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Revolving in Store Credit Application - DOC


Revolving in Store Credit Application document sample

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									         Credit Professionals International
           District III & IV Newsletter
               Eva Nifong, President

                  “Making a Difference”
June & July Edition             Tammy Rucker, Editor
                                     increase our membership. Your
    2010-2011 Officers:              continuous hard work and
                                     support will make a difference.
President        Eva Nifong          Be sure to use every
Vice President   Rhonda McKinney     opportunity that comes your
Secretary        Deborah Tyler       way. It may only pass your way
Treasurer        Diane Gallimore     once.

                                     Thank you to the Financial Fund
                                     Raising Committee for the
                                     excellent start to increase our
                                     District Funds with the 50/50
      District Dues:                 split. Please help support their
                                     project by participating and
Please forward your $10.00 dues      selling as many raffle tickets as
to our new Treasurer:                possible.
      Diane Gaillimore
                                     I hope you are keeping your
      C/O Piedmont Natural Gas
                                     little notebook with all the
      2611 Greengate Drive
      Greensboro, NC 27406           things you are doing so you can
                                     participate in the President’s
                                     Project. Remember there are
                                     lots of ways to gain points. A
                                     lot of you already have 15
President’s Message                  points for attending District in
                                     Atlanta and 10 points for
It seems like we have had so
much going on within the
associations with illnesses and
                                     Continue to “Make A Difference
deaths. Thank goodness
                                     Every Day”.
whenever the need arises our
members are always there to
                                     Eva Nifong, President
lend a hand. Thanks to each of
you for having that caring heart
and extending that helping hand
when necessary. That’s what
CPI friendship is all about,
helping each other.

I encourage each member to
start “Collecting Fish for the CPI
Fish Tank”.
Use your talents and take
                                     HAPPY FLAG DAY- JUNE 14TH &
responsibility in helping to
                                     HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY- JULY 4TH
ONLINE BANKING, BILL                                           Pay attention to the toolbars at the top
                                                               of your screen. Current versions of
PAYING, AND SHOPPING                                           Internet browsers and search engines
                                                               often indicate if you are visiting a
Online banking, bill paying, and shopping are
conveniences that most people want to enjoy.                   suspicious Web site.
And most of the time, high-tech transactions are
completed quickly and without a glitch.                       Choose “strong” user IDs and
However, just as with other transactions, in a                 passwords that will be easy for you to
small percentage of cases something goes wrong.                remember but hard for hackers to guess.
That’s why you need to take precautions against                The strongest have a combination of
theft and errors.                                              letters, numbers, and other characters,
                                                               and are at least 10 characters long.
Below are the latest tips to protect yourself:
                                                              Have each person in your household
If you bank online, frequently check your                      bank and shop online and send e-mail
deposit accounts and lines of credit to spot and               through his or her own “standard user
report errors or fraudulent transactions just as               account”. Do not use the computer’s
you should with traditional banking. The sooner                “administrator account”.
you detect a problem, the easier it should be to
fix.                                                          Consider using a separate computer
                                                               solely for online banking or shopping.
                      Never give your Social
                      Security number, credit or      Beware of check scams. Common scams are
                      debit card numbers,             online job postings and mystery shopper
                      personal identification         programs.
                      numbers or any other
                      confidential information in     When shopping online, deal with reputable
                      response to an unsolicited e-   merchants and be wary of unbelievably low
                      mail, text message or phone     prices.
                      call, no matter who the         Using a credit card generally offers more
                      source supposedly is. Real      purchase protection than a debit card or other
                      banks and government            electronic forms of online payment.
officials do not contact people asking for this
kind of information.
Don’t open attachments or click on links in
unsolicited e-mails from anyone you don’t know        Be on guard against scams hiding behind
or you otherwise aren’t sure about. These             online coupon offers. Beware of any coupon
attachments or links can infect your computer         site that asks for personal, financial or payment
with “spyware” that can change your security          information, which can be misused by criminals.
settings and record your keystrokes. Spyware
can steal your passwords, bank or credit card         Be careful if you download banking software
numbers and your answers to security questions.       onto a cell phone. Only download mobile
                                                      banking applications from a safe site, such as
Watch out for sudden pop-up windows asking            your wireless provider, phone manufacturer or
for personal information or warning of a virus.       your bank.
This is called “scareware” because it frightens
people into providing information, downloading                     FDIC Consumer News
malicious software or paying for removal.
Use a mix of security tools and procedures:

        Don’t log onto your bank account while
         using public computers, such as at a
         library, or free wireless connections at
         coffee shops and similar places
Consumer Confidence Rises in May           The         and savings accounts ... has been growing
Consumer Confidence Index rose to 63.3 in May          rapidly.
from a downwardly revised 57.7 in April, the
New York-based Conference Board reported               Gold Card Has New Meaning           In an
yesterday. The May reading is the highest since        interesting marketing strategy, a Turkish Bank,
March 2008’s 65.9. “Consumer confidence                in which General Electric Co. has a 21% stake,
posted its third consecutive monthly gain, and         will pay gold to customers who use the bank’s
although still weak by historical levels, appears      new “Gold Bonus” credit card. Instead of
to be gaining some traction. Consumers’                earning points from spending, clients who use
apprehension about current business conditions         the card will accumulate ounces of gold.
and the job market continues to slowly                 Receiving the gold requires a visit to a Turkish
dissipate,” said Lynn Franco, director of the          jewelry chain.
Conference Board’s Consumer Research Center.

