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					                   Indian Scholar Essay Rewrite
Unani medicine article for the Student’s Encyclopædia Britannica India, written by
   Indian scholar. Revised by Judith West

BEFORE                                         AFTER
Unani medicine, Tibb, Graeco, Arabic           Unani tibb (or medicine; literally, “nature”)
medicine, practiced today in India actually    is a system of healing and health
takes its origin from Ionia-Greece. But        maintenance observed today in India that
Tibb of today is based on Hippocratic,         has its origins in ancient Greek and Arabic
Galenic doctrines and developed, nurtured      practices and philosophy. Unani medicine
and made practicable by rationalization and    originated in the doctrines of the ancient
scientific illustrations by the Arabs. Since   Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen
the whole treatise of Greek knowledge was      and was developed, nurtured, and refined
transformed into the lingua franca --          through systematic experiment by the
Arabic during the Caliphate sovereignty It     Arabs, most prominently, perhaps, by the
is therefore called Arabian or Islamic         scholar-physician Avicenna (Hakim Abu
medicine. Today’s Unani Tibb which finds       Ali Abdullah Husayn Ibn Sina). During the
itself more accountable and significant to     Caliphate (the political religious Muslim
the scientific arena is basically a            State that began in AD 632), the bulk of
proportionate combination of Greek and         Greek knowledge was translated into
Arabic learnings and knowledge. The            Arabic, part of that knowledge being the
Islamic medicine, which rendered its           principals of medicine. With additional
services to ailing societies and mankind       contributions of medical wisdom from
undoubtedly, reigned with its fervour from     other parts of the Middle East and South
the eighth century AD to the Middle ages,      Asia, Unani medicine came to be known
is now called Unani Tibb in South Asian        also as Arabian, or Islamic, medicine.
countries. It is called Graeco-Arab system     Contemporary Unani medical doctrine and
of medicine                                    practice finds itself more accountable and
                                               significant to the discipline of modern

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