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									                             APPROVED DOCUMENTATION ABBREVIATION LIST
                                      UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

            Some abbreviations may have more than one meaning. Please use in the context outlined below.

ABBREVIATION                                       DEFINITION                                  CONTEXT
      A2                  Aortic second sound                                   General
     5-FU                 5-fluorouracil                                        General
     A fib                atrial fibrillation                                   General
   A V block              artrioventricular block                               General
     A&O                  alert and oriented                                    General
    A&Ox3                 alert and oriented to person, place, event            General
      a.m.                before noon                                           General
      A2                  aortic second sound                                   General
    A2=P2                 aortic second sound equal to pulmonic second sound    General
       aa                 of each                                               General
     AAA                  aortic abdominal aneurysm                             General
    AACG                  Aortic second sound                                   General
     AAE                  active assistance exercise                            General
     AAL                  anterior axillary line                                General
     AAS                  Acute Abdominal Series                                General
      AB                  apnea bradycardia                                     General
      abd                 abdomen                                               General
     ABG                  arterial blood gas                                    General
      ABI                 ankle brachial index                                  General
   abort or ab            abortion                                              General
       ac                 before meals                                          General
    AC IOL                anterior chamber intraocular lens                     General
     ACA                  Anterior cerebral artery                              General
      acc                 Accommodative                                         General
     accom                accommodation                                         General
      ACF                 Anterior cervical fusion                              Orthopaedics/Neurosurgery
     ACG                  Angel closure glaucoma                                General
   acid phos              acid phosphatase                                      General
     ACL                  Anterior Cruciate Ligament                            General
     ACLS                 Advanced Cardiac Life Support                         General
    ACOG                  American college of Obstetrics and Gynecology         General
     ACTH                 adrenocortocotropic hormone                           General
     ad lib               at pleasure                                           General
   AD or ad               right ear                                             General
     ADA                  American Diabetic Association                         General
   adeno CA               adenocarcinoma                                        General
     ADH                  antidiuretic hormone                                  General
    ADHD                  attention-deficit hypertensive disorder               General

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                                  UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

  ADL              activities of daily living                            General
   adm             admission                                             General
 AdvDir            Advance Directive                                     General
   AE              above the elbow                                       General
  A fib            atrial fibrillation                                   General
A-F bypass         aorto-femoral bypass                                  General
  AFB              acid fast bacilli                                     General
  AFGE             air fluid gas exchange                                General
  AFIP             Armed Forces Institute of Pathology                   General
  AFO              ankle foot orthrosis                                  General
  AFP              alpha fetoprotein                                     General
  AGA              appropriate for gestational age                       General
  AHA              American Heart Association                            General
  AHF              Anterior hyaloid face                                 General
  AHG              antihemophiliac globulin                              General
  AHL              Auditory Hearing Level                                General
   AI              aortic insufficiency                                  General
  AICD             Automatic Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator           General
  AIDS             acquired immune deficiency syndrome                   General
   AIH             autoimmune hepatitis                                  General
  AION             Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy                    General
   AIU             Ambulatory Infusion Unit                              General
   AJ              ankle jerk                                            General
   AK              above the knee                                        General
  AKA              above the knee amputation                             General
   AL              Axial length                                          General
   alb             albumin                                               General
  alcl3            Aluminum Chloride                                     General
  ALD              alcoholic liver disease                               General
  ALIF             Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion                      General
 alk phos          alkaline phosphatase                                  General
  ALL              acute lymphocytic leukemia                            General
   all             allergies                                             General
  ALS              advanced life support                                 General
  ALT              Alanine Transaminase                                  General
   am              before noon                                           General
  AMA              against medical advise                                General
 AMBU              Ambulance                                             General
  AMI              acute myocardial infarction                           General
  AML              acute mylocytic leukemia/acute myelogenous leukemia   General

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                                   UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

   Amnio            amniocentesis                                General
    amp             ampule                                       General
   Ampi             Ampicillin                                   General
    amt             Amount                                       General
   ANC              Absolute Neutrophil Count                    General
    anes            Anesthesia                                   General
   ANS              Autonomic nervous system                     General
    ant             anterior                                     General
   AoAs             ascending aorta                              General
  AODM              adult onset diabetes mellitus                General
   AoDt             descending aorta                             General
 aort regurg        aortic regurgitation                         General
  aort sten         aortic stenosis                              General
    AP              anterior posterior                           General
A-P and Lat         anteroposterior and lateral                  General
A-P diameter        anteroposterior diameter                     General
    APC             Argo Plasma Coagulation                      General
   APN              Advanced Practice Nurse                      General
  AP/PA             anteroposterior/posteroanterior              General
   APCT             Alternative prism & cover test               General
   APD              Afferent pupillary defect                    General
   approx           approximate                                  General
    APS             Anesthesia Pain Service                      General
   aPTT             Activated partial thromboplastin time        General
    AQ              aqueous                                      General
  Aq Pen            Aqueous Penicillin G                         General
  ARA-A             vidarabine (adenine arabinoside)             General
  ARA-C             cytarabine (cytosine arabinoside)            General
   ARBC             Autologous Red Cell Unit                     General/Hematology
   ARC              Abnormal retinal correspondence              General
   ARD              Acute respiratory distress                   General
   ARDS             Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome          General
    ARF             acute renal failure                          General
   ARG              Angle recession glaucoma                     General
   ARM              active range of motion                       General
  AROM              artificial rupture of membranes              General
     art            arterial                                     General
    arth            arthritis                                    General
    AS              Aortic stenosis                              General
   ASA              aspirin                                      General

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 ASAP             as soon as possible                                    General
ASCUS             atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance   General
ASCVD             arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease                General
 ASD              atrial septal defect                                   General
 ASHD             arteriosclerotic heart disease                         General
 ASO              antistrepholysin -0 titer                              General
 ASO4             Atropine (as the sulfate)                              General
  asp             aspirate                                               General
ASPVD             arteriosclerotic peripheral vascular disease           General
 AST              Aspartate Transaminase                                 General
  AT              Atrial tachycardia                                     General
 ATLS             Advanced trauma life support                           General
AU or au          both ears                                              General
  AU              Assessment Unit                                        Hospital Department/Location (MUPC)
  AV              arteriovenous                                          General
  A-V             artrioventricular (A-V node, A-V conduction)           General
 AVF              arteriovenous fistula                                  General
 AVM              Aterio-venous malformation                             General
  ax              axilla                                                 General
  Ba              Barium                                                 Chemical Element
 BAL              blood alcohol level                                    General
BARBS             Barbiturates                                           General
 BASO             basophile                                              General
 BBB              bundle branch block                                    General
 BBBB             bilateral bundle branch block                          General
 BBBD             Blood Brain Barrier Disruption                         General
 BBS              Bilateral breath sounds                                General
  BC              Bone Conduction                                        General
 BCBS             Blue Cross - Blue Shield                               General
 BCC              basal cell carcinoma                                   General
 BCE              basal cell epithelioma                                 General
 BCG              Bacille Calmette-Guerin                                General
 BCP              birth control pills                                    General
 BCR              bulbous carvernous reflux                              General
  BE              barium enema                                           General
BENZO             Benzodiazepine                                         General
  BF              Black female                                           General
  BG              blood glucose                                          General
 BHC              Boone Hospital Center                                  General
 BHS              Behavioral Health Services                             General

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                                   UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

    BLE             Bilateral Lower Extremity                            General
    BL F            Black female                                         General
    BL M            black male                                           General
Bicarb (HCO2)       Bicarbonate                                          General
    BICU            Burn Intensive Care Unit                             General
     bid            twice a day                                          General
    bilat           bilateral                                            General
     bili           bilirubin                                            General
  Bili (T/D)        bilirubin (total /direct)                            General
     BK             below the knee                                       General
    BKA             below the knee amputation                            General
   bl cult          blood culture                                        General
   BLAST            immature cell usually referring to myelo or lympho   General
    BLS             basic life support                                   General
     BM             bowel movement                                       General
    BMP             Basic Metabolic Profile                              General
    BNP             Brain naturetic peptide                              General
    BOM             bilateral otitis media                               General
     BP             blood pressure                                       General
    BPD             bronchopulmonary dysplasia                           General
    BPH             benign prostatic hypertrophy                         General
    BR              bedrest                                              General
    Br S            breath sounds                                        General
    BRJ             brachioradialis jerk                                 General
    BRP             bathroom privileges                                  General
     BS             bowel sounds                                         General
    BSA             body surface area                                    General
    BSC             bedside comode                                       General
   BS&O             bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy                      General
    BSS             balanced salt solution                               General
    BSV             Binocular single vision                              General
    BSW             Bachelor of Social Work                              General
    BTL             bilateral tubal ligation                             General
    BUE             Bilateral Upper Extremity                            General
    BUN             blood urea nitrogen                                  General
    BUS             Bartholin, urethra, Skene                            General
     Bx             biopsy                                               General
      C             Celsius                                              General
   C. diff.         Clostridium difficile                                General/Laboratory
  C-section         cesarean section                                     General

