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“Big Beasts” of the anti-counterfeiting world fêted in Awards
The ninth annual Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards have recognised some of the “Big Beasts” of
the international campaign against the trade in fake goods. The National Agency for Food and Drug
Administration and Control (NAFDAC) of Nigeria has won the Public Organisation award for its
inspirational fight to eliminate fake medicines in Nigeria; and the tireless enthusiasm of the Nokia
Corporation in combating fakes in their industry and in the marketplace generally has also been
recognised in the Company category. The Association award has been won by a relative newcomer to
the scene: the Brand Protection Group - Lebanon for an exceptional organisation and media

The winners of the ninth annual Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards, sponsored by Authentication
News™, published by Reconnaissance International, and the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG)
Network were announced at a ceremony in Paris today, 26th June 2007. As part of the activities of
World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, organised by the Union des Fabricants and the GACG, the awards were
made as a continuing recognition of special achievements by organisations that have made contributions
to the campaign against the trade in fakes „above and beyond the call of duty‟.

Counterfeit and pirated goods cost the global economy around €6 billion according to many experts, and
this translates into loss of legal employment, lack of investment in new jobs and increased prices of legal
goods. It also means less public funding for services such as health, education and social welfare.
Interpol and the World Customs Organisation in particular have also noted the specific involvement of
major international organised criminal gangs in the trade in fakes. Many organisations and companies
are taking effective action against these dangerous and sub-standard goods to protect consumers,
promote investment in new jobs and increase government revenues. Some organisations „go the extra
mile‟ and the GAC awards are a recognition of this outstanding performance.

The winners and commendations for activities in 2006, announced today, are:

Public Organisation:


             National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Nigeria

     Highly Commended:

             Comité National Anti-Contrefaçon (CNAC), France

             Economic Crimes Investigation Department, Ministry of Public Security, PR China


               IPR Division of the Department for Trade Policy Measures, State Customs
               Service of Ukraine



               Brand Protection Group - Lebanon


               International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), USA



               Nokia IPR Brand Protection, Global Anti-Counterfeiting Team

     Highly Commended:

               GlaxoSmithKline - Geoff Power, Director Packaging and Security, UK

               Johnson and Johnson Worldwide Security - China





               Brand Protection Group – Lebanon

Special Mention

The judges have noted the exceptional work of the companies involved in the Silk St. market court
cases in Beijing, PR China and the landmark decisions of the Beijing High People‟s Court. This
activity does not fit into GAC Awards categories despite nomination by significant groups. The
Judges agreed a „Special Mention‟ for the nominees including Prada, Guccio, Gucci spa,
Burberry, LVMH, Chanel, and Hermes, and, of course, the Beijing courts.

The awards are open to nominations from anyone with an interest in brand protection, anti-
counterfeiting, and anti-piracy activities, particularly in the international context, ensuring a wide spread

of nominations from across the world. There were strong nominations in all categories this year and
competition for the top honours was close. The awards were judged by a panel from Reconnaissance
International, the GACG, and representatives of the award winners in 2006.

The awards presentations were made on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, 26th June 2007 at Club Med
World in Paris during an event hosted by the Union des Fabricants – the French Anti-Counterfeiting
organisation and GACG network member. The Union des Fabricants has organised World Anti-
Counterfeiting Day at various international travel locations in and around Paris for several years. The
presentation on 26th June was hosted by Marc-Antoine Jamet, Chairman of the Union des Fabricants,
and John Anderson, Chairman of GACG.

Several of the award winners were present to receive their prize. Some of the Highly Commended and
Commended winners were also present to receive their certificates. The remaining awards will be
presented at suitable occasions during the coming weeks.

John Anderson, Chairman of the GACG network of national and regional anti-counterfeiting
organisations said “The awards this year again highlight the wide range of co-operation that is needed –
and provided - by different organisations across the public/private sector divide, in the campaign against
the international trade in fakes. I am especially impressed with the emphasis on the importance of raising
public awareness that was evident in many of the nominations.”

Ian Lancaster of Reconnaissance International, publisher of Authentication News, said “We are proud to
sponsor and participate in the annual GACG awards. The process of nomination, judging and
presentation of the awards highlights the challenges of brand protection and IPR enforcement. The
projects recognised here all demonstrate the need for a strategic protective approach, which integrates
legal mechanisms, authentication solutions, investigation and enforcement”.

Details of Award Winners

Public Organisation: The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
(NAFDAC) of Nigeria has been a beacon of positive activity on all fronts for some years. Raising
public awareness of the harmful effects of fake medicines has been one of its top priorities. The Anti-
Counterfeiting Coalition (ACC) of Nigeria has also noted “There has been a phenomenal increase in
seizures and destruction exercises of fake drugs carried out by the agency. To date, the agency has
carried out a total of 60 destruction exercises valued at over 20 billion Naira (US$770 million) and has
placed about 3,760 metric tonnes of regulated products on “hold”. In the Port Harcourt zone alone
NAFDAC has put on hold 229 containers of regulated products.

Association: The Brand Protection Group – Lebanon, formed on 2003, strives to raise awareness of the
social and economic effects of counterfeiting in government as well as in the general public. In 2005,
BPG Lebanon launched a national awareness campaign under the message “Ask for your right. Refuse
counterfeit products” and repeated it in 2006/2007. The BPG Lebanon is also Commended in the Media
category of the GAC Awards 2007.

