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					                                    Serving Sussex

                  HQ CID Weekly Management Team Meeting
                       Monday 11 October 2010, 10am
                   DCS Cheesman’s Office, Sussex House
Attendees & Apologies

Det Supt Andy Buchan            -   Chair, Crime Operations Branch
Det Supt Glenn Jones            -   Intelligence Branch (until 10.30am)
Miss Lou Whiteoak               -   Scientific Support Branch
Ms Amanda Long                  -   Business Support (Admin)
Mrs Lou Wynne                   -   Lead HR Consultant
Mrs Angie Hart                  -   Business Support
DCI Nev Kemp                    -   Specialist Investigations Branch
DCI Graham Pratt                -   Crime Review Branch
DCI Trevor Bowles               -   Major Crime Branch
Julie Bishop (note taker)

Apologies were received from DCS Martin Cheesman (Inquest), Det Supt Andy Griffiths
(Inquest), Det Supt Grenville Wilson (RDiL), Det Supt Jane Rhodes (ACPO Conference)

1.    Minutes of Previous Meeting (04 10 10)

      Minutes approved.

2.    Outstanding Actions

      The action log was updated and is attached.

3     Items for Information

      4a HR Update – Lou Wynne

      LWe circulated a briefing sheet to those present. The new posting policy is now live
      on the force policy database and two new temporary policies during this period of
      saving initiatives regarding career breaks and temporary reduction in hours. The force
      is looking for managers to encourage applications from individuals and is not looking
      to backfill roles, however, there will be some scope to move work around on a
      temporary basis.

      LDU published a brochure on Friday offering training courses to supervisors and
      managers. The next report from PDRs is not taken until December and LDU will
      accept fast track applications to fill those positions.
      Action: LWe to circulate to HOB electronically.

                            NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED                                       1
     At the last FEB the DCC has asked managers & supervisors to encourage people to
     complete the diversity information on SAP ESS.
     Action: HOB to progress.

     The voluntary severance scheme is being discussed at today’s COM and is likely to be
     available in November. The scheme will be slightly higher than the statutory package
     to encourage staff to apply for early redundancy to reduce the force’s establishment.

     A further six dates for attendance briefings will be circulated shortly.

     AB circulated and referred to the proposed certificate of merit for Mrs Dickens. After
     discussion it was agreed to support the application and forward to the Honours
     Committee for consideration.
     Action: AB to add some relevance to the force target and forward to MC.
     MSA Update: completed.

     4b DAM Actions

     To be circulated to HOB to update.

     4c Force Performance

     AB reported that the force’s performance is improving and is on the cusp of reaching
     the POCA target for confiscations for the year. There are also a number of
     investigations pending which will impact on next year’s target.

     4d Force Meeting Update

     MC attended the Bilateral Collaboration Meeting on Friday. LWk confirmed that
     everything has been agreed in terms of scoping, apart from SOC, intel and roads

     4g Risk Register

     There were no issues.

5.   Any Other Business

     5a There was no AOB.

PART II – Closed Session – Restricted

                          NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED                                        2

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