Kidney Stones Could Be Your Dilemma To Kidney Problems by larrylakeman14


Advice on kidney stones, the different types of kidney stones, what they are made of, how they are formed, and how they are removed.

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									Kidney Stones Could Be Your Dilemma To Kidney Problems

The kidneys are the organs that filter excess protein and waste out of our bloodstream. Having kidney
stones can be one of the most painful experiences any person goes through, and they are quite a
common kidney problem. The pain when passing a kidney stone is often said to be second only to
childbirth. The forms of kidney stones can vary and they may be formed from calcium, struvite, uric acid,
and cystine. Combined with other waste products these kidney stones can vary in size, shape, and how
they are formed.

The most common types of kidney stones are formed from calcium or struvite. Calcium mixed with
phosphate or another substance called oxalate can form kidney stones. Calcium itself is actually a part of
every healthy person’s diet and is required for the health of bones and muscles. When the kidneys are
filtering the blood effectively, calcium is found in the urine. If the calcium doesn’t get out of the kidneys
it can join together with waste products to form kidney stones. The amount of calcium and wastes that
combine determine the size of a kidney stone. Struvite kidney stones are known as the infection kidney
stone because these only form if there is an active infection in the urinary tract. They are formed from
magnesium and ammonia. Some people tend to look at these types of kidney stones as a warning sign,
as more severe kidney problems can occur if the urinary tract infection is not treated.

Kidney stones can be treated with medicine to attempt to break them down, but they are not easy to
remove. There is a surgical procedure that smashes the kidney stones to make them smaller but to
ultimately get them out of your system you have to pass them through your urine. This process can be
extremely painful depending on the size of the kidney stones, but passing these stones is the only way
you can get rid of them short of surgical removal. The number of stones you have can vary, and the pain
usually varies based on their size, but it’s best to get rid of kidney stones if possible so other
complications of the kidney do not occur.

Natural treatments for kidney stones include changing your diet to include more nutritious foods such as
more vegetables and fruits, and increasing water intake. There are also certain dietary items that are
associated with the development of passing kidney stones, such as red meat, soft drinks, and coffee,
which all need to be avoided. What you put into your body affects what comes out. The kidneys are the
filter of the blood which includes the nutrients and vitamins that you put in, so by making sure you
watch what you put into your body you are preventing waste from building up, ultimately preventing
kidney stones and other kidney problems.

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