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									New York State Replacement
Medicaid Management
Information System (R-MMIS)
                  Offerors Conference
                         July 14, 2010
Schedule of Events

   Written questions due by       July 22, 2010

   Questions/answers posted       On or about August 12, 2010
    by NYSDOH:

   Proposals due by vendors:      October 29, 2010 1:00 pm

   Implement a Federally certifiable R-MMIS that provides:
       All the functionality of the current system
       Enhanced functionality for:
           Provider Services
           Pharmacy Benefit Management
           Dental Claim & Prior Approval Processing
       HIPAA version 5010 and NCPDP D.0 EDI
       ICD-10 Coding System
       COTS Financial Management System
       Enterprise Technology Architecture based on MITA Standards
Project Phases

   Planning Phase
   Implementation Functional Phase I
   Implementation Functional Phase II
   Implementation Functional Phase III
   Certification Phase
   Operations Phase
   System and Operational Enhancement Phase
   Turnover Phase
Planning Phase

   Develop and put into practice:
       Project Management Plan
       Risk Management Plan
       Scope Management Plan
       Configuration Management Plan
   Based on Offeror’s Proposed Project Management
    and SDLC Methodologies
Implementation Phases
   The following cut across all Implementation
       Requirements Traceability and Validation
       System Design and Development
       Testing
       Organizational Change Management
       Data Conversion (just in Phase I)
       Operational Readiness
       Implementation
       Incumbent Transition Support
Implementation Functional Phase I

   Federally Certifiable R-MMIS that meets all
    Federal and NYS requirements
   All Current Functionality
   Enhanced Provider and Pharmacy Benefit
   5010 and NCPDP D.0 EDI
   ICD-10
Implementation Functional Phase II

   COTS Financial Management System
Implementation Functional Phase III

   MITA Maturity Levels
       Addition of new system capabilities to raise maturity
Certification Phase

   All tasks required to substantiate that the R-
    MMIS meets CMS requirements
       See RFP for Federal requirements checklist
       The Offeror must work cooperatively with Medicaid
        Data Warehouse (MDW) contractor
Operations Phase

   Operations
       All tasks necessary to operate a certifiable system in
        accordance with Federal and State policy
System and Operational Enhancement Phase

   Enhancements
       Maintenance and enhancement tasks performed
        throughout the contract to modify the R-MMIS in
        accordance with new requirements and MITA-driven
        emerging technologies
Turnover Phase

   Turnover
       Transition during which the R-MMIS and all related
        operational and technical support activities are turned
        over to the Department or successor contractor(s)
R-MMIS Implementation Timeline

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