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									                                                                                                     CASE STUDY

                                                 ShareBuilder from ING DIRECT USA is a leading online
                                                 brokerage. ShareBuilder believes everyone deserves a chance to
                                                 invest in their future no matter their financial situation or place
Using SocialTwist’s Tell-a-Friend Rewards        in life. And in an effort to support a growing number of
tool to harness the power of personal
recommendations through email, instant           like-minded investors, the team at ShareBuilder developed a
messenger and social media sites,                promotion to reward both current customers and motivate new
ShareBuilder increased the percent of gross      prospects to start investing.
accounts from referrals by over 24% as well as
the number of referrals per referee by 266%.

                                                 Marketing Objective

                                                 • Increase percent of total gross accounts generated from a
                                                   Tell-a-Friend program
We have been working with SocialTwist            • Increase number of referrals generated per referee
for 6 months and together we have                • Increase referral to new account conversion rate
created a scalable, low cost acquisition         • Increase sharing distribution, beyond email, across Social
program. The technical and account                 Media sites, IM, and Blogs
teams are fantastic to work with, too.           • Prevent promo code abuse or fraud by implementing a tighter
They are incredibly responsive and                 reward claiming process
have built a custom referral program             • Keep the cost for new accounts from Tell-a-Friend program low
meeting all of our marketing and
regulatory requirements, including
advanced web analytics and tracking
                                                 SocialTwist Solution
                                                 ShareBuilder partnered with SocialTwist to design a
Lyamen Savy, Web Marketing                       Tell-A-Friend Rewards (TAF4Rewards) program – “Friendship
ShareBuilder                                     pays Dividends” to motivate customers to refer as many friends
                                                 as possible. If their friend opened a ShareBuilder account, the
                                                 referrer earned themselves up to 10 Free Real-time Trades or 25
                                                 Automatic Investment Credits. New customers were equally
                                                 motivated to join as they received $25 account bonus after their
                                                 first trade.

                                                 Banners, marquees and emails ran to drive awareness of the
                                                 program. Then, using the turn-key TAF4Rewards application,
                                                 customers were able to easily invite friends to join ShareBuilder
                                                 using their existing instant messenger or email account and
                                                 popular social media programs like Facebook, Myspace and

                                                 To add momentum, SocialTwist created individual referral
                                                 tracking portals for each ShareBuilder customer. Through the
                                                 portals, customers could view the status of their referrals and
                                                 actions taken by each friend.

                                                                                                                          CASE STUDY

                                                             Tracking and reward logic is programmed into
                                                             the SocialTwist platform, so ShareBuilder had
                                                             only to determine the type of promotion they
                                                             wanted and provide creative assets. SocialTwist
                                                             incorporated the creative elements, customized
                                                             invite messaging for social media channels, built
                                                             reports to ShareBuilder specifications, and
                                                             deployed the solution; without a hitch.

                                                             With end-to-end tracking, every new account was
                                                             tied-out closed-loop to the initial customer that
                                                             referred that friend, including data on which
                                                             award the referrer selected. The campaign was
                                                             launched in October, 2009.
                                                              Customers and non-customers took note and the

results were impressive.
• Tell-a-Friend microsite page visit to referring: 14:2
• Average number of referrals per referee increased 266% to 5-6 referrals per referee
• 15.5% click-thru rate from Email Referrals
• 24.7% click-thru rate from IM Referrals
• Average of 3 unique clicks per referral on social sites
• 65.1% increase in referral to new account conversion rate resulting in thousands of new


ING DIRECT, the nation’s largest direct bank and largest thrift, is dedicated to inspiring Americans to become a nation of
savers. Since its inception in 2000, more than 7.6 million Americans have entrusted their savings with ING DIRECT, building
the bank to $90.3 billion in assets. ING DIRECT has developed a comprehensive social media Savers Community, including
Twitter, Facebook and its We, The Savers blog.

About ShareBuilder

ShareBuilder from ING DIRECT USA is a leading online brokerage for investors who have long-term financial goals.
ShareBuilder believes everyone deserves a chance to invest in their future no matter their financial situation or place in life.
Whether you are new to investing or already a skilled trader, ShareBuilder makes investing easy. Customers can open an
account with no minimum investment, pay low commissions and enjoy no inactivity fees along the way. ShareBuilder offers a
range of investment products including stocks, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds and retirement solutions.
ShareBuilder Securities Corporation, a subsidiary of ING Bank, fsb, is a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.

Securities products are: Not FDIC insured - Not Bank guaranteed - May lose value
For more information about ING DIRECT call 1-800-ING-DIRECT, and for information about its commitment to financial
education visit Planet Orange.



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