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              Arizona Pug Corner
 Volume 7, Issue 2                                                                                                 April 2010

                                                                Is Your Pug Cute?
                                        Of course it is! But is it the Cutest? Find out by entering his/her photo in our 4th
                                        annual Cutest Pug Photo Contest! Why should you enter? There are lots of rea-
                                        sons, but the top two are: (1) The world needs a dose of cuteness right now, and
                                        (2) Votes are only $1 and go to help pay vet bills for APARN’s foster pugs.
                                        The winner will be featured in an upcoming issue of Arizona Pug Corner, on
                                        APARN's 2010 Christmas Card, and of course retains bragging rights for a full
                                        year! There's also a $50 Gift Card for mom or dad to take their prize winning pug
                                        on a shopping spree!
   I need a home! Page 6                In addition, our winner will be featured on the cover of APARN's Cutest Pugs
                                        Calendar, where the Top 12 pugs from the contest will represent the months of
                                        January through December! The calendar will be for 2011 and will be available
                                        for purchase at the beginning of December.
                                        The Cutest Pug Photo Contest is an important
                                        summer fundraiser for APARN. Summer is a very
                                        busy time for intakes, and we are anticipating a
                                        very busy summer intake season. With a high
                                        number of intakes comes high medical bills.
                                        Please help us take care of all of the things our
                                        foster pugs need.
                                        Here are the contest guidelines:
                                        ■ There is no charge to enter, but only one photo
    Oliver’s Fund, Page 8               per pug, please. Photos will only be accepted
                                        from May 1st-31st, and must be sent via email to

Inside this Issue:                      ■ Voting begins Sunday June 6th, and each vote costs a $1 donation, payable
                                        via PayPal. After a one week voting period, the 24 top vote getters will move on
President’s Message                2    to Phase Two!
Bailey’s Mailbag!                  3 
Volunteer Profile:                 3    ■ Beginning with Phase Two on Sunday June 13th, the competition heats up!
Amie Essex                              Each week, beginning June 20th, we will eliminate two male and two female
                                        pugs, based on the lowest numbers of votes. Votes reset each week, so keep
Should I Get A Doggy Door?         4    encouraging friends and family to vote!
Bowl‐A‐Rama for Animal Rescue      5 
                                        ■ The Top 12 will be announced on July 25th. At this point, each week we elimi-
                                        nate one male and one female pug, based on lowest number of votes. This year,
Adopt Me!                        6‐7 
                                        we have some great surprises in store for the Top 12!

Oliver’s Fund                      8    ■ Phase Three will begin on August 22nd, with the final four pugs in fierce com-
Pugs in Paradise                   9    petition for the top spot! From this point on, only one pug will be eliminated each
                                        week, until only the Cutest Pug remains! The winner will be announced at noon
                                        on September 12th, and posted online later that day.
Events/Wish List                 10 
Join APARN!                      11     Fact: There has never been a black pug winner of the Cutest Pug Photo Contest!
                                        Black pug enthusiasts, are you going to let this trend continue? Get those photos
                                        ready, May 1st is just around the corner!                                                           email us at:
 PAGE 2                                      ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                     VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                                        President’s Message