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                                   UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

  C spine           Cervical Spine                                            General
    C/O             Complaining of or Complaints                              General
   C&A              Clinitest and Acetest                                     General
   C&S              culture and sensitivity                                   General
C-1, C-2, etc       cervical vertebra 1, etc.                                 General
   C3F8             Perfluoropropane                                          General
     Ca             Calcium                                                   Chemical Element
 CA or ca           carcinoma or cancer                                       General
  CA 19-9           Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9                                 General
  CA 125            Cancer Antigen 125                                        General
  CABG              coronary artery bypass grafting                           General
  CACG              chronic angle closure glaucoma                            General
   CAD              coronary artery disease                                   General
   CAG              Closed angle glaucoma                                     General
   CAH              chronic active hepatitis                                  General
    CAI             Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor                              General
    Cal             Calorie                                                   General
  CALGB             cancer and leukemia group B                               General
   CALP             Corneal argon laser photocoagulation                      General
CA-MRSA              Community Associated-Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus General
    Cap             capsule                                                    General
   CAPD             continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis                 General
   CAT              computerized axial tomography                             General
    cath            catheter                                                  General
   CBC              complete blood count                                      General
   CBD              Common bile duct                                          General
   CBG              capillary blood gas                                       General
    CBI             continuous bladder irrigation                             General
   CBR              complete bed rest                                         General
    CC              chief complaint                                           General
C-C fistula         carotid (artery)-cavernous (sinus)fistula                 General
   C-C-E            Clubbing-cyanosis-edema                                   General
    CCr             creatinine clearance                                      General
    CCT             computer coronal tomography                               General
   CCU              coronary care unit                                        General
    CD              Cystic duct                                               General
   CDB              cough and deep breathe                                    General
   CDC              Centers for Disease Control                               General
    CE              Cataract extraction                                       General
   CEA              carcino-embryonic antigen                                 General

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  CENT             centigrade                                      General
    CF             Cystic Fibrosis                                 General
   CG              Ciliary ganglion                                General
  CGMS             Continuous Glucose Monitoring System            General
   cGy             centigray                                       General
   CH              Children's Hospital                             General
   CHD             congenital heart disease                        General
   chem            chemistry                                       General
   CHF             congestive heart failure                        General
   CHI             closed head injury                              General
   CHL             conductive hearing loss                         General
   CHO             carbohydrate                                    General
   chol            cholesterol                                     General
    CI             cardiac index                                   General
   CIC             Common internal carotid                         General
  CICU             Cardiac Intensive Care Unit                     General
   Circ            Circumcision                                    General
   C-J             Creutzfeldt-Jakob                               General
   CK              creatine kinase                                 General
   CKD             Chronic Kidney Disease                          General
  CKMB             creatine kinase myocardial band                 General
    Cl             Chlorine or Chloride                            Chemical Element
   CIVI            Continuous Intravenous Infusion                 General
    CL             central line                                    General
   CLF             Chronic liver failure                           General
   CLL             chronic lymphocytic leukemia                    General
    cm             centimeter                                      General
 cm H2O            centimeter of water                             General
  CMAR             computerized medication administration record   General
  CMC              Complex Multilayer Compression Device           General
   CME             Cystoid macular edema                           General
  CMG              cystometrogram                                  General
   CMI             Cell mediated immune response                   General
   CML             chronic mylocytic leukemia                      General
   CMP             comprehensive metabolic panel                   General
  CMV              cytomegalic virus                               General
   CN              cranial nerves                                  General
CN2,3,4,etc        2nd cranial nerve, 3rd cranial nerve, etc.      General
   CAN             Certified Nurse Assisstant                      Professional Title
  CNDO             congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction        General

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                                    UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

     CNS             central nervous system                          General
    CNVM             Choroidal neovascular membrane                  General
     CO              Carbon Monoxide                                 General
     CO              Cardiac Output                                  Hemodynamic/Vital signs
     CO2              carbon dioxide                                 General
    Co60             (radioactive cobalt)                            General
    COAS             chronic open angle glaucoma                     General
    COLD             chronic obstructive lung disease                General
     cong            congenital                                      General
     conj            Conjunctiva, conjunctival                       General
    COPD             chronic obstructive pulmonary disease           General
    Cosm             osmolar clearance                               General
     CP              Cerebral palsy                                  General
    CPAP             continuous positive airway pressure             General
     CPC             clinicopathological conference                  General
     CPD             Cephalopelvic disproportion                     General
     CPE             cystopanendoscopy                               General
    CPEO             chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia    General
     CPK             creatine phosphokinase                          General
   CPK-MB            creatine phosphokinase myocardial band          General
    CPM              continue present management                     General
     CPP             cerebral perfusion pressure                     General
     CPR             cardiopulmonary resuscitation                   General
    CPRC             Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center     General
     CPT             chest physiotherapy                             General
  Cr or creat        creatinine                                      General
     cr cl           creatinine clearance                            General
CREST syndrome       calcinosis, Raynaud’s esophageal dysfunction,   General
     CRF             chronic renal failure                           General
     CRH             Columbia Regional Hospital                      General
    CRNA             Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist          Professional Title
     CRU             Clinical Research Unit                          General
     cryo            Cryotherapy                                     Gynecology
      Cs             cesium (radioactive)                            General
     CSF             cerebral spinal fluid                           General
     CSS             Community Support Specialist                    General
     CT              Cardiothoracic                                  General
   CT scan           computerized tomography scan                    General
     CTA             clear to auscultation                           General
     CTD             Connective tissue disease                       General

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      cu             cubic                                         General
      cult           culture                                       General
     CVA             cerebral vascular accident                    General
CVA tenderness       costovertebral angle tenderness               General
     CVD             cardiovascular disease                        General
     CVP             central venous pressure                       General
      Cx             cervix                                        General
     CXR             chest x-ray                                   General
     cysto           Cystoscopy                                    General
    D5LR             5% Dextrose in lactated Ringer's solution     General
    D5NS             5% Dextrose in normal saline                  General
D5W, D10W, etc.      5%, 10%, etc. Dextrose in water               General
     DAT             Direct Antihumanglobulin Test                 General
      Db             decibel                                       General
     D bili          direct bilirubin                              General
     DBP             Diastolic Blood Pressure                      General
     DBT             Dialectic Behavior Therapy                    General
     D&C             dilatation and curettage                      General
      DC             discontinue                                   General
      dd             dependent drainage                            General
   DDAVP             desmopressin acetate                          General
  DDD-DDIT           dual demand pacemaker                         General
     DDS             Doctor Dental Surgery                         Professional Title
    DDST             Denver Development Screening Test             General
      DE             device                                        General
     Dept            Department                                    General
     Derm            Dermatology                                   General
    DEXA             dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry              General
     DFA             direct fluorescence immunoassay               General
     DFP             Diisopropyl flourophosphate                   General
   DHEA-S            dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate                General
      DI             diabetes insipidus                            General
     DIC             dessiminated intravascular coagulation        General
      diff           Differential                                  General/Laboratory
      Dig            Digoxin                                       General
      Dil            Dilate                                        General
     DIP             distal interphalangeal joint                  General
     disch           discharge                                     General
     DJD             degenerative joint disease                    General
     DKA             diabetic ketoacidosis                         General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

