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Rfp Special Event Contract


Rfp Special Event Contract document sample

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Palmer Meeting House and Plain Meeting House, West Greenwich, RI
            Blanket Requirements 4/1/11 – 3/30/13

  The West Greenwich Land Trust is seeking a RFP for a contract agreement
  for the coordination of weddings and special events at the Palmer Meeting
  House and the Plain Meeting House in the Town of West Greenwich,
  Rhode Island. This agreement is for three [3] years with a three [3]
  year option with any increase and additional terms to be negotiated. The
  special events coordinator will be responsible to advertise, solicit and
  coordinate special events and weddings at both historic buildings based
  on the proposed fee structure within this document. This fee structure is a
  proposal only which can be modified as part of the RFP along with
  coordinators fees for each event.

  The West Greenwich Land Trust is responsible for the maintenance and
  upkeep of two historic buildings within the Town Of West Greenwich; Plain
  Meeting House on Plain Meeting House Road and Palmer Meeting House
  on Escoheag Hill Road. Both historic buildings have been designated for
  use to host special town public events at no charge. In addition both
  facilities have been requested and used for weddings for town residents
  and non-residents. In an attempt to off-set the annual operating expenses
  for both buildings the WG Land Trust is seeking a special events
  coordinator to increase the use of these two historic buildings by offering
  their limited use with restrictions for weddings and or special events.
  Compensation for this work will be included in the hourly rate for building

  In 1997 the West Greenwich Town Council established the WG Land Trust
  to acquire and preserve open space in our town. Lands described as farm
  land, open spaces, historical places, fresh water wetlands, ground water
  recharge areas, well fields, wildlife habitats, bicycle and hiking paths and
  land for future public recreational use are among those noted in the
  enabling ordinance.

The purpose of the West Greenwich Land Trust is to preserve open space
and maintain existing agricultural, wildlife, recreational, scenic, and
historical land uses which represent the natural heritage of the Town,
through voluntary means emphasizing private ownership.

•   Receive gifts and donations of land.
•   Accept and hold development rights in trust returning tax benefits to
    land owners.
•   Purchase ecologically sensitive lands when necessary.
•   Provide land stewardship in perpetuity.
•   Promote citizen participation in protecting our rural heritage

Terms and Conditions:

The special events coordinator shall make a good faith effort to market
the two buildings in order to maximize sales and receipts. The
concessionaire shall establish a schedule of reasonable rates, fees and
charges for use of the both facilities, which shall be subject to prior
approval by the WG Land Trust. No use of the Premises will be allowed
without the person(s) paying the appropriate rates without the approval
and consent of the WG Land Trust. A digital calendar of events scheduled
for both buildings must be documented and a copy provided to the
secretary of the WG land Trust on a monthly basis.

The Special Events Coordinator shall provide an accountant statement of
all sales and receipts for the operation of the special events held at the
end of the operating season [Calendar Year]. Failure to provide this
document will automatically terminate this contract.

The Special Events Coordinator must have prior written approval from the
Land Greenwich Land Trust for any improvements to buildings, grounds,
structures or installation of any new equipment. Any permanent
improvements will become the property of the West Greenwich Land Trust
at the termination of this agreement.

The Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for the removal and
disposal of all trash from the buildings and grounds before and after each
event. The Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for the cleaning
of buildings and grounds and make arrangements for all portable toilets
as required for the event. The WG Land Trust will furnish all necessary
supplies for the maintenance of both buildings and grounds. The WG
Land Trust will be responsible for keeping the grass mowed and trimmed
for both facilities.

The Special Events Coordinator shall not give gratuities or discounts to
the public, Land Trust members or to employees of the Town of West

The West Greenwich Land Trust will be responsible to provide and pay for
all utilities associated with the Palmer Meeting House and the Plain
Meeting House.

The Special Events Coordinator shall save the West Greenwich Land Trust
and the Town of west Greenwich harmless from, or on account of, any
loss, cost, injury or damage by reason of any liability, or claim of liability
for injury to person, or damage to property, arising out of his or her
operation of this agreement. The Special Events Coordinator shall provide
at his/her own expense public liability insurance if warranted in the
amounts and in such form as may be satisfactory to the Town of West
Greenwich which insurance shall name the Special Events Coordinator and
the West Greenwich Land Trust as the additional insured with
endorsement included.

The Special Events Coordinator will comply with all local ordinances or
state laws governing these two properties including the local and state
Fire Code and all related rules and regulations.

The Special Events Coordinator cannot sublet or assign any aspect of this
agreement without prior written approval of the West Greenwich Land
Trust. Any authorized subcontracts must meet all proper licensing and
Insurance requirements as deemed appropriate by the WG Land Trust.

The Special Events Coordinator and the West Greenwich Land Trust shall,
before the start of each season, go through the buildings and grounds and
agree on conditions, outstanding repairs that should be made, and also,
to verify major winter damages that are in need of repair.

The two buildings presently have the appropriate number of fire
extinguishers located within each building and properly signed.

The Special Events Coordinator and the West Greenwich Land Trust shall
agree and modify the list of operating procedures and restrictions as
required on an annual basis.

RFP to include qualifications and references with contact information for
each applicant.

