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					                                                   Press release


CHELMSFORD, MASSACHUSETTS October 8, 2007 -- Brooks Automation, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKS)
announced today that its industry-leading products and solutions are being featured at SEMICON Europa
booth #524 Hall A in the New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre from October 9 - 11, 2007. Included among the
innovative products on display during SEMICON Europa:

Jet™ Atmospheric Transport Platform
The Jet Atmospheric Transport Platform is an all new, highly configurable, equipment front end module
(EFEM) designed for advanced semiconductor processing. Jet utilizes new, modular building blocks to
optimize all phases of an OEM tool lifecycle. Building blocks such as the Jet Engine® atmospheric transfer
system enable the industry's best Crate-to-Operate™ in less than one hour. The Razor™ atmospheric transfer
robot family, with its patented motion control algorithms, direct drive technology and proprietary passive
contact end effector technology enable the safest, fastest, and most reliable wafer transfer in the industry.
Vision™ load port modules deliver high FOUP interoperability coupled with the shortest operational cycle
times. All of this is possible because of the powerful, easy to use Fusion™ control system.

Marathon™ 2C Vacuum Transfer Platform
The Marathon 2C™ Vacuum Transport Platform provides the high performance, ultra-cleanliness, and
proven reliability demanded by today's advanced semiconductor manufacturers. Based on Brooks' 10M+
MCBF MagnaTran™ robots, Marathon 2C maximizes uptime by reducing the need for periodic
refurbishments and maintenance. Advanced features, such as automatic wafer re-centering and integrated
system-wide interlocks, ensure maximum wafer safety. Modular, high-throughput load locks deliver ultra-
low particle count performance for higher yield and enhanced productivity. In addition, Marathon 2's series
of compact chambers -- based on the revolutionary MagnaTran Radius™ over/under SCARA robot -- offers
the smallest footprint and highest throughput available in the industry today.

MagnaTran® 8 Radius
The MagnaTran® 8 Radius robot extends the benefits of MagnaTran 7® field-proven, direct drive
technology to a tri-axial drive. In addition, the MagnaTran 8 Family leverages proven SCARA arm
technology to provide 4 second fast swaps within a small containment diameter. Both the tri-axial drive and
the dual SCARA arm have been designed to accommodate heavier payloads up to 3 Kg.

Brooks RFID Trolley “Where2go“
The RFID Trolley completes the comprehensive product line of Brooks ID Stations with a mobile WLAN
solution specifically designed for transportation of carriers within a fab. Two shelf bottoms include
kinematic coupling pins sized for 300mm FOUPs / FOSBYs and 200mm boxes. Data readings are sent to the
host system through a WLAN interface with the host system outputting information regarding the wafer lot
ID or the next processing tool. Information is displayed on an integrated trolley screen.

Brooks Automation CTI-Cryogenics® Re-Defines the Standard for PVD High Vacuum Pumping with
the Release of the On-Board® IS XP System
Brooks' CTI-Cryogenics® On-Board IS® 8F XP cryopump has been optimized for next generation PVD
processes and offers over 40% improvement of mixed gas capacity. By providing such a large improvement
in capacity, PVD processes may be optimized for new technology nodes without impacting tool availability
due to increased regeneration cycles. On-Board IS XP has been tested to be process transparent and is 100%
compatible with the existing industry standard On-Board IS 8F PVD solution. On-Board IS 8F XP is
available for new equipment immediately and is field up-gradable for the existing installed base of over
3000 On-Board IS 8F PVD pumps.

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                                                   Press release

On-Board IS® 8F XP includes all the proven benefits of the On-Board® IS platform. On-Board® IS high
pressure operation and innovative compressor design delivers 20% less run time power consumption than
other systems. On- Board IS intelligent helium management distributes cooling power to each pump when
needed, enabling stable vacuum performance over several years of running high heat load processes. On-
Board IS intelligent helium management has enabled customers to run six (6) cryopumps on one compressor
for several years in a high volume production environment without sacrificing vacuum performance.

Brooks Automation Granville-Phillips® Releases Optimized Micro-Ion® Vacuum Measurement
Solution for Implant Applications
Granville-Phillips® announced today the release of a Micro-Ion Implant Gauge that is optimized for Implant
source and beam-line applications, and offers a 300% or more increase in gauge lifetime. Granville-Phillips
worked closely with a major Implant equipment supplier to increase source-region gauge life, beamline
response time and cleanliness, and address other Implant equipment process challenges to improve system
performance and gauge cost-of- ownership. The Micro-Ion Implant Gauge includes Implant specific gauge
baffling solutions, optimized gauge control electronics and improved thermal management that dramatically
improves gauge-life performance and measurement accuracy. Major End-Users are currently evaluating the
Micro-Ion Implant Gauge performance in a retrofit application and realizing greater than 300% improvement
in gauge lifetime.