  dl              deciliter                                               General
 DLC              diffusion capacity of the lung                          General
 DM               diabetes mellitus                                       General
 DME              Durable Medical Equipment                               Equipment or Device
 DMH              Department of Mental Health                             General
 DNA              deoxyribonucleic acid                                   General
DNCB              Dinitrochlorobenzene                                    General
DNKA              did not keep appointment                                General
DNAR              Do Not Attempt Resuscitation                            General
 DNR              do not resuscitate                                      General
  DO              Doctor of Osteopathy                                    General
 DO2              Oxygen Delivery                                         General
 DO2I             Oxygen Delivery Index                                   General
 DOA              dead on arrival                                         General
 DOB              date of birth                                           General
 DOD              Date of discharge                                       General
 DOE              dyspnea on exertion                                     General
DOSA              day of surgery admit                                    General
DPOA              Durable Power of Attorney                               General
  DP              dorsalis pedis                                          General
 DPCP             Diphenylcyclopropenone                                  General
 DPE              Dipivefrin                                              General
 DPT              diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus                       General
  Dr              Doctor                                                  Professional Title
  DR              Diabetic retinopathy                                    General
 DRE              Digital rectal examination                              General
 DRG              Diagnosis Related Group                                 Financial Acronym
 drsg             dressing                                                General
  DS              double strength                                         General
 DSM              Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders   General
  DT              diphtheria tetanus                                      General
 DTaP             Diphteria, Tetanus, Acellular Pertussis                 General
DTR’s             deep tendon reflexes                                    General
 DT's             delirium tremens                                        General
  DU              decubitus ulcer                                         General
 DUB              dysfunctional uterine bleeding                          General
 DVD              Dissociated vertical deviation                          General
 DVI              A/V sequential pacemaker                                General
 DVM              Doctor of Veterinary Medicine                           General
 DVT              deep vein thrombosis                                    General

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                                  UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

   Dx              diagnosis                                     General
   Dz              Disease                                       General
  E coli           Escherichi coli                               General
  EAC              external auditory canal                       General
   EBL             estimated blood loss                          General
  EBV              Epstein-Barr Virus                            General
   EC              Emergency Center                              General
 ECASA             enteric coated aspirin                        General
   ECC             endocervical curettage                        General
  ECG              electrocardiogram                             General
  Echo             echocardiogram                                General
ECHO virus         enterocytopathogenic human orphan virus       General
   ECT             electroconvulsive therapy                     General
   ED              Emergency Department                          Department
  EDC              estimated date of confinement                 General
  EDD              estimated date of discharge                   General
  EDMA             ethylene glyco-dy-methacrylate                General
  EDTA             Ethylene diamine tetra acetate                General
   EEG             electroencephalogram                          General
   EF              ejection fraction                             General
  EFCC             Ellis Fischel Cancer Center                   General
  EFM              Electronic fetal monitoring                   General
  EFW              estimated fetal weight                        General
    eg             Example                                       General
  EHR              Electronic Health Record                      General
  EGD              esophagogastroduodenoscopy                    General
   EIA             Enzyme Immunoassay                            General
  EKG              Electrocardiogram                             General
  ELISA            enzyme-linked immuno-absorbent assay          General
  ELOS             estimated length of stay                      General
   EM              electron microscopy                           General
  EMG              electromyograph(y)                            General
  EMS              Emergency Medical Services                    General
  EMT              Emergency Medical technician                  General
 EMT-P             Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic        General
  ENA              extractable nuclear antigen                   General
   ENT             ears, nose and throat                         General
  EOA              esophageal obturator airway                   General
  EOG              Electro-Oculogram                             General
  EOM              extraocular muscle4-Feb-03                    General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

EOMB              extraocular muscle balance                           General
 EOMI             extraocular movements intact                         General
  eos             eosinophile                                          General
  EPI             epinepherine                                         General
 epith            epithelial or epithelium                             General
  EPS             electrophysiology studies                            General
  Eq              equvalent (gram equivalent weight)                   General
  ER              Emergency Room                                       General
 ERCP             endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography       General
 ERP              Early receptor potential                             General
 ERSF             end stage renal failure                              General
 ESLD             End stage liver disease                              General
 ESR              erythrocyte sedimentation rate                       General
 ESRD             end stage renal disease                              General
 ESWL             electroshock wave lithotripsy                        General
  ET              endotracheal                                         General
ET tube           endotracheal tube                                    General
 ETA              estimated time of arrival                            General
  Etc             etceteras                                            General
 Ethol            Ethanol                                              General
 ETOH             ethyl alcohol                                        General
  ETT             endotracheal tube                                    General
 E-tube           eustachian tube                                      General
 EUA              examination under anesthesia                         General
  Eval            Evaluation                                           General
  EW              Edinger-Westphal; extended wear contact lens         General
  Exp             expiration                                           General
 expir            expiration or expiratory (related to respirations)   General
   F              Fahrenheit                                           General
  F3T             Trifluorothymidine                                   General
  FA              Fluorescein angiogram or angiography                 General
fam phys          family physician                                     General
 FANA             fluorescent antinuclear antibody                     General
  FB              foreign body                                         General
  FBS             fasting blood sugar                                  General
  FC              Flexion contracture                                  General
  FD              fire department                                      General
 FDP              fibrin degredation products                          General
  Fe              Iron                                                 Chemical Element
  FEF             forced expired flow                                  General

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                                        UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

        FEM              Fast eye movements                               General
        FEV1             forced expired volume in one second              General
         FFP             fresh frozen plasma                              General
         FH              family history                                   General
        FHR              fetal heart rate                                 General
        FHT              fetal heart tone                                 General
        FIO2             flow of inspired oxygen                          General
         FL              Femur length                                     General
        FLM              Fetal lung maturity                              General
        Flouro           fluoroscopy                                      General
         FLP             fasting lipid profile                            General
         FM              face mask                                        General
        FMG              fine mesh gauze                                  General
        FNA              fine needle aspiration                           General
        FNP              Family Nurse Practitioner                        General
        FOB              foot of the bed                                  General
        FOF              Full of feces                                    General
         Fort            fortified                                        General
         FP              family physician                                 General
      F-P bypass         femoral-popliteal bypass                         General
        FPA              Far point of accomodation                        General
         FS              floor stock                                      General
         FSE             Fetal Scalp Electrode                            General
        FSH              follicule-stimulating hormone                    General
         FT              Full-time                                        General
        FTA              fluorescent treponema antibody                   General
      FTA-ABS            Fluorescent treponema antibody absorption test   General
        FTSG             full thickness skin graft                        General
         FU              follow-up                                        General
        FUDR             floxuradine                                      General
        FUO              fever of unknown origin                          General
        FVC              forced vital capacity                            General
          fx             fracture                                         General
     g or G or gm        gram                                             General
       G-tube            gastrostomy tube                                 General
         G%              gram percent                                     General
G_,P_,A_ or Gr_,P_,Ab_   Gravida_, Para_, Aborta_                         General
         ga              gauge                                            General
        GAD              generalized anxiety disorder                     General
        GAF              Global Assessment of Functioning                 General

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                                  UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

    GB             gallbladder                                                  General
   GBS             Gallbladder Series                                           General/Procedure
 Gc or GC          gonococcus or gonorrhea                                      General
   GCS             Glasgow Coma Scale                                           General
    GE             gastroenteritis                                              General
   gent            Gentamycin                                                   General
  GERD             Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease                              General
    gest           gestation                                                    General
   GFR             glomerular filtration rate                                   General
    GI             gastrointestinal                                             General
GLU or glu         glucose                                                      General
   GOG             Gynecologic oncology group                                   General
    GP             General Practitioner                                         General
     gr            grain                                                        General
Grav or grav       Gravida                                                      General
    GS             General Surgery                                              General
   GSV             Great Saphenous Vein                                         General
   GSW             gunshot wound                                                General
   GTT             Glucose tolerance test                                       General
    gtts           Drops                                                        Medication
    GU             genitourinary                                                General
    Gy             gray (hematology/oncology term)                              General
   GYN             Gynecology                                                   General
     H             Hyperphoria                                                  General
   H2O             Water                                                        Chemical Element
   H2O2            Hydrogen Peroxide                                            Chemical Element
   H&P             History and Physical                                         General
    HA             Headache                                                     General
   HAA             hepatitis associated antigen                                 General
  HAMA             Human Anti-Murine Antibody                                   General
HA-MRSA            Healthcare-Associated-Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus   General
Hb or Hgb          hemoglobin                                                   General
   HBV             hepatitis B virus                                            General
    HC             head circumference                                           General
   HCG             human chorionic gonadotrophin                                General
   HCI             hydrochloric acid or hydrochloride                           General
   HCS             hydrocortisone                                               General
    Hct            hematocrit                                                   General
  HCTZ             hydrochlorthiazide                                           General
   HCV             hepatitis C virus                                            General