 Dear Friends,                            one pug, for however long it             One of the biggest misconcep-
                                          takes to get that pug into its for-      tions we hear from people is that
 The first 100 days of 2010 have          ever home, it would be a tremen-         “rescues get free vet care.” This
 been busy ones! We took in 68            dous help to us. We hope you             is simply not true. We have a
 pugs during that short time. Also        will consider opening your heart         few trusted vets around the val-
 during that time, we adopted out         and home to an APARN foster              ley and in Tucson that work with
 49 pugs. Of those 49 pugs, 31            pug, in the same way a foster            us and give us discounts on cer-
 came in this year, 16 had been           home before you welcomed your            tain services, but 95% of the
 with us since 2009, and 2 had            pug while it waited for you!             funds we work so hard to raise
 been in foster care since 2008!                                                   go directly toward paying vet bills
                                          In addition to needing foster            for our rescued pugs. Adoption
 We continue to see pugs being            space, we also need funds to             fees do not come close to the
 surrendered at an alarming rate.         pay for the medical bills for our        amount of money that APARN
 We simply do not have enough             foster pugs. It seems that so            puts into the average pug to
 foster space to accommodate all          many of them have gone for so            bring it to an adoptable condition.
 the pugs we expect to see com-           long without proper dental care,
 ing in this summer. We hate to           that we are doing more and more          Our summer fundraisers, The
 board pugs, but if we are faced          dentals on pugs, just to maintain        Cutest Pug Photo Contest and
 with the dilemma of saying ‘no’ or       their health.                            Bowl-A-Rama are vital to help us
 boarding, then we will board until                                                raise the funds needed to care
 space opens up.                                                                   for our pugs this summer. We
                                          With the rise in reported cases of
                                          Heartworm in Arizona, we also            ask that you please support us in
 If you have ever thought about           pay for a heartworm test for each        these endeavors. We appreciate
 fostering a pug, now is the time         incoming pug, and start them on          any amount you can give.
 to step up and fill out the foster       heartworm preventative. If you
 application.                             have had a pug or other dog go           Pug hugs to you and yours,
                                          to the Rainbow Bridge, please            Terri Wood
 If you adopted your pug from             consider donating any left over
 APARN, we’d love to talk to you          heartworm preventative to
 about fostering, even if it is just      APARN for our foster pugs.

APARN extends a special thanks to each of the following for their continued support! 

                                       Tim & Sandy Day  
                                       Jean Cannon  
                                       Tom Murray/Villa La Paws  
                                       Casa Grande Animal Clinic 
                                       Four Legged Friends Animal Hospital, Phoenix  
                                       Goodyear Animal Hospital, Goodyear 
                                       Ina Road Animal Hospital, Tucson 
                                       Noe’s Ark Animal Hospital, Mesa 
                                       Village Animal Hospital, Phoenix                                                        email us at:
       VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2                               ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                           PAGE 3

Bailey’s Mailbag: Spokes pug answers your questions!

Dear Bailey,  my owners are thinking about putting in a swimming pool.  Do you have any ad‐
vice for them?  ‐ Ashley 

Dear Ashley, it is very important that your people understand that most pugs do not swim very 
well. A pug should always wear a doggy life vest while in the pool with their people, even if it is 
a ‘good’ swimmer.  Even if there is a fence around the pool, gates can be left open, and pugs 
can squeeze through very small openings between bars, so it is very important that your peo‐
ple teach you the basics of getting in and out of the pool.  A dog’s natural inclination is to try to 
get out of a pool where it fell in, so showing you how to get to the steps is crucial!  If you have 
a doggy door and an unfenced pool, please ask your people to close the doggy door until they 
are sure that you know how to get to the steps and get out of the pool.  Water safety for pugs 
is a must!  ‐ Bailey 

                 Pug Fact                                     Volunteer Profile: Amie Essex
 The bottom line regarding Pugs and 
 health is that Pugs are prone to a myriad     Amie became an APARN volunteer sev‐
 of genetic health issues and require          eral  years ago.  She had adopted her 
 more vet care than the average breed of       pug Nick from APARN while living in the 
 dog. If you get a Pug, be prepared to 
                                               Tucson area, then when she moved to 
 make a lot of trips to the vet. Not every 
 Pug will require frequent vet visits, but 
                                               Phoenix, became an official volunteer!  
 many do; so it’s in your best interest to     Amie’s current role is Home Check Coor‐
 plan on spending a lot of time and 
                                               dinator.  When applications are re‐
 money at the vet’s office. If you don’t 
 have the time, money, or willingness to       ceived and reviewed, Amie assigns a 
 commit the next 12+ years to a dog that       volunteer to perform the home check, a 
 may have frequent and significant             vital piece of APARN’s adoption process.  
 health problems, don’t get a Pug.  
                                               In addition to her duties as Home Check 
                   APARN Fact                  Coordinator, Amie also fosters pugs.  
                                               First pug Nick passed away in February 
 In the nine years from 2001 ‐ 2009, 
                                               2009, and Amie has two new pug boys 
 APARN took  in over 1200 pugs.  While 
 the majority of these pugs found new 
                                               in her life.  With two pugs of her own, 
 forever homes, a handful spent the rest       fosters are exposed to other pugs in a 
 of their lives with loving foster parents,    home environment, assisting us with 
 until it was time for them to go to the       determining personalities.  
 Rainbow Bridge.  
                                               Amie attends APARN’s adoption events,               
                                               and often provides transportation for  
                                                                                                  those foster pugs whose foster parents 
 Arizona Pug Corner
                                                                                                  are unable to attend.  
 Volume Seven, Issue Two
 April 2010                                                                                       When Amie is not volunteering for 
                                                                                                  APARN, she is volunteering her time as 
 Arizona Pug Corner is published by
 Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Net-
                                                                                                  a Big Sister. Sometimes she even brings 
 work, 1106 N. Gilbert Rd. #2-PMB-192                                                             her Little Sister to APARN events, to 
 Mesa, AZ 85203.                                                                                  introduce her to the rescued pugs. 
 Arizona Pug Corner is published in
                                                                                                  We are so happy to have Amie as one of 
 .PDF format and available for
 download on APARN’s website.                                                                     our valued volunteers!                                                                 email us at:
 PAGE 4                                                ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                            VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                                          Should I Get a Doggy Door?
                     Behavioral dog trainer Petra Griffis speaks out about the use of doggy doors.

