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									Creation Myths
 Background Information  The Rule of Uranus  The Rule of Cronus  War Between the Titans and the Gods  The Rule of Zeus  Typhon

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Background Information (p. 1-12)
1. Originally, Greek myths were stories that were passed __________________ 2. The Minoan civilization during the period of 2500-1400 B.C created many great inventions. List Two: a. __________________________ b. __________________________ 3. Myths serve two purposes, to explain and ____________________ 4. Given phenomena he could not understand, man created deities each whom controlled one aspect of the natural _______________________ 5. A religion with many gods or deities is called ___________________ 6. Worshipping gods helped to create order in a world full of __________________ 7. The Greek myths taught man how to behave in _____________ 8. In order for myths to be effective they had to be _____________________ 9. A patriarchal society is one dominated by __________________ 10.The (Mycenaeans, Minoans) were a matriarchal society. 11.The Mycenaeans conquered the Minoans around ________________ 12.The Linear B tablets found at Pylos were discovered about 1200 B.C. approximately the famous date of ______________________ 13.The Illiad and the Odyssey were written by _________________ about 800 B.C. 14.As this was an agrarian population, the people naturally worshipped the _______________. 15.The most important offspring of the major priestess was the ___________________. 16.The reason this was so was because ____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________. 17.The father was an unimportant figure because the people were ignorant of ______________. 18.The greatest crime in a matriarchal society was ____________________. 19.In order to avoid his own death, the King would __________________ during this sacred time. 20.Finally society avoided human sacrifice when they instead _____________________.

The Rule of Uranus (p. 17-20)
In the beginning there was only emptiness and it was called ______________. From this emerged three immortal beings: ______________ the Earth Mother; ______________ the deathless being who ruled the Underworld; and ______________, the god of love and desire. Without any partner, the Earth Mother gave birth to______________. Then the Earth Mother married her son and they became the parents of 3 monstrous children called ____________________________ who also had ______________ heads. Next, the Earth Mother bore the three ______________ which had ______________ in the middle of their foreheads. The father of these beings feared them and exiled them to the ______________. Finally, Mother Earth and Father Heaven produced the first generation of immortal gods called the ______________. The First 12 were named: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ with ______________ the youngest and shrewdest who hated his father. When the Earth Mother felt her children would support her, she plotted a devious retaliation for her husband’s cruelty. First, she created a weapon made of ______________ and shaped into a huge ______________. Mother Earth presented this weapon to ______________ who mutilated his father and threw the severed parts into the sea. The Earth Mother absorbed her husband’s ______________ and from this, ______________, in time gave birth to a group of powerful ______________ and the 3 ______________, who were wingless, black creatures whose eyes dripped ______________ and had ______________ breath. They would destroy any child who __________________________________________.

The Rule of Cronus (p. 21-24)
1. Who did the Titans make their king?

2. What was Gaea’s prophetic warning to Cronus?

3. Whom did Cronus marry?

4. Name their first 4 children.

5. What did Cronus do with them? Why?

6. Name the fifth child. How did the mother save this child? Where was this child reared?

7. Name the sixth child. How did the mother save this child? Where was this child reared?

8. Zeus went to ______________, a daughter of the Titans, ______________ and ______________, for help because she was reputed to be the wisest of all the immortals.

9. She tricked ______________ into swallowing a tasty, drugged drink which gave him ____________________________.

10.This drink caused him to ______________ the rock and his ______________.

11.When the children of Cronus confronted their father and asked him if he would relinquish his power peacefully, he answered, “______________!”

War Between the Titans and the Gods (p. 25-27)
1. How long had the gods fought the Titans?

2. Who decided to help the gods?

3. What was her request?

4. Which 3 gods decided to help her?

5. Where did they go?

6. What did they do?

7. The three ______________ were so grateful that they presented Zeus with ______________; Hades was given ______________; and to Poseidon they gave ______________. 8. What did Zeus give his “uncles” to renew their strength?

9. What weapons did Zeus use during the fight?

10. What weapons did the Giants use during the fight?

11. To where did the Titans finally retreat?

12. Who surrounded the dark land with bronze gates in a bronze wall?

13. Who had the honor of guarding the prisoners?

14. Name the strongest Titan.

15. What special punishment did Zeus give him?

The Rule of Zeus (p. 29-32)
1. Name the 3 Olympic brothers and their dominions.

2. The river goddess ______________, a child of the Titans______________ and ______________ had helped Zeus in his war against the Titans.

3. What was the gift she received from Zeus?

4. What is the punishment for any Olympian who breaks his word?

5. Who ferried spirits (shades) across the river Styx?

6. Who guarded the gates to the Underworld? Describe him.

7. How could a living mortal enter the Underworld? (2 methods)

8. What did the following gods teach mankind? a. Zeusb. Poseidonc. Hadesd. Herae. Hestiaf. Demeter

9. What is an Obol?

Typhon (p. 33-36)
1. Name the parents of Typhon.

2. Describe Typhon.

3. Where did Typhon go to challenge Zeus’ rule? 4. Where did the immortals go to escape Typhon’s attack? 5. Who gave the advice for the immortals to change to animals? 6. Into what animal did each Olympian transform? a. Zeusb. Apolloc. Hermesd. Dionysus7. With what weapon did Zeus wound Typhon? 8. What did Typhon do with the weapon later? e. Artemisf. Herag. Aphrodite-

9. Where did Typhon take the wounded Zeus?

10. Describe the creature left to guard Zeus.

11. Which 2 gods found Zeus? How were they able to locate him?

12. Where did Typhon go to escape from Zeus?

13. What weapons did Zeus use to injure Typhon? 14. In what country does the final fight take place? 15. How does Zeus finally dispose of Typhon?

16. What natural phenomenon might this story explain?

17. Give 2 “nicknames” for Zeus used in this story.

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