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									Tax Manager
Job Summary:

An experienced professional to provide tax guidance within portfolio management team on the Unit
Investment Trust (UIT) product development process, as well as to the fund administration team on
fund accounting. This newly created position provides an excellent opportunity to become involved in
all aspects of asset management product creation and administration.

Job Responsibilities:

UIT Responsibilities (approximately 30% to 50%):
     Pre-deposit
           o Review portfolio securities, attempting to identify potential tax related issues (including
                but not limited to):
                      Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs)
                      Publicly Traded Partnerships (PTPs)
                      Grantor and other Trusts
                      Securities that would cause reporting concerns under the Widely Held Fixed
                         Investment Trust (WHFIT) rules
                      Adherence to Regulated Investment Company (RIC) qualification requirements,
                         if applicable
     On-going
           o Review of portfolio securities
                      Identification of new PFICs
                      Structural changes to securities -- between corporations, trusts or partnerships,
                         and the resulting impact to the UIT
           o RIC qualification testing
           o Review the reasonableness of the Trustee’s Form 1099 reporting for the UITs
     Act as a liaison with the Investment Company Institute
     Act as a liaison with the Trustee regarding tax related items
     Provide management regular updates pertaining to tax law changes pertaining to the UITs

Mutual Fund Responsibilities (approximately 50% to 70%):
    Preparation and / or review of tax work papers supporting each Fund’s financial statements and
       tax return (including wash sale analyses, etc.)
    Review of each Fund’s portfolio securities , attempting to identify potential tax related issues
       (including but not limited to):
            o Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs)
            o Publicly Traded Partnerships (PTPs)
            o Grantor and other Trusts

2/6/09                                                                                     Req#2009-02
        Preparation and / or review of each Fund’s draft tax returns (1120-RIC, excise tax returns, Illinois
         and Delaware State returns, etc.)
        Review RIC qualification tests
        Preparation / review of each Fund’s year end minimum distribution requirements
        Preparation / review of each Fund’s Form 1099 reporting data (shareholder and vendor
        Periodic analysis of new security types and structures, as well as their impact on mutual funds
        Other functions as requested


        Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience with UIT and mutual fund tax
        Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Accounting
        MBA or CPA is highly desired
        Extensive knowledge of investments and the taxation of investments
        Experience in Financial services industry
        Good communication and problem solving skills, ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
        Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to manage projects

2/6/09                                                                                         Req#2009-02

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