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									                     UWF Alumni Association
                    Alumni Affinity Credit Card

                            Request for Proposal

                                           July 1, 2010

The information contained in this document is confidential and proprietary. This document cannot be
distributed without the express written permission of the University of West Florida Alumni Association

                                UWF Alumni Association
                       Affinity Credit Card Request for Proposal

                                  SECTION I – INTRODUCTION

The University of West Florida Foundation Inc. (“UWF Foundation”) on behalf of the University of
West Florida Alumni Association (“UWFAA”) is actively pursuing a mutually beneficial affinity
partnership with a major credit card issuer. UWFAA’s current credit card relationship was initiated in
1998 and the most recent contract expired January 31, 2010.

This exclusive partnership will be managed by the UWF Foundation Inc for the benefit of the UWFAA.

UWF Alumni Association Commitment
The UWFAA is committed to full partnership with issuer and welcomes the opportunity to explore a
comprehensive partnership inclusive of multiple financial products and services in addition to credit
cards, e.g. debit cards, identity theft protection, and mortgage insurance. (UWFAA is currently under
contract with another affinity partner for automobile insurance.)

UWFAA is committed to working with its affinity partners to strengthen the partnership and enhance
the benefits for alumni and friends. UWFAA takes an active role towards the success of its programs
and considers this program one of its highest priorities.

About the UWF Alumni Association
The UWF Alumni Association serves as the primary point of contact for the University of West
Florida’s more than 60,000 alumni. The mission of the Association, established in 1971, is to
represent and promote alumni interests, to facilitate ongoing relationships between alumni and the
university and to build loyalty and support for the University of West Florida. That mission is
implemented through Association supported programming that engages alumni in campus activities,
mentors current students / future alumni, and helps recruit the brightest students to the university.

A Board of Directors, comprised of fourteen duly elected members of the Association, governs the
organization’s activities. The Association’s offices are located at 11000 University Parkway Bldg 12
Pensacola, FL and house the UWF employees who staff the association.

Revenues are comprised of gifts, sponsorships (both cash and in‐kind), investment income, and
affinity royalty payments. Expenses are primarily for alumni programming and events and ancillary
activities to promote that programming.

Partnership Objectives
  Build a mutually beneficial partnership with a major credit card issuer that will generate
  substantial revenue to support University of West Florida programs, scholarships and grants while
  aligning with the mission of the UWF Alumni Association
  Provide competitive rates and outstanding service to UWF alumni, faculty and staff, and friends,
  excluding students based on current regulatory environment
  Grow the UWF Alumni Association’s base of loyal members through the attractiveness and success
  of this program
  Maintain issuer’s and UWFAA’s highest standards of service while growing the affinity partnership
  to reflect positively on both
  Uphold the strict confidence of personal alumni data in all marketing and project management
  Enter into an agreement for a multiyear contract
  Ensure that program administration and marketing costs are assumed by the credit card partner in
  accordance with Unrelated Business Income (“UBI”) Tax regulations

About the University of West Florida
In its 43‐year history, UWF has undergone an amazing transformation from a small university into a
thriving university of 11,200 students and 1,400 faculty and staff.

UWF’s 1600-acre main campus, located in the western panhandle of Florida on a nature preserve, is
home to more than 80 undergraduate, master’s, specialist’s and doctoral degree programs, with over
150 specializations, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

                                     SECTION II – PROCESS

RFP Scope
It is the purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit proposals from major providers of
co‐branded and affinity cards for a multi‐year UWF Alumni Affinity Credit Card Program which will
replace the most recent partnership that expired in January 2010.

The selected program will be offered to University of West Florida Alumni as an Alumni Association
endorsed value‐added service, and will also be marketed to the University community, excluding

Tentative Schedule of Events
The intended procurement schedule is shown below, but is subject to change by the UWF Alumni



                    Activity                                           Date

         RFP Published and Available                                7/01/2010
             Proposal Due Date                                      7/30/2010
        Review of Proposals Complete                                8/13/2010
               Contract Award                                       8/23/2010
           Contract Effective Date                                  8/31/2010
             New Program Start                                       9/1/2010

Questions and Contacts for RFP Inquiries

General information regarding the RFP and the RFP process as well as questions concerning
information about the UWF Alumni Association or current Affinity Card program details not
prohibited from disclosure should be directed to:

                                          Ms. Missy Grace
                                 Coordinator, UWF Alumni Relations
                                          (850) 474-3423
                                      Email: mgrace@uwf.edu

Note: Responses to written questions that involve an interpretation or change to this RFP will be
issued in writing by addendum and emailed to all parties recorded by the UWFAA as having received
a copy of the RFP and who have not opted out of the bid process. All such addenda issued by UWFAA
prior to the time that proposals are received shall be considered part of the RFP.

