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					A Special Tribute To Our Health Workers

Another week is another life sacrificed. Another week is another funeral. Another week is another rare opportunity for our city to assemble together. Another week is another silent painful discourse for our city.

In times of living tragedies and living pains: the courage, the devotion and the strong sense of duty to serve our community that comes from our health workers is the strongest testimony from what our common people of our city can represents. The heavenly virtues of our fallen heroes are their abilities to feel the pains of others as their own. These Sons and Daughters of Hong Kong have demonstrated to us that our city is worth sacrificing and worth dying for. The minds of all that hold high places in our city must now take a pause to recall what our city has been; they must come to realize how detached they have been with the general populace of Hong Kong, and they must discover another dimension of our society that longs to believe that, at last, our Government gained the intimate knowledge of the true condition and characters of the people of Hong Kong must live and die. It is interesting to note that the dead can always speak more eloquently for us than any of the living ever could, and that we living could only honor them by dedicating ourselves to the cause for which they so willingly to serve us above and beyond their call of duty. Now as government and people eulogizing in unity, sharing this same emotion, becoming conscience of other peoples‟ pain, have all came to realize suddenly Hong Kong has something far greater, far deeper, something far more permanent far more larger than the sum of all our city‟s fragments. This „something‟ for which we all find so difficult – even impossible – to describe or to hit on a single note before, yet, we were aware of it, convinced of it; that this „something‟ will matter most to our city‟s future and that we must guard it most sacredly so that it will be forever present among us. What has hit us most must be the wreath from the parents of one of the fallen that reads: “Our loving daughter, Yuen-Man is A Daughter of Hong Kong” – the truth of this message hit a spot in all our hearts – they are all Children of Hong Kong. The outpouring of grieve from millions of was evident during the funerals of our fallen children; those with delicate hearts weeps openly, the pathetic ones gave gut reactions. Our Chief Executive was seen with a lump in his throat. Our whole community came to

recognize that there is a deeper need – the need to have a united purpose, united commitment, and united actions in the same spirit as those that we‟ve put to rest in Gallant Garden. Now in this somber gathering before a dead hero, the coming together of a city that needs some corrections which needs some sassy translations for its divisive community. The 'front-line' warriors and the 'front-row' administration of our government; meeting each eyeball-to-eyeball, with perhaps the fieriest intensity to date, the most unflinching chronicler of today's Hong Kong is drawn to each individual's soul-searching moment and our entire sense of right or wrong, are put into vivid and unforgettable display to the public. Showing pride as well as guilt exposing who the sufferers are and who are the butchers? No one should now continue to live their days; do their duties in blissful ignorance of others lest we want these heroes to have sacrifice their lives in vain. SARS has exposed how disconnected the government is from the people but it has also open opportunities for their reckonings. Let us remind ourselves there are still those that are battling for us day and night at this moment in the frontline with uncertainty, with pride and fear, with a void that we cannot imagine with courage in the face of a fear that few of us will ever experience. Let us also remind ourselves when this war is won that we still have another unfinished battle; our war on unemployment; our war on social and economic justice must be fought with the same courage; the same determination with total involvement by our government and people. A Special Tribute from the Pioneers of, DESTINY 2013 ASSOCIATION (A not for profit organization dedicated to revive Hong Kong)

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