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									Travelling with me is travelling with Joy

My name is JOY but my true identity can be best described as that of a Travel Aficionado. And
that I guess is because I am a severe case of chronic wanderlust.

See this is how I look (Smart na?)

The best place where you can find me at all times is the internet. And you never know, I might
cross your way on the road sometime ;).

I am a kind of a guy who is always looking for reasons to travel…. You could say I live to travel.
And I pretty much work (earn money) to travel. In short, I have given my tan
mann and dhann to travel.

Ever since I was a child, I have liked doing things zara hatke, kinda out of the box. I like to
discover places – rarer they are, more I am drawn to them. All in all, any place that can leave
me spellbound is on my ‘To-Visit’ list. And while I am at it, I completely immerse myself in their
culture, cuisine and hospitalitality.

All That apart, here are a few things about me that you should know:

Things I just love to do while traveling: Meeting all kinds of exciting, new people. Trying out
local delicacies, traveling in the local transport, bargaining in local markets, collecting local
music, hiking, scuba diving… the list goes on and on.

Things I hate: running out of gas, carrying unnecessary baggage, shaving (such a waste of
time)… you get the drift, right?

Things I can’t do without: Traveler Cheques - most important, the right shoes, and definitely,
my backpack, which pretty much has my entire world in it.

My priorities: Planning vacations at least two times a year, maximum being every long
weekend; reading (and writing) great triplogs; knowing what it takes to fulfill my wanderlust.

Favorite Movies: Indiana Jones, The Motorcycle Diaries, Into the Wild, The Beach, The Painted
Veil, Seven years in Tibet, Roman Holiday, Darjeeling Unlimited…any movie related to travel
(my obsession is off the hook).
Favorite Albums: The Long and Winding Road, Radar Love, California, Sweet Home Alabama,
Road Runner… list goes on.

All this is just a little bit of me that I thought you all should know before I start sharing some
exciting and useful travel gupshupwith you.

Therefore, from today, I pledge to share almost all (hee hee) my travel escapades with you and
with you only. I will also share some fundoo tips about Air Travel, Budget Travel, where to shop,
where to party, which new things to try, where to trek, etc. If you follow my gyaan carefully,
soon you will become travel-wise J so for that, keep watching this space, as I will continue
scribbling here every now and then…you folks are free to comment and tell me what you think.

Together, we shall explore the anonymous!

Yours Truly,


P.S: Folks, drop me a mail at, connect with me on Facebook and follow
me on Twitter to share your weird travel stories with me. See my videos on YouTube. Looking
forward to connect with you.

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