Home Prices Fall in March The Standard &                 Association & Membership
Poor's/Case-Shiller Home Price Index of 20
major cities fell 0.5 percent to 143.35 in March,
its sixth consecutive monthly decline, the group
said yesterday. Thirteen of the 20 cities tracked      CHARLOTTE, NC
by the index showed declines in March. Only six
recorded gains and one, Boston, was flat.
                                                       CPI of Charlotte, NC held its meeting on
                                                       May 27th, 2010, at the Hotel Charlotte
Consumer Credit Increases In March
Consumer credit increased at a 1% annual rate          Restaurant. Helen Neil welcomed the
... or $1.95 billion ... in March, the second gain     eleven members attending; especially
in three months, the Federal Reserve reports.          those who have had health and/or other
The demand for auto loans and other types of           problems which have made it difficult to
nonrevolving credit rose at a 3.9% annual rate,        attend regularly.     Colleen Collette
or $5.1 billion, in March. Revolving credit, the
borrowing category that includes credit cards,         presented the devotional and led us in
dropped at a 4.5% annual rate, or $3.2 billion,        the invocation. Cheryl Burleson-Davis
the 18th straight monthly decline.                     reported on the Belk Charity Days
                                                       fundraiser, which was very successful.
Socks And Stocks? Remember when Sears                  Harriet Bryant, Diane Radcliff with her
got into the banking business along with its
regular retailing? Now, nearly 30 years after          husband, Jeff, and Helen Neil plan to
the department store chain set out to become           attend the Gastonia Summer Gala at the
"the largest financial services entity," as its then   River Rat Restaurant. Shirley Clontz
chairman put it, Sears is once again challenging       presented the program, entitled, “The
banks. This time around, the nation's fourth-          Way We Were”, which was a look back
largest retailer is setting more modest goals for
itself in financial services and is targeting          at the history of CPI along with events
underbanked consumers. Since last year, Sears          happening in the world during the same
has been testing financial centers, where              time. To celebrate the 73rd anniversary
customers can go to cash checks, wire money,           of the founding of the Charlotte
and pay bills in eight Kmart stores in the             organization, we had cake and
Chicago area. Sears is not offering checking or
savings accounts and it hasn't sought a banking        Champaign as Helen Neil raised the
charter since an unsuccessful 2002 application         toast to association. We closed the
to open an industrial loan company. It appears         meeting by repeating the creed. Our
that Sears' target market includes a group             next meeting will be held on June 24th,
referred to as the "disenfranchised," who are fed      2010 at the Shun Lee Palace Restaurant.
up with banks' overdraft fees and other hassles.
This group ... primarily young consumers who
have, or previously had, low-balance checking
Credit Professionals of Charlotte, NC,       EASTERN NC
met at the Shun Lee Palace Restaurant
June 24, 2010. We had ten members in         CPI of Eastern NC met Tuesday night,
attendance. Diane Radcliff was absent        May 18, 2010 at 6:30 PM at the
due to the funeral of her stepson’s          Mayflower Restaurant in Winterville,
grandfather, Harry Hudson.      Cheryl       NC.
Burleson-Davis, in charge of planning
the Credit Professionals International       Mildred Porter was to start therapy on
Conference to be held in Charlotte in        Wednesday and hopes she will be able to
June 2011, reported on plans thus far.       be at our next meeting.
The organization voted to send a gift to
the Kidney Foundation in memory of           President, Marvin read an invitation to
Esther Brinkley’s husband, William,          Gastonia’s Summer Outing on June 1,
who passed away June 1st.           The      2010.
association members brought non-
perishable food items for a project,         Annette Robbins gave a report on the
initiated by the middle school Sunday        Spring Meeting in Greensboro, NC
school class taught by Cheryl Burleson-
Davis. They designated the project as        Gail Ottinger gave a report on the
“Hunger Doesn’t Take a Summer                District Conference in Atlanta, GA.
Vacation” and food collected by these
kids will help to fill the shelves of        President, Marvin reminded the
Loaves and Fishes.                           members of the International Conference
                                             in Bentonville, Arkansas June 17-20,
Each member was urged to complete a          2010. Gail is planning to attend.
Credit Professional of the Year form and
turn it in to Harriet Bryant who will        BROWNSVILLE, TN
adjudicate the entries. Irene McQuain
distributed the newsletter, (Captions) she   Chris saw his ENT doctor on May 7th
had published for the quarter ending in      and the doctor was very pleased at
June. The association chose two issues       the way Chris is recovering, the doctor
of the newsletter to be entered in the       told Chris he can start moving about
Flyer Type Bulletin competition for          more, just to be careful and not bump his
North Carolina State.        Marie Little    head on anything.
presented a program entitled, “The           He still can't drive yet, that will have to
Importance of Family in Today’s world”       wait until he sees the neurosurgeon on
after which members shared pictures or       the 18th. Chris has lost his sense of
stories of their own families.               smell and the doctor said it may never
                                             return but that is minor compared to
The next meeting of CPI Charlotte will       what it could have been. God and the
be held August 14th at the home of           power of prayers are truly amazing, we
Shirley Clontz.                              have really been blessed. Thanks again
                                             to everyone for your prayers, e-mails
                                             and cards.

