How To Choose a Wedding Photographer

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					Unlike other items you will choose and pay for when getting ready for a
wedding such as clothes, a cake and even a honeymoon destination, it is
not possible to see what you are buying when choosing a photographer. You
therefore have to be particularly careful when choosing a photographer
for your special day. There is only one shot at getting the photos. There
is a good number of wedding photographer and if you choose one after
considering a few basic factors, you will have wedding photos that you
will look at with fond memories for the rest of your life.

A good place to start a search is to look at the work a photographer has
done previously. Professional photographers will have their portfolios
online. You can get information from a photographers professionalism as
well; have they just posted pictures or arranged them by date of the
wedding, location or other criteria.

Have they included applications like Adobe Flash for easy viewing of the
photos. Is there a studio location and number where you can visit them or
call them or only an e-mail address. Can you contact previous clients
directly from their site? The better the portfolio looks the higher the
professionalism of a photographer.

The next thing to do is to actually speak to some of these referees.
Photographers may have lovely photos on their portfolios but you can not
be sure that they actually took the photos. A past client who is happy
however will be happy to give a positive review.

After your search, narrow down the choices to two or three photographers.
Ask for their rates and availability on your wedding day. Then, meet them
in person to square the details. Charges will often depend on the hours
of service you will require, the format you want to get the photos in,
transportation costs and other factors. If you have any questions or
objections raise them at this point so you can make your final choice.
You might want to take one or two people with you to get their opinion as

Discuss your expectations as well. Do you want photos from the start of
the day to the end or only at the main ceremony and reception. Do you
expect to get photos of everyone at the wedding. How many copies of a
single photo will you get so that friends and family can also get some.
Are you expecting printed photos, digital ones saved on a CD or flash
disk or both, or whether you want photos taken in larger sizes and
perhaps framed. Last factor to consider is whether you get all the photos
or you get them all and choose before they are prepared for you.

Cost is a major factor but do not just go with the cheapest photographer.
It is better to pay a bit more for better quality as there are no second
chances to get good photos. Some photographers also take videos. It will
cost you less if you get the services from the same person. Go through
the same questions and checks as for the photos as regards the videos.
Leave every meeting with final quotes.

Then, make the choice you believe is best. Go through a final rundown a
few days before the special day as you make a deposit which most
photographers will require. Having settled on your wedding photographer
in Oakville and hopefully other details, relax, tie up loose ends and
wait for your big day.

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