Brooks Automation Polycold® Systems Announces the Availability of the Polycold® PGCL for Wafer
and Chamber Cooling
Brooks' Polycold® PGCL has been tested and qualified on a PVD process for Copper/Tantalum barrier-seed
deposition. By providing a lower chuck temperature (as low as -70 deg.C), higher process thermal loads can
be managed while maintaining the wafer at the required temperature. This enables better film uniformity,
higher process yields and wafer throughput.
The closed loop gas chiller provides cooling of wafers and chucks using an inert gas coolant. It also
eliminates problems associated with liquid chillers such as leaks into the chamber that lead to significant
system down time, cost of replacement fluid, safety concerns, and process contamination. By recycling the
chilled inert gas coolant, PGCL also reduces the system's Total Cost of Ownership when compared to the
operating cost of an open loop gas chiller by eliminating the cost of continuous high-purity gas supply.

Global Customer Support - "Committed to Our Customer's Success"
Brooks has continued to improve its customer support capabilities. From GUTS® (Guaranteed Up-Time
Support) -- our around the clock, around the globe support commitment -- to the continued improvement of
international repair capabilities, Brooks Global Customer Support (GCS) is working hard to show
commitment to our customer's success. Brooks' Fixed Price Repair program has helped customers save up to
eight weeks in cycle time for robot repair. TrueBlue® Service Agreements give customers leverage to
Brooks' global infrastructure and systems knowledge which provide more options to reducing unscheduled
This year GCS is featuring an interactive upgrades station focused on a variety of upgrades designed to
improve overall system performance. Each process in wafer fabrication has unique operational challenges,
and GCS's portfolio of process specific upgrades can help optimize productivity and lower Cost of
Ownership. GCS is also featuring a new GOLDLink® station with a demonstration of the GOLDLink
customer website. GOLDLink is a predictive e- diagnostics tool; a virtual presence in the fab monitoring the
health of the cryo pump systems 24 hours a day to ensure unscheduled downtime is minimized.
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                                                                      Press release

About Brooks Automation, Inc.
Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation solutions and integrated subsystems to the global
semiconductor and related industries. The company’s advanced offerings in hardware and services can help
customers improve manufacturing efficiencies, accelerate time-to-market and reduce cost of ownership.
Brooks' products and global services are used in virtually every semiconductor fab in the world as well as in
a number of diverse industries outside of semiconductor manufacturing. For more information see or email

 “Safe Harbor Statement” under Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Some statements in this release are forward-looking statements made under Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These statements
are neither promises nor guarantees but involve risks and uncertainties, both known and unknown, that could cause Brooks' financial and business
results to differ materially from our expectations. They are based on the facts known to management at the time they are made. These forward-
looking statements include statements regarding our bookings, revenues, and profit and loss expectations, expected restructuring charges and
other charges, our future business strategy and market opportunities, level of capital expenditures and bookings expectations in the semiconductor
and discrete manufacturing industries, demand for our new and existing products, purchasing and manufacturing trends among semiconductor
manufacturing OEMs, the benefits of the acquisitions of Synetics and Helix, our strategy of sourcing from low cost regions, and the outlook of the
semiconductor industry. Factors that could cause results to differ from our expectations include the following: our dependence on the cyclical
semiconductor industry; the possibility of downturns in market demand for electronics; our possible inability to meet increased demand for our
products due to difficulties in obtaining components and materials from our suppliers in required quantities and of required quality; a decision by
semiconductor manufacturing OEMs not to outsource increasing amounts of their manufacturing operations; our ability to continue to effectively
implement our flexible manufacturing model and our supply chain consolidation; the highly competitive nature and rapid technological change
that characterizes the industries in which we compete; decisions by customers to accelerate delivery under or to cancel or defer orders that
previously had been accepted; decisions by customers to reject the products we ship to them; the possibility that we may not be able to fulfill
customer orders within a period of time acceptable to them; the fact that design-in wins do not necessarily translate to significant revenue; the
timing and effectiveness of restructuring, cost-cutting, low cost sourcing and expense control measures; intense price competition; disputes
concerning intellectual property; our ability to successfully integrate Synetics' and Helix's operations and employees; the risk that the cost savings
and any other synergies from the Synetics and Helix acquisitions may not be fully realized or may take longer to realize than expected; the risk
that possible disruption from the Synetics and Helix acquisitions will make it more difficult to maintain relationships with customers and
employees; continuing uncertainties in global political and economic conditions, especially arising out of conflict in the Middle East; the potential
for the incurrence of material expense and the diversion of management's attention from other business concerns created by pending investigations
by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice; and other factors and other risks that we have described in our filings
with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including but not limited to Brooks' Annual Report on Forms 10-K and 10-K/A, current reports on
Form 8-K and our quarterly reports on Form 10-Q. As a result we can provide no assurance that our future results will not be materially different
from those projected. Brooks expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any such statement
to reflect any change in our expectations or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based. Brooks
undertakes no obligation to update the information contained in this press release.

For more information:
Brooks Automation, Inc.
Michael W. McCarthy, Director - Investor Relations

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