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Surveys of Florida Residents
December, 2010
The objective of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to competitively select a
qualified market research company to conduct phone surveys monthly of Florida
residents with the purpose of reporting Florida residents vacation travel within the
state and residents’ attitudes towards tourism.

VISIT FLORIDA has conducted surveys of Florida residents and reported travel
patterns since 1995. Per VISIT FLORIDA’s agreement with the Office of Tourism,
Trade and Economic Development we are obligated to report an estimate of the
number of pleasure trips by Floridians in-state quarterly and annually.

VISIT FLORIDA is the state’s official tourism marketing corporation created in
1996. VISIT FLORIDA is not a government agency, but rather a not-for-profit
corporation that carries out the work of the Florida Commission on Tourism,
which was created as a public/private partnership by the Florida Legislature in
1996. The Commission, in partnership with the Governor’s office, took over the
functions of what was then the Florida Department of Commerce Division of

VISIT FLORIDA receives state funding in the form of a portion (15.75 percent) of
the two-dollar-per-day rental car surcharge. Every public dollar invested in VISIT
FLORIDA generates more than three dollars of additional sales tax revenue, paid
by visitors, not residents. Additional funding is secured from the private sector to
expand VISIT FLORIDA’s marketing dollars. Last fiscal year, VISIT FLORIDA
raised more than $64 million in private sector matching funds. This is done by
actively recruiting the state’s tourism industry to invest as Partners through
cooperative advertising campaigns, promotional programs and many other pay-
to-play ventures.

VISIT FLORIDA does direct mass marketing to consumers, both domestically
and internationally. VISIT FLORIDA facilitates tourism industry participation in
domestic and international travel trade and consumer shows, and media
missions to the top global visitor markets. VISIT FLORIDA also works closely
with travel agents, tour operators, meeting and event planners, and is
responsible for operating Florida’s five Official Welcome Centers.

Thank you for your interest in VISIT FLORIDA Research.

Instructions to Vendors
VISIT FLORIDA is a private-public partnership, not a government agency.
Responses are preferred in electronic format, as an attachment and emailed to
Vicki Allen, Research Manager, VISIT FLORIDA, at vallen@visitflorida.org.
Please note VISIT FLORIDA must be referred to in all uppercase letters.
The following schedule provides you with key events and their associated
completion dates. Please note all components of the RFP are due by close of
business, 5PM Eastern Time.

RFP Activity                  Completion Dates
RFP Issued                    Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Questions due to VISIT
FLORIDA from Vendors          Tuesday, December 21, 2010
to Questions Due              Monday, January 03, 2011
Proposals Due                 Friday, January 07, 2011
Vendor Selection
Completed                     Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To ensure that all respondents have accurately and completely understood the
service requirements, VISIT FLORIDA will accept written questions up until
December 21, 2010. If you have questions, you should submit them via email to
Vicki Allen, Research Manager, VISIT FLORIDA, at vallen@visitflorida.org. All
responses will be posted to
emplate=/CM/HTMLDisplay.cfm&ContentID=12438 by close of business, 5PM
Eastern Time, January 3, 2011.

Scope of Work
The vendor shall conduct (300-500) surveys per month by phone using the
attached questionnaire. Additionally, vendor shall provide raw data for each
respondent surveyed and e-mail to VISIT FLORIDA in an SPSS file combining
three months of the data in a quarterly data file within 10 days after the quarter
ends. Since a large population of Florida is Hispanic, surveying should be able to
handle surveying respondents in Spanish.

Requirements for Your Proposal
   Include a schedule, timeline, and cost for conducting the surveys over a
      three year period and anticipated deliverables. We anticipate the project
      beginning in February to begin collecting information on any travel taken in
      January 2011.
   Include a price option for conducting 300 surveys a month and for
      conducting 500 surveys a month. Include a price for adding additional
      questions to the survey should VISIT FLORIDA elect to each quarter.
   Your proposal should also include a suggested payment schedule and the
      rationale/deliverables behind it.
   Please also include detailed information on methodology and sample. If
      using a panel, describe how it is maintained and kept current.
      Please provide information on what makes your organization uniquely
       qualified to take on this project. Provide specific examples of similar
      Please submit complete contact information for at least three references
       sufficient to independently establish the qualifications and expertise of the
       work team proposed to execute this project. Specifically list any
       experience with projects similar to one in this proposal or any done for
       other travel entities. These references should include a contact name,
       phone, e-mail, dates of service and a brief synopsis of the project.
      Please include the experience of all the team members who will be
       assigned to this project, their professional credentials, and how much of
       the project time is expected to be contributed to by each person. Please
       also detail if any of the project would be subcontracted and/or outsourced
       to other vendors/individuals.

VISIT FLORIDA General Terms and Conditions
    VISIT FLORIDA requires that the selected vendor be able to present proof
      of $1 million in liability insurance.
    VISIT FLORIDA will provide the selected vendor with a W-9 form which
      must be completed in order to be paid.
    Please indicate if the vendor and/or principals involved with this project
      have conducted work for VISIT FLORIDA before.
                          Questions for Resident Survey

1. Gender
2. Age
3. Race
4. Household Income
5. Hispanic Origin
6. County of Residence (needed for weighting data)

Core Questions
(A resident is a person who lives in Florida at least 7 months of the year.)

1. We would like to ask you specifically about pleasure trips. By “pleasure trip,” I
   mean an overnight trip that was at least partly for vacation purposes. Do not
   include any trips where you only visited friends or relatives and did not do any

     Did you or anyone in your household take a pleasure trip in (month)?
        1 Yes (Go to Q2)
        2 No (Go to Q3)

2. Was the last trip to a destination in Florida or to somewhere else?
   Note: If respondent took more than one trip, the interviewer asks them about
   their last pleasure trip they went on.

        1 Person took trip in Florida (Go to Q3)
        2 Person took trip outside Florida (Go to Q3)

Next I will read off some statements and I would like you to say whether you:
Strongly Agree, Agree, are Neutral, Disagree or Strongly Disagree.

3.    I believe tourism is a good thing for Florida.
         1 Strongly agree
         2 Agree
         3 Neutral
         4 Disagree
         5 Strongly disagree

4.    Tourism is responsible for some of the income in my household.
        1 Strongly agree
        2 Agree
        3 Neutral
        4 Disagree
        5 Strongly disagree

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