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									                                              Request for Proposal
                                         WASTE REMOVAL, RECYCLING,
                Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) RFP Number: O6-RFP-363
                                  Issue date: September 15, 2010

VIHA Contact Person                                                            Closing time and location
All enquiries related to this Request for Proposal are to be directed, in      Proposals must be sent by mail/courier/hand delivered. Proposals
writing, to the following person. Information obtained from any other          should be clearly marked with the name and address of the Proponent,
source is not official and should not be relied upon. Enquiries and any        the Request for Proposal number, and the project or program title.
responses will be recorded and may be distributed to all Proponents at
the VIHA’s option.                                                             Two (2) complete copies of each proposal should be
                                                                               received no later than 2:00 PM Pacific Time on:
Jim Dempsey, Contract Management                                               October 15, 2010, to the following address:
Vancouver Island Health Authority
jim.dempsey@viha.ca                                                            Mail/Courier/Hand Delivered
Tel: 250-755-7691 – local 54098
Fax: 250-740-2619                                                              Attention:
                                                                               Mr. Jim Dempsey
                                                                               Manager, Contract Policy & Standards
                                                                               Vancouver Island Health Authority
                                                                               Nanaimo General Hospital Receiving
                                                                               1200 Dufferin Crescent
                                                                               Nanaimo, V9S 2B7
                                                                               Phone - 250-755-7691 ext. 54098
                                                                               Fax - (250) 740-2619

Proponent Section: A person authorized to sign on behalf of the Proponent, and to bind the Proponent to statements made in response
to this Request for Proposal, must complete and return this Proponent Section by mail/courier/hand delivered, leaving the rest otherwise
unaltered, and return one original with the first copy of the proposal.

The undersigned agrees that enclosed proposal is submitted in response to the above-referenced Request for Proposal, including any
addenda. Through submission of this proposal we agree to all of the terms and conditions of the Request for Proposal and agree that any
inconsistent provisions in our proposal will be as if not written and do not exist. We have carefully read and examined the Request for
Proposal, and have conducted such other investigations as were prudent and reasonable in preparing the proposal. We agree to be
bound by statements and representations made in our proposal.

                                                                            Legal Name of Proponent, and Doing Business As Name If
Signature:                                                                  Applicable:

Printed Name:                                                               Address:


Date:                                                                       Email:

RFP Template >$75,000 – May, 2010
Table of Contents

A.     REQUIREMENTS AND RESPONSE                                           2


APPENDIX A            RECEIPT CONFIRMATION FORM                            16

APPENDIX B            CONTRACT FORM                                        17



 The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) is one of six health authorities in British
 Columbia, Canada. Through a network of hospitals, clinics, centres, health units, and residential
 facilities, VIHA provides health care to more than 752,000 people on Vancouver Island, on the
 islands of the Georgia Strait, and in mainland communities north of Powell River, and South of
 Rivers Inlet. Our health care services include hospital, community and home care. VIHA also
 provides environmental and public health services, including education and prevention.

        Facts & Figures:
        Description                                                  Figures
        Annual Operating Budget                                     $1.6 Billion
        Client Population                                           752,365
        Employees                                                   17,000
        Staff Unions                                                14
        Physicians                                                  1,700
        Facilities                                                  138
        Acute Care & Rehabilitation Beds                            1,500
        Residential Care Beds & Assisted Living Units               5,700

 VIHA is governed by a board of directors, appointed by the provincial government. An executive
 team leads the delivery of health service within the health authority.

 VIHA is publicly funded, and accountable to the provincial government and the public for
 resources used in delivering health care and services.

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The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) is inviting proposals from qualified suppliers to
meet VIHA’s requirements for the removal and disposal of general waste and the provision of
recycling services at VIHA facilities.

Proponents can bid on either of the services and VIHA may award some or all of each service to
one or more proponent. Selected Proposals may be combined by VIHA in its sole discretion to
provide the outcome that provides, in the sole opinion of VIHA, the best value.