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                                    UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

    HCVD             hypertensive cardiovascular disease                  General
HCV-RNA by PCR       (abbreviation often used by our liver specialists)   General
     HD              hemodialysis                                         General
     HDL             high density lipoprotein                             General
    HEENT            head, eyes, ears, nose and throat                    General
    Heme             hematology                                           General
   Hem/Onc           Hematology Oncology                                  General
    HepA             Hepatitis A                                          General
    HepB             Hepatitis B                                          General
   Hep Lock          heparin lock                                         General
    HFJV             high frequency jet ventilation                       General
     HFN             high flow nebulization                               General
      Hg             mercury                                              General
     Hgb             hemoglobin                                           General
    HgbA1c           Hemoglobin A1c                                       General
     HGC             Horizontal gaze center                               General
    HGSIL            high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion           General
     HH              Home Health                                          General
      HI             head injury                                          General
     Hib             Haemophilus Influenza Type b                         General
     Histo           histoplasmosis                                       General
     HIV             human immunodeficiency virus                         General
     HJR             hepatojugular reflux                                 General
     HLA             human leukocyte antigen                              General
     HLD             hyperlipidemia                                       General
    HMD              hyaline membrane disease                             General
     HNP             herniated nucleus pulposus                           General
     HO              house officer                                        General
     HOB             head of the bead                                     General
    HOCM             hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy              General
      HP             hematology profile                                   General
     HPD             hematology profile and differential                  General
    HPDP             hematologic and differential profile                 General
     hpf             high powered field                                   General
     HPI             history of present illness                           General
     HPN             hematologic profile with neutrophils                 General
     HPV             human papillomavirus                                 General
     HR              Heart rate                                           General
      hrs            hours                                                General
      HS             hour of sleep                                        General

   Revised on 06/15/2011                          Page 15 of 39
                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 HSG              hysterosalpingogram                           General
 HSK              Herpes simplex keratitis                      General
HSTMVH            Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteran's Hospital   General
 HSV              herpes simplex virus                          General
  ht              height                                        General
 HTN              hypertension                                  General
  HU              Hounsfield Unit                               General
  Hx              History                                       General
 Hyst             hysterectomy                                  General
  HZ              Herpes Zoster                                 General
 I-131            Iodine-131 (radioisotope)                     General
 ICD              Intracoronary Device                          General
 I&D              incision and drainage                         General
 I&O               intake and output                            General
 IABP             intra-aortic balloon pump                     General
 IBD              Inflammatory bowel disease                    General
  IBS             irritable bowel syndrome                      General
 IBW              ideal body weight                             General
  iCa             Ionized Calcium                               General
 ICB              intracranial bleed                            General
  ICF             Intermediate Care Facility                    General
 ICH              intracranial hemorrhage                       General
  ICP             intracranial pressure                         General
  ICS             intensive care unit                           General
 ICSI             intracytoplasmic sperm injection              General
 ICU              intensive care unit                           General
  id              Identification                                General
  ID              Infectious Disease                            General
 IDDM             insulin dependent diabetes mellitus           General
 IDL              indirect laryngoscopy                         General
 IDU              Idoxuridine                                   General
  IgA             Immunoglobulin A                              General
  IgD             Immunoglobulin D                              General
  IgE             Immunoglobulin E                              General
  IgG             Immunoglobulin G                              General
 IgM              Immunoglobulin M                              General
  IH              inhalant, inhalation                          General
 IHD              Ischemic heart disease                        General
 IHSS             idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis    General
 ILD              Interstitial Lung Disease                     General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 ILM              Internal limiting membrane                             General
  IM              intramuscular                                          General
 iMg              Ionized Magnesium                                      General
  Imp             impression                                             General
 ImU              microinternational unit                                General
  IN              intranasal                                             General
 incont           Incontinent                                            General
 IND              independent                                            General
 INH              Isoniazid                                              General
  inj             injection                                              General
 INR              International Normalized Ratio                         General
 irreg            Irregular                                              General
 inspir           inspiration or inspiratory (relating to respiration)   General
 IOL              Intraocular lens                                       General
  IOP             Intraocular pressure                                   General
  IOS             Institute for Outpatient Service                       General
  IP              intraperitoneal                                        General
  IPD             intermittent peritoneal dialysis                       General
  IPJ             interphalangeal joint                                  General
 IPPB             Intermittent positive pressure breathing               General
  IQ              intelligence quotient                                  General
  IR              irrigation                                             General
  IS              Incentive Spirometry                                   General
  ISO             isolette                                               General
  IT              intrathecal                                            General
  ITP             idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura                    General
 ITRP             Individual Treatment and Rehabilitation Plan           General
 IUD              intrauterine device                                    General
 IUGR             intrauterine growth retardation                        General
  IUP             intrauterine pregnancy                                 General
 IUPC             Intrauterine pressure catheter                         General
  IV              intravenous                                            General
 IVC              Inferior Vena Cava                                     General
IV push           intravenous push                                       General
 IVCD             intraventricular conduction defect                     General
  IVF             intravenous fluids                                     General
 IVFA             Intravenous fluorescein angiography                    General
 IVH              intraventricular hemorrhage                            General
  IVP             intravenous pyelogram                                  General
 IVPB             intravenous piggyback                                  General

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                                  UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