                                                                        Another thing to note is that most people who get bitten aren't
 I advise against the use of doggy doors, as they generally
                                                                        bitten by strange dogs. They get nailed by their own pups,
 create a lot of issues, and when doggy doors are eliminated,
                                                                        often over something little like trying to retrieve a napkin that
 many bad issues either vanish or become less frequent.
                                                                        fell from the table and the dog grabbed it and ran off.
                                                                        Basically the dog is saying, "You don't have the right to take
 This is Arizona and we all know it's super hot in the summer.
                                                                        this away from me!” and then, *Chomp!* the owner is bitten.
 So hot that it can cause a dog’s death in a very, very short
 time. Instead of a doggy door, how about having a potty time
                                                                        Unfortunately we, the humans, practice what we think is best
 trained dog who goes outside upon a "Potty time" command,
                                                                        or what's recommended on TV or the Internet, from alpha
 does its business and comes right back in?
                                                                        rolling to shaking necks, to hitting underneath the chin, ear
                                                                        yanking, etc... However, none of this is even necessary if the
 For a dog with separation anxiety a doggy door is the devil,
                                                                        owner/alpha claims territory, taking such an easy step as
 since dogs experience comfort in den-like settings, with
                                                                        telling the pack when and where to go, and what to do.
 structure and feeling watched over. They not only don't know
 what to do with all the freedom that the doggy door allow, they
                                                                        I foster and usually take in those dogs which aren't fitting into
 don't want it!
                                                                        a normal foster care program. Not only do they learn super
                                                                        fast, they LOVE being told what to do. My dogs never
 There are plenty of negatives that go along with your dog
                                                                        exercise any "Pack order" behavior among each other, and
 being outside, such as jumping the fence, digging out under
                                                                        definitely never toward newbies, regardless of how aggressive
 the fence, barking, getting stung by a bee, drowning in a pool,
                                                                        the new dogs might be. They KNOW I'm in charge, and that
 theft, or heatstroke.
                                                                        leaves them with confidence that this pack's in order,
 However, my focus is about coming inside the house. As a               regardless of who's new. AND the biggest bonus about such
 behavioral trainer, when I meet with "Issue doggies", of which         strong boundary restrictions is that the troubled dogs who stay
 there are plenty, my clients are told to shut the doggy door for       with us, right away have NO potty issues any longer, show no
 at least 6 weeks.                                                      aggressions, shed stressful behavior and seem so happy, as
                                                                        if some heavy burden was just taken away.
 Of course they are free to try using it again after we’ve
 completed the training, after all it's their life, their dogs, and     Owners who contact me for dog training MUST agree to shut
 their decision. Usually they try it for a couple of days - until the   their doggy door in order to succeed right away with ALL type
 marking starts again, aggressions rise again, and other issues         of aggression issues, and even more so with soiling in the
 re-surface, such as jumping on visitors/owners when they               house, as well as barking and many other behavioral issues.
 come through the front door, etc.
                                                                        Dogs love following rules and leaders, they don't like to make
 Boundary training is a must! Doggy doors provide freedom,              decisions; it's simply not what this Hierarchy bound type of
 and hierarchy bound dogs don't really want that, but if made           animal seeks. Remember: If you aren't the leader, they
 available, they will take advantage of it. Much like a child           become the leader. Not that they want to, they feel they
 doesn’t understand what eating too much candy can cause                "have" to, based on "Survival instinct".
 (cavities, obesity, diabetes), the dogs aren’t able to make their
                                                                        Just my 5 cents. I'm 42 years old, and have been working with
 own decisions about what is best for them. It is up to the
                                                                        dogs since I'm 12, both in Germany and America. I've "Fixed"
 owner to provide structure and rules.
                                                                        the worst cases, never use force, and have found that
 A well functioning pack has a leader (that’s you!) who is never        boundary training is THE major tool in eliminating so many
 too tired to let its pack out the door, and when time, back into       issues within 24 hours. Dog owners are puzzled by how so
 the leader's territory. Great leaders will insist that each dog        little effort can make such a difference, and they not only
 exercise a sit/wait, then be called inside by name.                    enjoy their "new dog,” they enjoy “being the boss."