                                             God Bless, Nancye West
GASTONIA, NC                                Tammy Rucker and Tommy visited the
                                            New Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte,
CPI of Gastonia celebrated our 24th         during Memorial weekend and then
Birthday in May!                            joined Diane Radcliff and Jeff for the
                                            Food Lion Speed Street for fun and
We held our Annual Summer Outing at         fellowship.
the River Rat at Lake Wylie, SC on June
1, 2010. We had 18 in attendance; we        Carolyn Huggins and Allen spent the
were excited to have Diane Radcliff,        weekend at Myrtle Beach with
International Second Vice President and     granddaughter Emily.
her husband Jeff. We had Helen Neil &
Harriet Bryant from Charlotte. Harriet      Allen Huggins has been chosen as
celebrated her Birthday with her children   Mayor Pr-Tem for Dallas. Carolyn is so
Bill Bryant & Sharon Pinker. Bill           proud!
brought a friend Diane Bartlet. Our
members & guest enjoyed the food and        Laura Layel is feeling great and finally
fellowship.                                 getting to read those books she wanted
                                            since she retired….since January she has
Pam Toney has a new position, Teller        read a total of 16 books and still going
Administration at First National Bank;      strong.
she has been working real hard by
overseeing the Bank Teller Operations
and Vertex Teller system while she          Business Professionals of the Triad
oversees 7 branch office locations.
Pam Toney’s son Jordon Toney has just       BPI of the Triad met at Jewell Kirk’s
finished his first year at UNC-Charlotte.   home in Southern Pines for our May 15,
Pam is a very proud Mom!                    meeting. Jewell cooked and furnished
                                            the meal for everyone. Charlotte
Linda Rhyne’s daughter, Cindy was           Maness spoke on her topic in the
accepted by UNC-Charlotte Graduate          manual; "You: The Greatest Invention".
School for Administration.                  Special guests were Jewell’s sister,
                                            Peggy and her niece. Everyone enjoyed
Darlene Eason’s grandson Peyton was         the day, shopping, good food, fellowship
accepted at Highland Technology High        and an excellent program.
                                            Esther Brinkley’s husband William
Brenda Peeler has been enjoying her         passed away on June 1, 2010.
time at the beach with Bob Stringfellow.
                                            June Meeting was canceled due
Tammy Rucker has a new position at          President's husband passing away. The
First National Bank, Deposit                following members attended
Compliance and BSA Administrator.           International Conference in Bentonville,
She has been working on setting up a        Arkansas on June 16-20, 2010: Esther
new department in Risk Management           Brinkley, Eva Nifong, Diane Gallimore,
and Compliance.                             and Linda Ayers.
                                           International Conference
                                           It was great to have all District Officers
                                           in attendance at International Conference

                                           District 3 & 4 won the following awards

                                           District with the most new
                                           members...District 3&4 tied with District
                                           5 (4 new members each)

District Conference Fund Raiser            Locals that Maintained the Same
                                           Number of Members Gadsden, Alabama
At District Conference a Financial Fund    Capital City, Alabama Pensacola,
Raising Team was appointed from a          Florida Atlanta, Georgia Jackson,
Future Planning suggestion. This team      Mississippi Gastonia, North Carolina
was assigned the duties of organizing      Eastern, North Carolina Brownsville,
fund-raisers for 2010-2011 to help         Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee
support the District budget.               Nashville, Tennessee

The decline in membership has resulted     Locals that Added New Members this
in loss of revenue which has made this     Year:
                                           Atlanta Georgia ( 3 new members)
The committee made a decision to do        Lak Charles, Louisiana (1 new member)
two 50/50 splits. The first drawing will
end August 31, 2010 and the drawing        District 3 &4 won first place in the Walk
will be held at the North Carolina State   A Thon.
Conference on September 18-2010. For
this event to be successful the
committee is asking every association to   The following International Officers
participate by selling raffle tickets.     were installed

The tickets and money will need to be      Billie M. Plasker, PCS, President
mailed to Diane Gallimore by               Diane Radcliff, PCE, First Vice
September 3, 2010.                         President Pat Evans, PCE, Second Vice
                                           President Joyce, Jones, CCCE/MPCE,
Diane Gallimore                            Secretary/Treasurer
200 Oak Knoll Dr
Thomasville, NC 27360                      Pat Evans from Texas won International
                                           Credit Professional of the Year.

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