Successful proponents will provide services as required at each facility. Facility size and current
processes may determine the frequency of service and type of equipment required.

The successful proponent(s) will comply with all federal, provincial and local laws relating to the
Services outlined in this RFP.

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VIHA may, at its option, make changes/additions/reductions to the scope of services requested
from a successful proponent(s), including extending services to other VIHA facilities or affiliates at
the negotiated rates.

VIHA wishes to standardize services wherever possible. Respondents are encouraged to submit
proposals that provide effective and efficient provision of services by any combination of delivery,
pick-up frequency and equipment.

Proponents may respond to any and /or all sections of the RFP, based on type of service and/or
geographic area and are encouraged to provide solutions that provide financial and operational

The term of the proposed contract will be for five years commencing in October-November 2010.
VIHA will also hold two-year extension options.


The successful proponent(s) shall provide the following services:

General Waste

The successful proponent(s) will collect, remove and dispose of general waste material. There will
be dedicated bins provided for the collection of general waste.

Recyclable Waste
The successful proponent(s) will collect, remove and facilitate recycling of cardboard, paper, glass
tins/cans, plastics, pallets and batteries. There will be dedicated bins provided for the collection of
recyclable material.

Organic Waste Recycling

VIHA may be interested in organic recycling in the future and would be interested in receiving
service availability and pricing information in this regards. VIHA may as part of this RFP procure
Organic Waste Recycling services.

The successful proponent(s) will:

        be responsible to provide and maintain all equipment required to perform the services;
        provide new, state-of-the-art equipment and technology; and
        retain title to the machines.

VIHA in some circumstances may provide VIHA owned bins.

The successful proponent shall at its expense provide all materials, supplies and equipment for the
performance of the services. The successful proponent shall at its cost supply and maintain all of
the equipment used in connection with the performance of its services in good working order at all

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times, shall promptly make all necessary repairs thereto and replacements thereof and shall provide
immediate backup support equipment to replace any defective equipment.

If additional personnel, supplies or equipment are necessary in order to perform the services, the
successful proponent shall provide same solely at its own cost and expense it being agreed that the
proposed prices are fixed and that such prices shall not be increased unless such increases are
specifically agreed upon with VIHA.

The successful proponent(s) will utilize the area(s) identified by VIHA for the provision and
placing of equipment required to provide the Services. It is expected that these areas will vary by

The successful proponent(s) and its employees or agents (suppliers) will abide by VIHA parking
policies and traffic regulations. The successful proponent(s) will be liable for damages or injuries
caused by negligent operation of any vehicle by the successful proponent’s employees or agents.
Motor vehicles used by the successful proponent for delivery of service to the VIHA site must be
well maintained and regularly serviced.

All staff driving successful proponent(s) vehicles in the performance of services under contract
with VIHA shall possess a valid appropriate driver’s license pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Act.

Vehicles must be clearly identified as a “contractor vehicle”. The successful proponent(s) must be
able to supply enough vehicles and personnel to maintain consistent service.

The successful proponent(s) will comply with all applicable health, safety and sanitation
regulations, requirements and directions of any federal, provincial and municipal authorities,
including Workers' Compensation Board Regulations, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information
and any other standards and regulations that may be applicable to the provision of Services. All
equipment must meet standards established by the Canadian Standards Association. The successful
proponent(s) will be responsible for cleaning of all containers to the satisfaction of VIHA.

VIHA will select and provide reasonable space and utilities at areas approved by VIHA. The
successful proponent(s) will be responsible for managing costs through energy saving practices
such as selecting low energy consuming equipment. VIHA does not guarantee an uninterrupted
supply of services. However, VIHA will take reasonable efforts to restore the service following an

The successful proponent(s) will provide services on an emergency basis, or for extra pick-up if
required by a facility.

The successful proponent(s) will ensure that all persons who perform the Services are competent to
perform the Services and are properly trained, instructed and supervised.