Instructions for Responding
Responses to this RFP must be submitted to Missy Grace by 4:00 p.m. CST on Friday, July 30, 2010.
Late proposals will not be considered.

Recipients who decline to submit a proposal are requested to send notification to Missy Grace, prior
to the submittal due date. Failure to do so could disqualify the recipient from consideration of future
similar proposal requests.

Proposals should be prepared simply providing a straightforward, concise description of the supplier’s
ability to meet the requirements of the RFP. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of

To be considered, proposals must be complete in all material respects and must be submitted in the
“Required Format” outlined in this section. Required supporting documentation must be included as
attachments and be appropriately identified.

All proposals must be compliant with state and federal law.

Qualifications for Bidding
Whenever possible, the UWF Foundation prefers to deal directly with the affinity card issuer.
Respondents should have extensive experience and expertise in co‐branded and Affinity Card

Required Format for RFP Submittal
To facilitate evaluation, all proposals must address each item in the RFP in the order in which it
appears. These proposals must be submitted in the following formats:

Respondents shall submit their proposal with one (1) hard‐copy original and six (6) complete and
exact hard copies containing the complete proposal. The original copy of the proposal should be
clearly labeled “ORIGINAL”. In addition, respondents shall e‐mail their proposal to mgrace@uwf.edu
on or before the due date.

The respondent shall cite and explain all exceptions to any specifications and requirements that are
not met by the respondent's proposal.

Proposals must break out all individual costs associated with each service or item as specified and
should include separate costs for the various phases of the project and all other associated costs.

Costs should be provided for any optional features, related services, and enhancements that may be
suggested by the respondent and should include a breakout of all associated costs.

Proposals which do not address all questions and requests for information contained within this RFP
will be considered non‐responsive and will be judged accordingly.

Proposal submissions must be signed and dated by an officer or authorized agent of the responding
firm(s). (Include the signatory’s title.)

Proposal Administration
The UWF Foundation reserves the right to reject all proposals, judge proposals as nonresponsive,
waive nonmaterial deviations from the RFP, and determine whether respondents are qualified.

The acceptability of the proposed program, services, equipment, staffing, and any alternatives shall
be determined solely by the UWF Foundation.

The UWF Foundation reserves the right to issue addenda to the RFP, to modify the RFP, or to
withdraw the RFP and is not liable for any costs incurred by any potential respondent in the
preparation of a response to this RFP. The UWF Foundation may request clarification or additional
information from any of the respondents at any point in the RFP process.
All material submitted as part of respondent’s response to this RFP becomes, automatically, the
property of the UWF Foundation. All proposal information marked confidential and not otherwise
publicly available shall be held confidential.

Should a respondent’s proposal be accepted, said respondent acknowledges and agrees that this RFP
along with its proposal will be incorporated into any subsequent contract as part of the controlling
terms and conditions of the agreement. And any changes from that point on will be in writing agreed
to by both parties.

The UWF Foundation and Alumni Association seek to accommodate all the specifications and
requirements detailed in this RFP, and preference will be given to those proposals that address all
such specifications and requirements. However, suggested viable alternatives that would benefit the
UWF Foundation and Alumni Association will also be considered.

The following criteria will be used in judging proposals:
        Revenue commitment
        Program features, rates and fees
        Comprehensive rewards program
        Marketing and Promotion
        Transition plan for migrating current card holders to a new card account (if applicable)
        Customer service
        Demonstrated experience in the field of higher education
        References from clients on projects similar in size and scope to ours

Award will be made to the respondent who best fulfills the requirements of this RFP and who offers
the best overall value and features in an alumni affinity card program.

                           SECTION III – PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS
All proposals in response to this RFP should as a minimum include the following background and
program information:

I. Corporate History and Organizational Structure

   A. Provide a brief description of the credit card issuer including its experience in
   association/affinity group marketing and administration and business volume for the last five
   years. Provide a list of all alumni association clients and note where UWFAA is expected to rank
   within that group in volume should the issuer receive the contract.

