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'An idea in the right person's hand is the most powerful force in the world,’ Bill Drayton of Ashoka,

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Funding Proposal For Destiny 2013 Association Ltd. Table Of Contents
1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction John B. Wu Destiny 2013 Association, Ltd. – Vision & Mission 3. Current Needs & Problems Problem Summary Target Population Description Statistical Information Related to Target Populations Impact of Problem on Target Population Impact of Problem on All Hong Kong Summary of Past Attempts to Resolve Problem 4. Business Model Summary Business Model Overview Detailed Process Diagram Example of Impact on Small Business Growth Additional Revenue Sources 5. Competitors & Differentiators Competitors and Their Fees Table 1 - Destiny 2013 vs. Ebay Destiny 2013’s Value Added Services Table 2 - Comparing Value Added Services 6. Goals & Objectives Main Goals Main Benefits 7. Timetable, Sales Estimates, & Budgets Overview Table 3 - Estimated Start-Up Expenses Summarized By Category Chart I - 18-Month Timeline-- Funding To Self-Sustaining Business Table 4 – Detail of Expenses By Category Table5 – Current Funding Available 8. Key Personnel 9. Monitoring & Evaluating Process 10. Next Steps Establish Organizational Leadership Establish Internet Components Promote & Build Destiny 2013’s Network Market and Sell Website & Destiny 2013 Membership Benefits 11. Proposal Summary 12. Appendices Primary eBay Fees as Published on eBay.com Optional eBay Feature Fees as Published on eBay.com 2 4






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Funding Proposal For Destiny 2013 1. Executive Summary

Hong Kong has suffered two recessions in eight years, economic hardships in 2000, the post-2001 slowdowns, and the SARS epidemic of 2003. Unemployment for men 50 to 59 years of age stands at 7.7%. Low-skilled worker and youth unemployment is 6%, and 21%, respectively. One fourth of Hong Kong‟s children live in poverty. Domestic violence, bankruptcy, and suicide rates are rising dramatically. In 2005, 42,753 businesses were dissolved, 86,000 individuals were underemployed, and 550,800 people made less than HK$5,000 per month. Manufacturing jobs are moving to China and corporations are extending working hours while lowering salaries. Government programmes have proven ineffective in resolving the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Government agencies, business professionals, and community leaders cannot continue to hope for eventual economic improvement. They need to invest in innovative, long-term, socially conscious solutions that employ people, not place them on charity rosters. John B. Wu is a 30-year veteran of the import/export industry. After years of research and analysis, Mr. Wu has successfully designed a tangible business model that effectively balances corporate revenue with social responsibility. Destiny 2013 will help reduce poverty by increasing low-skilled workers‟ revenue. It will give the disadvantaged the opportunity to regain their self-respect and dignity by providing them with a member-supported, low-cost Web portal that will open their storefronts to global consumers. The key differentiating factors that distinguishes the Destiny 2013 electronic market are: 1. Guaranteed (and Authenticated) Products At Hong Kong Prices 2. A High Quality and User Friendly Website 3. Free Insurance, Packaging, & Shipping If Products Bought Through Ambassadors 4. Consumers Make Social Contributions By Purchasing Goods Through Destiny 2013. The online consumer market is primed for this type of Website: 1. 2006 Online Sales Expected to Increase by 22% to US$138B (CNETnews.com) 2. Shipping & Handling Charges Led 35% of Consumers to Abandon Purchases (NetIQ) 3. Sixty-Five Percent of Consumers Won‟t Patronize Poorly Designed Site (Genex) 4. Consumers More Focused on Companies That Do The Right Thing (CSRNews) In return for a pre-established sales commission, Destiny 2013 will manage the Website development, technical support, sales & marketing, accounts payable/receivable, and multilingual customer service functions required to run a successful electronic commerce business. SMEs and Ambassadors will input their augmented revenues into their communities. The trickle will become a flood as Destiny 2013 reinvests commissions earned to expand member networks and increase more SMEs‟ revenue. This reinforcement of local businesses will pump new life into Hong Kong‟s retail and manufacturing industries. Destiny 2013 requires HK$34.6 million in start up funding but will be self-sustaining in 18-months. Your financial or in-kind support is requested to make this vision a reality. Investing in Destiny 2013 will open the door to concrete, long-term, and sustainable economic growth. 3



John B. Wu Import / Export Business Executive Twenty-eight years of experience as a self-employed import/export sales agent has earned Mr. John B. Wu the nickname of the „Walking Trade Development Council‟. By 1997, Mr. Wu‟s promotional and communications expertise garnered him HK$3 million in annual sales commissions. In less than three years, his skills enabled him to convert Good Year Flower Company‟s then small, 70-worker manufacturing plant in Hong Kong into a bustling 1400-employee production center. While his client mentoring helped many customers become respected members of the economic community, he has also been recognized for molding fledging Hong Kong traders into prominent business leaders. It is his focus on SoHo ("Small Office/Home Office") partnerships that has enabled him to share his own successes with others around the world. His considerable expertise in Hong Kong product exports enabled him to transform numerous neophyte European companies into high profile, high-profit importers of Chinese goods. John Wu‟s customercentric sales focus, diligence, and passion has enabled him to leverage his partnerships to ensure the best pricing and service for both the manufacturers and distributors. He has also used his expertise to develop a strong contact network within Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. His links include current/former market leaders, such as: GEVIT (France) FRISTOT (France) Thevenin S.A. (France) Arche Diffussion (France) BARIMEX (Slovakia) M.J.O. Lopes (Portugal) ERENA (Poland)
John B. Wu

John B. Wu International Import/Export Sales Agent

John B. Wu

1400-Employee Plant

Good Year Flower Co. Into


Multi-Linguist & Global Partnership Builder Mr. Wu‟s fluency in Chinese, English, and French, as well as his conversancy in numerous other languages, has enabled him to develop a commercial presence in many countries, including: Belgium France Romania Morocco Portugal Slovakia Croatia Czech Republic Russia

Built Small Office / Home Office (SoHo) Network in Europe

John B. Wu Network of Contact/Agents Fluent in 12 Languages

Throughout his career, John Wu has used his widespread knowledge of the Chinese business culture to effectively manage frequent market changes. In addition, Mr. Wu has directed his SoHo representatives, who are fluent in no less than 12 major world languages, to expand the city of Hong Kong‟s visibility and global goodwill. At sixty, having experienced both failures and successes, John Wu wants to use his sales and professional expertise to improve the social and economic welfare of his community.


Respected Employer & Community Leader Mr. Wu‟s almost 30 years in business has demonstrated his astute ability to negotiate effectively, build solid business alliances, and develop effective managerial policies. His capacity to balance his managerial competence with employee considerations has garnered him an undisputed reputation as a compassionate leader and mentor. As a manager, Wu has continuously demonstrated his ability to build harmonious, productive, and healthy workplace environments. He is a staunch supporter of effective communication, motivation, and conflict management techniques and has boosted morale and dramatically expanded cultural diversity within his agencies. Consequently, Mr. Wu has earned the loyalty of many staff members, many of whom have worked with him for over 20 years. Social Philanthropist Mr. Wu has spent most of his life proponing power through people instead of power over people. His intimate knowledge of the indifferent nature of many in the general populace and his unique understanding of the forces behind Hong Kong‟s economic decline has guided him to forge community, industry, and government partnerships in order to address the needs of disadvantaged individuals and their families. It is this melding of Mr. Wu‟s meticulous business acumen and extraordinary sense of social compassion that has led him to develop Destiny 2013. It is this vision that is now being harnessed in this proposal and which will be used to guide the underprivileged people of Hong Kong out of poverty and into a global 21st century marketplace. Destiny 2013 Association, Ltd. – Vision & Mission Destiny 2013‟s vision is to build a "community asset" - a company dedicated to giving the city‟s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to sell their products, at price ex-origin, to consumers across the world. In stating, “The World has a Rendezvous with Destiny,” he is envisioning an Internet-enabled roadway that will lead virtual consumers into the small corner shops and local street markets owned by SMEs in Hong Kong‟s and beyond. Destiny 2013 will utilize the best Hong Kong services available to help resolve the city‟s most pressing problems. Tactically speaking, Destiny 2013‟s mission is to reduce Hong Kong‟s current unemployment problems and increase SMEs income by establishing a low-cost, member-supported E-commerce solution that will provide global consumers with the best this city has to offer – free of tax, shipping, and duty fees. Strategically, Destiny 2013‟s mission is to help establish Hong Kong‟s international image as a “Can Do” city and to revive this city‟s past tradition as a product innovator, global solutions manufacturer, and socially conscious leader. Such a vision would establish Hong Kong as an active partner in its relationships with Mainland China and the world, not just a one-way conduit for export products.