The successful proponent(s) will provide all uniforms and equipment for all of its Personnel and the
successful proponent(s) Personnel will wear the uniforms as well as company name tags while

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performing the Services. The successful proponent(s) will ensure that all persons who perform
Services at VIHA sites are clean and neat in appearance at all times.

A Contract Administrator will be assigned by the Vancouver Island Health Authority to oversee the
provision of services. In addition, the successful proponent(s) will be expected to name a
counterpart project manager. The successful proponent(s) project manager will be responsible for
providing scheduled status reports to the VIHA Contract Administrator or designate.

The successful proponent(s) shall share any revenue for mixed recyclable materials such as old
corrugated cardboard (OCC).

3.9     LICENSES
Proponents must be licensed and/or certified to provide the services and adhere to all bylaws and
regulations in effect.

3.10 SITES
Information on current services required and location is provided in section 5.3. At the request of
VIHA, the Contractor will provide services to additional facilities if required.

Successful proponent(s) will be required to record and track all services provided on a site-by-site
basis for billing purposes. Billing must include date of services, type of services provided as well
as service type fee.


Successful proponent(s) will be required to provide the following reporting and performance
reports to VIHA:

       Reporting Requirements

                             Information                               Reporting Frequency
        1    Damage to VIHA property related to service                Within 24 hours of being
        2    Delay in providing services greater then 4 hours               Immediately
        3    Fuel Charge Rate and associated Diesel cost per litre              Monthly

VIHA may request further reports if necessary in regards to the services.

VIHA will evaluate performance and will monitor missed pick-up or late pick-up in regards to
services through audits or report from site staff. VIHA expects successful proponents to meet
Service Level Requirement.

The following are example VIHA Service Level Requirements:

Contractor(s) shall support a Service Level Objective of 98% on time pick up in any given month.

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Service level objectives will be calculated using the following criteria:

Service Level objective = 100 - (# of unacceptable pick-ups in a month/total number of pick-ups).

Service level is defined as unacceptable when a delivery is over 4 hours late due to the service
failure of the successful proponent on all scheduled routes.

The following is VIHA Performance Penalties Model:

Upon notification and verification of a monthly Service Level performance below the specified
acceptable service level objects (as per above definitions), a service credit will be calculated based
on the following formula:

A service credit calculation will be negotiated during contract negotiations with the successful
proponent(s). An example credit calculation would be:

Service Credit = (Total Monthly fee for all services x X%)


In December 2007, the BC Health Authorities announced the creation of a BC Health Authority
Shared Services Organization (“SSO”) to examine opportunities for Health Authorities to improve
cost effectiveness by working collaboratively on common services such as Supply Chain (common
products procurement), Payroll and Information Technology. For more information, please visit
their website: https://www.bchealthsso.ca/default.htm.

Without limiting this Section 3.13, if, at any time during this RFP process and prior to VIHA
entering into a Contract, the SSO decides to issue a provincial RFP for services similar to the
Services, VIHA may cancel this RFP process and participate in the provincial initiative.


If a Proponent submits a Proposal which does not satisfy every VIHA request or requirement as
described in this RFP, VIHA may, in its discretion, waive such deficiency, seek clarification or
additional information from the Proponent, and consider and treat the Proposal as compliant with
the requirements of this RFP.

All Proponents should exercise extreme care when completing their Proposals as failure to comply
with the requirements of this RFP may cause a Proposal to be rejected.

A Proponent is deemed to have accepted and be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this RFP by
the submission of a Proposal in response to this RFP.

Negotiations may be held with each Preferred Proponent regarding the terms of any agreements,
prior to the execution of any such agreements. VIHA may agree, in its sole discretion and as part of
such negotiations, to modify the terms of any agreement and/or negotiate whatever terms of any
other agreements as may be required as VIHA, in its sole discretion, may deem necessary. VIHA

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may also, in its sole discretion, negotiate with the Preferred Proponent on whatever other matters
VIHA may deem necessary.


