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Rfq for Facility Management


Rfq for Facility Management document sample

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									                                        City of Roanoke Rapids                              9-8-10

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Temporary Management Services at the
       Roanoke Rapids Theater in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
I.    General

      City of Roanoke Rapids (the City) is accepting proposals to select a firm qualified to perform
      professional management services related to day-to-day management of operations at the facility
      known as the Roanoke Rapids Theater (hereinafter the “Facility”), including but not limited to
      ticket sales, scheduling of entertainment acts and performances at the Facility, scheduling of
      events and functions at the Facility, staffing the Facility for events and functions, marketing of
      entertainment acts at the Facility and all related matters at the Facility. The successful candidate
      will serve in this capacity on a month-to-month basis in the sole discretion of the City. The City
      will provide at its own cost basic and essential maintenance of the interior and exterior grounds of
      the Facility.

      Other General Conditions for the Provision of Management Services Include, But Are Not Limited
      to, the Following:

      1. Respondent will operate as an independent contractor for the City.
      2. A written contract for services will be entered between the City and the Respondent and shall
          be terminable at will by the City upon 30 days notice.
      3. Respondent will share in the net profit proceeds resulting from performances and events at the
          Facility according to the written contract entered between the City and Respondent.
      4. Respondent will be responsible for, at its own cost, all artists‟ fees, its employees‟ salaries and
          wages, supplies, food and beverage supplies, artist/entertainment fees, security, marketing and
          promotion of events, sub-contractors providing sound, lighting and related technical
          assistance, and all other costs of the Facility unless specifically agreed to be paid by City.
      5. City will pay the general debt obligations of the Facility, the essential utilities of the Facility,
          and provide basic exterior and interior maintenance and landscaping of the Facility.
      6. Respondent, at its own cost, will be responsible for maintaining and funding a continuing and
          active marketing and advertising campaign that will promote the Facility and specific acts
          scheduled to perform at the Facility, with an estimated per artist budget of $2,000.
      7. Respondent will be responsible for clean-up and maintenance during and following an event.
      8. Respondent will be expected to present a minimum of three or more quality concerts or
          performances per calendar month featuring “Class A” or above artists.
      9. Respondent will maintain the Facility website.
      10. All events shall be approved in advance by the City or its duly appointed agent.
      11. Other conditions will apply and be addressed in the contract between the City and the

II.   Qualifications of Respondents

      A. Respondents shall be a professional entertainment promoter and venue management firm
         authorized to conduct business in North Carolina.

      B. Respondents shall be fully knowledgeable of current North Carolina venue management
         regulations and laws and shall have experience conducting events and/or managing facilities
         under such regulations and laws.
       C. Respondents shall have experienced and suitably trained personnel qualified to perform the
          services required for this project.

       D. Respondents shall possess or provide within 10 days of selection or contracting with the City:

                       Commercial General Liability Insurance;

                       Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance for owned, non-owned and hired
                        vehicles as may be applicable;

                       Workers' Compensation Insurance as required by statute; and,

                       Employers' Liability Insurance.

III.   General Scope of Services

       As a supplementary portion of this RFQ each Respondent firm shall:

       A.      Prepare and submit a 90-day work plan (no more than 10 pages double-spaced) that
               includes the following:

                (1) a schedule of events, performances, and concerts (in a generalized manner without
       naming specific artists) with a minimum of 3 events per month starting with events on or about
       October 15 through December 31, 2010, including a holiday season of events/performances;
                (2) a detailed plan for a marketing and advertising campaign for the calendar of events;
                (3) a plan to provide coverage of events with appropriate personnel;
                (4) a plan to provide food and beverage per event;
                (5) how Respondent will use its employees or contractors to cover the daily operations at
       the Facility, including but not limited to ticket sales, reserving the Facility for social events, and
       related activities; and,
                (6) how Respondent will provide technical support for sound and lighting.

       After selection of the appropriate firm the chosen Respondent shall:

       B.     Prepare a detailed operations plan suitable for operating the Theater immediately.

       C.     Perform all duties outlined in section I, above.

       D.      Work with City staff to incorporate City preferences into the plan.

       E.      Prepare a per event summary spreadsheet including all expenses and revenue generated by
               the event and a profit and loss summary of each use or event held at the Facility within 24
               hours from the conclusion of such events.

       F.      Staff the Facility on a daily basis Monday through Friday full-time from approximately
               10am until 4pm with two or more persons responsible for ticket sales and event marketing.

       G.      Staff the facility during all events with the appropriate number of event staff to serve an

              event, including security, ticketing, sound, lighting and all technical elements, ushers,
              custodians, food and beverage, gift shop, and administration.

      H.      Conduct any pre-scheduled or pending events in a professional manner that may be
              scheduled by the City before selection of Respondent as an operator of the Facility.

IV.   Preparation of Proposals

      Proposals shall contain information on the following:

      A.      The firm‟s experience and qualifications relevant to entertainment promotion and venue

      B.      The firm‟s present work load and ability to provide the required event services in a cost
              effective manner.

      C.      Organization chart showing the project manager and other key team members to be
              assigned to this project. Resumes shall be provided for each team member if available.

      E.      References, three (3) or more, with respective contact information demonstrating
              entertainment and venue management experience. Reference information must identify
              the scope of work and the period of time for which the services were performed.

      F.     Five (5) or more relevant performances and events that your firm has managed in the last
              24 months that would be relevant to this project. Please provide current contact
             information for the performances to verify these events.

      G.     Financial data showing the ability of the operating entity, corporation or company or the
             primary individual running the corporate entity has the financial ability to fund this
             operation, including the payment of upfront artists‟ fees and related costs. Such
             documents may include credit reports, financial statements, and credit references. All such
             information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

V.    Submission of Proposals

      A.      Three originals and 5 copies of proposals will be accepted until 5 p.m., EST, on
              September 17th, 2010, in the City of Roanoke Rapids, NC, c/o City Manager, PO Box 38
              (1040 Roanoke Avenue), Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870.

      B.      Viewing of the Facility is possible. Please call the City Manager‟s Office to make
              arrangements (252) 533-2840.

      C.      Respondents are responsible for the timely delivery of proposals. Proposals received after
              the date and time indicated are unacceptable.

      D.      All inquiries and questions should be directed to: City Manager, Paul Sabiston, (252) 533-

VI.   Evaluation of Proposals

      A.     Proposals will be evaluated considering the following elements (listed in no particular

             1.      The firm‟s experience and qualifications;
             2.      The firm‟s proposed 90-day work plan;
             3.      References submitted;
             4.      The firm‟s compliance with the requirements of this RFQ; and,
             5.      Other reasons relevant to this project.

      B.     The City may elect to interview one or more firms deemed fully qualified to perform the
             requested services. Contract negotiations will then be conducted with the top-ranked firm.

      C.    The City reserves the right to waive any informalities, technicalities, or irregularities in a
            proposal, reject any or all proposals, re-advertise for proposals, or take any other action
            deemed to be in the City „s best interest.


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