 Such simple steps, when taken, will eliminate destructive              The last and most likely BEST part is, if you are using belly
 behavior, aggressions, jumping on people, and one of the               bands with male dogs, with the help of the sit/wait and the
 biggest issues - Soiling inside the house!                             timed potty session (and NO doggy door), territorial peeing in
                                                                        adult dogs can be eliminated the day that you as the
 As a matter of fact, most dogs which pee and/or poop inside            foster/handler/owner close the doggy door, and take charge
 someone's home actually HAVE a doggy door available!                   as pack leader.

 "Housebreaking" means to show a puppy the right place to
 eliminate. When a dog is old enough to "Know" going inside is
 a no-no, yet it sneaks poopy under the dinning room chair, it's        *Petra may be contacted at
 not that the animal "Forgot" or "Could not hold it"; it was done
 on purpose, to claim territory, to challenge the owner's
 position.                                                                    email us at:
    PAGE 5                                      ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                                  Bowl-A-Rama for Animal Rescue

What a busy year 2010 has been so far for APARN; we
have taken in over 68 pugs from January through March,
ranging in age from 6 weeks to 14 years!
Because of the increased number of pugs with medical
issues coming into rescue, we are asking for your support
with Bowl-A-Rama, one of the summer fundraising events
APARN is participating in. This year’s Annual PACC911
Bowl-A-Rama for Animal Rescue is taking place on
Saturday August 7th.
APARN volunteers will be donating their time to bowl for
donations. Can you please ‘spare’ a few dollars, to help us
‘strike’ a blow against puggy homelessness?
In addition to the satisfaction of helping homeless pugs,
here’s what we’ve arranged to do for our supporters who
return a donation by August 1st, 2010:

•     All pledge donations of $50 or more will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Petsmart Gift Card!
Every pug deserves proper medical care and a loving home. With your help, APARN can meet the needs of
each pug that comes into rescue this summer.
Thanks for your continued support,
APARN Board of Directors
p.s. – Remember, your donations are tax deductible!

Yes, I want to help the pugs! Enclosed is my Bowl-A-Thon pledge donation in the amount of:
             ____ $10    _____ $25    ______ $50      ______ $100     ______Other
             _____ Yes, please enter me in the drawing for the $25 Petsmart Gift Card!
                   Drawing will be held on 8/7/10, winner will be notified by email or phone.
             _____ No, do not enter me in the drawing for the $25 Petsmart Gift Card.
Please print:

Name: ____________________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: _______________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________________                                                      email us at:
 PAGE 6                              ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                             VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                                      Adopt me!

                           Hi, I am Popeye, and I am very well behaved and have good manners. I don't jump on 
                           the furniture, and I enjoy laying on my dog bed on the floor as much as I like to sleep 
                           on the couch. But when I do get the chance to snuggle up to someone special, I really 
                           enjoy that too, especially getting under a blanket or in the corner of my human's arm 
                           where it is dark and I feel safe. I also like the crate and will even crawl in it when the 
                           people are home. I get along great with other dogs, males or females.  I like to go for 
                           walks, too!  Why not fill out the adoption application, then come to an APARN event 
                           and meet me!  