In the event of a legal or illegal labour disruption at any VIHA site, the vendor is expected to
provide full service at no additional cost to the VIHA. Proponents should provide a contingency
plan with this submission.

Successful Proponent Labour Disruptions

In the event a successful proponent is unable to perform services due to internal labour unrest:

a)     VIHA must be provided a minimum of 5 working days to arrange an alternative service
b)     The successful proponent will be responsible for any additional cost incurred by VIHA
       during the setup and installation of an alternative service if and when normal service returns
       to the Contract service provider
c)     In the event of successful proponent labour unrest, VIHA will be contractually exempt from
       the 30-day cancellation requirement
d)     VIHA will not be contractually obligated to return to the Successful proponent at the
       conclusion of their labour unrest



Proposals not clearly demonstrating that they meet the following mandatory criteria will be
excluded from further consideration during the evaluation process.

                a) The proposal must be received at the closing location by the specified closing
                date and time.
                b) The proposal must be in English.
                c) An unaltered, completed RFP cover page including proponent section must be
                submitted with the proposal by mail/courier/hand delivered.

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        Proposals meeting all of the mandatory criteria will be further assessed against desirable

                Criterion                                                           Weight
                Extent to which solution meets the VIHA needs
                Qualifications, experience, and expertise to provide serves


        The following format, sequence, and instructions should be followed in order to provide
        consistency in Proponent response and ensure each proposal receives full consideration.
        All pages should be consecutively numbered.

        A. An unaltered, completed and signed RFP cover page including Proponent Section.
        B. The following must be addressed in the body of the “Proponent Response”:


           i.           Provide detail on how you will provide the Security services described in 3.1
                                Which services you will provide and at which locations.
                                If you provide organic waste recycling please describe services.
                                Verification that disposal of general waste meets all legislative and
                                 environmental requirements.
                                Verification that recyclable items are recycled.
          ii.           Provide detail on how you will meet the requirements in section 3.2 and 3.3

                                                                                                   9 of 17
                                          Detail on the type of equipment that will be provided for each site
                                           including specifications for each piece of equipment;
                                          Detail on schedule and methods for cleaning of containers.
                 iii.              Provide detail on how you will meet the requirements in section 3.4
                                   including detail on the usage of low energy consuming equipment.
                 iv.               Provide detail regarding staffing (section 3.6).
                    v.             Provide detail on your contract administrator (section 3.7) and how they will
                                   interact with VIHA.
                 vi.               Provide detail regarding any revenue sharing or decreased cost related to
                                   recycled material (section 3.8)
                 vii.              Provide detail regarding invoicing processes (section 3.11)
              viii.                Provide detail on performance management processes including reports
                                   available to verify service delivery and quality (section 3.12), also provide
                                   suggested Service Penalties for performance below VIHA Service Levels.
                 ix.               Provide a Labour disruption contingency plan as per section 3.15.


              i.                Provide a profile of your organization and your qualifications and experience for
                                providing this service.
              ii.               Provide detail on your organizations Technical Capacity and Capability
              iii.              Provide personnel or sub-contractor qualifications
              iv.               Proponent References – (with e-mail addresses) Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 4


In the table below please provide all costs related to each site as specified in the table:
   Waste Management

   South Island
                                                                                                               Including     Land Fill
                                                                                                               Surcharge     Costs         Extra Pick
                                                                                        * Fuel                 (Pick + Fuel (variable or   Up Charge
                                                                           Monthly      Charge Environmental   Charge +      included in   (not
                                           Current Pick                    Container per pick- Charge % (if    Environmental pick-up       including
   Site                  Type      Yds     Up Frequency Cost per Pick Up   Rental costs up %   any)            Charge)       cost)         Surcharges)
   Royal Jubilee
   (RJH) (food
   services) 1952
   Bay St
   Victoria, BC          Garbage
   V8R 1J8               Rolloff   27 yd   1x Week
   D & T Bldg.           Garbage
   (RJH)                 Rolloff   30 yd   2 x Week

