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									What is the treatment of food Seya
Food impaction refers to the process of chewing food, food or fiber fragments embedded by
external force or stranded gap in the two adjacent teeth, the bite is a common disease.
Without timely and correct treatment can cause gum congestion, erosion, etc., causing severe
adjacent tooth decay, gingival recession, alveolar bone loss, periodontal pocket formation,
tooth mobility, etc., on the tooth, periodontal health serious damage. Food impaction is a
common occlusal disease. Tooth gap is too large the main reason is to produce food
impaction, which is divided into anatomical damage dental impaction dental clearance and no
anatomical Dental Artcles damage impaction gap. There are anatomical structures damaged
tooth impaction gap causes have caries, enamel hypoplasia and other reasons.

No damage to tooth impaction gap anatomical causes are: (1) Under normal circumstances,
on the lower jaw teeth crown tilted slightly to the mesial, occlusal tooth when the force is far
greater than in the past, in the occlusal force, the tooth was pushed forward, and the
occurrence of further tilting movement of the trend. Bite, the teeth near the shift if
coordinated with each other, then the contact point remains a good contact; If one of the teeth
of a lack of coordination with adjacent teeth shift, near the shift is not enough, even to the
distant place in the shift, then it is bound to happen with the recent separation of the teeth,
food impaction may occur. (2) tooth dislocation or reversed, leading to occlusion adverse
impaction gap generation. (3) occurrence of periodontal disease to tooth loosening or
displacement. (4) after tooth loss is not repaired in time, the adjacent teeth or jaw teeth
elongation tilt, shift.

For anatomical damage dental patients in general, food impaction or dental filling method for
non-structural damage of the tooth anatomy in patients with impaction, impaction gap>0.3
mmcan be embedded in food, or anti-orthodontic treatments. In this study, a small amount of
occlusal adjustment graded method of treatment of molar teeth clearance 0.05 ~0.3 mmof
food impaction in patients with Molar is a long-term illness good results. Theoretical basis of:
(1) occlusal adjustment is only part of the vertical food impaction were effective, and easy to
relapse, but all food impaction caught occlusal adjustment should be based on co-treatment.
Impaction is usually in the 0.05 ~0.2 mmgap when the most severe symptoms, this time using
a simple occlusal adjustment treatment is ideal. (2) under normal circumstances, the shift in
recent trends in teeth, when the occlusal surface of uneven wear or poor occlusion,
obstruction near the physiological tooth displacement, with occlusal adjustment to remove the
obstruction near the shifting teeth factors, the teeth will shift to near the close impaction gap.
(3) there is generally uneven wear of teeth, adjusting wear parts wear less than the existence
of factors, but a few times, occlusal adjustment is conducive to the formation of secondary
dentin, avoiding the generation of dentin hypersensitivity symptoms.

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