   B. Include an organizational location chart showing headquarters, payment processing centers,
   service centers, etc. Include a list with the following information for each location that would be
   involved in servicing this contract: the address, hours of operation, and the functions each
   location performs.

   C. Include a copy of the latest annual report and credit rating by a major crediting agency; if the
   credit card program of the issuer was subjected to review or challenge through regulatory

   agencies or civil action based on alleged noncompliance with the truth‐in lending act or its
   implementing regulations within the past five years, please disclose the circumstances.

   D. Indicate the agency that will be collecting payments and its location.

   E. Identify and describe the issuer’s management and staff who will be dedicated to the
   program. Submit a staffing chart that details positions, titles, and contact information and provide
   a brief job description for each.

II. Affinity Program Background
Describe your experience with affinity card program marketing including:

   A. A brief history of your involvement with affinity programs

   B. The number of affinity relationships you currently have in place

   C. Your philosophy behind affinity card marketing and team structure of those who will manage
   our affinity program relationship

III. Products and Service Features
   A Detail the process of credit card issuance including: qualification requirements for the
   program, the issuer’s applicant approval rate in the alumni market, the length of time from
   application to card receipt.

   B. Indicate the grace period or interest‐free period on purchases, cash advances, and balance

   C. Describe the issuer’s customer service philosophy, services provided to cardholders, and
   systems and processes in place to ensure quality control in customer service. Include a
   description of the customer service department; the number of customer service representatives
   and hours of operation. Provide a description of the process for handling service calls from
   cardholders, and the plausibility of a dedicated staff handling the UWFAA program. Specifically,
   please address:
              i. How do you measure customer service with regard to this type of program?
              ii. What distinguishes your customer service from your competitors?
              iii. What tools do you offer cardholders to monitor/manage their accounts?

   D. Describe all emergency services and provide toll‐free assistance numbers, domestic and
   international, available to cardholders and additional charges that may apply. Describe access and
   availability of these services (e.g. 24/7).

   E. Describe the issuer’s policies and procedures related to the following:
             i. Credit card cancellation
             ii. Lost or stolen credit cards
             iii. Transaction authorization and fraud detection
               iv. Cardholder challenges not resolved at the merchant level/chargeback

   F. Specify the benefits, reward programs, or other incentives proposed for this program that will
   differentiate the UWFAA card from others in the market and make it appealing to University of
   West Florida alumni and friends. UWFAA is open to discuss the acquisition of unique,
   university‐related rewards, but would look to the issuer to integrate and manage such a program.

   Describe the annual fee (if applicable) for all proposed programs. Please list any service fees (i.e.
   late payment fees, over the limit fees, lost/stolen fees, currency conversion fees, etc.) for all
   products being proposed.

   G. Will there be an introductory rate associated with the card? Is the introductory rate fixed or
   variable? Is the introductory rate applicable to purchases and balance transfers? What is the
   length of the introductory rate? What would be the transfer rate on existing card accounts with
   current affinity card program (if applicable)?

   H. List the interest rate(s) by product and types of expenditures. List the default rate for cards
   with late amounts or over limit amounts. Does the program being proposed subscribe to
   “universal” default or is the default rate invoked solely on the transaction experience of the
   proposed program?

Revenue Commitment
   A. Revenue Commitment
            i. Please explain any and all commitments of revenue to the UWF Foundation and
            include details of how this revenue will be calculated.
            ii. Preference will be given to an annual cash guarantee depending on the amount.
            iii. When will these revenue calculations be done and payment issued?
            iv. Will payments be done electronically (ACH, wire) or via paper check?

   B. Based on our current volume please provide a revenue estimate over the term of the
   proposed contract.

Royalties and Other Payments
Please provide a detailed proposal outlining the royalty structure offered to the UWF Foundation,

   A.   Signing bonus, gifts and/or contributions
   B.   Income guarantee
   C.   Advances
   D.   Royalty formula
   E.   Payment schedule

Also, please provide a detailed proposal outlining sponsorship and marketing opportunities offered to

Contract Terms
Provide sample royalty contract and/or contract terms including, but not limited to the
        i. Royalties and other payments (see above)
        ii. Ownership of records
        iii. License and use of marks/logos
        iv. Confidentiality
        v. Indemnification
        vi. Terms and termination provisions
        vii. Products offered through comprehensive financial program, including debit and credit
        cards, identity theft protection, etc.
        viii. Mailings and mailing schedule by issuer
        ix. Issuance policies
        x. Card Member statements
        xi. Representations and warranties
        xii. Exclusivity and non‐compete
        xiii. Assignment provisions
        xiv. Dispute resolution and other remedies
        xv. Governing law

