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ActivSkin, the U.S. based seller of tights and pantyhose made exclusively for men, has hired a new director of markeing: Mr. Steve Newman, a former civil engineer-turned men's legwear advocate.

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Men’s Pantyhose Firm Hires Marketing Director
In an unusual career transition, a civil engineer becomes a leading men’s legwear advocate by directing his enthusiasm for a very unique product toward carving out fresh territory for this emerging trend in men’s wear.

GRANVILLE/OHIO, USA / June 15, 2009 — It’s not every day that someone transitions from engineering to marketing, let alone something as unique as men’s pantyhose. But that’s just what happened when ACTIVSKIN ® ( announced the hire of Steve Newman as the firm’s Director of Marketing and Publicity last Spring. Faced with job loss due to significant staff cutbacks at his former engineering firm and a family to support, Mr. Newman decided to make lemons from lemonade rather than limit himself to meager prospects presented by the local civil engineering job market. A longtime customer and believer in the many benefits of ACTIVSKIN men’s legwear, he eagerly accepted the challenge of expanding the market for men’s hosiery. Having just completed their best year of sales ever, ACTIVSKIN sought to capitalize on this momentum and bring aboard someone with his unique blend of marketing background and passion for men’s legwear. Newman’s mission is to spearhead publicity campaigns to move the market for men’s legwear ever closer to the tipping point of more widespread acceptance by its target audience. His background includes involvement with marketing of professional engineering services stretching back more than 15 years, as well as many freelance articles and commentaries on various aspects of the growth of the men’s legwear trend. Mr. Newman is responsible for developing strategies to expand the emerging men’s legwear market and consolidating ACTIVSKIN’s leading position in it. Established to satisfy an unmet need for a full-length men’s product to ease discomfort from poor leg circulation, provide warmth without bulk, leg compression to enhance athletic stamina, and a variety of other needs—the company was the world’s first to exclusively sell nylon legwear made specifically for men. In addition to national and international press coverage spanning 10 years, the company has also received praise in its local media market (The Newark Advocate) as an example of a business doing well recently despite the dreary economic news pervading the nation. It seems that even a severe recession is not sufficient to dampen the demand for a well-made, comfortable and reasonably priced solution for the many men across the country who suffer from chronically aching legs. Although men’s legwear trends have moved well beyond misplaced misconceptions with which it may once have been associated in its infancy, there is still much work needed to continue enlightening the public on the benefits of full-length men’s support hosiery. “Men have been missing out,” says Mr. Newman—“yet they’re just as likely as women to have leg problems. We provide a masculine alternative to fill the gap. You could say we’re changing hearts and minds—from pantyhose to mantyhose.”

Comfilon’s® A C T I V S K I N ® Legwear for Men G. Lieberman & Sons (GLS Hosiery) is a fourth generation family-owned business founded in St. Louis in 1920. They have evolved from a wholesale distributor of hosiery, undergarments and nightwear into a successful online retailer of legwear for men. Founded in its current incarnation by husband and wife team Steve Katz and Constance Barsky— ACTIVSKIN has experienced steady growth since its inception in 1999. Mr. Katz is an heir to the former G. Lieberman & Sons hosiery company of St. Louis. ACTIVSKIN Legwear was developed specifically for men. Engineered to stimulate circulation and improve athletic performance, ActivSkin is now used worldwide by men seeking its excellent health and performance benefits, fashionable appearance, and superb comfort. Our quality products, made in the USA, offer a more comfortable—yet less costly and restrictive—alternative to medical compression hosiery, or traditional men’s socks and underwear. For more background on men’s legwear in general, visit our blog, The Nylon Gene, at ACTIVSKIN is available exclusively via mail order. The company is offering a 10% discount to readers—for orders placed online. Use promotion code GNRA-- when ordering online.

For further information contact: Steve Newman Director of Marketing 1844 Lancaster Rd., P.O. Box 193 Granville, OH 40023 (877) 587-2860 PH / (740) 587-2860 FX ### Steve Katz President 1844 Lancaster Rd., P.O. Box 193 Granville, OH 40023 (877) 587-2860 PH / (740) 587-2860 FX

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