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									                                              BALKAN TABLE TENNIS UNION


F.1.1.   The competition, which consists of a males and females event, shall be conducted on behalf of B.T.T.U by the B.T.T.U Chair-
         man of Technical Committee, who shall have the authority to change dates of matches whenever needed.
F.2.1.   The Events shall be open for 8 dedicated Teams from each Member Association.
F.2.3.   Each team consists from 2-3-4 male and 2-3-4 female players. These players they does not have right to take part in Euro-
         pean clubs championships at the same period, because we use the same competition dates us them.

F.3      ENTRIES
F.3.1.   The Member Associations must send for each “ Municipality team” an entry form to the B.T.T.U General Secretary and
         B.T.T.U Chairman of Technical Committee until the 31of August each year, included information’s about the names of “ Mu-
         nicipality team” and the contact persons, who are on duty for any kind of information’s and questions.
F.3.2.   Each member Association shall be sent the entry fee of 20 € per «Municipality team” to the B.T.T.U bank account.

F.4.1.   The competition shall be held each season between October and end of June at the same days as European Nancy Evans
F.4.2.   The host “ Municipality team” ” shall be send the visiting “ Municipality team” a written invitation, to arrive not later than 20
         days before the match is due to be played, giving details of the location, starting time and accommodation, and shall send a
         copy of this invitation to the B.T.T.U Chairman of Technical Committee. The home “Municipality team” shall be at the same
         time inform the visiting “Municipality team” of the brands and colours of tables and balls which will be used in the match.

F.5.1.   The home “Municipality team” shall provide free hospitality, full board and lodging at a hotel of good standard for 2 days for
         7 visiting persons and transport from the local airport/railway station to the hotel/playing hall. For more to 7 persons the cost of
         hospitality will paid from the visiting “Municipality team”

F.6      DRAW

F.6.1.   The B.T.T.U Chairman of Technical Committee shall make the draw in public, during the Senior Balkan Table Tennis Champi-
F.6.2.   A single Knockout system will be used, and “Municipality team” must play home or away.
F.6.3.   “Municipality team” from the same Association shall be draw as far as possible into separate sections of the draw.
F.6.4.   At the first round the “Municipality team” drawn first shall play at home. From the next rounds, except Finale, a “Municipal-
         ity team” which played at home in previous round shall play away, unless “ Municipality team” played both at home or both
         away, in which case the “ Municipality team” having played fewer home matches in the previous rounds shall play at home,
         if both “ Municipality team” have played the same number of home matches in previous round, the “ Municipality team”
         placed higher in the draw shall play at home.
F.6.5.   “Municipality team” may agree to reverse a fixture but this shall not affect the application of this procedure for deciding which
         “Municipality team” plays at home in subsequent rounds.
F.6.6.   Finals shall be played in home and away matches and at the draw it shall be decided by lot, “Municipality team” will play the
         first matches at home.
F.6.7.   If in the final matches each “Municipality team” has won one leg, the winner will be the team with better aggregate score first
         in individual matches, then in games and finally in points. If they are still equal the winner shall be decided by lot.

F.7      COMPOSITION OF “Municipality team”
F.7.1.   A “Municipality team” may nominate up to 12 players on the relevant entry form. Amendments to this list may be made only
         up to the draw and shall be sent by FAX or email to B.T.T.U Chairman of Technical Committee; no alterations shall be ac-
         cepted after the draw.

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F.7.2.    After the draw the B.T.T.U Chairman of Technical Committee shall send to the participating “Municipality team” and to their
          Association a list of the players nominated by each of them. .
F.7.3.    A player shall not compete for different “Municipality team” in the same period.

F.8.1.    A single Knockout system will be used without seeding place.
F.8.2.    A “Municipality team” shall consist of 2-3-4 male and 2-3-4 female players selected from those nominated for the event.
F.8.3.    A team match shall consist 11 individual matches.
F.8.4.    All individual matches shall be played on two tables.
F.8.5.    The order of play be
                                          TEAM           A            TEAM            X
                                          Male            A      -- Male              X
                                          Female          A      -- Female            X
                                          Male            B      -- Male              Y
                                          Female          B      -- Female            Y
                                          Male        DOUBLE -- Male              DOUBLE
                                          Female      DOUBLE          Female DOUBLE
                                          Male            A      -- Male              Y
                                          Female          A      -- Female            Y
                                          Male            B      -- Male              X
                                          Female          B      -- Female            X
                                                       MIXED     --                MIXED

F.8.6.    And the team match shall end when one team has won 6 individual matches, each the best of 5 games.
F.8.7.    Except the final matches the captains shall decide lot before the match the right to choose A,B,C or X,Y,Z and shall nominate
          their players ,assigning a letter to each player. In the final matches the home team shall be automatically A,B and the visiting
          team X,Y.

F.9       TROPHIES
F.9.1.    The “B.T.T.U Cup Trophy” shall be presented during the next B.T.T.U congress to Associations which the “Municipality
          team” winning.

F.10.1.   All equipment and advertising rights within the playing area belong to the home clubs.

F.11.1.   The visiting “Municipality team” shall notify the home “ Municipality team” of the colours of its playing clothing and the
          home “ Municipality team” shall wear different colours.
F.11.2.   Advertisements on players clothing shall comply with I.T.T.F Regulations for International Competitions.

F.12.1.   For all matches the home “Municipality team” shall appoint at least two umpires, who shall be International or National Um-
          pires and whereof one shall fulfil the duties of the Referee.

F.13      RESULTS
F.13.1.   Immediately after a match the home “Municipality team” shall sent by fax to B.T.T.U Chairman of Technical Committee a
          copy of the results sheet and within 4 days shall send by post the official results sheet to the B.T.T.U General Secretary.

F.14.1.   A “ Municipality team” violating the laws of Table Tennis or the B.T.T.U constitution and regulations and /or a “ Municipality
          team” failing to fulfil a fixture or plays with a not nominated player will lose the match, and disqualified from the competition.

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F.14.2.   “Municipality team” failing to send a written invitation in due time to their opponent, a “ Municipality team” failing to send
          the results of a match as specified or failing to make a prompt and satisfactory financial settlement with an opposing club will
          be subject to a fine of 30 €.
F.14.3.   A “ Municipality team” not fulfilling the duties to offer appropriate hospitality (hotel plus lunch and dinner) may be fined up to
          150 € and lose the right to play at home during the same season.
F.14.4.   The home “ Municipality team” is responsible that the match is played under fair conditions. In case the behaviour of the
          spectators or of other persons as far as the visiting team is concerned present at match goes beyond normal fair play, the
          home club may be fined up to 100 € and lose the right to play at home during the same season and may be banned from the
F.14.5.    All these penalties shall be imposed by the B.T.T.U Technical Committee.

F.15.1.   A “ Municipality team” wishing to protest about any aspect of a match shall send details by fax to the B.T.T.U Chairman of
          Technical Committee within 8 days of the date of the match and no protest will be accepted after this time.
F.15.2.   Any appeal against a decision on the protest shall be made within 8 days of notification of this decision to the B.T.T.U Techni-
          cal Committee whose decision shall be final.
F.15.3.   At time of making a protest a club shall send to the B.T.T.U bank account a fee of 200 €, which will be refunded if the protest is

F.16.1.   The playing space shall not be less than 14m long, 7 m wide and 4 m high
F.16.2.   The minimum temperature in the playing area shall not be less than 160 C.
F.16.3.   The light intensity shall not be less than 500 LUX on the table.

Approved by the Balkan Table Tennis Union on 5 September 2008

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