Marketing and Promotion Strategy
Key to the success of the affinity credit card program is how the program will be marketed and
promoted to the University of West Florida alumni, friends, faculty and staff.
   A. The Past UWFAA affinity card was a MasterCard‐branded card. Indicate the network brand of
   card recommended for UWFAA.
   B. Describe your marketing philosophy.
   C. Will you assume all marketing costs of the proposed program? If not, please elaborate on
   those costs that will be the responsibility of UWFAA and those you will assume.
   D. How will marketing initiatives be coordinated between you and UWFAA?
   E. Indicate the process used to finalize card art and indicate any card design restrictions on the
   part of the issuer.
   F. Indicate whether the predominant brand or artwork will reflect the issuer or UWFAA.
   G. Please describe the marketing strategies you plan to use for the program being proposed.
   Briefly discuss your planned usage of each of the following:
               i. Direct Mail
               ii. Telemarketing
               iii. Internet Marketing
               iv. On‐Site (Event) Marketing
               v. Statement Inserts and Messages
               vi. Cross‐promotional opportunities

   H. Please describe the level of customization we should expect for the following program
              i. Card Design(s)
              ii. Direct Mail Pieces
               iii. Telemarketing Scripts
               iv. Internet E‐mails and Websites
               vi. Take‐away Applications
               vii. Fulfillment Materials

   I. Describe the ways in which an individual may apply for a credit card. Attach a draft of the credit
   card application form and provide a web address for on‐line application that can be accessed for
   evaluation purposes.

Interest Rate Calculation and Credit Decisions
   A. Interest Rate Calculation (for each product proposed):
             i. Will the interest rate be fixed or variable? On variable rates describe how rates are
             ii. What is the current interest‐free grace period?

   B. The Credit Decision Process:
             i. Please describe your process for making decisions on granting credit.
             ii. Please describe any appeal process in place.

Technology Capabilities
Please describe the technology in place to support the affinity credit card programs (i.e. internet,
telephone, mobile access, etc.) Describe other types of financial services you could or would like to
make available to UWF alumni.

Principal Contact
If the UWF Foundation were to accept your proposal and enter into an affinity card program
agreement with your organization, what office (location) and organization unit (i.e. would administer
the program)? From your organization, who (named representative and their location) would be the
primary contact(s) for the program?

Program Support and Servicing
   A. Program Support:
            i. Please describe your philosophy for supporting affinity card programs.
            ii. What administrative effort(s) will be required by UWFAA?
   B. Reporting and Tracking:
            i. Briefly explain how you will track UWFAA account activity.
            ii. Describe what reports will be made available to UWFAA and the frequency of these
            iii. Provide a schedule for conferences and meetings with UWFAA regarding marketing
            campaigns and results, and basic information required from UWFAA for insurer.

   C. Confidentiality of Lists:
             i. All lists provided by UWF Foundation or UWFAA must be kept confidential and used
             only for purposes related to and in conformance with the final program agreement.

              Please elaborate on any reason or case where the confidentiality of the UWF
              Foundation data cannot be insured.
              ii. In the cases of data breaches where UWF Foundation data may or may not be
              compromised, please describe your policies and practices in place to deal with these
              types of situations. Include:
                       1.      Notification to cardholders
                       2.      Notification to UWF Foundation and UWF Alumni Association
                       3.      Card reissuance?
                       4.      Liability and cardholder credit protection?

                            SECTION IV – REQUIRED SUBMISSIONS
Respondent must incorporate Section IV, in its entirety, in its submitted proposal and must address
each item in this section in the order in which it appears.

Project Planning and Analysis
   A. Affinity card program implementation project plan and schedule.
   B. Outline any time commitments of UWFAA personnel related to the implementation of the
   C. Sample program education and communication documents to assist with implementation of
   any new program.

   A. Documentation covering all major components of the proposed program.
   B. Sample documents intended to be provided to the cardholders upon credit acceptance.

Throughout this RFP process, it is possible that confidential information may be disclosed by either
the UWF Foundation/UWFAA or the respondent. Both parties agree to respect the sensitivity of this
information and agree not to share this information without permission.

Implementation Costs
Please provide a break out by item of any costs of the program that the UWF Alumni
Association will assume as part of the implementation and marketing of the proposed program.


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