                                                                                                                        10 of 17
Pavilion (RJH)     Bin        6 yd    3 x Week
Gorge Road
63 Gorge Road
Victoria, BC       Garbage
V9A 1L2            Rolloff    27 yd   1 x Week
Victoria General
1 Hospital Way
Victoria, BC       Garbage
V8Z 6R5            Rolloff    27 yd   2 x Week
Queen Alexandra
                   Bin        6 yd    2 x Week
Arbutus Rd
Victoria, BC
V8N 1V7            Bin        4 yd    2 x Week
Pearkes(QA)       Bin       6 yd      Weekly
1450 Hillside
Victoria, BC
V8T 2B7           Verti-Pak 6 yd      3 x Week
1780 Fairfield Rd
Victoria, BC
V8S 1G7           Verti-Pak 6 yd      3 x Week
2166 Mt. Newton
X Rd
Saanichton, BC Garbage
V8M 2B2           Roll off 27 yd      1 x Week
Mt. Tolmie 3690
Victoria, BC
V8P 4R6           Waste Bin 6 yd      2 x Week
Priory            Verti-Pak 6 yd      2 x Week
567 Goldstream
Victoria, BC
V9B 2W4           Bin       3 yd      On Call
941 Pandora,       Bin &              Every Two
Victoria           pullout    3 yd    Weeks


1200 Dufferin
Nanaimo, BC        Garbage
V9S 2B7            Roll off   27 yd   2 x Week
                  Garbage             Every 2nd
Dufferin (NRGH) Roll off      27 yd   Week
District Hospital
2042 Tzouhalem Garbage                Every 2nd
Rd                Roll off    27 yd   Week
Duncan, BC
V9L 4T6          Waste Bin 6 yd       2 x Week
Cairnsmore Place
250 Cairnsmore
Duncan, BC V9L
4H2              Bin       2 x 6 yd   2 x Week
Cowichan Lodge
2042 Tzouhalem Waste Bin 3 yd bin     Weekly

                                                  11 of 17
Duncan, BC
V9L 4T6
Health Care
9909 Esplanade
Chemainus, BC      Waste Bin
V0R 1K0            x2        4 yd       2 x Week
Health Centre
111 - 4th Ave
Ladysmith, BC
V0R 2E0            Waste Bin 6 yd       2 x Week
Eagle Park
Health Care
777 Jones St       self
Qualicum Beach,    contained
BC V9K 2L1         compact 4 yd         Weekly
Trillium Lodge
401 Moilliet St
Parksville, BC
V9P 1M9            Verti-Pak 6 yd       2 x Week
Student Duplex
1190 Seafield
Cresent Nanaimo    Toters              4 Weekly


375 Second Ave
Campbell River, Garbage
BC V9W 3V1 Rolloff           27 yd      On Call
                   Waste Bin 6 yd       On Call
1351 Ironwood St
Campbell River,
BC V9W 3V1 Waste Bin 4 yd               4 x Week
CHC              Vert-I-Pak 6 yd        1 x Week
Windermere Ave
BC V0R 1S0
                 Waste Bin 4 yd         On Call


South Island

                                                                                     * Fuel                   (Pick + Fuel Extra Pick Up
                                                                      Monthly        Charge Environmental     Charge +      Charge (not
                                                           Cost per   Container      per pick- Charge % (if   Environmental including
Site        Type             Yd          Frequency         Pick Up    Rental costs   up %      any)           Charge)       Surcharges)
D&T         Cardboard
Bldg.       Rolloff          40 yd       Weekly
            Plastics, etc.   1x16yd
                             3 totes     Every 2nd. week