                              Hi, I’m Kaluha, and I am 7 years old.  My foster 
                              brothers seem to be a little jealous of me because I 
           Popeye             have a beautiful silver coat and well... I am just a 
                              beautiful pug.  I have been on a diet in foster care, 
                              as I was just a little  overweight.  I should be at my 
                              perfect weight in no time.  It isn't healthy for pugs 
                              to be fat, so make sure that you don't give your pug 
              Forest          table scraps or too much dog food, even if they beg 
                              for it...we pugs don’t know we shouldn’t eat too 
                              much, so we depend on you as our people to keep 
                              us healthy!  Anyway, I am a delightful little boy who 
                              just wants to hang out with you.  Please fill out an 
                              adoption application and put my name on it!  

                               Hi, I’m Forest, and I am a beautiful black pug boy!  I’m about 2.5 years old, and have 
                               a history of ear infections. The doctor thinks my longstanding ear infections may be 
                               the cause of my head tilt, and that allergies are probably behind it.  So I am going to 
                               be starting on a new kind of dog food to see if it helps.   I have a little issue with 
                               some separation anxiety, but you have to realize, I’ve been abandoned a couple of 
                               times in my life, and I just need some reassurance that my new family is going to 
                               love me forever! Please come meet me, you won’t be sorry!  

                               Hi, my name is Bernie! I am about 5 years old, I was a stray that came to APARN from 
                               the Humane Society. I have a cute little stub for a tail; I am not sure what happened 
                               to the rest of it, but you know when I am happy because my whole rear end swings 
                               back and forth! It is so cute, you might mistake it for dancing!  Let me tell you a little 
                               about myself. I have a bit of a thyroid problem, but it’s not a big deal. I just take a 
                               thyroid pill every day. It makes me thirsty, so I drink a little more water. I also have a 
                               history of bladder crystals, so I have to be on a special food, which again is no big 
                               deal, as I am not a picky eater. I love everyone, and love to be right with my people! I 
                               will keep staring at you with my big brown eyes until you pay me attention with a 
                               little petting. I really like children, but prefer they be a little older, so I don’t knock 
                               them down with my enthusiasm!  Please come meet me at an event soon!                                                   email us at:
     PAGE 7                                             ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                             VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                         Make a Special Friend - Adopt a Senior Pug!

    APARN is dedicated to finding loving homes for our senior rescues. Senior pugs come to you with just one
    request, and that is to be loved. Ask any of our volunteers, chances are their favorite foster is a senior pug!

                                                    Hi my name is Noel! I am a 10 year old lady who was born on Christmas Day 1999.  
                                                    I was surrendered with some bad skin infections. My owner could not take care of 
                                                    me and my skin infections, so  after six months of 4 daily medications, foster mom 
                                                    switched me to Natural Balance Venison and Potato dog food, and everything 
                                                    cleared up!   

                                                    I am no longer on any medications, just my dog food!  Food allergies are horrible, 
                                                    and I am glad to now have some food that helps me.  I am very sweet and loving, 
                                                    but I would prefer that forever home be a one pug home, that one pug being me! I 
                                                    don’t like to share attention, but I’d be okay with one other senior pug!   


Hi, I’m Sonny. My foster mom says I am a very sweet boy and pretty active 
for a 10 year old.  I have to share with you how I love to be silly with my 
foster mom. I love to jump right up into her favorite spot on the couch, if 
she tries to change spots; I go to that one the next time. I love to sleep in 
her spot on the bed, it makes me feel safe. Thank goodness she has a great 
sense of humor.   

I love to cuddle, and sit on your lap.  I just love being with my people. I 
guess my breath was pretty bad, so I went and had my teeth cleaned. Now 
I have fresh breath to give you pug kisses with!  I get along great with the 
other pugs in the house, and there is even a cat or two, but I have just de‐
cided it’s not worth chasing them, they can jump too high!   



                                               Hi everybody, my name is Simon.  The vet says I am about 8 years old.  APARN rescued 
                                               me from the county shelter, and I am so glad to be in a foster home now, with some 
                                               other pugs, and a great foster mom.  I have noticed I am a little larger than the other 
                                               pugs here.  At the vet I weighed in at 30 pounds, but I am not fat, I am just a taller, big‐
                                               ger pug.  