The following restrictions are in place for the operation of the Palmer
Meeting House:

•   Building is unheated
•   The building has no water
•   The building has no rest room facilities
•   The building is not ADA accessible
•   No Rice, confetti etc. are allowed to be used on the premises
•   No Alcohol is allowed on the premises
•   The site has limited parking, off site parking may have to be obtained
•   The building capacity by local ordinance is 65 people.
•   Building preparation and cleanup is the responsibility of the event
•   All trash is the responsibility of the organizer of the event and must be
    removed from the premises.
•   Any cleaning expenses, damages beyond normal wear and tear will be
    billed on an hourly basis if required.
•   Liability Insurance as designated may be required listing the West
    Greenwich Land Trust as additional insured.
•   Rental Fee: 50% deposit due with application and remainder 50% due
    one month prior to event. Deposit not refundable 30 days or less from
    date of event.
•   Other expenses:
            Port-A-Johns [if required]
            Building Preparation [if required]


The Palmer Meeting House (formerly known as the Escoheag Advent
Christian Church) is located at 195 Escoheag Hill Road in West Greenwich,
Rhode Island. The property was donated to the WGLT by the Palmer
family in April 2004.

History: Nathan Palmer, the grantor of the deed, was born in Exeter on
August 18, 1833 and died in West Greenwich on December 31, 1908. His
parents were Ezra and Lucy (Slocum) Palmer. He married Mary Congdon,
daughter of Emanuel and Mary Congdon, who was born November 19,
1827 and died December 14, 1891. Nathan had acquired a total of 100
acres of land (including the land deeded to the church) with a "dwelling
house", barn and other buildings in 1870. He purchased it for $2000 from
Stephen Congdon. The witnesses at that purchase were George H. Olney,
David Congdon and George F. Barber. The property included the "William
A. Gallup House" which was built in 1808 by William Gallup.

The West Greenwich Land Trust received the property by means of a gift
from the Palmer family. Contents of the property include approximately
300 books, including a membership book which lists the members of the
church in 1908, 1909 and 1910.

NO heat, water and rest room facilities are available at the Palmer
Meeting House. Electricity is available with interior lighting. If required
portable toilet facilities must be provided on site per event. Parking is
limited for this building but alternate adjacent parking is available with
restrictions through negotiations with property owner.

The Plain Meeting House is located at the corner of Plain Meeting
House Road, Plain Road and Liberty Hill Road, 4 miles from Route 102.
The property was donated to the WGLT by the members of the
congregation in 2005.

History: The Plain Meeting House is a modest, rectangular, 1-story
clapboard structure. It has no belfry or steeple. It faces south and is
entered by two doors in the front of the building. It was built, around
1825, by the "Independent and Union Society" as a union meeting house
for the use of all Christian congregations. It is one of the earliest church
structures of its type still standing in western Rhode Island. It was
remodeled in 1856. At one time, there was a long carriage shed behind
the church but it was destroyed during a hurricane in 1938.

The church itself was organized around 1750 when steps had been taken
to provide an organization for public worship and the West Greenwich
Baptist Society had been formed. Members of the society met at private
homes and in 1764 Samuel Reynolds donated a piece of land for the
society's use but it appears that no building was built on it. Originally a
pastor from Connecticut would come to the church to minister and
eventually the church had pastors who settled in the area. One of them,
Elder Elisha Greene, is said to have been dismissed in 1797 because he
was "wavering in faith".

Plain Meeting House is located at what was once West Greenwich Centre.
The Centre, even at its height in 1850, consisted of only two houses, a
store and the church with its cemetery. Only the church and cemetery
remain along with some cellar holes where the buildings once stood. The
name "Plain" Meeting House originated because of its location on the
"plain" of West Greenwich Centre. The Pardon T. Bates home, one of two
located in the Centre, was once used as the West Greenwich Post Office.
Pardon T. Bates was appointed as the town's first postmaster and served
in that capacity from 1861 until he died in 1896. His son, John A. Bates,
succeeded him as postmaster. He served as postmaster until 1927 when
mail service was moved from West Greenwich to Greene. The property
was destroyed by fire in 1930. All of the records of the Plain Meeting
House were burned in this fire; Mr. John Bates was the church clerk at the
time and the records had been stored in his house along with
approximately 1600 volumes of books owned by him and his wife.

The West Greenwich Land Trust was awarded a grant in 2009 from the
Champlin Foundations for $31,575. This funding has been used for
exterior and interior painting, driveway repairs and landscaping. This work
was completed in July 2010.

Presently the West Greenwich Baptist Church utilizes the Plain Meeting
House for services two [2] times per year; 2ND Sunday in June and the
first Sunday in October. These dates may change and coordination must
be made with Pastor Dr. Byron Eddy Waterman, 94 Cynthia Lane Unit E-
4, Middletown, CT 06457 Telephone 203-344-7120 or Secretary Susan
Wise, 218 Woodstock Avenue, Apt 46-46 Putnam Ct. 06260 Telephone #
860-634-3447 Local contact: Evelyn Arnold at 884-1709

NO heat, water and rest room facilities are available at the Plain Meeting
House. The building is alarmed through P & J Alarm, 401-822-3366 and
access codes for entering and exiting the building are required. Electricity
is available but with no interior lighting. Portable lighting can be supplied
if required. If required portable toilet facilities must be provided on site
per event. Parking is available on site for this facility.

A mandatory site inspection for both properties is required prior to
submitting the RFP; please contact Steve Wright at 401-269-8303 for an

Send RFP to:

West Greenwich Land Trust
280 Victory Highway
West Greenwich, RI 02817

RFP to be postmarked no later then Friday February 25, 2011


                     Up to      Each         Coordinators   Total
                     Two        Additional       Fee
                     Hours      Hour
  Applicant/User      $400.00     $100.00

       West          $300.00      $75.00
Greenwich Resident

    Land Trust       $300.00      $75.00



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