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									                                                                                            Project Log

No.       Type        Classification Priority Orig. Inits.                 Description                    Resp.   Apprv.   Consult    Inform          Status                            Notes
                                                             Requirement 4.5 not found in traceability                                                              Awaiting completion of new version of
  1   Action Item    Requirements    1 - High   1/1 JD       matrix                                      JD       RS       CS,KD     ND        Open             1/5 test cases
                                                             Assuming the project budget is coming
  2   Assumption     Budget          1 - High   1/2 JD       out of cost center 110                      JD       KL                 NM        Confirmed        1/6 Confirmed by KL
                                                             Assuming a budget of 1.1mm (1m over                                                                    Must rework project plan to return to
  3   Assumption     Budget          1 - High   1/2 JD       target) is acceptible                       JD       KL                           Invalidated      1/6 remain within the 1mm budget target
                                                             Must rework project plan so budget
                                                             (including contingency budget) falls                                                                   Project planning session planed for
  4   Risk           Budget          1 - High   1/6 JD       within the 1mm target (#4)                  JD       KL       All                 Open             1/9 1/10/2003 (see calendar)
                                                                                                                                                                    PMO will get back with a decission
                                                                                                                                                                    before 1/15/2003. We will build a paper-
                                                             Should we use Primavera or MS Project                                                                  based project network diagram before
  5   Issue          Schedule        2 - Med    1/8 JD       for the project schedule?                   JD                PMO                 Updated          1/9 then.
                                                             In meeting today, we narrowed the
                                                             possible vendors down to ABC Inc. and
  6   Note           Procurement     3 - Low    1/8 JD       Turtle Presses                              JD                          All       N/A
                                                             Turtle Presses are offering a 20%
                                                             discount if we place an order with them
                                                             before 2/13/2003. The get busy printing
  7   Constraint     Time            1 - High   1/8 JD       catalogs come March. (#6)                   JD                          All       In Progress

                                                                                                                                                                    Contacted ABC today. They will get back
                                                             See if ABC Inc. have a similar constraint                                                              to me within the week. Looks like they
  8   Issue          Budget          1 - High   1/8 JD       (#7) and offer a similar discount         DM                  RG                  In Progress     1/10 will match Turtle Presses offer (#7)
                                                             Marketing have asked us to co-ordinate                                                                 Scope Statement reworked. No work
                                                             with creative to incorporate the new logo                                                              has proceeded so there is not discernible
  9   Chg. Request   Scope           1 - High   1/9 JD       expected soon.                            RL                  LW                  Chg. Auth.       1/9 impact to the project.
                                                             Printers have definite seasons.
                                                             Coordinating your printing to coincide
                                                             with their quiet times can reap discounts
                                                             as much as 20%. Involve the target
                                                             vendors in project planning as a cost
 10   Lessons Lrnd   Procurement     3 - Low    1/9 JD       savings measure.                          JD                            PMO       N/A

        Classification: As Required

        6bb681a9-b15e-4d11-a5df-6c231ed920fe1                                                                                                                       Portfolio-Engineering
        7/25/2011                                                                               Page 1 of 2                                                                  the right projects, done right
Action Item    Unassigned      1 - High
Assumption     Open            2 - Med
Risk           In Progress     3 - Low
Issue          Updated
Note           Closed
Constraint     N/A
Chg. Request   Confirmed
Lessons Lrnd   Invalidated
               Risk Transfrd
               Risk Accptd
               Risk Avoided
               Chg. Auth.
               Chg. Denied
               Future Enhncmnt

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