John B. Wu Believes in Power Through People Not Over People

John B. Wu At 60, His Focus is Now on Social Improvement Not Wealth Gain

Destiny 2013 A For-Profit Business With A Non-Profit Heart

Destiny 2013 Low Income SMEs Get Access to Global Market In Return For Fair Sales Commissions



Current Needs & Problems

Problem Summary Hong Kong has suffered two recessions in the past eight years. Both the Asian financial crisis of 1997–1998 and the recession of 2001–2002 greatly impacted the city. Although Hong Kong‟s unemployment rate has dropped slightly to 5.1% for the months of January to April 2006, it is the first visible reduction this city has seen in several months. Furthermore, on May 24th of this year, government economist Kwok Kwok-chuen conceded that although the unemployment rate for managerial and professional experts was only about 2%, the unemployment rate for low-skilled workers was slightly above 6%. Business Week economists noted that this growth was a result of a booming tourism trade. However, tourism is a fickle servant whose loyalty and service can easily vanish because of increased gas prices or a potential Avian Flu scare. In the streets of Hong Kong, small business owners and young job hunters are hamstrung with deepening uncertainty and excessive, sometime hostile economic competition. Numerous jobs are migrating from the city of Hong Kong to China, where employees perform the same functions at a fraction of Hong Kong‟s average wage rates. Corporations have eliminated many jobs or converted the few remaining positions to contract-based, unsecured employment. Scores of others are faced with underemployment or are placed in the position of working slave-like hours in order to keep their jobs. As a result, many working families are now living in fear of losing economic stability, fear of decreased growth opportunities, and fear of lowered social value. The gap between Hong Kong‟s „haves‟ and „have-nots‟ has widened. The palpable distance between those with opulent wealth and those eking out a daily existence is evident by a noted rise in the city‟s domestic violence, bankruptcy, and suicide rates. According to the Hong Kong government, there were 42,573 business dissolutions in 2005. Adding to the problem is the uncontrolled competition between SMEs that has led many of them to establish self-destructively low prices in response to ever increasing market ferocity. Further compounding this situation is the annual influx of over 30,000 new graduates into an already suffocated employment market. Those who don‟t garner a job, who can‟t count on financial support from their families, or who lack influential contacts are forced into menial labor and denied a better future. A vast portion of Hong Kong‟s middle-aged population has suffered significant work-related upheavals. Struggling to recover from the “bubble” burst of 2000, the post-2001 difficulties, the SARS epidemic of 2003, and subsequent failed enterprises, they toil daily in small businesses and trades. Many of those scratching out a living lack the education, financial resources, and E-commerce expertise to improve their situations. An added factor is that Hong Kong, although viewed as a bi-lingual city, is in fact very far from that. Most residents of Hong Kong don‟t have the English skills necessary to sell, market, or provide customer service to non-Chinese speaking customers. While government and philanthropic programmes have been created to try to alleviate these problems, many of those in need don‟t know about these services or aren‟t eligible 6
Government Programmes Many Unaware Hong Kong Low Skilled Worker Unemployment at Over 6%

Hong Kong Tourism Boom Is Unpredictable & Dependent on Foreign Economies

Hong Kong Hostile Economic Competition – Numerous Jobs Migrating to China

Hong Kong 42,573 Business Dissolutions in 2005 – 30,000 New Graduates/Year

for them. Furthermore, some of the programmes are short term with limited impact on those with serious needs. They are also viewed as charity and thus unpalatable to older, more-traditional citizens. It is critical that social solutions enable individuals to maintain their self-worth and dignity. Given that the majority of Hong Kong‟s workers receive low pay and, as a result, have very little economic buying power, the city of Hong Kong‟s government, business professionals, and community leaders are being asked this question by Destiny 2013 – will they continue the status quo and hope for eventual economic improvement or will they invest in an innovative socially-conscious solution and make it happen?
Target Population

Target Population Description Destiny 2013 is targeting the small and medium enterprise owners who are in need of support to enhance their economic and social stability. Those invited to participate in Destiny 2013‟s business model will meet some or many of the following criteria, they: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Own a small or medium business Want to become a “virtual store” owner and manage other SMEs‟ products Live at or below the established poverty line Lack the resources or education to compete globally Sell quality products that are guaranteed original and are not pirated or cloned Do not sell goods produced by child or slave labor Have an earnest desire to improve their economic condition.

Low –Income Small & Medium Enterprise Owners

Destiny 2013 will not discriminate in any way. It will accept those that wish to participate in the business, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, disability, education level, or geographic location. Statistical Information Related to Target Population There are almost seven million people living in Hong Kong today. The median age of men and women in the city is 40.7. Hong Kong residents possess a literacy rate of nearly 94% with 68% of residents having access to the Internet. Nonetheless, in 2004, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service published that for every 100 children below the age of 15 in the city of Hong Kong, nearly 25 live in families whose household income is below half the median income. In other words, one-fourth of Hong Kong‟s children are living in poverty. Between February and April of 2006, the Hong Kong labor market expanded by 3,800 to a total of 3,563,000. According to the Hong Kong government‟s Census and Statistics Department (CSD), even though unemployment decreased slightly, underemployment actually rose between February and April of 2006 from 2.3% to 2.4%. The underemployment rate was focused primarily within the manufacturing, hotel, and education services sectors. To put it in clearer terms, there are currently 181,000 unemployed and another 86,000 underemployed individuals in Hong Kong. The CSD also stated that the number of employees earning less than HK$5,000 a month dropped from 564,100 in 2004 to 550,800 in 2005 and to 522,600 as of the first quarter of 2006. However, these figures are still much higher than those in 2001 (422,400) and 2002 7

Hong Kong Medium Age: 40.7 – ¼ of Children Live in Poverty

Hong Kong 86,000 People Underemployed

Hong Kong 522,600 People Make Less than HK$5,000 Per Month

(486,200). Furthermore, even though the Hong Kong government spent over HK$150 million to retrain the youth labor market, their unemployment rate now stands at over 21%. It‟s these underemployment, unemployed, and inexperienced individuals, along with the vast majority of small and medium business owners that will be helped by Destiny 2013‟s business model. Impact of Problem on Target Population Hong Kong‟s history includes a past of opulence and wealth. The opportunities prevalent in the latter part of the 20th century established this city as the „Gatekeeper of China.‟ Most citizens dismissed the importance of mastering any language other than Cantonese and became dulled to the impact of globalization. They ignored the impending need for innovation and the necessity to create a solid global market presence. A large part of Hong Kong‟s middle-aged and elderly have not been exposed to nor have they embraced information technology and Internet advancements. As a result, their marketing opportunities, consumer base, and competitive options are limited to old world techniques. In fact, according to the CSD, the 2005 unemployment rate for men between the ages of 50 and 59 was 7.7%. Now, corporations have extended regular working hours while lowering hourly salaries. Unionist Wong Kwok-hing noted that, "Big business is all about making money and cutting costs. As such, low- skilled, low-educated workers do not have any prospects." Some lawmakers, such as Legislator Lee Cheuk-yan, the general secretary of the Confederation of Trade Unions, are not blind to such situations. Lee has urged the government to introduce policies to solve the problems of low-skilled laborers and to legislate a minimum wage to protect laborers‟ interests. "The government only emphasizes the image of a free economy, but does nothing to protect the rights of local employees," Lee said. To put it in perspective, let‟s look at Pang Yuet-ngor, a 50-year old low-skilled worker who has been an assistant in a convenience store since the closure two years ago of the textile factory in which she had worked for 20 years. Her salary is low, her working hours have increased, but her choices are few. "If you don't accept the job, there are many people willing to take your place, including the recent migrants from the mainland who are also much younger," Pang said. Denny Ho Kwok-leung, an applied social science associate professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University doesn‟t believe that low-skilled workers can improve their salary situation. He states that, “There is a large pool of low-skilled laborers in Hong Kong and they have low negotiating power.” Many of those in Hong Kong trying to deal with poverty, underemployment, overwork, or unemployment problems struggle with a severe loss of dignity and self-confidence. These emotional and intangible issues cannot be statistically mapped. But, the negative influence they have on the lives of these people can destroy the growth, success, and happiness of countless family members.
Hong Kong Most SMEs’ Marketing Techniques Limited to Old World Methods

Hong Kong Youth Unemployment at 21%

Hong Kong
Large Pool of Unskilled Laborers Low Negotiating Power


Impact of Problem on All of Hong Kong Employment insecurities reduce private consumption expenditures. Labor market problems can dramatically dampen economic growth and significantly drive down Hong Kong‟s global market strength. The city‟s labor market is currently balancing its success on the shoulders of others‟ recreational activities. However, recent employment increases are not due to long-term manufacturing or technical investments, but on tourism and associated retail growth. Mainland China‟s economic expansion is strengthening without any indication of being hampered by government intervention. Their lower wage rates are leading corporations to move their enterprises North. While some service jobs may be experiencing a recent increase, no such improvement can be noted in longer-term, higher-paying opportunities. Another more recent change, which may negatively impact Hong Kong‟s business development plans, derives from overseas. Recently, European and U.S. governments have begun to reconsider their views on corporate globalization. This is as a result of globalization‟s impact on white-collar workers, who have considerably more political influence than the blue-collar workers who have already lost their jobs to corporate downsizing. According to an April 2006 article in the Asia Online times: “The new scepticism over cross-border mergers is emerging precisely at the moment when many of Asia's largest and most vibrant companies plan to go multinational, and many of them look at mergers and acquisitions as the right way to obtain the expertise and management know-how they need. CNOOC's failed attempt to purchase Unocal, in this light, may be considered an ominous sign. If the Europeans and Americans start to put the brakes on, Asia may end up as the big loser, finding its easiest route into the big leagues of multinational enterprises full of obstacles or, in the worst case, entirely blocked.” Hong Kong‟s labor market waits with trepidation while U.S. and European governments rethink corporate globalization and Hong Kong corporations move their factories to China. But economic uncertainty has many ripple effects. In 2003, Hong Kong's suicide rate reached a historic peak and surpassed the global average of 15 suicides per 100,000 people. That year, 1,200 individuals, or 17.6 souls per 100,000 killed themselves. According to Dr. Paul Yip, director of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Prevention, “suicide rates among the elderly and middle-aged significantly increased, due to unemployment, financial debt and mental disorders such as depression. In fact, the suicide rate for Hong Kong citizens above the age of 60 rose by 40 per cent with 303 cases in 2003, while the suicide rate for people in the 40 to 59 year age bracket increased by 27 per cent”. As economic opportunities decline, many seek illegal methods for achieving success. Although overall crime rates may be low, a critical business factor, Hong Kong's proud record of protecting intellectual property rights, has recently received a major setback. The global Business Software Alliance (BSA) said piracy in the city has increased from 52 percent to 54 percent last year. In contrast, Singapore entered the top 20 rankings with 40 percent. "Hong Kong was one of the few economies in the Asia-Pacific region that witnessed a rise in its piracy rate," said BSA Hong Kong chairwoman Belinda Lui. "It is clear that more needs to be done to effectively address software piracy in Hong Kong and perhaps a different approach needs to be taken." 9

