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Daily Lesson Plan – Roosevelt Middle School


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									Lesson Plan Template (Daily or Unit) – Geary Public School
Teacher: H Scheihing                          Subject: Accounting                    Date(s) 11/02– 11/06                 Grade: High School               Period: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Learning Objective(s):                          Procedures /Activities /Strategies                          Bloom’s Taxonomy              Materials       Assessment:
The students will…                                                                                      x   Knowledge                     Needed          (Formative/Summative)
Learn about stocks, bonds, and mutual                                                                                                                                          M   T   W   T   F
                                                MONDAY: P 168-169                                       x   Comprehension                 Textbooks,       Teacher             x   x   x
funds, and other types of investments.                                                                                                                                                     x x
                                                Chapter 6 Review                                        x   Application                   activity         Observation
                                                Reviewing Key Terms 1-10                                                                                   Oral /              x   x   x   x x
                                                                                                        x   Analysis                      book, pencil,    Written Work
Teachers Manual                                 Understanding Main Ideas 1-9
Personal Finance Text.                          Practicing Math #1                                          Synthesis                     paper            Class               x   x   x   x x
                                                Applying Critical Thinking 1-5                                                                             Participation
Activity Book                                                                                           x   Evaluation                                     Practice
                                                ***Review for Exam***
                                                                                                            Multiple Intelligence                          Sheets
                                                                                                             (80% visual & kinesthetic)                    Projects /                          x
                                                TUESDAY: P. 172-183                                                                                        Presentations
Handouts:                                       Chapter 6 Exam                                          x Visual / Spatial                                 Authentic
                                                Chapter 7, Section 1 Outline/Definitions                    Bodily / Kinesthetic                           Assessment
                                                P 177 “You decide” 1-3                                                                                     Test / Quiz             x       x x
                                                                                                        x   Verbal / Linguistic
                                                                                                                                                           Class work          x   x   x   x x
                                                WEDNESDAY: P172-183                                     x   Logical / Mathematical
                                                Go over Ch7, Sec 1 Out loud                                                                                Homework            x   x   x   x x
                                                                                                            Musical /Rhythmic
Key Vocabulary:                                 Section 1 Assessment 1-5,1-3                                                                               Other
                                                                                                        x   Interpersonal
Stock, dividends, capital gain, common          THURSDAY: P. 184-190                                    x   Intrapersonal                                  Remediation
stock, preferred stock, NYSE, NASDAQ,           Section 1 Quiz
                                                Sections 2 Outline                                           Naturalist
blue-chip stocks, DJIA, bull market, bear
market, S&P 500 index, Fortune 500,             Section 2 Assessment                                        Strategies
futures, commodities, options, penny                                                                        Rubric                                        Differentiated Instruction:
stocks, bond, mutual fund, no-load funds,,      FRIDAY: Activity Book
                                                Section 2 Quiz                                              Graphic Organizer                                      Process
load funds.
                                                AB P 91-100                                                 Similarity & Difference                                Product
Real estate, collectibles, pension, vested,     AB is homework for the weekend if not finished during
                                                                                                        x   Summarizing &                                          Content
profit-sharing plan, stock-bonus plan,          class.                                                                                                     x
401K, 403B, IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA.                                                                                                                                Resources
                                                                                                            Cooperative Learning                          Language Objective:
                                                                                                        x   Whole Group
                                                                                                        x   Small Group                                   Homework:
                                                                                                        x   Partners work                                  M
                                                                                                        x   Individual work
                                                                                                            Integration of
                                                                                                            Language Processes                             W
                                                                                                        x   Listening
                                                                                                        x   Speaking                                       T
                                                                                                        x   Reading
                                                                                                        x   Writing                                        F        AB 91-100

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