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					                        Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District (District)

                               Request for Proposal
        “Human Resources Management Assessment & Performance Improvement”

Request for Proposal Summary:

        The District seeks proposals from well-qualified human resources consultants capable of
conducting a comprehensive assessment of, and restructuring and revising as necessary, the
District’s human resources infrastructure and processes for compliance and best practices.

        The District is considering four distinct phases of work, as described in more detail below.
The first phase concerns the review and revision of the District’s human resources related policies
and procedures. The second phase concerns the development of an employee handbook and the
provision of training seminars to all District personnel on the contents of the handbook. The third
phase concerns the development of and the provision of training on an appropriate performance
appraisal process to all District Supervisors and the Board of First Commissioners. The fourth
phase concerns a recommendation on how the District might provide human resources services in
the future.

        Following the review and consideration of timely submitted proposals, the District’s Board
of Fire Commissioners may contract with one or more consultants to complete one, some or all of
the below described phases of work. The Board of Fire Commissioners reserves the right to not
contract with any of the parties submitting proposals.

Proposal Phases:

        Preliminary Phase Applicable to Each of Phases I – IV: While simultaneously and
preliminarily reviewing the District’s existing human resources policies and procedures (see
Appendix A for a list of the policies & procedures to be reviewed), the consultant will interview or
survey the District personnel (as necessary), the Interim Fire Chief, the District’s Manager of
Administrative Services, two Executive Board members from the bargaining unit (Woodinville Fire
Fighter’s Association, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 2950), the Executive
Committee of the Board of Fire Commissioners, and, if directed by the Board, other consultants the
District may have engaged in the past to address human resources issues. The purpose of this
preliminary phase is to provide the consultant with a reasonable opportunity to fully understand
each phase of work before commencing work on the phase.

        Phase I: The consultant will review in detail the District’s existing human resources policies
and procedures, and provide a written recommendation to the Board of all necessary substantive
revisions along with the reason(s) for the changes.

        Phase II: The consultant will develop, prepare and finalize an employee handbook for the
District, and provide training sessions to all District personnel on the contents of the handbook.
The consultant should anticipate the need for flexibility in scheduling training sessions due to
challenges of scheduling the District’s management team, firefighters, administrative staff, and the
Board of Fire Commissioners.
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       Phase III: The consultant will develop and recommend a confidential performance appraisal
process appropriate to the District’s unique work conditions, and provide training to all District
Supervisors (12 Lieutenants, 4 Battalion Chiefs, 1 Fire Marshal, 1 Deputy Fire Marshal, 1 Fire Chief,
2 Deputy Fire Chiefs, 1 Manager of Administrative Services, and the Board of Fire Commissioners).

        Phase IV: The consultant will provide a written recommendation to the District on how it
can improve the provision of provide human resources services to its employees, whether
improvement is achieved through changing the current human resources department, increasing
training to its current human resources staff, outsourcing human resources management to a third-
party, or some combination of each of those options.

       The consultant’s Phase IV proposal should specifically describe an implementation plan and
change management strategy to improve the provision of human resources services and
enforcement of District policy.

        With respect to outsourcing the District’s human resources department, the consultant’s
proposal should specifically itemize how much time an outsourced human resources manager should
spend at the District performing duties on a weekly basis, as opposed to being available via
electronic means (e.g., email, phone, etc.). In addition, it should list all services to be provided,
including but not limited to routine on-site consultations, and regular provision of training to

Request for Proposal Requirements:

        (1) To be considered, three (3) copies of each proposal must be received in the District’s
Offices by 4:00 pm on September 30, 2009, and submitted to the attention of the RFP-HR.
Proposals not received by the stated time will not be considered.

Proposals may be submitted to the Fire District at PO Box 2200 or 17718 Woodinville-Snohomish
RD NE, Woodinville, WA. 98072. NOTE: If submitting via the U.S. Postal Service, the PO Box
must be used.

        (2) The proposal should include the principal consultant’s comprehensive resume and, if
he/she is with a company, a description of the company, including the number of years in business,
number of local professional consulting personnel employed by the company, the current number of
private clients, the current number of public clients, and all other applicable qualifications and
capabilities of the individual/company.

       (3) A list of references relating to work completed within the last 5 years.

      (4) A description of prior experience working with unions and collective bargaining

       (5) An itemized description of services to be provided for each phase of the work, including
a proposed schedule and implementation process.

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       (6) An itemized estimate of costs for the preliminary phase and each phase of the work, and
a suggestion of alternate billing structures.

Criteria for Evaluating the WFLSD’s Human Resources RFP:

         Experience and qualifications
         Proposed approach to the analysis
         Proposed project timelines
         Client references
         Prior experience working with Collective Bargaining Agreements
         Cost structure and pricing alternatives

Article       Section       Title
N100          1.3           Internal Communications
N100          18            Anti-Harassment
N100          27            Whistle Blower Act
N100          28            Overtime – hiring and Documentation
N100          30            Flextime
N100          31            Family Members, Employment of
N100          32            Timekeeping and Payroll Policy
N200          1             Rules and Regulations
N200          1.1           General Duties by Rank
N200          1.3           General Conduct
N200          1.5           Discipline
N200          1.6           Offenses and Penalties
N200          1.7           Grievance procedures
N200          1.8           Termination Policy
N200          2             Statement of Formal Charges
N200          3             Disciplinary Review Board for Career Personnel
N200          11            Performance Appraisals (Probationary)
N200          12            Performance Appraisals
N200          12-A          Pay Change Authorization
N200          13            Time Off Scheduling and Approval
N400          1             Employee Benefits Career Personnel
N400          1.2           Employee Benefits Full Time Clerical & Secretarial Personnel
N400          1.3           Employee Benefits Part Time Clerical & Secretarial Personnel
N400          2             Employee Assistance Program
N400          5             Illness or injury Report
N400          6             Dependent Care
N400          7             Pregnancy Leave and Pregnancy Related Conditions
N400          8             Return to Work
N400          10            Family Medical Leave Policy
N400          11            Labor & Industries
N400          13            Military Leave
N400          15            Right of Return
                            Labor Agreements with IAFF 2950 and Management Staff.
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Questions may be directed to Bud Backer, Interim Chief, at 425-483-7913, or bbacker@wflsd.org.

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