Hong Kong Employment Increases Are NOT DUE to Long-Term Manufacturing Growth

Hong Kong CNOOC’s Failed Attempt To Buy Unocal An Ominous Sign of Future Blocked Borders

Hong Kong 2003 Suicide Rates Surpassed Global Average – Elderly Rate Rose 40%

Hong Kong Software Piracy Rate Increased to 54% — Singapore’s Rate is 40%

Hong Kong Government Programmes Don’t Impact Low-Skilled, Low-Income SMEs

This type of crime impacts the world‟s view of Hong Kong‟s viability as a solid member of the international business community. Furthermore, it puts into question the quality and legal compliance of goods produced here. This stain, brought on by social, economic, and labor disparity, can tarnish Hong Kong‟s current and future commercial prospects. Summary of Past Attempts To Resolve Problem To help resolve unemployment problems, Hong Kong‟s government has implemented several direct job creation, on-the-job-training (OJT), and education programmes. They‟ve also set up a commission to identify and make recommendations to resolve the needs of the poor. Some of their most recent programmes, include: 1. Employment Programme For the Middle-Aged which provides only three months of OJT 2. Youth Work Employment and Training Scheme 3. A One-Month Work Trial Scheme However, none of these programmes address the issues related to underpaid, overworked, or underemployed workers. There is still no minimum wage legislation – and none appears to be on the horizon. Experts, such as Hong Kong Polytechnic‟s Denny Ho Kwok-leung, know that low-income workers‟ economic futures cannot improve without clear government regulations on overtime work, holiday pay, and minimum wage requirements. Unionist Wong Kwok-hing and Legislator Lee Cheuk-yan have both called on the SAR to withdraw from the World Trade Organization‟s Agreement on Government Procurement, as neither one believes that it has proven its value to the local economy. The existing government programmes are not creating more manufacturing opportunities either. They are neither promoting nor effectively supporting the development of new industries that will expand employment opportunities in the long-term. In fact, according to CSD‟s own statistics, the total number of persons engaged in manufacturing fell from 214,221 in 2000 to 167,398 in 2004.

Hong Kong Programmes Don’t Help Underpaid, Overworked, or Underemployed

Hong Kong Unionist Calling For SAR’s Withdrawal From WTO Agreement on Government Procurement

Hong Kong In 2004, ManufacturingBased Employment Fell To 167,398



Business Model

Summary Destiny 2013‟s business model is simple but completely unique. Extensive research has confirmed that there are no other Websites with this concept currently available anywhere on the Internet. Destiny 2013 is NOT an online auction site. It is not an Internet mall where those with goods must pay to advertise their products. It is a practical solution to Hong Kong SMEs‟ economic difficulties, which uses technology to bring virtual shoppers to SMEs‟ storefronts. Destiny 2013 will give consumers the same experience they would get if they were personally shopping on the streets of Hong Kong. As a result, SMEs will increase their sales volume and subsequently their revenue, quality of life, and social security. Furthermore, Destiny 2013 will improve the economic conditions of sales representatives by establishing a global Ambassador program. By working with Destiny 2013‟s global Ambassadors, buyers will get the best Hong Kong products, at the best possible price plus free insurance, free packaging, and free shipping. The heart of the Destiny 2013 model is that it focuses on what Hong Kong, SMEs, Destiny 2013, and Internet users do best. It does not try to retrain individuals to take on a new career. It does not expect the SMEs to take on the technical challenge and financial burden of developing a global e-commerce site for selling their products. It does take advantage of Hong Kong‟s reputation as the “freest economy in the world” (as ranked by Heritage Foundation, for the 11th consecutive year). Plus, it benefits from the international boom in online consumer spending. The Small and Medium Enterprise strengths are: 1. Extensive access to high-quality, low-cost brand name products 2. Strong manufacturing capabilities 3. Large work force to enable future growth, and 4. 31.7% of labor force in wholesale, retail, import/export, and leisure/tourism. The city of Hong Kong‟s strengths are: 1. Absence of trade barriers 2. Low and predictable taxation 3. Government philosophy of “maximum help & minimum interference” for business, and 4. About 90% of its re-export trade related to Mainland China. Destiny 2013‟s strengths are: 1. Strong Hong Kong and European sales and marketing experience 2. John B. Wu‟s business partnership and relationship building expertise 3. Mr. Wu‟s multi-lingual, diversity, and cultural adaptability skills, and 4. English/Chinese customer service and Web-development professionals. Online consumer spending patterns that will further drive model, include recent increases in: 1. Flowers, greetings & gifts: U.S.$270M in 2006 (a 17% increase from 2005*) 2. Health & beauty goods: U.S.$418M in 2006 (a 24% increase from 2005*) 3. Jewelry & watchers: U.S.$219M in 2006 (a 24% increase from 2005*) *comScore Networks (excluding auctions & corporate spending) Jan – Feb 2005/2006.
Destiny 2013 Consumers Benefit From Hong Kong’s Tax Free / Duty Free Economy Destiny 2013 SMEs Sell Goods — Destiny 2013 Manages Marketing & Services

Destiny 2013 Goods @ HK Prices — Free Shipping & Handling Via Ambassadors

Destiny 2013 SMEs Give Agreed Upon Sales Commission to Destiny 2013


Therefore, the Destiny 2013 model can be best described as follows: 1. Destiny 2013 provides SMEs with a fee-free, high-quality Internet portal. 2. Destiny 2013 manages all the technology and global marketing aspects of the Website. 3. Destiny 2013 manages all the customer service for Chinese/English speaking consumers who buy directly from the Website. 4. Consumers will buy quality, guaranteed products at low Hong Kong prices. 5. Consumers who work with Ambassadors receive free shipping, free packaging, and free insurance. 6. Destiny 2013 Ambassadors will provide personal customer service to their clients. 7. Destiny 2013 receives an agreed upon percentage of each product sale. 8. Destiny 2013 shares their profits with the Ambassadors who participated in the sale. Destiny 2013‟s model will thrive because of the time and effort spent conceptualizing and analyzing market trends. In fact, global research confirms the need for Destiny 2013‟s model of providing global consumers with a well designed, well managed, and socially conscious website through which consumers can buy fee free, quality products at Hong Kong prices:  On May 22nd, 2006, CNETnews.com/Retuers published, “Excluding travel, 2006 sales are expected to increase 22 percent to $138 billion. Online is a key growth driver for retail overall," said Shop.org Executive Director Scott Silverman. "It's going to be a bellwether for overall retail." On January 13, 2004, NetIQ Web Trends published that “Thirty-five percent of consumers surveyed said added costs, such as shipping and handling, or lengthy delivery times resulted in their abandoning an online purchase. Sites requesting too much information is another annoyance that drives away 35% of buyers surveyed.‟ On December 2003, Nielsen/NetRatings, Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Harris Interactive found that “the top reason online consumers prefer to shop on the web is to avoid crowds, a reason cited by 38% of respondents. The next four reasons consumers prefer the web, and the percent of respondents citing them: lower prices, 35%; ease of comparing products and prices, 28%; avoiding the inconvenience of traveling to stores, 28%; and a wider selection of products, 26%.” In September of 2003, Forrester Research announced “U.S. online retail sales this year will close at $95.7 billion, climbing to $229.9 billion in 2008. Next year's sales are projected at $122.6 billion, with $149.2 billion, $176.8 billion and $204.3 billion forecast for 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively.” On August 11th, 2003 comScore Networks wrote, “While total retail sales grew 6.9% through June, online sales grew 13% through mid June, reaching $21B from $18.6B.” Another Forrester Research report, published on August 5th, 2005 stated, “Retail sales online are expected to increase at a 19 percent annual compounded rate through 2008, resulting in sales of $229.9 billion in the next five years. ” 12

Destiny 2013 Validates & Guarantees Products Sold On Website

Internet Sales 2006 Sales Will Rise 22% — Expected to Reach $138 Billion U.S.