                                               I have a little degenerative disease going on in my back, so I have a bit of trouble get‐
                                               ting up after lying on tile or hardwood floors, but once I am up I do okay. I would 
                                               probably enjoy the freedom that a K9 Cart would give me, but foster mom's house isn't 
                                               layed out right for one, it has rooms that drop down a few inches, and I wouldn't want 
                                               to tip over!   

                                               I am really just a big teddy bear of a pug, super sweet and loving. I hope you will fill out 
                                               an adoption application and ask to meet me.  If you do, I know APARN would make 
                                               sure I get to one of the Petco events in Mesa.                                                                  email us at:
 PAGE 8                                         ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                        VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                                                   Oliver’s Fund

   APARN’s beloved Spokes pug Oliver went to the Rainbow Bridge February 5th,
   2004. His transition was peaceful, and he was surrounded by the love of his
   Oliver loved people, and he loved attending APARN events. It was as though he
   knew he was helping people see that special needs pugs are very special
   One has only to look at the photo of Oliver taken when he first came to APARN
   in June of 2001 (below, left) and compare it to any of his more recent photos
   (June 2003, right) to see what a difference unconditional love made for this
   sweet little pug.
                                   In his memory, APARN established “Oliver’s
                                   Fund.” Donations made to Oliver’s fund will help
                                   ensure that future APARN special needs senior
                                   pugs have the funds they need for the medical attention they require.
                                   APARN is seeing more and more senior pugs coming into rescue, many of them re-
                                   quiring considerable medical attention.
                                   Won’t you consider making a donation to Oliver’s Fund; giving a special needs senior
                                   pug a second chance at a wonderful life is truly a gift you can be proud of giving.

   Our hearts and prayers go out to all of those families with loved ones waiting for them at the Rainbow Bridge.

                                                 In Loving Memory

                                                      “Grieve not
                                              Nor speak of me with tears
                                               But laugh and talk of me
                                               As if I was beside you...
                                                    I loved you so
                                             'Twas heaven here with you”

                                                  - Isla Pachal Richardson
   Top: Moxy Bottom: Jake

                                                                                              Above: Elaine aka Lainey                                                           email us at:
 PAGE 9                    ARIZONA PUG CORNER                       VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                                 xxx                        email us at:
 PAGE 10                                          ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                 VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                       Upcoming Events                                           Volunteer Meetings
     Check the APARN website for the latest on all events.
                                                                 Would you like to volunteer for APARN, but you just
                                                                 don’t know how to get started? Join us at a quarterly
May 1      Petco Adoption Event, Mesa Riverview Mall, Mesa
                                                                 Volunteer Interest Meeting! You’ll meet other APARN
May 9      Choice Pet Market, Scottsdale Rd & Shea, Scottsdale   volunteers, learn about fostering, performing home
                                                                 visits, assisting with the annual pug parties and more!
May 22 Choice Pet Market, 20028 N. 67th Ave., Glendale           If you are interested in attending a volunteer meeting,
May 30 Choice Pet Market, Scottsdale Rd & Shea, Scottsdale       please send us an email at:
June 5 Petco Adoption Event, Mesa Riverview Mall, Mesa
June 12 Phoenix Pet Expo - University of Phoenix Stadium
June 19 Choice Pet Market , 20028 N. 67th Ave., Glendale
                                                                 As a tribute to special friends who have passed away,
June 27 Choice Pet Market, Scottsdale Rd & Shea, Scottsdale
                                                                 many people have made donations to APARN. We
July 3     Petco Adoption Event, Mesa Riverview Mall, Mesa       extend our greatest sympathies to those who have
                                                                 lost a beloved pet. We know they are all waiting for us
July 11 Pugs in Paradise, Second Home Pet Resort, Phoenix        on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. If you would
July 17 Choice Pet Market , 20028 N. 67th Ave., Glendale         like to create a memorial on our website, please email
                                                                 us at, and include a
                                                                 photo and brief bio of your pet. Memorial donations
                                                                 can be sent via check or