Pavillion   Cardboard Bin    6 yd        Weekly

                                                                                                                           12 of 17
Road        Cardboard Bin    6 yd       2 x Week

            Plastics, etc    5 Totes    Every 2nd Week
Victoria    Cardboard Roll
General     off            30 yd        Weekly
            Plastics, etc    3totes     Every 2nd. week
Alexandra Bin                6 yd       Weekly

            plastic/tin/glass 4 Totes   Weekly

Pearkes     Cardboard Bin    6 yd       Every 3 Weeks

Aberdeen    Recycle Bin      6 yd       2 x Week

            Plastics, etc.   6 Totes    Every 2nd Week

Glengarry Recycle Bin        6 yd       2 x Week

            Plastics, etc Bin 6 yd      Every 2nd Week
Peninsula   Recycle Bin      2 x 6 yd   3 x Week

            Plastics, etc    6 Totes    Weekly

Mt. Tolmie Recycle Bin       6 yd       Weekly

            Plastics, etc.   4 Totes    Every 2nd Week

Priory      Recycle Bin      6 yd       1 x Week

            Plastics, etc.   4 Totes    Every 2nd Week


Nanaimo     Cardboard Roll
RGH         off            27yd         Weekly
            Cardboard Roll
            off            27 yd        Monthly
            Cardboard        6 yd       2 x Week

            Compost Toters 15           Weekly

Dufferin    Recycle Bin      2 X 6 yd   Weekly

District Cardboard Roll
Hospital off            40 yd           Every 2nd Week
Place      Recycle Bin       4yd        Every 2nd Week
Cowichan                                No Recycling
Lodge     Recycle Bin                   currently
Center    Recycle Bin        2 x 6 yd   Weekly

                                                          13 of 17
   Centre     Recycle Bin     6 yd       Weekly
   Eagle Park
   Facility   Recycle Bin     6 yd       Weekly
   Lodge      Recycle Bin     6 yd       Weekly
   Duplex     Recycle Toter   1 toter    Monthly


   CRH        Recycle Bin     2 x 4 yd   2 x Week

   Yucalta    Recycle Bin     4 yd       2 x Week

   CHC        Recycle Bin     4 yd       2 x Week

Provide detail on how surcharges are calculated and the associated sources for the price of fuel that
the surcharge is calculated from.
Provide the current fuel surcharge and the price of gas per litre the surcharge is based on and the
increments that the surcharge increases/decreases based on an increase or decrease in the price of
gas per litre.
It is expected that price will include costing rationale to provide the service.
If proponents have container or frequency of pick-up models that will provide potential savings
please provide details.

If proponents provide Organic Waste Recycling please provide pricing information.