Internet Sales 35% of Buyers Abandon Purchases Because of Shipping & Handling Costs



Web vs. Retail 2003 Retail Sales Rose 6.9% — Web Sales Grew 13%


Internet Sales


30% of Consumers Won’t Buy From Poorly Designed Website



On June 18th, 2003, Genex reported, “65 percent of Internet users won't patronize a poorly designed site, even that of a favorite brand, and 30 percent reported that Web site design is more important than a great product. Even rock-bottom prices only persuaded 4 percent to shop on a poorly designed Web site. What's worse is that nearly 30% stop buying from their favorite offline store if their online experience is poor.” A Millard Group article published on May 23rd, 2003 found, “Sixty-seven percent of online shoppers said that value is more important to them now than it was five years ago. As for the merchandise that the respondents ordered, over 93 percent said items received were of high quality and 88 percent agreed that the purchase was a good value for the money spent. While 84 percent said that the merchandise received met or exceeded expectations.”

Destiny 2013 Gives Global Access to LowPrice, High Quality Hong Kong Products


Destiny 2013 Long-Term Mission: Improve SMEs Income & Reduce Unemployment

Destiny 2013 will use its international communications, cultural diversity, and import/export product expertise to increase global accessibility to Hong Kong SMEs‟ products – without requiring SMEs to change their business, to learn new technology, or requiring them to enter a retraining program.

Access To More Consumers Means More Sales

More Product Sales Means More Revenue

More Profits Means More SMEs Can Be Helped

Given that experts predict that average online retail sales in 2006 are expected to increase an additional 20% over previous years, it is safe to estimate that Destiny 2013‟s member SMEs will increase their overall annual sales revenue by at least 20% to 30%. However, it is critical to note that Destiny 2013‟s goals go beyond sales and profits. Destiny 2013‟s focus is much larger than that. Its long-term mission is to use its technology, global sales network, and revenue growth opportunities to reduce unemployment and improve the economic future of underprivileged business owners. Destiny 2013 will accomplish this by using the natural ripple effect caused by helping SMEs succeed. By improving the revenue and lives of poorer business owners, Destiny 2013 hopes to move the city‟s economy forward. This type of approach is totally feasible, as noted by the global Small Enterprise Assistance Funds‟ (SEAF) findings that:

Destiny 2013 Expect To Increase SMEs’ Revenue At Least 20% – 30%

Destiny 2013 Improving Underprivileged SMEs’ Income Helps Families & All of Hong Kong

―Every $1 invested in small businesses has an average $10 economic spin-off.‖


Business Model Overview

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
5. SMEs‟ Profit Sharing With Destiny 2013 Enables Cycle of Growth to Continue

1. Quality Hong Kong Products Sold Globally by SMEs Via Destiny 2013

4. Increased Sales Brings SMEs Increased Profits

Free Web Site

Free Customer Service

Free Shipping Free Marketing

2. Destiny 2013 Markets Quality, Guaranteed, Duty Free, & Tax Free Products With Free Shipping & Free Insurance

3. Global Consumers Purchase Quality Products at Hong Kong Street Market Prices – FEE FREE


Detailed Process Diagram
Destiny 2013 Product Manager Finds Potential Member (SME)

Yes Does SME Wish to Join Destiny 2013?

Consumer Worked With Ambassador?


Destiny 2013 Pays for Shipping, Insurance, & Packaging

Consumer Pays for Shipping, Insurance, & Packaging

Yes SME Signs Agreement Destiny 2013 Verifies Receipt of Funds From Consumer

SME Sets Website Price of his Products & Percentage of Sale Price To Be Awarded to Destiny 2013 as Commission

Destiny 2013 Sends Order Information To SME

Destiny 2013 Gathers Digital Pictures & Information On SME‟s Available Products

SME Packages & Ships Product to Buyer

Destiny 2013 Product Managers Upload Information onto Website


Consumer Worked With Ambassador?


Destiny 2013 Technicians Ensure Performance & Search Engine Optimization of Website

Ambassador Verifies Client Satisfaction & Manages Any Issues

Destiny 2013 Verifies Client Satisfaction & Manages Any Issues

Destiny 2013 Develops E-Mail, Newsletters, & Direct Mail Promotions to Market Website Yes Ambassadors Market Website Products to Clients and Prospective Customers Around the World

Destiny 2013 Sends Sales Total Less The Agreed Upon Sales Commission To SME

Consumer Worked With Ambassador?

Destiny 2013 Shares Commission Equally With Ambassador


Online Consumer Buys Product On Destiny 2013 Website

Destiny 2013 Reinvests Commissions Earned to Cover Operational Costs & Expand SME & Ambassador Programs



Example of Impact on Small Business Growth Mr. Yue Han Chuang is a small business owner who sells Seiko Men‟s watches for HK$1,500. In a normal month, Mr. Chuang sells 20 Seiko watches at HK$1,500 each to clients who enter his shop. Thus, he makes an average of HK$30,000 per month in retail Seiko watch sales.
SME’s Avg. Retail Sales 20 Watches Sold Per Month — Monthly Revenue HK$30,000

Average Retail Sales Without Destiny 2013 = HK$30,000

Mr. Chuang believes he can sell this product online through Destiny 2013 for HK$2,000 each. He agrees to give Destiny 2013 twenty percent (20%) of the online sales price as commission. As a result of an Ambassador‟s sales campaign, Destiny 2013 sells four of Mr. Chuang watches at HK$2,000 per watch.

Destiny 2013 Markets & Sells Four Watches @ HK$2,000/each — HK$8,000


Online Sales Via Destiny 2013= HK$8,000

As agreed, Destiny 2013 gets 20% of the sale. The SME gets 80% of the sale price.
Destiny 2013‟s Sales Commission = HK$1,600

Destiny 2013 Manages Accounts & Services — Earns HK$1,600

Destiny 2013‟s SME member earns an additional HK$6,400 – without changing their business or managing technology needs!
SME‟s Additional Revenue = HK$6,400 New Total Monthly Revenue = HK$36,400

Member SME Increased Revenue By 20% Without Changing Business

Since the sale went through an Ambassador, Destiny 2013 uses part of the HK$1,600 sales commission earned to pay for shipping, handling, and insurance (HK$140 * 4 watches = HK$560). The remainder, HK$1,040, is divided equally between Destiny 2013 and the Ambassador.

Destiny 2013 Shares HK$1,040 Equally With Ambassador

Destiny 2013‟s Revenue: HK$520 Ambassador‟s Revenue: HK$520


Additional Revenue Sources Destiny 2013‟s mission is focused on the long-term success of its business, its SME members, and its community. As Sophocles said, “Success is dependent on effort.” Thus, Destiny 2013 will be working not only on developing and enhancing SMEs‟ revenue, but it will also utilize alternative sources to build and expand the entire community‟s social and economic prosperity.
Corporations Money, In-Kind Services, or Special Offers To Pass To Destiny 2013 Members

Members Individuals Who Contribute Small Amounts To Help Reduce Poverty

Destiny 2013 model targets financial support, as well as public and corporate participation in reducing poverty and improving the welfare of its members. As such, Destiny 2013 will garner revenue from: 1. SME Profit Sharing (as described earlier) 2. Ambassadors - For an annual fee of HK$80, ambassadors will be able to:  Market Destiny 2013‟s products and Website  Sell Destiny 2013‟s products on their own Website, and/or  Sell Destiny 2013‟s products offline through a catalog. Regardless of the Ambassador option selected, Destiny 2013 will manage all the inventory and fulfillment functions. Those that choose to set up their own Website will be responsible for the technical and Website support, payment coordination, and customer service. For Ambassadors that market the Destiny 2013 Website or sell Destiny 2013‟s products through a catalogue, Destiny 2013 will manage the customer service, Website maintenance, and accounts payable/receivable.
Advertisers Business Owners Who Pay For Advertising on Destiny 2013 Site

Ambassadors Sales Representatives That Market Destiny 2013 Products & Website


3. Membership Dues (Non-SMEs) For the minor fee of HK$80, individuals will receive a one year membership to Destiny 2013. As members, they will be able to participate in corporate sales programs or receive coupons/discounts from contributing enterprises. 4. Advertising Links Destiny 2013 will invite Hong Kong businesses to take advantage of their global network and visibility. These businesses will be charged a fee in return for establishing a link to their Website on Destiny 2013. 5. Corporate Social Sponsorship As of April 2006, there are 558,699 local companies and 7,502 overseas companies registered within the city of Hong Kong. To enhance Destiny 2013‟s ability to expand the scope of SMEs helped through this program, the team will follow the leadership and drive of John Wu and establish partnerships with as many of these companies as possible. To thank the companies for their donations or contributions, Destiny 2013 will promote their businesses on the Website and reference their contributions in newsletters and emails. 6. HongKonnomics.com HongKonnomics.com is a for-profit broker Website established by John B. Wu. Hong Kong residents can market and sell their “Gently Used” possessions on the HongKonnomics.com Website. HongKonnnomics.com will not charge buyers for purchasing “Gently Used” items they found on the Website. Sellers will be charged a FLAT fee of HK$1.00 for each item advertised plus a surcharge of 5% of the final sales price, in order to pay for operational costs, such as foreign currency conversion, product quality control, credit card commissions, transaction fees, and customer service expenses. What is unique about HongKonnomics.com is that for a minor annual membership fee of HK$800.00, middle-income workers will be able to invest in this venture and share in the profits. After annual operational costs have been paid for, half of the remaining profit will go to Destiny 2013 and half will be shared with HongKonnomics members. In addition, buyers and sellers will be invited to contribute to Destiny 2013‟s mission, at their will.

