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                11 Simple Ways to Increase your Mobile
                Battery Life

                         11 Simple Ways to Increase                                       But it is never too late to start. There are some
                    your Mobile Battery Life | Battery Wiki                               good and effective ways of handling the battery
                                                                                          of your mobile. Even if you take care of trivial
                                                                                          things, you can make a big difference, if you
                                                                                          take into account a bigger picture.

                                                                                                                       Keypad Tones
                                                                                   Let                       us start from a very
                                                                                                             basic thing like keypad
                The use of mobiles has become a more than common                                             tones.      A      keypad
                affair today. Almost all children own a mobile phone,                                        makes a sound when
                leave alone the adults and grown-ups. The use of                   the                       keys are pressed. Now,
                mobile is so great that, the battery tends to lose its             for                       making these sounds,
                life due to immense use. So, either the entire phone               i t                       will definitely require
                has to be replaced, or at least the battery.                       more power. And this ‘more power’ will obviously
                                                                                   come from the battery. Keypad tones are good for
                But there are many ways, by which you can increase                 those people who have blurring eye sight. With the
                the life of your mobile phone battery. There is one                sounds they can make up for the fact if the keys are
                sure shot way of increasing the life of your mobile                pressed or not.
                battery. But I am sure none of you would like it at all.
                On the contrary you would want to get your hands                   But for normal people, it is better to avoid the key-
                around my neck in case you happen to trace me.                     pad tones. The music eats up the battery power and
                                                                                   reduces the storage, resulting in more usage of the
                So friends, here is the solution to lengthen the life              battery. In my opinion, the best way is to switch off
                of your mobile battery. Just switch your mobile off,               the keypad tones altogether. Or if you must use it,
                and that’s it you are done. Oh I forgot to mention one             keep it to the lowest possible value.
                more advantage. You will also be able to cut down
                on your phone bills as well. Isn’t this like killing two           It would be better if you keep the ringing volume of
                birds with one stone – lengthen the battery life and               your phone to as low as possible. The rule is straight-
                cut down on costs as well.                                         forward – keep the ringing volume at the highest
                                                                                   and lose your batter faster.
                But well, jokes apart, the mobile phones are in such

                a great use today, that it is posing hazardous pro-                                        Vibration
                blems for humanity and the environment around
                us. If we do not control this at the right time, it may            At the most avoid using the ‘vibrating feature’ in
                get too late and we can do too little then.                        your phone. The best places to use them are the
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                                                                                   school premises, hospitals, libraries, meetings and


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                11 Simple Ways to Increase your Mobile Battery Life

                so on where it would not look good to pollute the
                silence or you are either not allowed by rules and
                laws to keep your mobiles ringing loudly. Vibration
                uses up more power of battery than anything else.

                              Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
                Wi-fi and Bluetooth are the two features which eat
                up the power of the mobile phones. So, the use of
                Wi-fi and Bluetooth should be done with great care.
                Some people tend to leave them on even when it
                is not being used. This should be totally avoided.
                It not only uses up the battery, but also puts your
                handset in danger of a virus attack through the Wi-
                fi and Bluetooth.

                Brightness                                                                  Wallpapers and Screensaver
                It may not be a much-talked feature, but the                       Watching the tom run after jerry on your screen-
                brightness silently keeps on eating through your bat-              saver may look good. But the end result is more
                tery life. The brighter the screen, the more the power             consumption of battery to run the screensaver.
                it will use and the faster the battery will drain out.             The screensaver is one thing that consumes some
                The same rule goes for the TV sets as well. The brigh-             amount of power to keep itself running. The best
                ter the screen of your TV sets, the lower the life of              way is to keep a simple wallpaper that would not
                the picture tube will be.                                          hurt the battery much. Dumping the screensaver
                                                                                   option for good will prove beneficial to your mobile

                                                                                   Along with that, there is a feature which allows you
                                                                                   set the display light out time. Set this time to as low
                                                                                   as possible. This will switch off the lights inside your
                                                                                   mobile phone at the earliest, instead of waiting for
                                                                                   them to be switched off automatically.

                                                                                                      The 3G Features
                                                                                   The 3G enabled phones like Blackberry or the iPhone
                                                                                   3G come with browsing features. When you use

                                                                                   these phones for browsing, the battery propels its
                                                                                   use more than the normal usage of the phone. So,
                                                                                   when you are not browsing, the best way is to switch
                                                                                   off the 3G feature.
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                11 Simple Ways to Increase your Mobile Battery Life

                                    Applications                                   Music and radio are another apps that are power-
                                                                                   hungry. The best ways are to making lesser use of
                Applications are the hidden enemies of your mobile                 playing games or listening to music and radio. Do
                battery unless you terminate them. When done with                  understand one thing, mobile is not a device that
                working with the apps, confirm that they have in-                  would fully satisfy your hunger for games and
                deed been terminated. On some occasions, pressing                  music. So understand its limitations.
                the end key means terminating the apps. However,
                this is a mistake and should be clarified. You can                              Recharging the battery
                confirm if the apps are running or not by pressing
                and holding the end keys.                                          For better performance, it is advised to recharge
                                                                                   the battery as often as possible. This helps in ensure
                If the apps are running in the background, they will               that all the electrons in the battery move freely.
                show up. Instantly terminate the ones that you do                  The present Lithium-ion batteries are happy to be
                not need.                                                          recharged fully. To recharge the batteries before
                                                                                   they get completely drained out.
                              Automatic Updates
                                                                                   Other Business News:
                There are many phones out there that support auto-
                matic updates. Set your own time interval for these
                automatic updates so that there will not be undue                  CloudTag: Simple Ways , Increase , Mobile , Battery
                use of the battery power. Set the interval of a couple             Life , Acer aspire 5920 laptop battery , Acer as07b31
                of hours or so if possible. Make use of fewer email ac-            laptop battery , Hp 484170-001 laptop battery ,dell
                counts. This will avoid using the phone for longer                 latitude d630 laptop battery
                durations and for checking all the mails.

                             Network Connections
                                                                                               Battery Wiki Related Articles:
                If your phone is in the weaker network area, it will
                use its own (battery) power to try and establish the
                connection. If the connection is always on and off, it
                will also use the lights to show the message to show
                the phone is connected or not. This alone is enough
                to drain out the battery as this is a regular picture
                in weaker network areas.

                                Games and Music
                Games and music are the two of the biggest batte-

                ry-hungry items. They literally use up the battery
                power to a greater and faster extent. There are
                some games which makes very loud but pleasing
                sounds. One tends to keep hearing them again and
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                again. This of course, leads to more usage of battery.


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