Company: The Nokia Corporation has been one of the leading companies in IPR protection and
enforcement for several years. Receiving two nominations this year, and the surprise of the judges that
this was their first nomination. The Nokia Corporation IPR Brand Protection Global Anti-

Counterfeiting Team is a dedicated and effective actor in the global battle against counterfeiting. The
company co-operates smoothly and effectively with all authorities on a global basis. Nokia has been
party to several landmark right holder-friendly decisions in several jurisdictions and is also a founding
and still active member of the Finnish Anti-Counterfeiting Group. Nokia also plays a leading role in
several other national and international anti-counterfeiting organisations.

Highly Commended Winners: The competition for the award in Public Organisation Category was
very intense. Out of 9 excellent nominations there were several worthy of note. Both the Comité
National Anti-Contrefaçon (CNAC) of France and the Economic Crimes Investigation Department of
the MPS, PR China, would have won in any other year and both have excellent records “above and
beyond the call of duty”. In the company category, there is welcome recognition for the work done by
Geoff Power of GlaxoSmithKline in the field of anti-counterfeiting technology; and for Johnson and
Johnson China for their untiring work both for their products and for the China Quality Brand Protection
Committee generally.

Commended Winners: The IACC of the USA has been reborn in recent years and the GAC Award
judges felt that the new enthusiasm and dynamism should be recognised. Likewise the work of the
Ukraine State Customs Service which has, from scratch, created a workable and effective IPR
enforcement system working both with brand owners and ex-officio.


For further information contact:
Reconnaissance International                                           GACG Network
Ian M Lancaster                                                        John Anderson
Phone: +44 1932 269917                                                 +44 20 7152 4081
Mobile: +44 7818 061431                                                +44 77 7186 0101

Note to Editors

The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) is an international network of national and regional anti-counterfeiting
associations. The network aims to assist in the exchange of information and best practice for lobbying and working with
international government organisations involved in IPR enforcement; to work together to raise awareness of the international
dimension of the social and economic impact of the trade in fakes; to help co-ordinate brand owner support for international
law enforcement agencies and to foster new members of the network, including the formation of national anti-counterfeiting
coalitions. /

Reconnaissance International, the leading global source of business intelligence on authentication, brand and document
protection, is the published of Authentication News, and organiser of various conferences and seminars on Brand Protection
including the Global Forum on Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting.

World Anti-Counterfeiting Day was established in 1998 by the GACG network members following the lead of the French
Union des Fabricants which traditionally holds an annual event to focus on different aspects of the trade in fake and to target
different audiences such as children. In previous years events have been held at appropriate venues including international
airports, ports, railway stations and autoroute toll plazas in the UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, USA and
Spain. These events have also provided occasions for the release of anti-counterfeiting activity research results and
commentary, and special messages by the various national and regional anti-counterfeiting groups.

                           GACG Awards 2007
                                  Background Note

The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards are presented for outstanding achievement by
individuals or organisations involved in combating counterfeiting and piracy, either to
protect their own brands or products or in the development of an environment which
encourages the combating of counterfeits and pirate products. The Awards are given in
four categories – public organizations, company or commercial organizations,
associations, and media. These Awards are not intended to recognize producers and
suppliers of anti-counterfeiting technologies, services or products.

Previous Winners


Public Organisation:

The Italian Customs Agency (Agenzia delle Dogane)

Highly Commended:
General Administration of Customs of People's Republic of China


International Trademark Association

Highly Commended:
US Chamber of Commerce, Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy,

The British Video Association


The Walt Disney Company France

Highly Commended:
NPIL (India)


Tim Philips (UK)

Capa Agency (France)

                                                         /Previous years’ winners

Public Organisation:

Winner:     Customs Modernisation Unit, B2 DG TAXUD
EU Commission, (John Pulford and Christophe Zimmermann)

Commended: Delhi Police (India), (Raja Bhagat, Assistant Commissioner, Head of IP)


Winner:        Quality Brands Protection Committee, China


Winner:        Unilever (Richard Heath)

There was no winner or commended organisation in the Media category this year.


Public-sector Organization:
     Winner:           French Customs (France)
     Commended:        Macao Special Administrative Regional Customs Service (People‟s
                       Republic of China)
                       Trading Standards North-West IP Group (UK)
     Winner:           Coalition for Intellectual Property (Russia/FSU)
     Commended:        China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (People‟s
                       Republic of China)
     Winner:           The Gillette Company
     Commended:        Adobe Systems France
                       Cartier (France)
     Winner:           The Economist


Public-sector Organization:
     Winner:           National Board of Customs, Finland

       Commended:       HM Customs & Excise, Coventry (UK)
                        Opsporingsdienst BumaStemra (Criminal Investigation Service
                        BumaStemra – The Netherlands)
Trade Association
    Winner:             Quality Brands Protection Committee, People‟s Republic of China

    Winner:             Xerox Corporation
    Commended:          MasterCard International

    Winner:             Roslyn Mazer and the Washington Post, USA
    Commended:          Leicester Mercury, UK.


Public Organisations, Joint Winners

Colombian National Institute for the Surveillance of Medications and Foods (INVIMA).
Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau),

Trade Association

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.


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