Members For Small Annual Fee Members Get Discounts & Special Offers From Corporate Contributors

Advertisers Small Businesses & Manufacturers Benefit From Destiny 2013’s Exposure & Client Base

HongKonnomics Used Goods Bought/Sold on Site - Participants Invited to Contribute To Destiny 2013

HongKonnomics Charge Sellers FLAT Fee To Advertise & Sell Items



Competitors & Differentiators

Competitors and Their Fees In the true sense of the word, Destiny 2013 does not have any competitors. There are currently no other Internet sites that provide free product marketing, free technical Website development, and free customer service in return for a mutually agreed upon share of the sales profits. Online auction sites such as Ebay.com, Ubid.com, and Amazon.com charge sellers and “store owners” to advertise and sell goods. Furthermore, none of the existing electronic commerce sites advocate social responsibility or use their profits to enhance the welfare of the people in their community. But, if we set aside Destiny 2013‟s mission to help small and medium enterprise owners compete in the global market, how do Destiny 2013‟s fees compare to those of well known competitors? Since eBay is the most renowned e-commerce site, how do Destiny 2013 and eBay compare? The example on Table 1 compares what it would cost a SME to sell an item through Destiny 2013 versus what it would take them to sell the same item on eBay:
Table 1 - Destiny 2013 vs. eBay Expenses Paid By Seller For Adding & Marketing New Item Online Activities Related To Selling Online Adding new item with 1 picture Adding additional pictures of item Requesting larger pictures for item Setting a reserve (minimum) price Setting a “Buy-It-Now” price Requesting item to be highlighted on site Extra marketing tools used for item Fee paid when item is sold Destiny 2013 Free Free Free Free Free Free EBay
(In US Dollars)
Destiny 2013 No Fees Charged For Managing Product Pictures & Descriptions Destiny 2013 No Fees Charged For Adding Items To Website

$0.20 - $4.80 $0.15/picture $0.75/picture $1.00 - $50.00 $0.05 - $0.25
Destiny 2013 Destiny 2013 No Fees Charged For Website Marketing or Product Highlighting

$0.65 to $160.00

No Fees Charged For Marketing Tools

Free Commission Agreed Upon by Seller & Destiny 2013 Percentage of Commission Earned

Up to $25.00 5.25% - 9.75% of closing price None

Reinvestment In Community


Destiny 2013’s Value Added Services Destiny 2013 distinguishes itself not only by focusing on improving the revenue of its members and their community, but also by providing free value added services that exceed their customers‟ expectations. Destiny 2013‟s value added services will benefit the seller and the buyer by employing experienced professionals to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Validate Quality and Authenticity of Products Sold Develop Effective and Attractive Webpages Create Innovative Marketing Collateral Manage Payment Collection and Distribution Provide Global Customer Service in English and Chinese.
Destiny 2013 Free Website Development & Web Hosting

Destiny 2013 Free Direct Mail, Email, Newsletter, and Catalogue Marketing

These services will not only give Destiny 2013 a decisive competitive edge, but it will enable members to enhance their consumer base and revenue without having to deal with: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Website Development Costs Web Hosting Fees Technical Support Costs Uploading Digitized Pictures of Their Products Developing and Paying For Media/Print Marketing Campaigns Developing and Paying for Email/Direct Mail Campaigns Developing and Paying for Newsletters to Advertise Products Multi-lingual Customer Support for English-Only Customers Validating Consumers‟ Payments

Destiny 2013 Free Customer Service In English & Chinese

Destiny 2013

Instead, experienced Destiny 2013 professionals that have the expertise to perform these functions efficiently and cost-effectively will manage them. Destiny 2013 will use portions of the sales commissions earned to pay for these value added services. In contrast, those selling through eBay are responsible for paying for most of these services as highlighted on Table 2 on the next page.

Free Tracking & Validation of Consumer Payments


Table 2 - Comparing Value Added Services Destiny 2013 vs. eBay Destiny 2013 Website Maintenance Validating Quality of Product Sold Email Marketing Free Free Free EBay (in US Dollars) Free No Quality Control Outside of Feedback Posts Store Owners Only (Additional Fees Apply) 1st 100 – 4000 Emails Free (Depending on Subscription) PLUS 1¢ For Each Subsequent Email Seller’s Responsibility Seller’s Responsibility Free Development But Must Pay for Printing & Distributing Power Sellers Only Reimburses 25% of Costs for Advertising In Magazines That They Endorse Seller’s Responsibility Tools Can Be Purchased From Ebay For $4.99 – $24.99 / month Seller’s Responsibility

Newsletter Marketing Direct Mail Marketing Flyers Extra Marketing

Free Free Free Free

Managing & Tracking Sales


Customer Service: Answering Product Questions Before Product is Purchased Customer Service: Resolving Problems After Product Delivered Multi-Lingual Customer Team Packaging Costs



Seller’s Responsibility

Free Free (Via Ambassador) Free (Via Ambassador) Free (Via Ambassador) Free

Seller’s Responsibility Buyer’s Responsibility

Insurance Costs

Buyer’s Responsibility

Shipping Costs

Buyer’s Responsibility

Tracking & Validating Payment

Seller’s Responsibility



Goals & Objectives

Main Goals i. Reduce Unemployment & Underemployment After more than three years of economic research, analysis, and planning, it is clear that Destiny 2013‟s business and social mission will help reduce national and international individuals‟ unemployment and underemployment by: 1. 2. 3. 4. Directly hiring employees Sharing sales commission with entrepreneurs Driving higher volume of online consumers to partner Websites, and Purchasing products and services from local businesses.
Destiny 2013 Employs Marketing. Technical, & Communications Professionals

The individuals who will be positively affected by Destiny 2013‟s business growth will be divided into the following categories: Destiny 2013 Company Employees - Management Teams - Technical Teams - Marketing & Public Relations Experts - Product Managers Who Negotiate With SMEs - Support Staff Destiny 2013 Ambassadors Destiny 2013 Store Owners Online Partners Who Advertise on the Destiny 2013 Website - Manufacturing Companies - Packaging/Shipping Service Providers - Professional Services Companies - Travel Agencies - Translating Services - Insurance Companies Auxiliary Businesses Impacted By Destiny 2013 - Printing Companies - Advertising Agencies - Packaging Product Suppliers - Hong Kong Post (HongKongPost.com) - Expedited Shipping Service Providers

Destiny 2013 Commissions Shared With Ambassadors & Virtual Store Owners

Destiny 2013 More Consumer Traffic Directed To Partner Businesses Who Advertise On Site

Destiny 2013 New Business For Area Printing, Shipping, & Professional Services Firms


ii. Enhance Knowledge of and Access To The Internet The technology and skill sets necessary to compete effectively in a global market are not accessible to most low-income, small business owners. The target SMEs do not have the: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Money to buy a quality computer Technology skills to use a computer effectively Financial resources to pay for monthly Internet access Education required to navigate today‟s complex Cyberspace Fluency in English to understand most international sites, nor Fluency in English to support international consumers.
Target SMEs Lack Technology Skills & Funding to Access and Compete on Internet

Destiny 2013 Underprivileged SMEs & Ambassadors Will Be Given Access to Internet

Destiny 2013 will enable poor and disadvantaged member SMEs and Ambassadors to view their sales accounts, free of charge. Furthermore, they will help member SMEs and Ambassadors learn and use the products/services available to them through the Internet. The importance of providing Internet access to every citizen cannot be minimized. Even in technology-driven countries such as the United States, the focus is on supplying government resources to ensure everyone has access to the World Wide Web. In fact, the U.S. Department of Education emphasized that, We need to address the limited access to technology that many students have outside of school. There is much more we can do. Closing the digital divide will also help close the achievement gap that exists within our schools. In 2006, the United Way started building wireless networks in poor neighborhoods where most residents couldn‟t afford Internet costs and service charges. The plan's purpose is to give some of the state's poorest residents the same easy access to information about jobs, daycare, education, and government services that people in the middle class have long enjoyed. Paul Spiegel from the Learning Fountain Network wrote, Enabling the poor to access the Internet may bring them information to empower them to boost themselves out of poverty and become confident, productive members of a healthy society.

Global Issue Closing Internet Divide Closes Achievement Gap

United Way Internet Brings Jobs, Daycare, Education & Information To Low Income Areas


iii. Enhance Knowledge of and Access To Available Resources

The Hong Kong government and area businesses have taken numerous steps to provide its citizens, tourists, and other nations with online information about Honk Kong, the government, the economy, its people, and available services. In fact, a single Google search found: “Results 1 - 10 of about 111,000,000 for Hong Kong government. (0.20 seconds).” However, if an individual doesn‟t have access to the Internet or know how to use it effectively, they will never be able to benefit from the information available. Here is but a tiny list of the thousands of government-related Websites found online: Hong Kong SAR of the People‟s Republic of China http://www.info.gov.hk/eindex.htm Hong Kong Online Job Search Engine - http://www.hkjobs.com Hong Kong Small & Medium Enterprises Information Centre http://www.sme.gcn.gov.hk/smeop/english/index.cfm Hong Kong Government‟s Public Rental Housing Authority http://www.housingauthority.gov.hk/en/residential/prh/0,,,00.html Hong Kong‟s Welfare Department Benefits For Children & Families http://www.swd.gov.hk/en/index/site_pubsvc/page_family/ Hong Kong Trade & Economic Office in the United States http://www.hketousa.gov.hk/usa/index.htm Hong Kong Law Page - http://www.carrow.com/linkhongkong.html Central & Western District Council http://www.districtcouncils.gov.hk/central/text_english/welcome.htm

Hong Kong Thousands of Websites Worthless If Can’t Access Internet

Hong Kong 111,000,000 Websites Found Related to HK Government

One of Destiny 2013‟s main goals is to use its access to technology and its team‟s strong communication skills to enable our community members to take advantage of what is already available to them. Destiny 2013 will identify and distribute information about existing resources through various in-person and written communications, including: 1. Conversations between Destiny 2013 representatives & members 2. One-on-one training sessions with members, and 3. Destiny 2013 Newsletters

Destiny 2013 Helps Members Access & Understand Internet Resources

Destiny 2013

By educating poorer community members on what is offered to them through the Internet, they will be able to take advantage of the services so freely accessed by middle-class and upper class citizens. Their children will be provided with the education and potential market place opportunities denied their elders in the past. It is Destiny 2013‟s plan to use this path to break the cycle of ignorance that chains poor families to lives of despair and poverty.