                                                                        Where Do Rescue Pugs Come From?
                                                                 All over! APARN volunteers check shelters, receive
                                                                 tips from other rescue groups, and take in Pugs who
                                                                 can no longer be kept by their families. There are
                                                                 many reasons why some families must give up their
                     APARN’S WISH LIST                           pugs, including divorce, financial hardship, death in
                                                                 the family and major change in lifestyle. Please con-
                                                                 tact APARN if you have a pug you can no longer
   1. Postage Stamps (first class).
                                                                 keep; we will work to place your pet in a safe and lov-
   2. Letter sized file folders.                                 ing home.
   3. HP Printer Cartridges, models 96, 97, 98.
   4. Dog-care related items: ear cleaner, eye drops,
      toothpaste, triple antibiotic ointment, etc.                        APARN BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   5. Petco/Petsmart gift cards
                                                                 Terri Wood, President / Adoption Coordinator
   6. Store or restaurant gift cards
                                                                 P.K. Gunn-Mesler, VP / Foster Home Coordinator
   7. New or gently used Pug/Dog items that can be
      used for our raffles or silent auctions.                   Nancy Axtell, Treasurer
   8. New Harnesses (sizes Medium and Large)                     Kati Koktavy, Secretary
   9. Wellness Senior or Weight Control dry food                 Sabrina Perrot, Adoption Events Coordinator
   10. Natural Balance Venison & Sweet Potato dry food           Laura Mahan, Shelter Liaison/New Hope Coordinator
                                                                 Mary Luxton, Fundraising Coordinator
   We appreciate donations of any of these items. Items
   may be sent to:                                               Our Board of Directors are all volunteer positions.
                                                                 We appreciate the time and efforts donated to
                            APARN                                APARN!
                1106 N. Gilbert Rd. #2-PMB 192
                       Mesa, AZ 85203                                                       email us at:
 PAGE 11                                 ARIZONA PUG CORNER                                VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

                       Join APARN and help the Pugs!

   Yes, I want to support the Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network!
           _______ New           ________Renewal

   Annual memberships available:
   _____ $25      Individual Member                Please makes checks payable to APARN, and mail to:
                                                   Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network
   _____ $35      Family Membership                1106 N. Gilbert Rd. #2-PMB 192
   _____ $50      Pug Friends                      Mesa, AZ 85203

   _____ $75      Pug Lovers
   _____ $100     Pug Angels
   _____ $150+ Benefactor              $_____ Extra donation to Oliver’s Fund, established in 2004 to
                                             ensure funding for APARN’s special needs senior pugs
   Please Print Clearly


   Phone:_________________________________________                  Date: __________________

   Address: _______________________________________________________________________

   City: _______________________________________ State: _______             Zip: ________________

   Email: _________________________________________________________________________

   Comments: _____________________________________________________________________

   Membership levels of $50 or more include a free APARN T-Shirt! Size (S-3XL): _________
   Please visit the APARN website to view additional items for purchase.
   Thank you for your support!                                               email us at:
 PAGE 12                                     ARIZONA PUG CORNER                       VOLUME 7, ISSUE 2

     APARN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all
     volunteer organization whose mis-
     sion is to rescue and rehabilitate
     abused, abandoned, injured or un-
     wanted Pugs in Arizona and place
     these dogs into loving, permanent
     homes. We strive to educate the
     public about the Pug dog breed and
     its personality and special needs.

       Membership in the Arizona Pug
       Adoption and Rescue Network
     Arizona pugs are in need of rescue
     and we can’t do it without your help!
     Please join us in our mission to
     make sure every pug in Arizona has
     a safe and loving home. You can
     help by becoming a member!                    Start taking photos now for APARN’s
     Please take a moment to fill out the         2010 Cutest Pug Contest! Photos will be
     membership form on Page 11. You
     can make a difference!                             accepted May 1st - 31st.

 1106 N. Gilbert Rd. #2-PMB 192
 Mesa, Arizona 85203
 Phone: 480-964-3126
 Fax:   480-964-0005

 Disclaimer: APARN does not endorse
 any medications, treatments, products
 or services reported in this publication.
 These references are intended only to
 present information. APARN strongly
 advises that you consult with your own

 APARN does not have a shelter. We are a state-wide network of volunteers. All of our res-
 cued pugs are housed in approved volunteer foster homes, where they are loved and treated
 as family until their forever home is found.                                          email us at:

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