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     1. Definitions: Throughout this Request for Proposal, the following definitions      14. Firm Pricing. Prices will be firm for the entire Contract period unless this
     apply:                                                                               Request for Proposal specifically states otherwise.
     a )“Contract” means the written agreement resulting from this Request for
     Proposal executed by the VIHA and the Contractor;                                    15. Currency and Taxes. Prices quoted are to be:
     b) “Contractor” means the successful Proponent to this Request for Proposal
                                                                                          a) in Canadian dollars;
     who enters into a written Contract with the VIHA;
                                                                                          b) inclusive of duty, where applicable; FOB destination, delivery charges
     c) “VIHA” means Vancouver Island Health Authority
                                                                                          included where applicable; and
     d) “must”, or “mandatory” means a requirement that must be met in order for a
                                                                                          c) exclusive of Goods and Services Tax and Provincial Sales Tax.
     proposal to receive consideration;
     e) “Proponent” means an individual or a company that submits, or intends to          16. Completeness of Proposal: By submission of a proposal the Proponent
     submit, a proposal in response to this Request for Proposal;                         warrants that, if this Request for Proposal is to design, create or provide a system
     f) “should” or “desirable” means a requirement having a significant degree of        or manage a program, all components required to run the system or manage the
     importance to the objectives of the Request for Proposal.                            program have been identified in the proposal or will be provided by the
                                                                                          Contractor at no charge.
     2. Terms and Conditions: The following terms and conditions will apply to
     this Request for Proposal process. Submission of a proposal in response to this      17. Sub-Contracting
     Request for Proposal indicates acceptance of all the terms that follow and that
     are included in any addenda issued by the VIHA, as well as the VIHA contract         a) Using a sub-contractor (who should be clearly identified in the proposal) is
     attached. Provisions in proposals that contradict any of the terms of this           acceptable. This includes a joint submission by two Proponents having no formal
     Request for Proposal will be as if not written and do not exist.                     corporate links. However, in this case, one of these Proponents must be prepared
                                                                                          to take overall responsibility for successful performance of the Contract and this
     3. Receipt Confirmation Form: Proponents are advised to fill out and return          should be clearly defined in the proposal.
     the attached Receipt Confirmation Form as specified. All subsequent                  b) Sub-contracting to any firm or individual whose current or past corporate or
     information regarding this Request for Proposal, including changes made to           other interests may, in the VIHA’s opinion, give rise to a conflict of interest in
     this Request for Proposal, will be directed only to those Proponents who return      connection with the project or program described in this Request for Proposal
     the form and will be distributed by the method authorized on the form.               will not be permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, any firm or individual
                                                                                          involved in the preparation of this Request for Proposal. If a Proponent is in
     4. Late Proposals: Late proposals will not be accepted and will be returned to
                                                                                          doubt as to whether a proposed subcontractor gives rise to a conflict of interest,
     the Proponent at the proponents expense.
                                                                                          the Proponent should consult with the VIHA Contact Person listed on page 1
     5. Eligibility:                                                                      prior to submitting a proposal.
     a) Proposals will not be evaluated if the Proponent’s current or past corporate      c) Where applicable, the names of approved sub-contractors listed in the proposal
     or other interests may, in the VIHA’s opinion, give rise to a conflict of interest   will be included in the Contract. No additional subcontractors will be added, nor
     in connection with the project described in this Request for Proposal. This          other changes made, to this list in the Contract without the written consent of the
     includes, but is not limited to, involvement by a Proponent in the preparation       VIHA.
     of this Request for Proposal. If a Proponent is in doubt as to whether there
                                                                                          18. Acceptance of Proposals
     might be a conflict of interest, the Proponent should consult with the VIHA
     Contact Person listed on page 1 prior to submitting a proposal.                      a) This Request for Proposal should not be construed as an agreement to
     b) Proposals from not-for-profit agencies will be evaluated against the same         purchase goods or services. The VIHA is not bound to enter into a Contract with
     criteria as those received from any other Proponents.                                the Proponent who submits the lowest priced proposal or with any Proponent.
                                                                                          Proposals will be assessed in light of the evaluation criteria. The VIHA will be
     6. Evaluation: Evaluation of proposals will be by a committee designated by
                                                                                          under no obligation to receive further information, whether written or oral, from
     the VIHA and may include employees and contractors of the VIHA in its sole
                                                                                          any Proponent.
     discretion. The VIHA’s intent is to enter into a Contract with the Proponent