Gives LowIncome Same Privilege Enjoyed by Middle & Upper Class Individuals


Main Benefits i. Increase Income Potential for Small & Medium Business Owners As discussed in the business model section, the SMEs have the products to sell, Destiny 2013 has the technology and expertise to market them, Destiny 2013 has the professional skills to provide multi-lingual customer service, and just as importantly the international market is primed for this type of offering. It is also important to realize that a great deal of the recent growth in e-commerce or Internet-based retail sales is due as a result of the booming emergent market. In 2003, Wells Fargo Bank‟s international merchant payments reached nearly one billion in sales. But the consumer base that demands low-cost, high-quality foreign products extends beyond United States‟ borders. Statistics Canada noted, 2005 was the fourth year in a row that the overall value of e-commerce sales in Canada increased by 38% or more. To put this into perspective, the increase in online sales was six times the rise in overall retail sales in Canada in 2005. In the United Kingdom, Computing.co.uk recently published, One in 10 retail sales now takes place online, and £80bn is either spent on or influenced by the Internet…Online retail sales have grown by 45 per cent year-onyear for the past six months and have increased 2,000 per cent in the past six years. Destiny 2013 will focus its mission and expertise to bring previously disenfranchised small and medium business owners to into this international market place. As a result, they will be able to take advantage of this market growth and share in its revenue generating opportunities. ii. Increase Income Potential for Entrepreneurs There is a very old saying, “It takes money to make money.” As a result, most of the poor remain poor. Even if they have the ambition to succeed, they lack the resources or collateral required to see their vision come to fruition. Destiny 2013 will enable individuals, whose strengths lie in the sales and marketing arena, to dramatically increase their income. They will not be required to purchase, stockpile, or manage an inventory of products. They will not have to manage customer services or a Website. Sales representatives, or Ambassadors as Destiny 2013 calls them, will be able to market and sell any product available on the Destiny 2013 Website with only a minor financial investment. The more energy and dedication Ambassadors focus into this effort, the larger their client base will become. The larger their network of clients buying through Destiny 2013, the more commission Destiny 2013 will collect. The larger the commission shared with the Ambassadors, the more these Ambassadors will have to share with their families. The more commissions earned, the more Destiny 2013 will have to reinvest back into the local community.

Statistics Consumers Primed For Low-Cost, High-Quality Website

Wells Fargo 2003 International Merchant Payments Neared US$1B

Canada 2005’s Online Sales Increase 600% Higher Than Overall Retail Sales

United Kingdom Online Sales Increased 2000% In Past Six Years


iii. Increase Market Exposure for Manufacturing & Small Business Partners Destiny 2013 will actively pursue online partnerships with small manufacturing and retail businesses. Revenue garnered from partners that advertise on the Destiny 2013 site will help expand our business. But more importantly, the increased business brought to our partners via Destiny 2013 will also increase partners‟ revenue and global competitive visibility. Destiny 2013 will become a major presence in the global retail market because of the key differentiating factors we've discussed in this proposal: 1. 2. 3. 4. Guaranteed Products At Fair Prices High Quality / User Friendly Website Free Insurance, Packaging, & Shipping Through Ambassadors Effortless Social Contribution Through Website Purchases

Destiny 2013 Small Business Partners Will Benefit From Increased Consumer Traffic

As Destiny 2013‟s global exposure expands, so will that of our partners. It will be the truest sense of the word partnership, “a relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal.” In this case, the goal will be financial and social progress. iv. Establish Manufacturing Opportunities for Destiny 2013 Branding A longer-term benefit will be the use of Destiny 2013‟ global popularity to increase the demand for Hong Kong manufacturers. With an established reputation as a provider of quality goods at low prices, Destiny 2013 will develop a strong following and retail prestige. Through a joint venture, manufacturers will be able to place the distinguished Destiny 2013 brand name on their lesser-known products. This branding will enable them to sell a larger volume of products to an established Destiny 2013 consumer base. This type of joint venture has proven highly profitable. Ralcorp Holdings, a major U.S. product branding company, found: More consumers are purchasing Store Brand (private label) products today than ever because of the growing awareness of the good value Store Brands offer. Store Brand prices are almost always lower than the national brands. Consumers are also very often finding their quality and nutritional value equal to their national brand counterparts. According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, one in five products purchased in grocery outlets is a store brand product. Store brand retail sales exceed $48 billion annually and continue to grow. In fact, between 1998 and 2001, sales rose an average of 5.5% per year. The Destiny 2013 joint venture with local manufacturers will be the equivalent of the U.S. “Store Brand” concept. Hong Kong manufacturers will continue to sell their products under their own name, but they will also be invited to harness Destiny 2013‟s exposure and prestige to present their goods to a larger, more global market.

Destiny 2013 Consumers Contribute to Social Reform Simply By Buying From Destiny 2013

Destiny 2013 Improve Small Manufacturing Opportunities Through Branding

United States 20% of Grocery Outlet Products Are Store Brands


v. Build A Network of Government Leaders, Corporate Sponsor, & Community Agencies To Reduce Poverty Destiny 2013 is not alone in its quest to use entrepreneurship to improve the economic condition of the world‟s poor and disadvantaged. Manpower Inc. is a US$16B company and a world leader in the employment services industry. Its leaders vow that for them, corporate social responsibility Extends well beyond just writing a donation check to a charitable cause. It‟s about strengthening the diversity of our communities and creating opportunities for all people to participate in the workforce. It‟s about focusing on the long-term view and developing solutions that are sustainable. Whether it‟s helping an unemployed single mother return to the workforce, or giving a job to an immigrant when no one else will, our reward comes from knowing that we make a real difference – today and in the future. According to Corporate Social Responsibility‟s (CSRNews.com) June 2006 news release, Today, consumers are better informed than ever before and only a click away from finding the truth behind company headlines. They want to know who they‟re dealing with and more importantly, what their values are. As a result, it‟s becoming increasingly important for companies to do the right thing and to communicate it effectively to consumers. Destiny 2013 will use its resources to garner the active participation of corporations, area business owners, neighborhood leaders, non-profit organizations, and community services groups in its goal to reduce poverty. Destiny 2013 will employee low-income workers. Ambassadors, partners, and other entrepreneurs who take advantage of the Destiny 2013 model will improve their financial situations. Members and partners will spend their increased income in the communities in which they live. Meanwhile, Destiny 2013 will reinvest their commissions-earned back into the operation and into further growing the member roster.

Manpower, Inc. Corporate Social Responsibility is About Developing LongTerm Solutions

CSRNews Consumers Educated & Look For Companies That Do The Right Thing

Destiny 2013 Garners Support From Corporate, Community, & Business Leaders

Member SMEs Their Economic Improvement Means Whole Community Benefits



Timetable, Sales Estimates, & Budgets

Summary The purpose of this section is to inform the funding organizations of the timeline envisioned for developing Destiny 2013, the expenses involved in launching the business, and if approved, how the requested funding will be used. It will also identify any existing financial contributions available to Destiny 2013. Once the Website has been launched and marketing campaigns are under way, user traffic will begin to establish Destiny 2013 as a viable competitor in the global market place. User traffic (or the number of people visiting the Destiny 2013 Website) is estimated to reach: 1. At least one million visitors/month by end of first full year of Website implementation. 2. At least ten million user hits per month by the end of year five. Chart 1, on page 31, outlines the timeline activities for the first 18-months of Destiny 2013‟s operation. In summary: 1. Most of the first year will be required to establish the organizational, technical, and operational infrastructure. 2. Sales are expected to start by month 10. 3. It is estimated that by month 15, sales commissions will begin to surpass expenses. 4. By month 18, Destiny 2013 will be self-sustaining & no longer require funding support. Destiny 2013 will require HK$16 million to cover the first 18-months‟ startup expenses. Revenue growth will be gathered from sales, memberships, advertising, and sponsorships. By the end of the first 18 months of operation, Destiny 2013 will be self-sustaining. Table 3 below summarizes the estimated costs by category. Table 4 details the expenses within each category. Furthermore, Table 5 details the current funding available to Destiny 2013.
Table 3 – Estimated Start-Up Expenses Summarized By Category — In Hong Kong Dollars (HK$) — Rounded Expense Category One-Time Monthly Total Annual Total 18-Month Total Cost (On-going Only) (Less One Time Costs) (With One Time Costs) Recruiting Salaries Operational Travel Expenses Technical Distribution
(Months 9 – 18 only)

