcommittee Roster for the addition of LT
       David Swabb, Website Developer and LT Kate Migliaccio

Content Type:
    Documents (please include the updated/revised document with request)

    Language (please include in the description section)
       Please include:
          Section Name OR
          Location of paragraph and
          Entire paragraph that is to be updated
    Roster (Please use the following format when requesting updates to the roster. Updates not submitted in this
format will be returned.)

New Members: Please use the table below when submitting information for new members.
Committee         Name           Email                           Agency      Term              Work Phone
Chair           LT John     John.Doe@hhs.gov             FDA                     123-456-7890
Deletions or Updates: When requesting to delete or update the information of an existing member,
please list member’s name and what will need to be updated.

Committee         Name            Email                    Agency       Term Expires        Work Phone
Chair             LCDR John       John.Doe@hhs.gov         FDA          12/2099             234-567-8901

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