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                                 Channel One or Channel None?
                                     A Letter to the Editor
Subject(s)             Rigor/Relevance                       n
                                                             o   5
                       Framework                             w
                                                             l   4
                                                                         C           D
                                                             e   3
ELA, Social Studies,                                         d
                                                             g           A           B
Media                                                        e   1
                                                                     1       2   3 4       5
Grade Level 11

Instructional          Reading: Students read a variety of grade level materials, applying
                       strategies appropriate to various situations.
Focus                  Writing: Students write for a variety of purposes and audiences with
                       sophistication and complexity appropriate to the grade level.
                       Language Arts Integration: Students synthesize individual language arts

Student                Students will apply critical analysis skills to researching a debatable topic
                       for the purpose of taking a stand on the issue. Keeping a neutral but
Learning               critical position throughout the research process, students will understand
                       how knowledge informs decision making. They will apply that knowledge
                       to their writing, being sure to provide the audience with a clear overview
                       of the topic and a respectful and well-supported presentation of their
                       position. Because the issue of commercialism in schools is current and
                       relates directly to their lives, students will reflect on how today’s culture
                       views, supports, and exploits young people. The final writing will exhibit
                       both a rational and reflective view on that issue.

Performance            Overview
                       Students will collect and research information about the topic of
Task                   commercialism in schools, specifically Channel One. They will formulate
                       an opinion on whether the school district should continue using Channel
                       One or terminate the service. Students will articulate a thesis that
                       expresses their viewpoint and support that position in a persuasive letter
                       to the editor.

                       1. Review and practice the skill of distinguishing factual information
                           from opinion statements. Discuss personal opinion and expert
                       2. Review note taking and inline citation
                       3. Distribute, discuss, and answer questions about the assignment,
                           “Letter to the Editor: Channel One or Channel None” (attached).

Performance       Discuss vocabulary—economic, ethical, and legal—used to discuss
                  social issues.
Task          4. Distribute, discuss, and answer questions about the Letter to the
(con’t.)          Editor Rubric (attached).
              5. Note the date and time and instruct students to begin researching the
              6. As students satisfactorily complete the research process, provide a
                  variety of graphic organizers and direct students to plan their
                  persuasive letter.
                  http://school.discovery.com/schrockguide/assess.html#go (See
                  Graphic Organizers near the bottom of the list.)
              7. After satisfactorily completing the graphic organizer, direct students
                  to draft, revise, and submit the finished letter.
              8. Divide the letters into two groups, those that advocate keeping
                  Channel One in the school and those that are in favor of terminating
                  the service.
              9. Make class copies of the two viewpoints and allow students on each
                  side to vote for the letter they feel most persuasively advocates for
                  their position.
              10. Submit both letters to the newspaper (local paper, school paper,
                  home-school newsletter, school board presentation).

Essential        Apply in writing the rules and conventions of grammar, usage,
                  punctuation, paragraphing, and spelling. (e1)
Skills           Gather information from a variety of sources, including electronic
                  sources, and summarize, analyze, and evaluate its use for a report.
                 Follow oral or written directions. (e4)
                 Identify, collect, and/or select pertinent information while reading.
                 Present information in a well-organized fashion that will be clear to
                  the target audience. (e11)
                 Use editing and revising skills to improve effectiveness and accuracy
                  of drafts. (e14)
                 Discriminate important ideas from unimportant ideas while reading.
                 Analyze, evaluate, and critique such events as current events,
                  political campaigns, advertisements, and media. (e17)
                 Assess the validity and accuracy of an informational selection. (e18)
                 Understand and produce a variety of informative formats such as
                  business letters, memos, reports, news articles, brochures, proposals,
                  and critiques. (e22)
                 Understand the personal, social, cultural, and historical significance
                  of a text. (e23)
                 Summarize, synthesize, and organize information while reading.
                 Define a position on a controversial topic and write a persuasive
                  essay or make an oral presentation likely to persuade a specific
                  audience to change an opinion or take a particular action. (e27)

Essential                       Write a report on a topic that uses several sources of information and
                                 correctly document those sources. (e36a)
Skills                          Make informed judgments about topics under discussion, such as
(con’t.)                         current events, literature, movies, or plays. (e36b)
                                Edit and revise written text so that it is 100% accurate. (e45)
                                Apply personal or objective criteria for evaluating informational,
                                 persuasive, and literary materials. (e53)
                                Organize supporting detail in logical and convincing patterns. (e54)
                                Support opinions of nonliterary events and texts with sufficient
                                 supporting detail. (e90)
                                Evaluate societal viewing habits. (e100)

Scoring Guide                Attached.

Attachments/                 Letter to the Editor: Channel One or Channel None?
Standards                    Sources of Standards
                             Curriculum Survey of Essential Skills
                             Council Bluffs Community School District Standards
                             Iowa Core Curriculum Standards for Reading and Writing (Language
                                 Students can distinguish among facts, opinions, and assumptions.
                                 Students can read, understand, and evaluate information from a
                                  variety of texts.
                                 Students demonstrate effective use of the writing process, which
                                  clearly develops support for a point of view by citing supportive
                                  information, details, and rationale.