  J1, J2…          Jaeger notation/size of type for near vision              General
    JNA            Juvenile Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma                      General
    JRA            juvenile rheumatoid arthritis                             General
     Jt            joint                                                     General
    JVD            jugular vein distention or jugular venous distention      General
    JVP            jugular venous pressure                                   General
    JXG            Juvenile xanthogranuloma                                  General
     K             Keratometry, flattest meridian of K reading; potassium    General
    K+             Potassium                                                 Chemical Element
    KB             Kleinhauer Baetke                                         General
    Kcal           kilocalorie                                               General
    KCl            potassium chloride                                        General
   KED             Kendrix Extrication Device                                General
    Kg             kilogram                                                  General
     KJ            knee jerks                                                General
    KO             Keep Open                                                 General/Orders
   KOH             Potassium hydroxide                                       General
   KUB             kidneys, ureter, bladder (flat plate of abdomen)          General
   KVO             Keep Vein Open                                            General/Orders
     L             left                                                      General
 L - E cells       lupus erythematosus (prep) cells                          General
L-4, L-5, etc      lumbar vertebra 4, etc.                                   General
   l&w             living and well                                           General
    LA             left atrium                                               General
    lab            laboratory                                                General
   LAD             left anterior descending artery                           General
   LAH             left atrial hypertrophy                                   General
   LAO             Left anterior oblique                                     General
    lap            laparascopic                                              General
  LASER            light amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation   General
     lat           lateral                                                   General
  LAVV             left-sided atrioventricular valve                         General
     lb            pound                                                     General
   LBBB            left bundle branch block                                  General
   LBCD            left border of cardiac dullness                           General
   LCM             left costal margin                                        General
    LD             learning disability                                       General
   LDH             lactic acid dehydrogenase                                 General
   LDL             low density lipoproteins                                  General
    LE             Lower Extremity                                           General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 LEEP             loop electrosurgical excision procedure           General
 LFT              liver function test                               General
 LGA              large for gestational age                         General
 LGB              Lateral geniculate body                           General
 LGN              Lateral geniculate nucleus                        General
LGSIL             low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion         General
  LH              leuteinizing hormone                              General
  liq             liquid                                            General
 Litho            Lithotripsy                                       Procedure
 LIWS             Low Intermittent Wall Suction                     General
 LKS              liver, kidneys and spleen                         General
  LL              Lower lid                                         General
 LLE              left lower extremity                              General
 LLL              left lower lobe – lung and/or left lower eyelid   General
 LLQ              left lower quadrant – abdomen                     General
 LMD              left main disease                                 General
LMHP              Licensed Mental Health Professional               General
 LMN              lower motor neuron                                General
 LMP              last menstrual period                             General
 LMR              Left medial rectus                                General
 LMW              low molecular weight                              General
 LN2              Liquid nitrogen                                   General
 LND              lymph node disection                              General
LNMP              last normal menstrual period                      General
 LOA              left occiput anterior                             General
 LOC              level of consciousness                            General
 LOD              lysis of adhesions                                General
LOGH              Lake Ozark General Hospital                       General
 LOM              left otitis media                                 General
 LOP              left occiput posterior                            General
  LP              lumbar puncture                                   General
 LPCA             Long posterior ciliary artery                     General
 LPN              Licensed Practical Nurse                          General
 LPO              left posterior oblique                            General
  LR              lactated ringers                                  General
 LRS              lactated Ringer solution                          General
  LS              lumbosacral                                       General
 LSB              left sternal border                               General
 LSD              lysergic acid diethylamide                        General
 LSO              Lumbosacral Orthosis                              General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 LSTC             laparoscopic tubal cautery                                 General
 LUE              left upper extremity                                       General
 LUL              left upper lobe – lung                                     General
 LUQ              left upper quadrant – abdomen                              General
  LV              left ventricle                                             General
LVAD              left ventricular assist device                             General
LVEDP             Left Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure                    Cardiology
 LVH              left ventricular hypertrophy                               General
LVSW              Left Ventricular Stroke Work                               General
LVSWI             Left Ventricular Stroke Work Index                         General
LWOBS             Left Without Being Seen                                    Emergency Department
 lymph            lymphocyte                                                 General
 lytes            electrolytes                                               General
  LZ              landing zone                                               General
  m               meter                                                      General
  M2              square meter                                               General
  m3              cubic meter                                                General
 MAC              Monitored Anesthesia Care                                  General
mammo             mammogram or mammography                                   General
Men-Vac           Meningitis vaccine                                         General
 MAP              mean arterial pressure                                     General
 MAR              Medication Administration Record                           Document Type
MAST              Military Anti-Shock Trousers                               General
 MAT              multi-focal atrial tachycardia                             General
MATPS             microhemoagglutination inhibition treponema palidum test   General
 max              maximal                                                    General
  MB              myocardial band                                            General
 MBS              modified barium swallow                                    General
 MCA              middle cerebral artery                                     General
 mcg              microgram                                                  General
 mcg%             microgram percent                                          General
 MCH              mean corpuscular hemoglobin                                General
MCHC              mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration                  General
 mCi              millicurie                                                 General
 MCL              midclavicular line                                         General
 MCL1             Modified Chest Lead 1                                      General
 MCP              metacarpophalangeal (hands)                                General
MCTD              mixed connective tissue disease                            General
 MCV              mean corpuscular volume                                    General
  MD              Doctor of Medicine                                         General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 MDD              Major Depressive Disorder                           General
 MDI              meter dose inhaler                                  General
MDMA              Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or Ecstasy            General
 MDR              minimum daily requirements                          General
ME ratio          myeloid to erythroid ratio                          General
 MEC              meconium                                            General
  Med             Medicine                                            General
 meds             medications                                         General
 mEq              milliequivalent                                     General
 mEq/L            milliequivalent per liter                           General
 MET              Metabolic Equivalent                                General
META              metamyelocyte                                       General
  mg              milligram                                           General
  Mg              Magnesium                                           Chemical Element
  MG              Myasthenia gravis                                   General
 mg%              milligrams per hundred milliliters of serum blood   General
 MGF              maternal grandfather                                General
 MGM              maternal grandmother                                General
 MHP              Mental Health Professional                          General
  MI              myocardial infarction                               General
 MICU             medical intensive care unit                         General
 MIIP             MUPC Inpatients                                     General
 Mil U            million units                                       General
  min             minute                                              General
  MJ              Megajoules                                          General
ml or mL          milliliter (liquid capacity)                        General
  mm              millimeters (length)                                General
mm H2O            millimeter of water                                 General
mm Hg             millimeter of mercury                               General
 mm3              cubic millimeter                                    General
 MMK              Marshall-Marchetti-Kranz procedure                  General
MMMHC             Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center                   General
 mmol             millimole                                           General
 MMPI             Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory         General
 MMR              measles, mumps and rubella                          General
 MMT              manual muscle testing                               General
  MO              month                                               General
  mod             moderate                                            General
 Mohs             Micrographic Oriented Histological Surgery          General
 MOI              Missouri Orthopaedic Institute                      General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

  mol             mole (gram-molecular weight)                    General
 MOM              Milk of Magnesia                                General
 mono             monocyte                                        General
MOOP              MUPC Outpatients                                General
 mOsm             miliosmole                                      General
  MP              Management Protocol                             General
  MP              Multiphase                                      Orders/PowerPlans
 mph              Miles Per Hour                                  General
  MR              mitral regurgitation                            General
 MRA              Magnetic Resonance Angiography                  General
 MRI              Magnetic Resonance Imaging                      General
 MRN              Medical Record Number                           General
MRSA              Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus     General
MSAFP             maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein                General
  MS              Multiple sclerosis                              General
 MSE              mental status examination                       General
 msec             milliseconds                                    General
 msg              message                                         General
 MSt              mitral stenosis                                 General
 MSW              Master of Social Work                           General
MTDN              Methadone                                       General
 MTP              metatarsophalangeal                             General
MUGA              Multiple Gaited Acquisition (scan)              General
MUPC              Missouri University Psychiatric Center          General
 MV               mitral valve                                    General
 MVA              motor vehicle accident                          General
 MVC              motor vehicle crash – motor vehicle collision   General
 MVP              mitral valve prolapse                           General
 myelo            myelocyte                                       General
N&V               nausea and vomiting                             General
 N bal            Nitrogen balance                                General
N Surg            Neurosurgery                                    General
  na              sodium                                          General
 NABS             normal active bowel sounds                      General
 NaCl             sodium chloride                                 General
 NAD              no acute distress                               General
NAHCO3            Sodium Bicarb                                   Chemical Element
 NALS             Neonatal advanced life support                  General
NASH              nonalcoholic steatohepatitis                    General
 NBN              Newborn Nursery                                 General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 NBP              nursing bowel program                        General
  NC              nasal cannula                                General
 NCV              nerve conduction velocity                    General
NCVD              normal controlled vaginal delivery           General
  nd              not done                                     General
NdYAG             neodymium yittrium-aluminum-garnet laser     General
 NEC              necrotizing entercolitis                     General
 NED              no evidence of disease                       General
  neg             negative                                     General
 Neo              Neosynephrine                                General
 neuro            neurological                                 General
Neurol            Neurology                                    General
 neut             neutrophil                                   General
 NFC              Non-formulary compounded                     General
 NFI              Non-formulary investigational                General
  NG              nasogastric                                  General
NGB&B             neurogenic bowel and bladder                 General
ng-mL             nanograms per milliliter                     General
 NHL              Non-Hodgkin lymphoma                         General
 NHP              Nursing Home Placement                       General
  NI              No improvement                               General
 NIBP             Non-Invasive Blood Pressure                  General
 NICU             Neonatal Intensive Care Unit                 General
NIDDM             non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus      General
 NIH              National Institutes of Health                General
NIPPV             non-invasive positive pressure ventilation   General
  NJ              nasojejunal                                  General
 NKA              no known allergies                           General
NKDA              no known drug allergies                      General
  nl              normal                                       General
 NLD              Nasolacrimal duct                            General
  nm              nanometer                                    General
 NMI              No manifest improvement                      General
 noct             nocturnal                                    General
 NOS              Not Otherwise Specified                      General
  NP              nasopharynx                                  General
NPDR              non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy       General
 NPH              Neutral Protamine Hagedorn                   General
 NPO              nothing by mouth                             General
  NR              Non-reactive                                 General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

NRBE              nucleated red blood cell                      General
  NS              normal saline                                 General
NSAID             nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs          General
NSDU              Neurosurgery Step Down Unit                   General
  nsg             Nursing                                       General
NSHL              Neurosensory hearing loss                     General
NSICU             Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit              General
 NSR              normal sinus rhythm                           General
 NST              nonstress test                                General
NSTEMI            Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction        General
 NSU              Neurosurgery Unit                             General
NSVD              normal spontaneous vaginal delivery           General
  NT              Nursing Technician                            General
 NTG              nitroglycerin                                 General
 NTT              Neonatal Transport Team                       General
 Nutr             Nutrition                                     General
NYHA              New York Heart Association                    General
   o              negative, absent, none                        General
  O2              oxygen                                        General
O2 Sat            oxygen saturation                             General
  OA              Occiput anterior                              General
  OB              obstetrical or Obstetrics                     General
 OBS              organic brain syndrome                        General
  OC              on call                                       General
 OCD              Obsessive Compulsive Disorder                 General
OCOR              on call to operating room                     General
  OD              right eye                                     General
 OFC              occipital frontal circumference               General
  OG              orogastric                                    General
 OHT              ocular hypertension                           General
  oint            ointment                                      General
 OLT              orthotopic liver transplant                   General
 OM               otitis media                                  General
  ON              Optic nerve                                   General
 OOB              out of bed                                    General
  OP              occiput posterior                             General
 OPA              oral pharyngeal airway                        General
 OPD              Outpatient Department                         General
 Ophth            Opthalmology, ophthalmic, etc.                General
op-site           operative site                                General