$975,000 $0 $230,000 $0 $300,000 $0 $0 $600,000 $2,105,000

$0 $412,500 $44,000 $50,000 $52,500 $208,000 $294,000 $0 $1,061,000

$0 $4,950,000 $528,000 $600,000 $630,000 $1,975,000 $1,890,000 $0 $10,573,000

$975,000 $7,425,000 $792,000 $900,000 $1,245,000 $2,169,000 $1,890,000 $600,000 $15,996,000

Sales & Marketing
(Only15 Months for This Item)

Legal Consulting Total Expenses


CHART I — 18-Month Timeline — From Funding To Self-Sustaining Business
Month 1 Month 4 Month 8 Month 10 Month 15 Month 18


Recruit:  CEO  COO  CIO Communications Officer – John Wu Set Up Facility:  Office Space  Equipment  Computers  Utilities  Internet Access Hire & Train:  Support Staff  Consultant for Website Establish/Build:  Business Licenses  International Rights  Website Development


New Hires Start:  CEO  COO  CIO Write / Ensure Compliance:  SME Contracts  Ambassador Contracts  Partner Contracts Develop:  Business Plan  Marketing Plan  Public Relations Materials  Marketing Collateral  Email Collateral  Website Marketing Collateral  Target Business List  SME Target List Test/Validate Website


Launch:  Website  Technical Infrastructure Relationship Building:  SMEs  Ambassadors  Partners  Sponsors  Members Refine:  Business Plan  Marketing Plan  Public Relations Materials  Marketing Collateral  Email Collateral  Website Marketing Collateral  Target Business List  SME Target List



List & Advertise on Website:  Products  Partner Links  Sponsors References Sales & Marketing:  Ambassadors  Marketing Campaigns  Media Activities  Email Campaigns Relationship Building:  SMEs  Ambassadors  Partners  Sponsors  Members Sales Begin:  Consumer-Based  Via Ambassadors Shipping, Handling, & Insurance Expenses:  If Sales Via Ambassadors





Sales & Revenue Increase:  Product Orders Sent to SMEs  SMEs Send Products to Consumers  Destiny 2013 Verifies Satisfaction  SMEs Paid for Sales  Ambassadors Earn Share of Commissions  Destiny 2013 Earns Commissions Operating Costs:  Destiny 2013 Begins to Cover Portions of Operating Costs Through Commissions Earned Shipping, Handling, & Insurance (ongoing):  If Sales Via Ambassadors List & Advertise on Website (ongoing):  Products  Partner Links  Sponsors References Sales & Marketing (ongoing):  Ambassadors  Marketing Campaigns  Media Activities  Email Campaigns Relationship Building (ongoing):  SMEs  Ambassadors  Partners  Sponsors  Members


Destiny 2013 Self-Sufficient Sales & Revenue Continue to Increase:  Product Orders Sent to SMEs  SMEs Send Products to Consumers  Destiny 2013 Verifies Satisfaction  SMEs Paid for Sales  Ambassadors Earn Commissions  Destiny 2013 Earns Commissions  Destiny 2013 Manages Operating Costs Shipping, Handling, & Insurance (ongoing):  If Sales Via Ambassadors List & Advertise on Website (ongoing):  Products  Partner Links  Sponsors References Sales & Marketing (ongoing):  Ambassadors  Marketing Campaigns  Media Activities  Email Campaigns Relationship Building (ongoing):  SMEs  Ambassadors  Partners  Sponsors  Members





















Table 4 – Detail of Expenses By Category In Hong Kong Dollars (HK$) – Rounded Up
Expenses Category Recruiting** Executive Recruiting** CEO CIO COO Resource Recruiting ** Support Personnel Website/Technical Consultant Freelance Writer Salaries CEO CIO COO Communications / PR Officer Support Personnel (Clerical) Freelance Writer Bookkeeper/Accountant Operational Facility Rental/Lease ($25/sqft) Utilities & Phone Lines Internet Access Office Supplies Computers ** Facility & Fixture Setup ** Travel Expenses Travel & Travel Insurance One Time Cost $975,000 $900,000 $300,000 $300,000 $300,000 $75,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $0 Monthly

(Less One Time Costs) (Rounded)

(With One Time Costs) (Rounded)

Expenses Category Technical Website Development ** Software Products ** Database & Web Hosting Web Administration Distribution Shipping & Insurance **** Packaging **** Postage Costs - Office Sales & Marketing Develop (Months 4–9) Logo/Branding Materials Print Advertising Direct Mail Advertising Radio Advertising TV Advertising Email Development Implement (Months 10-18) Sales & Marketing Plans Legal Consulting Contract Development ** Trade Mark & Logos Legal Consulting ** TOTAL EXPENSES

One Time Cost $300,000 $250,000 $50,000


(Less One Time Costs)

(With One Time Costs) (Rounded)




$15,000 $37,500 $0 $208,000 $125,000 $50,000 $33,000 $294,000 $42,000 $42,000 $42,000 $42,000 $42,000 $42,000 $42,000 $600,000 $240,000 $120,000 $240,000 $2,105,000 $0

$180,000 $450,000 $1,975,000 $1,125,000 $450,000 $400,000 $1,890,000 $252,000 $252,000 $252,000 $252,000 $252,000 $252,000 $378,000 $0

$1,245,000 $250,000 $50,000 $270,000 $675,000 $2,169,000 $1,125,000 $450,000 $594,000 $1,890,000 $252,000 $252,000 $252,000 $252,000 $252,000 $252,000 $378,000 $600,000 $240,000 $120,000 $240,000 $15,996,000

$412,500 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $37,500 $37,500 $37,500 $44,000 $25,000 $5,000 $2,000 $12,000

$4,950,000 $900,000 $900,000 $900,000 $900,000 $450,000 $450,000 $450,000 $528,000 $300,000 $60,000 $24,000 $144,000

$7,425,000 $1,350,000 $1,350,000 $1,350,000 $1,350,000 $675,000 $675,000 $675,000 $792,000 $450,000 $90,000 $36,000 $216,000



$80,000 $150,000 $50,000 $50,000 $600,000 $600,000 $900,000 $900,000



** One time expense

**** Estimate 5,000 Ambassador sales/ month - LAST 9 MONTHS ONLY- (Destiny 2013 Pays Shipping, Handling, Insurance Costs)


Table5 – Current Funding Available — In Hong Kong Dollars (HK$) — Source Total % Of Required Funding Expense Allocation Target

Total Funding



Key Personnel
CEO Tactical/Strategic Planning, Business Development & Marketing

In order to be successful, Destiny 2013 will need to acquire experienced leaders to establish and guide its development and growth. The most critical among these and their primary responsibilities are listed below: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) The CEO will oversee and spearhead the planning, creation, and execution of the tactical and strategic business development and marketing plans. In the long-term, the CEO will establish appropriate international counterparts to expand Destiny 2013‟s vision, globally. Chief Information Officer (CIO) The CIO will lead the design; development, management, maintenance, and long-term expansion of Destiny 2013‟s technological infrastructure and technical help desk support. Communication and Public Relations (PR) Officer The Communications and PR Officer will guide the preparation, distribution, regulatory compliance, and legal protection of media releases, monthly newsletters, internal/external correspondence. This officer will also act as a liaison to media and advertising agencies. Chief Operations Officer (COO) The COO will be responsible for sourcing and developing innovative Destiny 2013 products. This officer will also act as a liaison to local factories and manufacturers to ensure and promote Destiny 2013‟s brand image and global visibility. Chief Executive Officer

CIO Design, Develop, Manage, & Support Technology & Help Desk

Communications Officer Compliance — Media & Public Relations Liaison

COO Sourcing, Branding, & Global Partnerships

Chief Operations Officer

Communications & Public Relations Officer

Chief Information Officer



Monitoring & Evaluation Process
Measurements Number of SMEs, Ambassadors, & Partners

In order to enable the long-term growth of Destiny 2013‟s mission, it will be necessary to measure how it is performing in the short-term, at pre-established intervals, and throughout its corporate life. Once detailed measurements have been set up, it will be possible to evaluate Destiny 2013‟s results and make adjustments to strategic and tactical plans, as needed, to meet business and social goals. The primary business components to be measured and tracked will include, (but will not be limited to): 1. Number of member SMEs (Total Number & Periodic Variances) 2. Number of Ambassadors (Total Number & Periodic Variances) 3. Revenue from partnerships (Website links & advertising sales) 4. Revenue from SME product sales (Total & Periodic Variances) 5. Sales commissions from SME product sales (Total & Periodic Variances) 6. Gross and net profits from SME product sales (Total & Periodic Variances) 7. Revenue from Destiny 2013 branded product sales (Total & Periodic Variances) 8. Sales commissions from Destiny 2013 branded product sales (Total & Periodic Variances) 9. Gross and net profits from Destiny 2013 branded product sales (Total & Periodic Variances) 10. Website Traffic (Total & Periodic Variances) 11. Website Traffic Flowing to Partner Sites Through Advertising Links (Total & Periodic Variances)