                                                                                          b) Neither acceptance of a proposal nor execution of a Contract will constitute
     who has the highest overall ranking.
                                                                                          approval of any activity or development contemplated in any proposal that
     7. Negotiation Delay: If a written Contract cannot be negotiated within thirty       requires any approval, permit or license pursuant to any federal, provincial,
     days of notification of the successful Proponent, the VIHA may, at its sole          regional district or municipal statute, regulation or by-law.
     discretion at any time thereafter, terminate negotiations with that Proponent
                                                                                          19. Definition of Contract. Notice in writing to a Proponent that it has been
     and either negotiate a Contract with the next qualified Proponent or choose to
                                                                                          identified as the successful Proponent and the subsequent full execution of a
     terminate the Request for Proposal process and not enter into a Contract with
                                                                                          written Contract will constitute a Contract for the goods or services, and no
     any of the Proponents.
                                                                                          Proponent will acquire any legal or equitable rights or privileges relative to the
     8. Debriefing: At the conclusion of the Request for Proposal process, all            goods or services until the occurrence of both such events.
     Proponents will be notified. Unsuccessful Proponents may request a
                                                                                          20. Contract: By submission of a proposal, the Proponent agrees that should its
     debriefing meeting with the VIHA.
                                                                                          proposal be successful the Proponent will enter into a Contract with the VIHA on
     9. Alternative Solutions: If alternative solutions are offered, please submit the    the terms set out in Appendix B.
     information in the same format, as a separate proposal.
                                                                                          21. Liability for Errors: While the VIHA has used considerable efforts to
     10. Changes to Proposals: By submission of a clear and detailed written              ensure information in this Request for Proposal is accurate, the information
     notice, the Proponent may amend or withdraw its proposal prior to the closing        contained in this Request for Proposal is supplied solely as a guideline for
     date and time. Upon closing time, all proposals become irrevocable. The              Proponents. The information is not guaranteed or warranted to be accurate by the
     Proponent will not change the wording of its proposal after closing and no           VIHA, nor is it necessarily comprehensive or exhaustive. Nothing in this
     words or comments will be added to the proposal unless requested by the              Request for Proposal is intended to relieve Proponents from forming their own
     VIHA for purposes of clarification.                                                  opinions and conclusions with respect to the matters addressed in this Request for
     11. Proponents’ Expenses: Proponents are solely responsible for their own
     expenses in preparing a proposal and for subsequent negotiations with the            22. Modification of Terms: The VIHA reserves the right to modify the terms of
     VIHA, if any. If the VIHA elects to reject all proposals, the VIHA will not be       this Request for Proposal at any time in it sole discretion. This includes the right
     liable to any Proponent for any claims, whether for costs or damages incurred        to cancel this Request for Proposal at any time prior to entering into a Contract
     by the Proponent in preparing the proposal, loss of anticipated profit in            with the successful Proponent.
     connection with any final Contract, or any other matter whatsoever.
                                                                                          23. Ownership of Proposals: All proposals submitted to the VIHA become the
     12. Limitation of Damages: Further to the preceding paragraph, the                   property of the VIHA. They will be received and held in confidence by the
     Proponent, by submitting a proposal, agrees that it will not claim damages, for      VIHA, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of
     whatever reason, relating to the Contract or in respect of the competitive           Privacy Act and this Request for Proposal.
     process, in excess of an amount equivalent to the reasonable costs incurred by       24. Use of Request for Proposal: Any portion of this document, or any
     the Proponent in preparing its proposal and the Proponent, by submitting a           information supplied by the VIHA in relation to this Request for Proposal may
     proposal, waives any claim for loss of profits if no Contract is made with the       not be used or disclosed, for any purpose other than for the submission of
     Proponent.                                                                           proposals.
     13. Proposal Validity: Proposals will be open for acceptance for at least 90
     days after the closing date.

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Appendix A Receipt Confirmation Form

                           WASTE REMOVAL, RECYCLING,
                           Request for Proposal #: O6-RFP-363
                            Vancouver Island Health Authority

     To receive further information about this Request for Proposal please return this form by
                                     September 22th 2010 to:

                           Jim Dempsey, Contract Management
                            Vancouver Island Health Authority
                             Tel: 250-755-7691 – local 54098
                                     Fax: 250-740-2619


Street address:
City/Province:                                Postal Code:
Mailing address if different:

Phone number:                             Facsimile number:
Contact person:                                              Title:

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Appendix B Contract Form

By submission of a proposal, the Proponent agrees that should its proposal be successful the Proponent will
enter into a Contract with the VIHA in accordance with the terms of the VIHA’s Service Contract; a copy of
which is attached:

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