Revised on 06/15/2011                           Page 24 of 39
                                   UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

    OPV             oral polio vaccine                                          General
     OR             Operating Room                                              General
oriented X 3        oriented to person, time and place                          General
    ORIF            open reduction internal fixation                            General
    Ortho           Orthopedics                                                 General
     OS             left eye                                                    General
    OSA             Obstructive Sleep Apnea                                     General
     OT             Occupational Therapy                                        General
   OT-PT            Occupational Therapy – Physical Therapy                     General
    OTR             Registered Occupational Therapist                           Professional Title
  OU or ou          both eyes                                                   General
     Ox             oximeter                                                    General
     Oz             ounce                                                       General
      P             Post, after                                                 General
    P Ex            Physical examination                                        General
    P&O             Prosthetics and Orthotics                                   General
     p.m.           after noon                                                  General
     p.o.           orally or by mouth                                          General
    p.r.n.          whenever necessary                                          General
      P2            pulmonic second sound                                       General
     PA             posterior-anterior                                          General
    PAC             premature atrial contractions                               General
   PACU             Post anesthesia care unit                                   General
    PAD             Pulmonary artery diastolic                                  General
    PAL             posterior axillary line                                     General
  PALND             para-aoartic lymph node dissection                          General
    PALS            Pediatric advanced life support                             General
    PAM             Potential acuity meter                                      General
    PAN             Periarteritis nodosa                                        General
    PAOP            pulmonary artery occlusion pressure                         General
     Pap            Papanicolaou Smear                                          General
    PAR             post-anesthetic recovery                                    General
     Para           paraplegic                                                  General
Para I, Para II     primapara, secundapara, etc.                                General
  Paracent          paracentesis                                                General
    PAS             pulmonary artery systolic                                   General
Passive ROM         passive range of motion                                     General
    PAT             paroxysmal atrial tachycardia; also prism adaptation test   General
     Path           Pathology                                                   General
    PBC             primary biliary cirrhosis                                   General

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                                  UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

   PBI             Protein bound iodine                                          General
   P/C             Phone Call                                                    General
 p.c. or pc        after meals                                                   General
   PCA             patient controlled analgesic                                  General
  pcg%             picograms percent                                             General
   PCN             Penicillin                                                    General
  pcn GK           penicillin G Potassium                                        General
  PCO2             partial pressure of carbon dioxide                            General
   PCP             Primary Care Provider                                         General
   PCP             Phencyclidine or Angel dust                                   Medications
   PCS             Patient Care System                                           General
   PCT             prothrombin consumption time                                  General
   PCV             polycythemia vera                                             General
  PCVC             peripheral central venous catheter (percutaneous)             General
  PCWP             pulmonary capillary wedge                                     General
  pCXR             Portable Chest Xray                                           General
    PD             peritoneal dialysis                                           General
   PDA             patent ductus arteriosus                                      General
   PDR             proliferative diabetic retinopathy                            General
    PE             pulmonary embolism                                            General
  PE max           maximal expiratory pressure                                   General
 PE tubes          pressure equalizing or polyethylene tubes                     General
   Peds            Pediatrics                                                    General
  PEEP             positive and expiratory pressure                              General
   PEG             percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy                           General
PEG-Intron         (abbreviation used often by our liver specialists)            General
   PEO             Progressive external ophthalmoplegia                          General
   peri            perineal                                                      General
pern anemia        pernicious anemia                                             General
  PERRL            pupils equal, round and reactive to light                     General
 PERRLA            pupils equal, round and reactive to light and accommodation   General
    PF             Preservative Free                                             General
   PFT             pulmonary function test                                       General
    pg             picogram (1 trillionth gram)                                  General
  PGE2             Prostaglandin                                                 General
   PGF             paternal grandfather                                          General
   PGM             paternal grandmother                                          General
    pH             measure of acidity                                            General
    PH             Past history; pinhole visual acuity                           General
  Ph. D            Doctor of Philosophy                                          Professional Title

 Revised on 06/15/2011                        Page 26 of 39
                                  UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 Pharm D           Doctor of Pharmacy                           Professional Title
Phenobarb          Phenobarbitol                                General
   PHF             Posterior hyaloid face                       General
   PHM             Posterior hyaloid membrane                   General
   PHN             Public Health Nurse                          General
   Phos            Phosphate or Phosphorus                      General
    PI             present illness                              General
  PI max           maximal inspiratory pressure                 General
   PICC            peripherally inserted central catheter       General
   PICU            Pediatric Intensive Care Center              General
   PID             pelvic inflammatory disease                  General
   PIH             pregnancy induced hypertension               General
    PIP            proximal interphalangeal                     General
    Pit            Pitocin                                      General
   PIV             Peripheral I.V.                              General
   PJC             premature junctional contradiction           General
    pK             dissociation constant                        General
    pkg            package                                      General
   PKP             Penetrating keratoplasty                     General
   PKU             phenylketonuria                              General
  PLND             pelvic lymph node dissection                 General
  PLTS             platelets                                    General
p.m. or pm         after noon                                   General
  PM&R             Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation         General
   PMD             private physician                            General
   PMH             past medical history                         General
   PMI             point of maximal impulse                     General
  PMMA             polymethymethacrylate                        General
   PMN             Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (neutrophils)   General
   PMP             previous menstrual period                    General
   PND             paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea                 General
Pneumo-Vac         Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine          General
   PNS             Peripheral nervous system                    General
   PNU             protein nitrogen unit                        General
   PNV             prenatal vitamin                             General
 p.o. or po        orally or by mouth                           General
   PO2             partial pressure of oxygen                   General
   PO4             Phosphate                                    Chemical Element
   POA             Present on Admission                         General
   POC             Point of Care                                General

 Revised on 06/15/2011                          Page 27 of 39
                                    UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

     POD             Post-Op Day                                          General
     POG             Pediatric oncology group                             General
    polys            polymorphonuclear leukocytes or neutrophils          General
polys or PMN's       polymorphonuclear leukocytes or neutrophils          General
     POP             popliteal                                            General
   POS/CM            Purchase of Service/Case Management                  General
post-op, postop      after operation, postoperative                       General/Surgical
      pp             postprandial                                         General
     PPD             packs per day; purified protein derivative           General
     PPG             Pilopine gel                                         General
     PPH             Postpartum hemorrhage                                General
    PPMD             posterior polymorphous dystrophy                     General
     ppn             peripheral parenteral nutrition                      General
   PPOEP             Perinatal-Pediatric Outreach Education Program       General
    PPRF             Pontine paramedian reticular formation               General
   PPROM             preterm premature rupture of membranes               General
  PPSROM             preterm premature spontaneous rupture of membranes   General
     PPV             Pars plana vitrectomy                                General
      pr             per rectum                                           General
    PRBC             packed red blood cells                               General
     PRE             progressive resistive exercise                       General
    pre-op           before operation                                     General
     prep            prepare, prepped                                     General
 p.r.n. or prn       whenever necessary                                   General
pro time or PT       prothrombin time                                     General
  Proc Pcn.          Penicillin G. Procaine                               General
    PROM             premature rupture of membranes                       General
     prot            protein                                              General
    PRRE             pupils round, regular and equal                      General
     PRV             polycythemia rubra vera                              General
      PS             pulmonic stenosis                                    General
     PSA             prostate specific antigen                            General
     PSC             primary sclerosing cholangitis                       General
     PSI             pounds per square inch                               General
     PSP             Progressive supranuclear palsy                       General
   PSROM             premature spontaneous rupture of membranes           General
    PSVT             paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia              General
      pt             Patient                                              General
     PTA             prior to admission                                   General
    PTCA             percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty       General

   Revised on 06/15/2011                         Page 28 of 39
                                    UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