Measurements Revenue & Commissions Garnered From Website Sales

Measurements Revenue & Commissions Garnered From Branded Product Sales

Measurements Website Traffic & Consumer Volume Linking to Partner Websites


10. Next Steps
Establish Organizational Leadership Destiny 2013 will use the best business executives available to push John Wu‟s vision of balancing business profitability with concrete social investment. Mr. Wu knows that his strengths are best focused on communications, public relations, and partnership building. Thus, he will be focusing his energies in the position of Communications & Public Relations Officer. A strong Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be critical. The CEO will be the first new Destiny 2013 executive hired. Once established, he/she will work with Mr. Wu to hire the remaining key personnel. The Chief Executive Officer will also: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Develop the strategic & tactical business plans Establish short & long-term marketing plans Communicate mission statement & vision to employees Establish company standards and procedures, and Drive the mission‟s launch and growth.
John B. Wu Will Use Business & Relationship Building Skills as Communications Officer

CEO Strong Leadership Critical – Embody Vision & Social Mission

As with Mr. Wu, the CEO will need to embody and promote Destiny 2013‟s business and social goals in all communications, presentations, and partner interactions. Establish Internet Components Destiny 2013 will develop a high quality website to market and sell the member SMEs. As discussed in the section „Additional Revenue Sources‟ the Destiny 2013 Website will be linked to the HongKonnomics.com Website. This link will enable HongKonnomics consumers and sellers to voluntarily contribute to funds to Destiny 2013‟s goal of reducing poverty through employment. Furthermore, the Destiny 2013 Website will support the diverse needs of marketing teams, corporate partners, SMEs, Ambassadors, and global consumers by: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Providing all Website information in English & Chinese Utilizing available Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques Making the graphical interface as user-friendly and intuitive, as possible Establishing flexible and effective user navigation through Website pages Establishing flexible and easy user navigation to partner and resource links Enabling easy product comparisons and price evaluations Providing buyers with safe and secure payment procedures Providing customer service procedures and contact information Providing information on Destiny 2013‟s product quality control procedures Clearly publishing Destiny 2013‟s business and social mission, and Providing visitors the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to social mission.
Destiny 2013 Easy Navigation, Secure Payment, & Quality Customer Service --Guaranteed

Destiny 2013 Search Engine Optimized, User Friendly, Website in English & Chinese


Promote & Build Destiny 2013’s Network The heart of Destiny 2013‟s mission is the people involved with developing and growing its global presence and social purpose. A key step in launching Destiny 2013 will be the development of a solid network of: 1. 2. 3. 4. Small and medium businesses (SMEs) that have products to sell on the Website Ambassadors who wish to market and sell goods advertised on Destiny 2013 Website Entrepreneurs who wish to sell Destiny 2013 products on their own Websites Manufacturing & small business leaders who wish to advertise their own goods or services on the Destiny 2013 Website 5. Corporate, private, or business sponsors who wish to contribute financially to the Destiny 2013 mission 6. Corporate, private, or business sponsors wish to contribute in-kind by supplying services, facilities, or supplies that can be used by Destiny 2013, and 7. Corporate, private, or business sponsors wish to contribute merchandize to be sold on HongKonnomics.com as contribution towards Destiny 2013‟s mission. The CEO, COO, and the Communications & PR Officer (Mr. Wu) will develop the marketing and communications strategies that will be used to develop this network. Market and Sell Website & Destiny 2013 Membership Benefits The CEO, COO, and the Communications & PR Officer (Mr. Wu) will also develop the marketing collateral, advertising programs, and communications strategies used to promote the Destiny 2013 Website. The marketing campaign will focus not only on the profit making opportunities associated with Destiny 2013‟s Website, but it will also expound on the: 1. 2. 3. 4. Developmental and social benefits that will be felt by member SMEs Long-term prestige that will result from working with a quality organization International growth potential available for partners and entrepreneurs, and The impact Destiny 2013 will have on reducing poverty and unemployment.
Marketing Need Print, Email, Direct Mail, & Media PR To Advertise Site SME Products Need Wide Variety of Goods To Market & Sell on Destiny 2013 Website

Ambassadors Need Local & International Sales Representatives to Promote Business

The CIO and his team of technicians will implement the online marketing tactics onto the Website pages and mass emailing campaigns. The Communications & PR Officer (Mr. Wu) will develop the press releases, media activities, as well as the internal/external correspondence needed to promote the Destiny 2013 Website, Ambassador, and partnership programs. The Communications & PR Officer (Mr. Wu) will also develop business and social relationships with key business and corporate leaders to further expand corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Operation Need Facility, Licenses, Staff, Equipment, & Funding For Expenses


11. Proposal Summary
Destiny 2013 will create a technology-driven, virtual marketplace for low-income SMEs. It will manage a public Internet channel that will allow underprivileged small & medium enterprise owners to affordably compete in the Web-based retail market. Currently, there are no Internet sites or community organizations focused on enabling low-income retailers and sales professionals to inexpensively participate in this booming industry. This solution delivers tangible results. It does not simply patch the symptoms of economic hardships. It creates work by employing people to do the work they already know how to perform. But, through Destiny 2013 they will be able to market their goods to a much larger, bargain-focused, global consumer base. In fact, global consumers will be drawn to the Destiny 2013 Website, because they will be able to: 1. Buy guaranteed (and authenticated) products at Hong Kong prices 2. Easily navigate through a high quality and user friendly website 3. Take advantage of free insurance, packaging, and shipping offers, and 4. Contribute to the better social good simply by buying items through Destiny 2013. Destiny 2013‟s goal is not one of financial wealth, but of social improvement. The model is highly economically and does not charge fees for inserting or advertising items for sale. Destiny 2013 will manage all the marketing, technology, and multi-lingual customer service needs required to run a successful E-commerce site, in return for a modest share of the selling price. As a result, low income SMEs will be able to sell their goods internationally, increase their sales volume, and augment their revenue. The improvements felt by these SMEs will ripple through their neighborhoods and lift the growth opportunities of communities as a whole. The conceptual phase of this innovative solution has been funded and completed. The research and analysis performed by John Wu shows that this model is extremely mobile. Not only can this solution improve Hong Kong SMEs‟ revenue, but it can also be utilized throughout the world to bring small business owners into the global market. Destiny 2013 needs HK$16 million in „seed capital‟ to launch the start-up company in Hong Kong. At the end of 18-months, Destiny 2013 will be fully self-sufficient. If properly funded, Destiny 2013 will be able to improve SMEs‟ economic conditions not through charity, but through dignified, repeatable, and sustainable business-focused means.


12. Appendices
Primary eBay Fees as Published on eBay.com
Insertion Fees Starting or Reserve Price $0.01 – $0.99 $1.00 – $9.99 $10.00 – $24.99 $25.00 – $49.99 $50.00 – $199.99 $200.00 – $499.99 $500.00 or more Insertion Fee $0.20 $0.35 $0.60 $1.20 $2.40 $3.60 $4.80 Equal to or Over $1,000.01 $25.01 – $1,000.00 5.25% of the initial $25.00 ($1.31), plus 3.00% of the remaining closing value balance ($25.01 to $1,000.00) 5.25% of the initial $25.00 ($1.31), plus 3.00% of the initial $25.00 - $1,000.00 ($29.25), plus 1.50% of the remaining closing value balance ($1,000.01 closing value) Final Value Fees Closing Price Item not sold $0.01 – $25.00 Final Value Fee No Fee 5.25% of the closing value

Listing Upgrade Fees Feature Gallery Subtitle Listing Designer Bold Border Highlight Featured Plus! 30 days $0.01 $0.02 $0.10 $1.00 $3.00 $5.00 $19.95 Good 'Til Cancelled (recurring 30-day listing) $0.01 / 30 days $0.02 / 30 days $0.10 / 30 days $1.00 / 30 days $3.00 / 30 days $5.00 / 30 days $19.95 / 30 days

Seller Tool Fees Seller Tool TurboLister Selling Manager (Free 30-day trial.) Selling Manager Pro (Free 30-day trial.) Blackthorne Basic (Free 30-day trial.)* Blackthorne Pro (Free 30-day trial.)** Fee Free $4.99 $15.99 $9.99 $24.99


Ebay Optional feature fees
eBay Picture Services Fees Feature First Picture Each additional Picture Preview Picture Picture Show Supersize Picture Picture Pack Fee Free $0.15 Free Free $0.75 $1.00 for up to 6 pictures or $1.50 for 7 to 12 pictures

Reserve Fees (fully refunded if item sells): Reserve Price $0.01 – $49.99 $50.00 – $199.99 $200.00 and up Buy It Now Fees in US$ Buy It Now Price (US$) US$0.01 – US$9.99 US$10.00 – US$24.99 US$25.00 – US$49.99 US$50.00 or more Listing Upgrade Fees Feature Value Pack Gallery Listing Designer* Subtitle Bold Scheduled Listings 10-Day Duration Gift Services Border Fee $0.65 $0.35 $0.10 $0.50 $1.00 $0.10 $0.40 $0.25 $3.00 Feature Pro Pack Highlight Featured Plus! Gallery Featured Pro Pack for Motors** Home Page Featured quantity of 2 or more List in Two Categories*** Fee $29.95 $5.00 $19.95 $19.95 $29.95 $39.95 $79.95 x2 Fee (US$) US$0.05 US$0.10 US$0.20 US$0.25 Fee $1.00 $2.00 1% of Reserve Price (up to $50)


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