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					“One Small Step for Volunteers,
  One Giant Leap for SHIPs:
 Investing in Your Volunteers”

         SHIP Directors Conference – June 2007
Heather Bates, LMSW Senior Education & Training Associate
          Avis Hall, Program Support Coordinator

                                     Helping SHIPs Help Medicare Beneficiaries
    Investing In Your Volunteers

           ”In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to
          those who show their good qualities in action.” --Aristotle

• Introductions

  “Use one word or catch phrase that would
    motivate you to volunteer for a cause.”
    Relationships keep volunteers coming back.

     Purpose satisfies volunteer relationships.

.    Motivation increases sense of purpose.

         Incentives influence motivation.
  Incentive Based Programming
          for Volunteers

• Contains Four Key Elements (ARME)
  – Appreciation
  – Rewards
  – Mentorship
  – Events
   Appreciation is expressed…

• Thankful behavior: praise, publicity, cards,
     letters, mention in publications
• Client Satisfaction
• Promotion: career volunteer
• Notify them of how many clients have
  been served regularly
     Rewards are provided…

• Dedicated service: length of time in days,
      months, years
• Birthdays
• Implement their ideas
• Points or Awards systems with prizes
               Mentorship is
           received & provided…
•   Partnering
•   Small group study
•   Staff Modeling
•   Buddy System
•   Supportive supervision
•   Invitations to participate on a special project
•   Recording counseling experiences as case
    studies to showcase

• Holidays
• Parties
• Educational and Training venues
         Why Volunteer Now?

• Annual study by AoA predicts 70 million
  individuals will be over age 65 by 2030
• 77 million baby boomers
  aging in to Medicare
  starting now (born1946-1964)
• This represents the first time in our history
  where those aged 65 and older outnumber
  those under the age of 18
     Volunteering vs. Paid Staff

PROS                CONS
• Desired By All    • Not Personalized
• Not Lasting       • Quickly Spent &
• Can Use How You     Forgotten
  Please            • Doesn't Reinforce
                      Positive Behavior
  Older Adult Volunteer Motivations
"Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.“ --Abraham Lincoln

• The ability to leave their legacy
• Boomers report when volunteering, they want to
  do something dissimilar to their occupations or
  career choices – something they have been
  wanting to try but could not.
• The #1 volunteer efforts are through faith-based
  institutions – they have the highest volunteer
     – 35% of volunteers are motivated via their religious
 Older Adult Volunteer Motivations
• Following faith-based institutions as
  the #1 volunteer venue
  – 27% educational/youth services
  – 13% social and community services
  – 8% hospital and health care settings

  The remaining volunteer pools are in political or
   other professional civic engagement settings.
     Volunteers Respond to…
• Incentives!

  – Appreciation
  – Rewards
  – Mentorship
  – Events
     Volunteers Respond to…
• Flexibility!

• Volunteers tend to already be busy and
  involved, they maintain that momentum
  and need to stay busy
     Volunteers Respond to…
• Marketing and Advertising
  – Steer away from a government look, choose larger
    fonts, vibrant colors
• Branding is key
  – Portray a clear image – the brand and image is part of
    the total experience each time contact is made with
    your efforts
• SUCCESS can depend on ONE FACTOR:
    Name simplicity and how
    the name itself relates to
    the actions of the volunteer
   Incentive Based Programs?
• The National Senior Service Corps
  – Foster Grandparents
  – RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)
  – Senior Companions
    • Image?
     Incentive Based Program
• “Time-Dollar” Concept by Edgar Cahn
  – Time Dollar Institute (aka Time Banking)
  – Individuals provide each other services in exchange
    for credits, one hour is worth one credit. Credits can
    be exchanged for services offered by others in the
     • For Example: Counsel for 5 hours on Medicare Part D, and in
       exchange receive 5 hours of tax preparation or knitting, or
       other service the volunteers bring to the program.
   Incentive Based Mechanism
• Volunteer Incentive Program
  – By Anderson Marketing, Inc.
  – Purchase a card for $5
  – Participants scratch off any of the 20 spaces on the
    card to uncover credits earned
  – Participants redeem their cards for merchandise
    rewards from their Rewards Catalog and additional
    items made available on line
      • Rewards are found at
                             In Summary
”The rewards go to the risk-takers, those who are willing to put their egos on the line and
  reach out to other people and to a richer, fuller life for themselves.” --Susan RoAne

    Incentives influence

    Motivation increases
      sense of purpose.

     Purpose satisfies
   volunteer relationships.

     Relationships keep
      volunteers coming
    Investing in Your Volunteers:
          SHIP Resources

•   Points of Light Foundation Organizes and advocates for volunteers through the
    Volunteer Center National Network.
•   Energize, Inc Resource Center for Volunteer Management and Volunteer
    Administration professionals.
•   The President’s Volunteer Service Award Information about honoring and
    recognizing your volunteers through this prestigious award.
•   ServiceLeader Resource Center for Volunteer and Volunteer Managers.
•   Investing in Volunteers British model of volunteer investment. Tactics can be
    modified and applied to your SHIP program.
                    Additional Resources
    "It is up to us to give ourselves recognition. If we wait for it to come from others, we
    feel resentful when it doesn't, and when it does, we may well reject it.” --Spencer

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