    PT/OT            Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy          General
     PTH             parathyroid hormone                            General
     PTN             Pre-tectal nucleus                             General
     PTSD            Post Traumatic Stress Disorder                 General
    PT/PTT           Prothrombin Time/Partial Thromboplastin Time   General
      PTT            partial thromboplastin time                    General
     PUD             peptic ulcer disease                           General
    Pulm A           pulmonary artery                               General
   pulse ox          pulse oximetry                                 General
    PUVA             Ultraviolet Psoralen/UVA Therapy               General
     PVC             premature ventricular contractions             General
    PvCare           Prevention/Preventive Care                     General
     PVD             peripheral vascular disease                    General
     PVR             peripheral vascular resistance                 General
     PVRI            Pulmonary Vascular Resistance Index            General
     PWP             pulmonary wedge pressure                       General
      PX             prognosis                                      General
     PXE             Pseudo-xanthoma elasticum                      General
     PXF             Pseudo exfoliation                             General
     Pyelo           Pyelonephritis                                 General
q.2h., q.4h., etc    every 2 hours, every 4 hours, etc              General
      QA             Quality Assurance                              General
      qam            Every day before noon                          General
       qh            Every hour                                     General
      qhs            every bedtime                                  General
      qid            four times per day                             General
    QMHP             Qualified Mental Health Professional           General
       qn            Every night                                    General
      qns            Quantity not sufficient                        General
      qpm            Every day after noon                           General
       qs            quantity sufficient                            General
      QTc            Corrected QT interval                          General
     QTL             Quantitative Tracheal Lavage                   General
     quad            quadriplegic                                   General
     quant           quantitative or quantity                       General
       R             right                                          General
     R.Ph.           Registered Pharmacist                          Professional Title
      RA             Rheumatoid arthritis                           General
      RF             Rheumatoid factors                             General
   Rad hyst          radical hysterectomy                           General

   Revised on 06/15/2011                        Page 29 of 39
                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 Rad T            Radiation Therapy                            General
 RAH              right atrial hypertrophy                     General
  RAI             radioactive iodine                           General
 RAO              right anterior oblique                       General
 RASS             Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale            General
RAVV              right-sided atrioventricular valve           General
 RBBB             right bundle branch block                    General
 RBC              red blood cell                               General
RBCD              right border of cardiac dullness             General
 RBV              Read Back and Verify                         General
 RCA              right coronary artery                        General
 RCF              Residential Care Facility                    General
  RD              Registered Dietitian                         General
 RDA              recommended dietary allowance                General
 RDS              respiratory distress syndrome                General
 Rec T            Recreation Therapy                           General
 REE              resting energy expenditure                   General
  Ref             Refraction                                   General
Ref Phys          referring physician                          General
 Rehab            Rehabilitation                               General/Treatment/Department
 REM              rapid eye movements                          General
 Resp             respirations                                 General
Resp T            Respiratory Therapy                          General
 Retic            reticulocyte                                 General
  Rh              Rhesus blood factor                          General
 RHD              rheumatic heart disease                      General
 RHS              resting hand splint                          General
  RIA             radioimmunoassay                             General
 RISA             radio-iodinated serum albumin                General
 RLE              right lower extremity                        General
 RLL              right lower lobe – lung                      General
 RLQ              right lower quadrant (abdomen)               General
Rm air            room air                                     General
 RML              right middle lobe – lung                     General
  RN              Registered Nurse                             General
  RO              rule out                                     General
 ROA              right occiput anterior                       General
 ROM              range of motion                              General
 ROS              review of systems                            General
 RPO              right posterior oblique                      General

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                                  UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

    RPR            Rapid Plama Reagin (test for syphilis)       General
    RR             Respiratory rate                             General
   RRR             Regular Rate and Rhythm                      Cardiac
    RSR            regular sinus rhythm                         General
   RSV             Respiratory Syncytial Virus                  General
    RT             Respiratory therapy                          General
   RTC             return to clinic                             General
   RUE             right upper extremity                        General
   RUL             right upper lobe – lung                      General
   RUQ             right upper quadrant – abdomen               General
    RV             right ventricle                              General
  RVAD             right ventricular assist device              General
 RVEDV             Right Ventricular End Diastolic Volume       General
   RVEF            Right Ventricular Ejection Fraction          General
  RVSW             Right Ventricular Stroke Work                General
  RVSWI            Right Ventricular Stroke Work Index          General
    Rx             therapy; treatment                           General
    s/p            status post                                  General
    S/S            Signs and Symptoms                           General
   S&O             salpingectomy and oophorectomy               General
S1, S2, etc        first heart sound, second heart sound, etc   General
S-1, S-2, etc      sacral vertebra 1, etc.                      General
    SA             sinoatrial                                   General
   SAB             spontaneous abortion                         General
   SAH             subarachnoid hemorrhage                      General
   SaO2            Arterial oxygen percent saturation           General
    SBE            subacute bacterial endocarditis              General
   SBFT            Small bowel follow through                   General
   SBO             small bowel obstruction                      General
    SBP            Systolic Blood Pressure                      General
    SCC            squamous cell carcinoma                      General/Clinical
   SCD             Sequential Compression Device                General
    SCI            spinal cord injury                           General
    SCL            Supported Community Living                   General
  ScvO2            Central Venous Oxygen Saturation             General
    SD             Standard deviation                           General
   SDH             subdural hematoma                            General
   SDSC            Same Day Surgery Center                      General
  sed rate         sedimentation rate                           General
   SEM             slow eye movements                           General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 SGA              small for gestational age                               General
SGOT              serum glutamic oxalacetic transaminase                  General
 SGPT             serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase                     General
  SH              social history                                          General
  SI              sensory integration                                     General
 SICU             Surgical Intensive Care Unit                            General
 SIDS             sudden infant death syndrome                            General
  SIL             squamous intraepithelial lesion                         General
 SIMV             Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation         General
 SIVP             slow intravenous push                                   General
  SK              Seborrheic Keratosis                                    Clinical
  SL              sublingual                                              General
 SLE              systemic lupus erythematous                             General
 SLIV             Saline Lock IV                                          General
 SLR              straight leg raise                                      General
 SLS              Simplified Lansoprazole Suspension                      General
 SMA              Superior Mesenteric Artery                              General
SMAS              superficial musculoaponeurotic system                   General
 SMI              Serious Mental Illness                                  General
SMOG              saline, magnesium, mineral oil, glycerin (SMOG enema)   General
  SN              Student Nurse                                           General
 SNAP             Sensory Nerve Action Potential                          General
 SNF              Skilled Nursing Facility                                General
SNHL              sensori-neural hearing loss                             General
 SOAP             Subjective, Objective Assessment Plan                   General
 SO2              Sulfate                                                 Chemical Element
 SOB              shortness of breath                                     General
  sol             solution                                                General
 SOM              serous otitis media                                     General
  SP              suprapubic                                              General
  SP              Subphase                                                Orders/PowerPlans
 sp gr            specific gravity                                        General
 spec             specimen                                                General
  Sph             Sphere                                                  General
 SpO2             oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter                     General
 SPEP             Serum Protein Electrphoresis                            Laboratory Test
  sq              square                                                  General
  SR              sustained release                                       General
SROM              spontaneous rupture of membranes                        General
  ss              a half                                                  General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

SS enema          soapsuds enema                                General
  SSC             Short Stay Center                             General
  SSd             Silver Sulfa Dioxine                          General
  SSE             Sterile speculum exam                         General
 SSKI             saturated solution of potassium iodine        General
 SSRI             selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor        General
  SSS             sick sinus syndrome                           General
  Ssx             Signs and symptoms                            General
   st             via tube                                      General
 Staph            Staphlococcus                                 General
  stat            immediately                                   General
  STD             sexually transmitted disease                  General
STEMI             ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction            General
  STG             short term goals                              General
 STM              short-term memory                             General
  StP             Status post                                   General
 Strep            Streptococcus                                 General
  STS             serologic test for syphilis                   General
 STSG             split thickness skin graft                    General
 ST-T             (ECG – changes in ST segments and T waves)    General
 SubQ             subcutaneous                                  General
Subconj           subconjunctival                               General
 Supp             suppository                                   General
 suppl            supplement                                    General
  Surg            Surgery                                       General
  susp            suspension                                    General
  SV              Stoke Volume                                  General
  SVE             Sterile Vaginal Exam                          General
 SVG              saphenous vein graft                          General
  SVI             Stroke Volume Index                           General
 SVO2             mixed venous oxygen saturation                General
  SVR             Systemic Vascular Resistance                  General
 SVRI             Systemic Vascular Resistance Index            General
  SVT             Supraventricular tachycardia                  General
 SVV              Stroke Volume Variation                       General
  SW              Social Work                                   General
   sx             symptoms or symptomatic                       General
  syr             syringe                                       General
   T              Temperature                                   General
 T bili           total bilirubin                               General

