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									FUNNY GAMES #1 INT. FRONT DOOR - FARBER SUMMER HOME - DAY PETER (wearing white collar T-shirt, black shorts, and white gloves) stands behind the screen door as Ann answers it. Georgie follows behind. Hello. PETER Hello. Sorry to disturb you, I’m saying next door. I saw you earlier at the gate. ANN Oh yeah, of course. Please, come in. Ann opens the door. Peter walks in. Georgie steps out. ANN (CONT’D) So, how can I help you? (to Georgie) Tell your dad we’re eating in ten minutes. Okay. PETER Well, Eve’s...I mean Mrs. Thompson sent me. She’s cooking and she ran out of eggs and asked if you could help her out. ANN Yeah...of course. How many does she need? Four She walks into the kitchen, Peter follows behind her. INT. KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Ann heads to the refrigerator. ANN Four? What for? PETER GEORGIE (O.S.) ANN

2. PETER Excuse me? ANN What for? What does she need the eggs for? I mean, what’s she cooking. PETER Oh...I have no idea. ANN Oh. So, are they okay just like this, or do they need the carton? PETER Whatever you want. ANN How did you get in here? PETER Down there. I mean, down by the water. ANN But you’re not wet. PETER There’s a hole in the fence. “By” the water - not “in” the water. Fred sho...I mean, Mr. Thompson knows about it, he showed it to me. ANN Oh. I see. So, you’re sure they’re okay like this? Peter walks over and takes the eggs from her hands. PETER Yeah, yeah. That’s okay. No problem. Thank you very much. All right. Thank you. Peter begins to exit. PETER ANN

3. ANN Oh, please say “hello” to Eve. Tell her we’re looking forward to the game tomorrow. PETER I’ll tell her. Thanks again. She moves to the refrigerator and puts the carton back. ANN And thanks to Fred and... Shit. ANN What happened? She moves out of the kitchen. INT. FRONT DOOR - CONTINUOUS She turns and sees Peter crouched down in front of the now cracked eggs. Oh... Ah... ANN It’s not a disaster. She moves into the kitchen. Peter waits. She comes back with a dish cloth and begins wiping up the mess. ANN (CONT’D) We have to go grocery shopping on Monday anyway. PETER I’m really sorry. ANN It’s not so bad. None of us eat eggs for breakfast anyway. So the disaster’s under control. PETER ANN PETER (O.S.)

4. PETER Well, thank you. I’m sorry. I should’ve paid more attention. I tried... ANN Well, you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, right? PETER You’re really nice. ANN You do what you can. INT. KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Ann brings the mess in and throws the eggshells out. Peter watches her calmly. PETER Ah...I really am sorry. I’m very clumsy, you know? I think I have two left hands. ANN (lightly) Then you’re the man for carrying eggs. PETER Yes, you could say that. ANN So? What are we gonna do now? Well, we have a lot of steak, but we might be expecting guests and they definitely eat eggs for breakfast. PETER You’ll still have four left. It’s a box of a dozen, isn’t it? Or am I mistaken? ANN No, you’re not mistaken. Ann moves to the refrigerator, grabs the carton of eggs and places them on the counter. ANN (CONT’D) So, would you like a carton this time?

5. PETER It’s not necessary. You sure? PETER If you insist. ANN If I insist? PETER Well, it might be better I guess. She moves to the other side of the counter. As she does this, Peter knocks the cell phone into the sink. Oh God... What? Ann sees what had happened - she quickly retrieves the phone and begins drying it with her dress. Oh no. I’m sorry. ANN Ah, look before you destroy the rest of the kitchen, maybe you should just take the eggs and leave. All right? Yes. She moves to the eggs. No carton? With this, she goes back to the other side of the counter again, grabs a carton and then returns to the eggs. PETER (CONT’D) I’m really sorry. Honestly. PETER (CONT’D) PETER PETER ANN (CONT’D) ANN PETER (CONT’D) ANN

6. ANN Me too. Here you go. PETER Thank you very much. Thank you. I’ll tell Mrs. Thompson how nice you were. ANN Do what you have to do. PETER Have a nice day. He leaves.

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