Submitted by: Kay Durfey, Carolyn Ridenour, Diane VanNordstrand, Kanesville High School

                                               Scoring Guide

                                      Letter to the Editor Rubric

                           4                           3                           2                        1
                  Connects the issue to        Shows awareness of
                 the broader context of          issue as a national
                                                                        Confines discussion to
                   commercialism in           concern. Makes good
                                                                          the topic of Channel      Does not provide
                schools. Research cited              use of factual
                                                                          One and shows little       context for the
Task Analysis       is insightful and             information from
                                                                         awareness of national     issue and provides
                 compelling, and paper          research. Mentions
                                                                        debate. Shows minimal           little or no
Score _____     shows sophistication in       economic, legal, and
                                                                           use of research and         evidence of
                 presenting economic,        ethical issues but does
                                                                             relies mainly on            research.
                legal, and ethical issues    not integrate the topics
                                                                            personal opinion.
                that support the writer’s       into the persuasive
                         position.                     argument.
                                              States a position with    May not clearly state an
                States a clear position
                                               few errors. Presents       opinion but presents     Fails to provide a
Constructing        and presents a
                                             sufficient and relevant        some evidence that      position and/or
Persuasive         convincing and
                                            evidence to support the        indicates a position.   provides little or
Argument        accurate treatment of
                                               claim. May consider          Arguments are not       no convincing
                evidence. Anticipates
                                              counterarguments but        developed, and paper     evidence for the
Score _____      and skillfully refutes
                                              does not clearly build         does not consider           claim.
                any counterarguments
                                             them into the support.         counterarguments.
                 Paper maintains clear       Paper maintains focus,      Paper has a general or
                 and compelling focus       rarely straying from the    unclear focus. There is
                                                                                                   Paper has vague or
                 throughout. Effective              stated purpose.      limited coherence and
                                                                                                      no focus with
Organization        transitions and         Organization is logical,      logical organization.
                appropriately structured    but relationships among      Some paragraphs lack
                                                                                                    development and
Score _____       paragraphs result in       some ideas are unclear     topic sentences, and/or
                                                                                                   little organization.
                   logical, coherent                  or content is          some details lack
                     organization.           occasionally unrelated      relevance to the topic
                                                to a topic sentence.             sentence.
                 Paper shows excellent         Paper shows control
                 control over standard       over most conventions        Inconsistent control       Unsatisfactory
                     English usage,          of English; few errors     over standard English is       control over
                   grammar, sentence               distract from the       evident, and errors      standard English
Language Use
                     structure, and             meaning. Reader is       distract from meaning.      and/or diction.
                  punctuation. Style is      occasionally aware of         Awkward sentence          Sentence errors
Score _____
                appropriate to audience          awkward sentence            structure and/or       seriously distract
                   and purpose, using          structure, imprecise     imprecise diction often          from the
                  sentence variety and           diction, clichés, or    distract from meaning.     communication.
                 vivid, precise diction.               wordiness.

              Letter to the Editor: Channel One or Channel None?

Commercialism in schools involves businesses providing money, teaching materials, technology
resources, and sports equipment to public education in exchange for advertising space and marketing
research opportunities in the schools. School boards across the country are considering
anticommercialism policies. Groups on both sides of the issue point to economic, ethical, and legal issues
raised by inschool commercialism.


Your community is currently involved in the nationwide debate on commercialism in schools, specifically
Channel One, the news and public affairs content provider broadcast in schools. You have been selected
by your classmates to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. The topic of the letter will focus
on the issue of whether to continue to provide Channel One to area schools or terminate the service. In
your letter, you should consider the economic, ethical, and legal issues surrounding this debate. Support
your position with well-researched information that is both factual and persuasive. Be sure to consider the
opposing viewpoint and provide counterarguments to their most important arguments.


The purpose of your letter is to persuade readers to support your position on the question of whether or
not to continue to broadcast Channel One.


Research. Collect a variety of articles on this topic from five different writers. In addition to articles on
Channel One, include at least one article on the broad topic of commercialism in schools.

Use a separate summary sheet for each source. Evaluate the article, including the point of view of the
author and quality and extent of support (fact or opinion, description or analysis, and evidence—verifiable
or unsupported).

Write notes in bullet format. You may find it helpful to evaluate the information by using letter codes as
bullets: B (Background information), O (Opinion), F (Fact), E (Evidence), and S (Statistics).

Organization. After carefully reading, evaluating, and taking notes on each article, formulate your own
opinion on the topic of Channel One.

Write a thesis statement that makes clear your position. Use one of the rubrics to help you outline your
persuasive letter. Organize your notes, including background information, expert opinion, and facts under
your main points. Include counterarguments in your organizational strategy.

Composing. Word process your rough draft. Evaluate the draft using the Letter to the Editor Rubric as
your guide. Based on your evaluation, revise the rough draft, print, and hand in final copy.


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