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                                     UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

      T&A             tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy                General
      T&C             type and crossmatch                            General
      t.i.d.          three times a day                              General
T-1, T-2, T-3, etc    thoracic vertebra 1, etc.                      General
       T3             Triiodothyronine                               General
     T3-RU            T3 Resin Uptake                                General
       T4             Thyroxine                                      General
       tab            tablet                                         General
      TAH             total abdominal hysterectomy                   General
      TAA             transverse aortic arch                         General
       TB             tuberculosis                                   General
      TBG             thyroxine-binding globulin                     General
      TBI             Traumatic brain injury                         General
       Tbs            tablespoon                                     General
    TC&DB             turn, cough and deep breath                    General
      TCM             Transcutaneous Monitor                         General
      TCN             tetracycline                                   General
     TcPO2            Transcutaneous oxygen pressure                 General
     TcPYP            99m technetium pyrophosphate                   General
       TD             tumor dose                                     General
      Tdap            Tetanus, Diptheria, Acellular Pertussis        General
      tech            Technician                                     General/Position Description
      TEE             trans-esophageal echocardiogram                General
     TENS             Transelectrical nerve Stimulator               Equipment or Device
      Terb            Terbutaline                                    General
       TF             tube feeding                                   General
      THC             Tetrahydrocannabinol or Marijuana              General
      THR             total hip replacement                          General
       TI             tricuspid insufficiency                        General
      TIA             transient ischemic attack                      General
      TIBC            total iron binding capacity                    General
      TICU            Thoracic Intensive Care Unit                   General
       tid            three times a day                              General
      TIPS            transvenous intrahepatic portosystemic shunt   General
      TKO             To Keep Open                                   General
      TKR             total knee replacement                         General
      TLC             tender loving care                             General
      TLIF            Transforaminal lumbar Interbody Fusion         General
      TLS             thoraco-lumbo-sacral                           General
  TLSO-brace          (thoracolumbar sacral orthosis brace)          General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

  TM              tympanic membranes                                General
 TMJ              temporal mandibular joint                         General
 TNS              transcutaneous nerve stimulation                  General
TNTC              too numerous to count                             General
  TO              Telephone order                                   General
 tobra            tobramycin                                        General
TOLAC             trial of labor after cesarean section             General
 Top              topically                                         General
TORCH             toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus; herpes   General
 TPA              Tissue Plasminogen Activator                      General
 TPN              total parenteral nutrition                        General
 TPR              temperature, pulse and respiration                General
 Trab             trabeculectomy                                    General
 Trach            tracheostomy                                      General
TRAM              transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous          General
  trig            triglycerides                                     General
  TS              tricuspid stenosis                                General
 TSH              thyroid stimulating hormone                       General
  tsp             teaspoon                                          General
  TU              test units                                        General
 TUR              transurethral resection                           General
 TURP             transurethral resection of the prostate           General
  TV              tidal volume                                      General
 TVC              true vocal cord(s)                                General
 TVH              total vaginal hysterectomy                        General
  Tx              treatment                                         General
  UA              urinalysis                                        General
 UAC              umbilical artery catheterization                  General
 UAL              up ad lib                                         General
 UBW              usual body weight                                 General
  UC              unit clerk                                        General
UCHD              usual childhood diseases                          General
  UD              Unit dose                                         General
 UDS              Urine drug screen                                 General
  UE              upper extremity                                   General
 UFLT             University Hospital Flight Ambulance              General
 UGI              upper gastrointestinal                            General
  UH              University Hospital                               General
 UHC              University Hospitals and Clinics                  General
UHDX              University Hospital Diagnostic Testsing           General

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                                   UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

    UIIP            University Inpatient                          General
   UINB             University Hospital Newborn                   General
    UITP            University Trauma Patient                     General
   UMER             MUPC Emergency                                General
    UMN             upper motor neuron                            General
  Unk Etiol         unknown etiology                              General
   UOAM             University Ambulatory Surgery                 General
   UOBS             University Observation                        General
   UODX             University Diagnostic                         General
   UOER             University Emergency                          General
   UOOP             University Outpatient                         General
    UOP             Urine Output                                  General
   UORD             University Hospital Organ Donor               General
   UOSS             University Short Stay                         General
UP osm, UP cr       urine/plasma osmality and creatinine          General
   UPEP             Urine Protein Electrophoresis                 Laboratory Test
    URI             upper respiratory infection                   General
    Urol            Urology                                       General
     US             Ultrasound                                    General
  USRDA             United States recommended daily allowance     General
    UTI             urinary tract infection                       General
    uun             urine urea nitrogen                           General
    UVA             Ultraviolet A rays                            General
    UVB             Ultraviolet B Rays                            General
    UVC             umbilical vein catheterization                General
    UVL             Ultraviolet light                             General
   V dist           volume of distribution                        General
   V Tach           ventricular tachycardia                       General
    VA              Veteran’s Administration                      General
 V-A shunt          ventricular atrial shunt                      General
    VAC             vacuum assisted closure                       Surgery/Pharmacy
  Var-Vac           Varicella Vaccine                             General
    Vatg            vagina or vaginal                             General
   VBAC             vaginal birth after Cesarean Section          General
     VC             vital capacity                                General
    VCG             vectorcardiogram                              General
   VCO2             CO2 production                                General
   VCUG             Voiding cystourethrogram                      General
    VD              veneral disease                               General
 VDD-VAT            atrial synchronous pacemaker                  General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

 VDRL             venereal disease research laboratory test    General
  VE              vaginal examination                          General
 Vent             ventilator                                   General
 VER              visual evoked response                       General
  VF              Visual field                                 General
 VFC              Vaccines For Children                        General
 V-fib            ventricular fibrillation                     General
  VIP             voluntary interruption of pregnancy          General
  Vit             vitamin                                      General
 Vit B1           vitamin B1                                   General
Vit B12           vitamin B12                                  General
 Vit B2           vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)                      General
 Vit B6           vitamin B6                                   General
 Vit C            ascorbic acid                                General
 Vit D            ergocalciferon                               General
 VNA              Visiting Nurses Association                  General
  VO              Verbal order                                 General
 VO2              oxygen consumption                           General
  VP              ventriculoperitoneal (refers to a shunt)     General
VP shunt          ventriculoperitoneal shunt                   General
 VP-16            etoposide                                    General
  VS              vital signs                                  General
 VSD              ventricular septal defect                    General
 VSS              vital signs stable                           General
 VTE              Venous Thromboembolism                       General
  VVI             ventricular demand pacemaker                 General
  W               white                                        General
  WA              while awake                                  General
 WBC              white blood cell                             General
  WC              wheelchair                                   General
  WD              well developed                               General
WDWN              well developed, well nourished               General
  WF              white female                                 General
 WFL              within functional limits                     General
  WM              white male                                   General
  WN              well nourished                               General
 WNL              within normal limits                         General
  wo              without                                      General
  WP              whirlpool                                    General
 WPW              Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome               General

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                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

  wt              weight                                    General
  wu              Work-up                                   General
  XR              X-Ray                                     General
 YAG              Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Laser)           General
  yo              year old                                  General
  YR              year                                      General
Zos-Vac           Zoster/Shingles Vaccine                   General

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                                    UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE

      ABBREVIATION                                                  DEFINITION
             SYMBOL          DEFINITION
                @            at
                 B           bilateral
                 c           with
              ↓, D/C         decrease,down
                hr°          hour
            ↑, inc ( R )     increase, up
                →            leading to, tends to
                 ∆           change
                 =           equal
                 >           is greater than
                 <           is less than
                 p           after, post
                 /s          without
                w/o          without
                 /c          with
                 λ           micron
                 m           murmur
               mcg           microgram
                 N           normal
                 q           every
                 +           plus, positive
                 -           negative
                 &           and
                 X           times
                 //          parallel
               5-FU          5-flourouracil
                 ~           approximately
                 X           except
                2°           secondary to
                 []          concentration
                 #           number
                 ss          a half
                %            percent
                 "           minute
               3 C/L         triple lumen central line
                 /a          before

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